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This week’s “Thursday Your Say” is about the Italian version of Winx Club.

As part of their partnership with Rainbow, Nick isn’t just distributing Winx Club. They’re co-producing it — at least seasons five and six. (Not sure about season seven yet.) That means these seasons weren’t just re-dubbed in English. Nick helped to write and animate them.

And it shows. The new Winx feels like a different series. It’s “cooler” (or trying to be). The girls wear more modest clothing, especially in their transformations. The romance has been toned down; it was barely there in season five. Aren’t these American standards?

Nickbow also changed the plot quite a bit. The Winx were growing up and getting ready for adult life in season four. Now, they’re suddenly Alfea students again. And rumor has it Roxy was demoted to background character — or was she? — because Nick’s writers thought seven Winx was too many.

In the past, if you wanted to see the unedited, untouched show, you could escape to the Italian version. Not anymore. The only real difference now is the language — maybe a few personality changes and a slightly different feel, but that’s about it.

Since both versions are equal now, can you still call the Italian version “the original?” (Lately, new seasons don’t even premiere in Italy first!)

YOUR SAY: Do you still consider the Italian version “the original?” Why or why not? 

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13 Responses to “THURSDAY YOUR SAY: Is the Italian Winx Still the Original?

  1. But we also have to keep in mind that Inginio Straffi and Rainbow are still part of Winx. Lately a lot of fans have blown up over the bad changes being Nick’s fault, but the creator of the show does have a say (as far as I know.) I think Nick definitely had influence on some of these changes, but it’s hard to say exactly how much.
    For now, I still consider Italian Winx the “original.”

  2. In my opinion? Yes.

    The Italian version was the “birth” of the series, where it all started, and what brought it to the presence it has today. And while Rainbow has partnered with Nick, the Italian “flare” of the show is still present; I think we’d be looking at something a whole lot worse if Nickelodeon was in sole-charge of composing the new seasons!

    As for the more modest clothing, and toned down romance, I don’t so much think that these are solely American standards, but a show of their maturity; if indeed each season is one year in time, the Winx would be 22 and 23 years old, now. Their clothing is still youthful, but less ‘childlike,’ or rather immature with the amount of body they show and when. It’s a sign of “professionalism” and growing up. This also goes hand-in-hand with the toned down romantic additives; rarely do you see two people in a committed, adult relationship with the need to constantly hang off of one another and gush. That seems more like first time relationship excitement and teenage puppylove behavior. Being adults who have been with their partners for 5+ years, they likely feel more at ease in one another’s company, and less inclined to express their love in more “obvious” and bold ways. [At the same time though, I definitely think that the complaints of uncomfortable parents is partially at fault, as well.]

    I’m not entirely sure why people seem to think that the way the Winx dress is in any way reflective of everyday Italian fashion…Straffi stated [numerous times] that the Winx and their overall design and fashion plates are based on supermodels, not “everyday” people. –– My father’s family is from Italy, and I’ve traveled there twice to visit relatives. People in Italy are [in a lot of areas] generally better-dressed than Americans in the way that there seems to be more attention to appearance; you don’t see a lot of plain tee shirts and ripped jeans walking around! But, you also don’t really see women and girls in breast-high middrift tops, either. Just like here, you do see that look occasionally, but not nearly on a regular basis as we do [or did] in Winx Club. The Italian culture is more accepting of the body and concepts of nudity [in some respects] but is still a very devout and morally traditional country.

    As for the series trying to act “cooler,” I definitely get that vibe, and it doesn’t work, in my opinion. It just doesn’t. Pre-Nickbow, Winx Club was always very standalone in its content and concepts. Now we see Winx trying to add little quips from “modern Earth” to make it relatable, and that takes away from the magic of it all. [Tecna mentioning “Apps” on Daphne’s new phone, for example] And not to mention the girls’ newfound “Barbie” personas. They can do it all! We’ve all taked about their sudden adaptability at everything they do, and how talents are no longer individualized: Suddenly every girl can dance, sing, be fashionable [in a very identical way in relation to one another] all have handsome boyfriends [I know this isn’t new, but it always bothered me how they couldn’t put a positive spin on at least one girl being happy with the single life…] be “celebrities,” and be “average” schoolgirls all at once. Come on, Nickbow, this is Winx Club, not Hannah Montana or Barbie.

  3. Not sure really. Overall I’d say the Italian version is still the original since I assume most of the main writers are still there, but it’s getting hard to tell. Season 5 and 6 are a definite shift in the dialogue and clothes at least. The former is bad, while I’m neutral on the latter. The romance hasn’t gone down though. In fact, I’d say it lost subtlety. Season 5 had two stupid love triangles, Aisha getting a new boyfriend, Stella and Musa having minor issues, and everyone claiming Tecna had a problem that didn’t exist.

    As for Roxy, the way season 4 ended made me think she wasn’t going to become a Winx, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick had a say in that. Alfea certainly has Nick’s hands on it, as it reverses most of what the series had been building up towards. Overall, I will say we are getting a more coherent version with less confusion between the languages, though whether that is a good thing is up for debate.

  4. I think it’s fine that they wear more modest clothing, either way it still looks fabulous… But, I cannot take this plot change related stuff! I mean, can these people even call themselves writers? Look at The Legend of Korra, they didn’t have to dumb that down for people everywhere to love it!
    4Kids made a lot of edits, but for me none of them really hindered the show from being good. Everyone had their distinct personalities, the writing was pretty entertaining and yadda-yadda. But, Nickbow… wow, I have never really seen such a thing in real life…
    I don’t understand why they couldn’t have re-dubbed the first two seasons, and maybe edited their animation quality, because the episodes were good and it’s a shame that they were ignored and smashed into a little movie-thing.

    Anyway, back on subject, considering the fact that it’s now Nickbow I think both versions are now original–or, maybe it can be viewed anyway someone wants to, it doesn’t matter to me… Personally, though, I would say that the first three seasons plus the first movie are the “original” series. Basically because they involve the original plot lines for the show.

  5. I really wish we wouldn’t consider extreme modesty, false ‘coolness’ and bad writing to be ‘American’ But sadly, they are. So is over dramatization- I’ve seen that a lot ever since moving to Canada. We in the US over dramatize everything compared with other countries. You can watch a news story on a Canadian station and then on an American one and you can tell that the reporter worked on making the story more interesting. A perfect example of this was when someone found needles in their sandwich on a flight almost 2 years ago. The Canadian news station I was watching just said ‘Needles found in sandwich, cause being investigated’ When I switched to Good Morning America a half an hour later the opening included ‘Needles found in sandwich could be a possible terrorist attack’.

    However saying that, Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra are American produced shows that are well written with an interesting storyline. I don’t know why we can’t do that with the Winx Club. They did it in season 1 and 2 and it worked great. I can’t say too much without pretty much repeating what Dokidoki said.

    Nickbow has robbed all of the girls of their personality and shoved Musa and Tecna into the background where they start to have stupid fights over stupid things that were most likely resolved when they were roommates during the first two seasons. I really hate that they’ve turned Musa into a childish and obnoxious girl. She was much better in the first two seasons. Season 4 really started ruining her for me, I wish Nickbow hadn’t run with that.

    And please excuse the rambling, I just woke up 1/2 an hour ago.

  6. I consider the Italian that we used to have back in earlier seasons the original. That’s the “good-old Winx club” that I grew to love. Now we are dealing with an italian-American series. Also an original.We can’t say it’s not. It’s just a different series with different production. For me it’s a new era now. I preferred the old one, but the new Winx is Winx too. Just new.

  7. For now yes, but I wish that Roxy would be the seventh and Love & Pet was the base of ops. Why aren’t the winx adults? Nick has put the peter pan pause on them. Why are the girls at Alfea? Is standing up to your teacher a no-no in Winx? Bloom and Aisha both said they were going to stay on Earth and continue the magic mission since apparently gardenia is the only one to believe.

  8. Since Nick has taken over Winx they have lowered the age range of the viewers. When Avatar Korra was created they made it for a much more mature audience. If they had done the same for Winx, it would have changed the show in the opposite direction, at least to me. Winx would have gotten darker, maybe even a tad more violent. I really don’t think that is what Staffri wants for the show.
    Yes we all talk about what Nickbow’s influence is doing for the show but when it comes down to it all comments, announcements and references as to who produces the show are done with Staffri’s name all over it. Nick doesn’t really come in unless they are mentioning American viewers. This gives me the impression that Staffri has more say in what is going on than we believe. Sure Nick has added changes that have affected the show and yes, I do hate them but I still like the essence of what is Winx Club. For me that is the discovery of who you are and what it means to be a good person, have courage, and face danger. I still fell that Winx shows that at it’s core and without Staffri I’m now sure that wouldn’t be evident any more. So to me the Italian Winx will always be the original.

  9. I wish they just do a reboot and hire a more competent writer. The first three season are the best. The world’s setting had so much potential but now it’s butchered. They should aim for consistency, and more serious/darker theme. Like, they can learn from some good anime.. Just not this. Seriously. Need some good twist and not just “the good guy wins” all the time. The uneven and random characterization is jarring too. Please for the love of God do this once-good series justice. This is my childhood but I can’t even bring myself to watch this anymore (dropped this since the atrociousness that is season 5)

    • They must keep up the colors and clothes designs,and the background colors,.
      But the story and details and conflicts?
      No way!!!! Get them back the way they were in the 1st three seasons NOWWWW!!!!

  10. I don’t really consider Winx in Italian as original.
    I was a winx club fan ever since I was five,and I ALWAYS watched it in English until these days when I wanted to re-watch winx club and I couldn’t find episodes in English,so I had to watch them in Italian.I realized that it was only the language in season 5 that was different,but previous seasons,a lots has differed.
    But I used to think that winx was original in English,but I did a little research and as u know,I got to know the real language of that cartoon.
    But since almost all channels are having the same episodes starting from season five,I guess English version of that show should be considered as original.

  11. Even though Nick co-produced seasons 5 and 6, I still view the Italian as the original because regardless of who partners with them, Rainbow S.R.L owns the series. Yeah, it does kinda annoy me that it’s being “pre-cut” for us so to say, but maybe in the future we will see cut scenes available on DVD?

    As for the outfits, I can live with them…well most of them (some of Stella’s designs are pretty ugly.) As much as I miss Aisha and Musa wearing pants for most their casual wear (both have been turned into girly girls,) I think the fairy form designs are lovely as always (with the exception of Mythix which I’m still having a hard time accepting and hoping they change.)

    The one thing that really does bother me about Nick co-producing the show is their handling of the characters. All the Winx girls, bar Tecna and Roxy seem to have pulled a 180 and undone their character development from previous seasons. Also some episodes have similar plot elements to ones used in previous seasons (episode 7 of season 6 anyone?) Need I also mention their poor promotion of the show, awful slot time, and inconsistent airing?

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