Winx fan zutaraipom4 said about episode 6X06, “Vortex of Flames”:

I never thought of Aisha as second in command to bloom before until now she’s not bad

Another comment from musicalfire (on Daphne being co-leader if she joined the Winx):

Co-leader is already filled by Aisha so I don’t think we have to worry about that.

Is Aisha really the leader after Bloom? It’s Thursday, so let’s talk about it. 😀

Here’s my take. Bloom’s the obvious leader since she founded the club. But Aisha’s a lot like her personality-wise — they’re both strong-willed and quick to act — so the other instinctively listen to her too.

There’s another Winx who used to be a good leader: Tecna. She’d analyze the situation, come up with a strategy, and tell her friends where to go and when to act. They’d follow her because they know she’s a genius. (Too bad she’s not like that anymore.)

The truth is all the Winx (except maybe Flora) have led at some point — sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few episodes. Now It’s Aisha’s turn. I don’t think this means she’s second-in-command.

What’s your opinion?

YOUR SAY: Is Aisha second-in-command to Bloom? If not, who is it (or is there one)? Who’s the better leader?

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33 Responses to “THURSDAY YOUR SAY: Is Aisha the Secondary Leader?

  1. I feel like when it comes to the leader thing, Winx is like Sailor Moon.
    Sailor Venus was the ‘leader’ of the Inner Senshi in Sailor Moon. But that was pretty limited. Some episodes, she would tell the girls things like “girls, transform” or “girls, help/protect Sailor Moon”. Some episodes, she wouldn’t say a single word. Bloom is usually encouraging the girls, not really commanding them. Only a few episodes, she actually tells them exactly what to do, so does Aisha, though in a less regular basis.

    • I see your name but logically just because you are Bloom’s bff or sister for that matter does not make you the second in command. Stella is an idiot and is no longer suited to lead, she was in season 1 but by the Charmix arc she lost whatever it was that made her a possibility. Logically speaking Aisha and Tecna are more qualified and have proven themselves to be in charge if Bloom is absent. Stella barely does anything leaderish as does Flora.

  2. I think Aisha is definitely second-in-command, no doubt. She’s not gonna let anything stop her or get in her way when she’s fighting, and she’s smart and level-headed, even if she does sometimes get worked up by someone almost dying. (Though I’d say that’s fair.) She’s also powerful enough to take on most enemies head-on if needed.

    After Aisha, I’d say Flora is next. She does have that whole ‘don’t hurt anything’ (even if it’s try to hurt us… bleh) thing going on, but she still seems like she could handle the responsibility and take care of things, even if her emotions get in the way at times. She’s calm and collected.

    Then probably… Stella. I do think she’s smart enough (well, she used to be), but she has some problems with taking things seriously. She’d have to man-up and actually take responsibility before she could handle being in charge.

    Musa and Tecna are tied for least qualified. Tecna used to be able to do it, but now she certainly can’t. And Musa was least qualified since day 1. Golden Auditorium really proved this point– they kept fighting over little things and acting immature. I can’t see things going well if either one of them was the leader.

    • I have to disagree with you on Tecna and Musa. Bad writing made Tecna appear incapable lately but even in season 5 she held lead positions. Up to season 4 Musa proved to be able to hold her own. In fact it was Musa’s logical thinking in season 3 that helped the Winx in the Museum when Valtor tried to steal the Agador Box. She also knew Riven well enough to spot the real from the fake and knew Bloom was being tricked while they were on the Island. Musa has proven that she is capable of being a leader even if she has never cared to step into those shoes. Neither has Flora ever really stepped up. She is constantly plagued by confidence issues in one form or another. I personally would rather have Stella lead than Flora if only because Stella never lacks in confidence.

  3. Flora has led before, in the episode where Helia was introduced she instructed the girls on how to attack the monster. Flora serves as more of a guide than a leader which fits within her personality.

  4. having aisha as 2nd in command of winx give since appear back s2 to now really hmm give focus she had from rescue fairies, nabu, & her family side both parents & mermaid family as well especially on we know that a lot.

    yet aisha well give bloom is main lead well stella is blonde yet part 2nd command share with aisha yet tecna is brains of group.

    overall more put stella & aisha as shared 2nd command i think?

  5. I’ve already had this discussion with my friend and we think that she is but then again maybe she isn’t but why would she share Bloom’s spotlight for FIVE seasons if she weren’t,her actions in season 2 & 3 validate her second in command status, also why would she wear blue aside from water? If she weren’t, Bloom would make a point about her outfits being blue, blue is the color of leaders, Bloom,Aisha and Tecna have always had the most blue in their outfits with Stella and Flora not having much and Musa not having any. Tecna is still a leader, she just isn’t as sparky (pun intended) as Bloom and Aisha so she and Stella are kinda side lined. Also transformation positioning recently, Tecna is usually on Bloom’s left indicating her being third, Aisha is usually on her right, also an indication of leadership, the other girls kinda just file in. If Bloom isn’t there, Aisha and Tecna will be in the middle of the screen further indicating who the leaders in the group are.

  6. I kinda always thought of Stella as second in command, but that’s more because she’s the Best Best Friend of Bloom. Stella could be a leader, but she’s not as good as Aisha is. I think I like Aisha as second in command better than Stella since Stella often lacks common sense and motivation. If put in the position, she could do it, but I also think she probably would rather not since it requires too much brain power. No, I’m not saying Stella is an airhead. She can actually be intelligent, it’s just her intelligence lies in color, design, and clothes. Believe it or not, there is actually a science to color theory and Stella is really good at that. Just look at the clothes she wears/makes, not to mention at the end of season two when she did that color puzzle thing to get to Realix. Stella has brains, she just “selectively applies” them.

      • Thanks. I didn’t want to sound like I’m bashing Stella or anything, but she just doesn’t show her more intelligent side very often. I will say that Stella was a pretty good leader in Season one. She was kinda like the leader until Bloom developed more control over her powers. The whole fashion designer obsession Nick came up with seems to take up a lot of her brainpower and she almost seems more dimwitted now than she was before. It’s a shame really since we know she’s a lot smarter than Nick likes to give her credit for and I hate it when people play up the “Dumb Blond” thing.

        • the dumb blonde thing is usually played for laughs, but yeah Stella selectively applying herself is a good point. I think Stella is third in command with Aisha/Tecna sharing second in command, although i’d almost say Aisha is now splitting leader with Bloom at this point.

  7. Well before deciding Aisha, we have to figure out why Bloom is leader, and why everyone else isn’t. Bloom is the overall leader, but whoever takes charge seems to shift around depending on the circumstances. They don’t have a formal leadership structure. They don’t need it when there’s only six of them anyway.

    First up, Stella. I think we all know why she isn’t leader. She’s an idiot, and an irresponsible on at that. She had experience early on which gave her a slight edge, but she lost it by season 2. She tends to not think before speaking, which is a good way to get people to ignore you. It’s a pity, seeing how she has plenty of leadership capabilities and charisma, but she doesn’t want to apply those skills unless she absolutely has to.

    Flora is also obvious. She’s too timid to take command and dislikes being the center of attention. More importantly, she’s not good at analyzing the situation at hand and formulating a good solution. She does well in her own environment, but comes to a loss when put somewhere she doesn’t know. She also has trouble sticking to her guns.

    Musa is also obvious, but for reasons that are harder to state. She’s certainly not dumb, and she is quick thinking. Her number one issue I think is that she lacks confidence unless in her element and is more prone to breaking down. She’s also argumentative and ironically doesn’t listen well to others. A complete lack of charisma is the final nail in the leadership coffin.

    Then we get to the interesting ones. Aisha has been stepping up more and more, giving the impression that she’s in command when Bloom is absent. She is probably the quickest to voice her decisions, and she has the charisma to get people to do what she says. She’s like Bloom, but without the stupid parts. However, she’s really prone to breaking down or getting over emotional,as season 5 showed plenty of. This is problematic and probably a good reason why she isn’t leader Overall, she’s good at making short term decisions as long as her head is clear.

    Tecna of course has always been the one pointed to as other leader. And she really is. It was subtle, but there were times it seemed she and Bloom were duking it out for leader in the fist two seasons. She’s incredibly smart and is perfectly capable of making good decisions quickly. In addition, she’s much less prone to breaking down than Bloom or Aisha, probably making her more reliable overall. Heck, she is leader more often than not when Bloom isn’t around, though those are often also times when Aisha is absent. Plus she’s self-confident, another useful leadership trait. So what’s her problem? Charisma. She has no charisma and isn’t good at drawing people to her. When people listen to her, it’s because she knows what she’s doing, not because she’s easy to listen to. Her other downside is that when she does screw up, she becomes way too self critical, lowering her confidence. While she is capable, she’s always best as second in command, no matter who the leader is. Lack of screen-time obviously doesn’t help her.

    Bloom of course is the leader. Why? Charisma. She’s got it and isn’t a moron like Stella is (Bloom is dumb, but the show pretends she isn’t). While Tecna relies on her brain and Aisha her heart, Bloom relies on her gut. Really, instincts are right more often than not, and she’s stubborn enough that no one wants to argue with her. She decides something, and people always listen. I suspect royalty genes help put here. Aside from Tecna, she’s the best at looking at the larger picture, at least until something personal comes into play. Also, in this show action tends to be more effective than waiting, so acting aggressive works in her favor. Her main problem is that she doesn’t think things through unless someone reins her in.

    Here’s how I see the club set up. Bloom sets their long term goals and objectives and is the quickest to yell attack/transform. She decides the what and when. Tecna plans the strategy, or the how. Aisha is better at giving out immediate orders in combat. Stella does her own thing and drags everyone with her. Flora and Musa attempt to stay relevant by hoping man-eating trees/singing whales attack them that they know how to handle. Of course, it’s shifted over time and will probably continue to shift in the future.

    • that’s a good set up, and I do remember Tecna and Bloom fighting over it a lot but it was apparently settled during the Charmix arc, Bloom decided to let Tecna take over while she went to go find Aisha.

  8. I would thnk if it isnt Aisha then Stella since Stella is the one tht helped Bloom discover her magic and all tht back in season one, but she hasnt really done anything leader wise in a while

  9. Well, yes and no. Aisha is a very skilled fighter, but if we stick true to things as they’ve been since S1, Stella would be second in command. But, since she seems to have suffered a lapse in maturity, I would say that she’s no longer the “official” go-to when Bloom’s not around.

    As for that role falling to Aisha specifically, I don’t necessarily think that’s the case. I think that the role of go-to leader falls to everyone below Bloom. I think it just depends on the battle they’re fighting; each girl has their strengths and each one has her weakness. So whoever’s strengths play to the situation the best would logically be the substitute leader.

  10. Huh, Look at Aishas wings, they look like they just cut them out of a promotional picture or something.. weird

  11. I would say Stella, if they kept Stella’s personality from season 1.
    Also Tecna, but also only with her personality from season 1.
    Now I would say Flora is the best choice for secondary leader, but Aisha? Never.

  12. Honestly, Aisha has always been a second leader to me because of her maturity, her firm belief, and her strong personalities. Stella is okay, but she’s so…immature at times and even jokes.

  13. Well, I’m torn on this one. I’ve never really seen Aisha as leader until S06E0 6, and she was actually quite good. What you said about both Whiny Sue and Aisha was pretty accurate but that’s where the similarities end. Bloom runs away from her problems, Aisha dives headfirst into solving them. Bloom exaggerates her problem whilst trying to act like the tragic, caring hero (shark’s eye EP ring a bell), whilst Aisha acts cool about her problems then humbly asks for help. Yeah, it’s obvious whose side I’m on but still, you’ve got to admit that Aisha’s bravery, inner and outer durability and kindness and selflessness makes her a great leader. As for Bloom…H**l to her!

    I also agree with what Techna. She was a fantastic character until Rainbow’s stupid collaboration with Nick. Now she’s officially wallpaper. I admired her common sense and geekiness and how though she was a fairy didn’t fall for all those legends and tales. I could relate to her, until S5 happened. Sigh. But, whilst she lasted she was a brilliant leader.

    • Maybe with Tecna wearing a Blue bloomix she’ll get better, I just think there was some season 4-5 gap trauma so that hits the reset in persona, hiding their sadness and stress by embracing their popularity would be one way of explaining this mess, let’s see they had a band, L&P, Nabu’s death and The Guardian Fairy gig that’s a lot on their platter, they ditched the band and L&P I’m not sure about. Nabu’s death we only ever hear Aisha mention it, Riven probably had a few thoughts on that but well he never wants to say it unless he and Musa are having a confession session.

  14. I think that Aisha is second in command because she is always there with Stella and Bloom and when Bloom or Stella’s gets injured, she is the one that takes over. Plus, Flora has been the leader once in Season One when when the Winx went trekking through the Black Mud Swamp.

    • Daphne is too old to join the club, she may appear to be 22, but she’s actually a 45 year old in a teenager’s body. Daphne is a mentor who only comes in if it is absolutely needed. Yes Bloom and Daphne do deserve to have bonding moments but Daphne does not need to make Tecna and Flora wallpaper more than they are, probably why Roxy wasn’t added yet, waiting until Flora and Tecna are more developed would be good, Roxy, Aisha,Bloom,Stella and Musa are clearly the most developed characters in the show, and we’re just waiting to make Tecna and Flora less wallpaperish. Adding Daphne is just wrong.

  15. I honestly think it depends on the situation. Here’s what I’ve noticed throughout the seasons:

    -Bloom: Toward the end of season 3 seemed to have established herself as the leader of the group; just cause she’s the main character doesn’t mean she HAS to lead.
    -Stella: Took the lead when Bloom was still learning about her powers; also tends to take the lead when Bloom is off doing something else.
    -Musa: Seems to rarely take the lead; the only time I’ve seen her do it was when Planet Melody was significant to that episode’s plot.
    -Flora: Also seems to rarely take the lead; only seems to do so in situations where they take a mission to Lynphea or where plants are involved.
    -Tecna: From seasons 1-2 we saw her do well in situations that involved technology, however from seasons 3-4 we gradually saw her step down.
    -Aisha: In season 2 she was shy, almost reluctant to join the Winx because she felt as though she was an outcast, but she gradually took a more prominent role. In season 4, she even offered Bloom to join her in avenging Nabu’s “death,” to which Bloom refused.

    As far as Nick and seasons 5-6 go, it shouldn’t have happened (I personally think that they each have their strong points and thus should each get a chance to take the lead,) but Nick established Bloom as the “leader” and any mission she didn’t go on had either Stella or Aisha take the lead, thus making them the “secondary leaders.”

    Season 5 I can understand, due to the plot partially focusing on Aisha’s family, but I really prefer alternating who is the “leader” like in previous seasons.

    Personally I think it was just a decision made by Nick that made the three characters they saw as “leads,” plus the one in pink (Flora) take most the spotlight, with Musa and Tecna occasionally getting it. What makes this most obvious is the doll releases: it’s ridiculously hard to find dolls of Tecna and Musa. The other four? Not so much.

    • It does shift but season 3 did establish Bloom and Aisha as co-leaders. The Bloom as sole leader was Nick’s doing before Bloom and Aisha had equal lead duties with second being the one that shifts. Usually Tecna is the second in command but occasionally it will be a Stella/Flora co-lead with Musa Roxy and Daphne preferring to wait until they are needed. So It’s most likely that the real order is Bloom-Aisha Tecna Stella/Flora Musa Roxy/Daphne if Roxy and Daphne are added.

  16. idk if you’ve seen season 6 episode 10 yet so beware of spoilers when flora is poisoned by serena bloom takes off to find the antidote and aisha orders the winx to transform

    • We all know Aisha takes center when Bloom’s away. Aisha was most likely given Bloom’s trust to lead the club when she was away. It’s not just this season that it happened. Every other episode since season 2 has had Aisha take the lead in some form. Season 2’s finale was her highlight in this role. Not only does she take the transform call but she actually has more of a plan than blast the thing which is best as backup plan. First see if you can reason then blast if you can’t

  17. I think that all of them should take turns on taking the lead depending on the mission.I think that besides Bloom,both Tecna and Aisha are the ones who should be leading the group more often than the others.I think that all of them are definitely capable leaders,but Tecna and Aisha seem more suitable for it.Flora doesn’t really have the kind of personality that she would give orders to others,unless she is telling them something that she figured out.Stella is the most immature so despite the fact that she is very good at fighting,it is unlikely that she would be a boss instead of someone more mature.Musa does have the abilities to lead too,but she is too stubborn.

    I think that Tecna is by far the most suitable leader,better than Bloom by a mile,but the fact that Bloom started the club,is a main character and more charismatic,Bloom is always going to be the one in charge.

    Personally I think that they shouldn’t add a 7th Winx,especially since Daphne is already getting more screentime than half of the Winx girls.Also the fact that she seems to know the answer to any and all questions,it means the Winx girls don’t have to figure things out themselves as much as they used to(and it makes the show a lot more boring and predictable since everytime there is trouble they can just ask all they need to know from her).

  18. So , The Bloom issue .Of course many people will not hesitate to call her a Mary Sue nowadays ,and with the way she’s been acting ,I cannot bring myself to disagree(though I could and still can stick up for her in the first three seasons -but from then onwards…nope ) I;’d like to point out Bloom is not my favourite winx-I think you can guess from my username who occupies this place in my heart (Sidenote-Who is your favourite Winx?)
    The number one problem with Bloom ,besides the whole bossy thing(lately) and eclipsing the other Winx is that she is stagnant as a main character …from season five(Or even four ) onwards. Sure ,she was always given more importance than the other Winx -and had many “protagonist problems” that most protagonists have -but at least there was some kind of development going on with her ,something happening .Whether it was being new at Magix and learning the ropes or searching for the truth about herself ,looking for her parents ,being targeted by the main villain , the Valtor/her parents thing. Now she is so stagnant that I don’t even know why her story is important anymore ,since she got everything back it doesn’t seem like she has any goals or problems or aspirations, she can literally be replaced by any one of the girls and it wouldn’t matter.

    Here are some things that made Bloom more relatable in S1-S3

    The entire first episode made Bloom a pretty relatable character,a little goofy,dreamy ,fed up of being treated like a child ,wanting to do something cool for holidays -something most people can relate too.
    I love the scene in Alfea when Bloom is all confused and “What am I here for”,and struggling with spells in the second episode ,which also gave the impression that she was rethinking being a fairy ,that she was having doubts .
    Speaking of doubts and fears ,Bloom had many
    She feared her dark side( Dark Bloom) she feared never getting her enchantix, She blantantly stated that she stopped believing in her group a little in season 2 and apologized for this , she snapped at Sky and her friends a few times , she feared herself when she thought she was made by the ancestral witches , she was disappointed in herself when she spoke out of term in front of Sky’s parents,and they seemed to not like her …..the list goes on and on.
    Also the writers gave her some pretty cool emotional scenes -the scene where her magic was ripped out of her and her parents were falling down that black whole in season 1 ,the 3×14 or 3×13 Valtor scene , the Pyros trip ,seeing her parents, most of the scenes feauturing her and Valtor…..
    Also , Sky and her weren’t pushed into our faces , not every scene they had together was about their problems and love ,they could talk without referencing their relationship and had numerous missions together where they just hung out ,which made them more natural .
    I often wonder how everything would have turned out to be if Bloom would have found out that her birth parents were actually dead and not just trapped by a powerful magic spell or atleast managed to get her parents back but not Daphne. I think it would give her character a little bit more depth if there was at least something that she could not get back.
    So what do you think? Was Bloom always a Mary Sue or did she have “protagonist problems” that just recently blossomed into Sueness?Was she better in the first three seasons?

    I would love it if someone replied,I would love to hear another opinion .Don’t worry I won’t flame you if your opinion is different .I don’t Bite 😛

    • Yes Bloom was more relatable in the first four seasons, she was only sueish when Nick took her over, I actually think that they are trying to make Bloom a deity when even she doesn’t want that in universe. I bet in universe whenever the Winx went to write their adventures down and handed them over to Straffi/Nick’s equivalent there was written in bright orange-red (Bloom’s magic color) and all capitals DO NOT FOCUS ON ME FOR LONGER THAN NECCESSARY (Which is until SOTLK) Under that in pinkish-purple (Aisha’s magic color) THAT APPLIES TO ALL OF US WHETHER IT’S ONE SEASON OR THREE AND A MOVIE. Following on in Deep violet (Tecna) I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD SHOWCASE MINE AND MUSA’S EFFORTS MORE OFTEN
      In golden yellow (stella) reddish-magenta (musa) green (flora) and arctic blue (roxy) there’s threats about what happens if they don’t follow what Bloom, Aisha and Tecna wrote, Roxy’s being the most horrible although all threats had words about if they didn’t follow what the fans want (Which is what Bloom, Aisha and Tecna wrote) words I can’t repeat because of the G-ratedness of this blog.

    • Which is what seems to be the case though really Ithink that Stella and Musa might be switched by now because Musa seems to take lead more oftenthan Stella or at lleast she did a couple times each season since three.

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