Today’s “Thursday Your Say” is about season six.

In your comments on “Winx Club Goes Retro,” some of you said you don’t like the throwbacks in season six. You’re okay with a few Easter eggs. But the plot recycling makes it feel like a hodgepodge of past events, instead of something new.

This isn’t the first time Rainbow’s reused ideas. Remember season four? Roxy’s background story was so much like Bloom’s, the writers didn’t bother to hide it. Bloom lampshaded it every few episodes!

But season four was unique. It was the only one to take place on Earth, the first with a customizable transformation (Believix + extra wings + Sophix and Lovix), and the first to kill a hero. The main plot: the Winx save Roxy and the Earth Fairies from the Wizards of the Black Circle.

Season six is really about the Winx fighting fairy tale monsters summoned from the Legendarium. That’s new, isn’t it?

YOUR SAY: Is season six original, or does it steal too much from past seasons?

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16 Responses to “THURSDAY YOUR SAY: Is Season Six Original?

  1. Yes! I think its awesome they returned many old-story characters because many complained about how we never see Miele, Mira, Lucy, and many other characters we have grown to learn more about. But the story seems very repetitive just a different plot line . Maybe they will actually show the background of the girls more like Tecna or Musa, and definitely Flora because we already see her sister and hopefully her parents! 🙂

    • I personally think that they are running out of ideas and even though they have gotten older all these years they don’t even really seem to have fun anymore. I mean in season 1,2,3, and 4 they had all kinds of dances and events. In season 2 they went on vacation. In season 3 if you remember, when the other girls got the water stars, bloom seemed to have a lot of fun with the guys. In season 4 the girls had a lot of fun with the pet shop. Now everything is all serious and they don’t seem to have any fun

  2. Uh, no, it’s not. It’s not even all that well-written, to be honest. Nickbow saw the success that shows like Ever After High and RWBY (and other shows where the characters are based on fairytale/mythological figures) achieved and thought “hey, let’s take that idea and play with it”. Unfortunately for them the fairy tale creature thing is tricky to pull off in a series where magical creatures are the rule rather than the exception, and the writers have done a poor job executing it–much like they did with the Sirenix quest in season 5. So much wasted potential there. *sigh*

    • I actually meant, “Is season six original within the Winx Club franchise?” 😛 But you’re right — ultimately, it’s not original. They’re definitely trying to compete with all the other fairy tale inspired shows and movies out there right now.

  3. Isn’t episode three premiering this Sunday? I don’t want to make a final judgement so early on in the series just based on information released online. I am excited to hear that Winx Club’s past will be getting some recognition though, and I think Winx will still manage to make the season original compared to all of the past seasons. 🙂

  4. Well I’m only going on the episode summaries I’ve seen. Selina looks like a cross between Stella and Dafne, which doesn’t make her stand out. She’s just another brown eyed blonde. That helps the viewers so much. Also we’ve had a character named Selina before, one of the mermaids named during the attack on Andros, so couldn’t they have found a different name for her? Unless she’s some how related to the moon.

    Stella and Aisha becoming the power couple was really important and made a lot of sense in season two and was expanded upon in season three episode ten. They had issues in bonding initially, so them fighting together to help take down Darkar was a really important piece of character development; it’s not as necessary in season four because we’ve had it bashed over our heads the characters that are powerful after Bloom.

    Bloom seemingly not getting her upgrade first is the Enchantix all over again, which means more angsty Bloom that no one cares about. (this is more supposition and I’m hoping to be wrong on).

    Fact is, major plot points shouldn’t be rehashed. A transformation shouldn’t be gained in any way similar to before – and Flora’s Bloomix is hinted at gained from saving Miele… that’s the Enchantix redux.

    Believix was unique, it was about making people believe in magic and also it was gained as a group.

    Roxy’s background being similar to Bloom’s was a minor plotpoint needed so that Bloom wouldn’t have to rely on her own personality and charisma to get Roxy to listen to her. She could bond with Roxy by saying, I experienced the same thing. Look we’ve a connection.

    As you said, season four was unique because it took place on Earth and made it magical again – except obviously it wasn’t unmagical because Selina is a witch from Earth and Daphne is taking them to Earth for history class… so now Earth has taken on a new precedence that makes me roll my eyes.

    The Trix take over Cloud Tower – AGAIN. Didn’t Griffin learn from the last time? Didn’t she put in any kind of booby traps to prevent this? This vaguely made sense, for the Trix to go back to where it started, even though we’re all ignoring Icy’s personality change last season, but they took over Cloud Tower too easily and all the students just accepted it again, so this once more smacks us over the head with Witches = evil; Fairies = good.

    It’s hard to actually comment on this without seeing the full season, so perhaps you can do a redux of this article after we’ve all seen season six, but so far, I’m seeing too many unnecessary similarities which makes me think it’s lazy writing rather than nostalgia.

    • Roxy’s background being similar to Bloom’s was a minor plotpoint needed so that Bloom wouldn’t have to rely on her own personality and charisma to get Roxy to listen to her. She could bond with Roxy by saying, I experienced the same thing. Look we’ve a connection.

      Well, I agree, and at the same time I don’t. Personally, S4 was my least favorite season [tied with S5] because to me, other than the fact that it took place on Earth and involved non-magical people, it didn’t feel original. In fact to me it felt like Bloom’s story being retold almost verbatim event-wise through the life of another character.


      •An ordinary Earth girl who seemed to be kind of a loner, taking solace and companionship from her animals
      [like Bloom did with her drawings and Kiko]

      •A fairy [or in this case, group of fairies] discover her on Earth and tell her about her true powers

      •A group of dark-magic based villains [was] out to destroy her for her for her powers

      •She is assumed to be the “official” last fairy on Earth [as was originally Bloom’s claim]

      •Discovers that she’s actually a Princess from a kingdom she must revive / free

      •Discovers that she has a living birth mother who she must free, who has a spiritual connection to her
      [very akin to the situation with Bloom’s birth parents, and spirit-form Daphne as a guide]

      •After seizing a magical artifact, she briefly goes rogue beyond her control [like Bloom with the Codex]

      •Coincidentally, they’re from the same town [personally I think this was such a cop out, like they made it out like there was going to be this epic search for the last fairy in the word and boom! She’s right in Bloom’s backyard…]

      Don’t get me wrong with this, I like Roxy, and I understand why the writers made she and Bloom so similar, but they didn’t have to go THIS far with it, you know what I mean? Like they could’ve given Roxy and Bloom some minor shared characteristics, but instead it almost appears that Bloom’s story was just rewritten to suit another character, which for me, made it boring. For example, they could’ve taken out the part about Roxy being a Princess to a lost kingdom [not like her royal blood even matters to her character, now that Nebula is serving as the Queen Regent] or made her from somewhere else in the world, as opposed to Bloom’s home town, really anything to make her character more standalone and original.

      I enjoyed the season in some respects, but in general, there was too much there that made it feel almost like S1 all over again! In my opinion, there is a difference between “Oh! Look, we’re very similar people!” and having almost every major aspect of their characters be the same, or very similar.

      ––On everything else though, I completely agree; especially with Flora’s Bloomix, and the Trix laying siege to Cloud Tower [I mean really, this is the third time…] It doesn’t even feel gracefully / purposefully inserted, like a nostalgia but for us older fans, but rather like they’re running out of ideas. 🙁

  5. I don’t want to make a full judgement just yet. However How can you pull off a storybook theme in a show where that’s the rule not something new? Easter eggs are okay, but could we at least get different methods of earning the transformation rather than Enchantix Redeux? Same with Stella and Aisha becoming a power couple not needed, we all know Aisha and Stella are the next most powerful after Bloom, Faragonda told us all that in season 2 concerning Darkar.

  6. In the larger context? Not one bit. In the context of the show? No. Trix are still Trixing. Winx are once again more powerful than their opposition, but lose anyway because reasons. Cloudtower gets invaded for the fifth or sixth time. There’s already been a new season. Bloom is still super special. Sky once again gets a subplot relating to Erkalyon. Selina may have a new style, but the end result is that she’s summoning monsters just like every other villain in the show. The only new thing is the Trix being in command instead of the other way around. Of course, there’s still plenty of time for the season to improve and differentiate itself, and it’s better than season 5 so far, but the quality is still shaky.

    Season 4 was of course very original. Season 5 had some originality, but that also shows that originality means nothing if the execution is terrible.

  7. Hmm, so far I think it’s too early to determine. I’d like to see where the series is going, but I’m not sure it’ll be anything groundbreaking.

    Every show either creates a fad, or jumps on the bandwagon of the latest one. Fairy Tales is a tried and true theme in the media, and as long as it’s done interestingly, it can be successful; not to mention, it’s a theme that’s beign thrust back into the spotlight with new remakes of old stories: Disney movies [always timeless] OZ: The Great and Powerful, Once Upon a Time, Sleepy Hollow [TV series] etc. and now, Winx Club! –– My worry about this though, is that Winx Club [especially since Nickbow’s been handling it] hasn’t exactly been a forerunner in the originality department.

    I’m fine with them re-inserting some minor plot devices, or making mention of old happenings [or even continuing them / elaborating on the aftermath] but some things get flat out annoying. For example, the Trix taking over Cloud Tower [for the third time] and Flora gaining her powers through rescuing Miele. The Trix partnering with the main villain to stay relevant, etc. But then there are the more positive throwbacks, like the girls each gaining their powers individually instead of lazily clumping the transformations all together. But all things aside, so far, S6 has been a serious step up from S5, where I personally liked about 6 out of the 26 episodes. This season had me iffy after the first episode, but the newest ones haven’t been that bad. Obviously Bloomix is still a big hangup for a lot of fans, but at least they have been able to subtly justify a way that makes it less about Bloom herself, and more about the powers the Winx will gain.

    As for season-by-season, I think they’ve all been original, as in something new from what we previously saw; in the first season we got Earth and Bloom’s transition into the Magic Dimension, in S2, we got the Underrealm, in S3 we got Solaria, Eraklyon, Andros, and The Downlands, S4 was one of my least favorite seasons, but to its credit, the only season to not take place solely in the Magic Dimension, and S5, where we saw Domino, The Infinite Ocean, and more of the Magical Dimension. So, in a way, each one has done its part in giving us a taste of something fresh as far as settings go. As a whole however, I think the show needs to step up its game and make up for S5.

  8. To be honest season 4 wasn’t really unique in my opinion. Season six in my opinion is original because we will get to see new fairy schools that we haven’t seen already.

  9. I agree with most of comments, but don’t think comparision of Winx to shows like Ever After High or Once Upon a Time etc. is necessary. These shows is all about fairytales, their characters are often based on existing characters with modern touch, they take place in dimensions like OZ or Wonderland. etc. etc…
    In Winx we only have a book with a power of summoning “fairytale monsters”. Neither Winx or Trix have fairytale-based transformation. And, who knows, maybe Selina will summon completly fictional characters from fairytales of magic dimention created by Nickbow (haha, I love this name)?
    It is only one aspect of this season. I don’t think Winx are a part of “fairytale-trand” like you say.

  10. I’m not completely sure about this, but isn’t the whole idea of Selina and her magical book a bit too similiar to the “Winx on Ice” plot? As far as I remember, there was a girl who joined the Trix and whatever she wrote in HER magical book appeared or happened in story. Sounds familiar?

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