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15 Responses to “Thursday Your Say: Can “Winx Club” Become a Classic?

  1. I think Winx Club can become a classic, but not right now. It’s too young. My definition of classic is something that’s already a generation old, or several ones. The first three seasons might feel classic for some fans who are no longer kids, but the series is too young right now to be considered a classic. In ten or fifteen more years, I’d say otherwise.

  2. For me, a classic is a work that is timeless, that appeals to people even many years after it was created.

    Winx Club has been around for 11 years now, which is quite the accomplishment for sure. Because of the target age, this means there’s a whole new generation of fans watching already.

    But, this alone doesn’t make it a classic, in my opinion. How many of these new, younger fans watch the original seasons, and how many watch the new ones, intended for them?

    And it’s not just about the fans either; to me, a classic has to be highly regarded by the media as well (or at least some of them; a controversial series could still be a classic). Unfortunately, I hardly see any praise toward Winx Club; quite the opposite, with people shaming their outfits and petitioning for dolls to be discontinued, Winx is controversial, but seems to have more negative reception than positive.

    Of course, this is all what I’ve seen in the English-speaking world; the series may be treated completely different in Italy.

    Straffi cannot make Winx Club a classic, because it is something that happens overtime, not overnight. All he can do is make the best series he possibly can, and hope that people receive it well, and that today’s generation of fans will show their kids the show they watched as kids. To me, this is what truly makes a classic.

  3. I think it can… Like, to me, a classic is something everyone has watched/known about, like Spongebob, or the Lion King. Winx isn’t yet a classic, but it is very well known. Wknx’s only chance of doing that is probably either forcing Nick to air the episodes, or go to the Hub, ai mean, look at MLP. Winx could do even better than that! If they tree they could be bosses, and classics.

    • ya, i’ve thought that winx should be picked up by the hub. the hook would be that hasbro can make the winx toys which could work well.

      To answer the question posed…no it can’t with the current direction that its going. i agree with all the other comments so far. to be a classic it need to have a timeless appeal and a big story.
      season 4+ feel like random stories put together just so you can keep the winx name running. season 1-3 could maybe if they picked that kind of storytelling back up. the big story is the establishing of a world. the world needs its own story: a past, present, and future. each season adds a little to the big story while telling its own story. the little stories develop either the world or the characters.
      how can a big story with a past, present, and future have timeless appeal. again the characters. they need to be real and they need to develop. the struggles of characters is how we relate to them. it doesn’t matter if they’re riding horses or cars or spaceships. as long as their struggles relate to the audience. the characters need to have strengths and weaknesses. they need to over come them and stumble and overcome again. we’ve had no character development after season 3. that character evolution is the small story that builds to the big story.

  4. I think… no. Not how it looks at the moment anyway. The idea of being a classic ties in to something I’ve thought about way too much: Winx vs. Sailor Moon. They have a lot in common and a lot of differences, each does some things better than the other, and they’re both shows I love to bits. But Sailor Moon has something that Winx just doesn’t and I feel like that something is what makes a show a classic or not and I think it’s something to do with having a solid, epic story arc. Sailor Moon has a beginning, middle and end, and a mythic past and future so you can see the whole story. Winx Club got close to that in the first few seasons with Daphne’s ghost, Domino, and the epic threat of the Ancestral Witches, but then Winx spiraled off into other stories that aren’t part of that arc. The story of Winx is still open-ended and it feels like even Straffi isn’t thinking too far ahead. If he wants Winx to end up a classic, I think he should plan the last season and make it tie into the first– have the Trix gain some enormous powers and threaten the universe one final time or something– and then drop hints of that in all intervening seasons no matter how many there are. Make Winx one story with lots of stories inside it. A difficult task when he can’t completely know how many seasons there will be, but that’s the challenge. That’s what will make it a classic.

    …in my opinion as a random person on the internet. 😉 Clearly from the comments so far “classic” means something different to each of us!

  5. Not a chance. A classic is something that influences the industry, something that will be remembered for years to come. Winx has been going on for awhile, which helps a little, but that’s the only reason it’s still talked about. As much as I like the earlier seasons, they weren’t quite that good or new enough to have the necessary impact to become a classic.

    There is another factor though. Promotion of dolls and other merchandise. From what little I know they’re not too popular in America, but I have no idea how big it is in Europe. Maybe it could have a chance if it’s doing really well in Europe. But it would have to be doing extremely well, not just okay. But at this point I think Winx is too entrenched in what it is to become something greater.

  6. I feel that seasons 1-3 were classic, to me at least. If they want to make it a well-known kind of classic, then they’re going to have to amp up the writing. Period.
    Quality writing = well-loved show. It’s a simple formula.

  7. I think that Winx Club is in the right path to become a classic. No other show has had such a big success without being mentioned in the anime or manga history. So I believe yes, after a couple of years my children will know Winx Club as a famous show of the past decades, and I will be proud to tell them that I have watched this show 😛 Of all the things I could be proud of. 🙂 Yes, it is true that Winx Club doesn’t always please fans, isn’t coherent in different aspects and such things, but let’s not forget that the target is girls of age 8-12 and at that age nobody cares about a genre extravaganza, but for sparkling wings, love and a lot of fluffy animals and puppies! So, these are the conclusions:
    -YES, Winx Club WILL become a classic, eventually, after a few more years.
    -I BELIEVE Winx Club will continue for some more years after season seven.
    -I am absolutely in LOVE with this show, even though I’m a boy and 18 years old! 😛

  8. You can’t force something to “became a classic”. It just happens. Sorry mr Straffi. I think you made a wonderful job for the world of Italian animation and, really, almost create industry from scratch, but here you are trying too hard.
    I’m from Europe (Poland) and I think that first three seasons have a chance to become a classic here! It’s epic, timeless fantasy story. It have very orginal art style.
    But later seasons are what they are and I hope they are not going to destroy people opinions of good show that early Winx was.

    And another important thing is – what “classic” means? It’s really exeptional and influentional show or nowadays we called everything from before 00’s “classics”?

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