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Today’s “Thursday Your Say” is about the future of Winx Club. Nick and Rainbow are already working on season six, and the second movie, Magical Adventure, will finally premiere in America this year.

What happens next? Can Winx Club make it to season seven and a third movie?

Winx‘s viewer ratings in America have been low. And, as we talked about in another “Thursday Your Say,” the time slot isn’t the only thing to blame. If things don’t improve, the show could be cancelled. And since Nick has a higher stake in it than 4Kids did — Viacom owns 30 percent of Rainbow — the consequences could be worse if they jumped ship.

But Winx is still popular worldwide — so popular that there are stage shows, ice shows, concerts, boutiques, theme park rides, dance competitions, and more. Rainbow’s webpage says the show’s “continuously broadcast in over 130 countries with top ratings.”

Plus, we’re nearing its 10th anniversary. It may be old by cartoon standards, but If it’s lasted this long, who’s to say it can’t keep going?

YOUR SAY: Do you think Winx Club can last beyond season six? What needs to be done to make that happen?

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29 Responses to “THURSDAY YOUR SAY: The Future of “Winx Club?”

  1. I think for sure it’s going to last past S6. Something so popular in other countries doesn’t just stop unless thins start looking really grim with ratings worldwide. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick drops it eventually, considering their ratings are pretty low. But I’d say that Winx is going to make it at least to a Season 8, whether it be with Nick or not.

  2. They need to improve their writing. It has gotten nonsensical, stale and cheesy. When they interact with each other it feels very forced and they abandon subplots quickly while leaning on cliches. The voice actors might not even get so much flack that they do if what they were saying was better written. Older fans are jumping ship because there is no characterization and weak plot points. They are getting new/younger fans but Sunday afternoons are probably not the most ideal time to view. At this point I’d rather just know what happens through the season rather than watching it.

  3. Can Winx make it past season six- yes it is possible. But like D said, the writing needs to improve drastically in order to do so. I have said it time and time again, Winx has a ton of great potential that still has yet to be tapped into. Even if the Winx themselves do not make it past season six there is always a chance of some type of spin-off with either a new group of fairies or even the children of the club.

    As for Winx staying on Nick, well look at Spongbob; the ratings and how long he has hung in there, who knows.

      • I keep forgetting about Pop Pixie, (no idea as to why) seeing as Viacom owns part of Rainbow you would think that will be headed to Nick soon.

  4. Simple, Rainbow has to write the series again. All the un-coolness began when Nick started writing the story. Nickelodeon should just dub the stuff. Not make it. Because honestly, 4kids made better episodes then some nick episodes.

  5. Despite its numerous problems, season 4 was a step in the right direction for the future of the show. It changed the status quo and put the Winx in a new situation and location far from Alfea. An adventure show like Winx needs some new life breathed into it. Whether it’s more focus on world-building, giving a different type of villain instead of take over the universe, living on a different planet, just traveling a lot, or giving Tecna some actual screen-time, something must be done to change things. The second thing is give the show a new myth arc, like Bloom’s search for Domino which took 3 seasons and a movie. Give a sense of a larger storyline advancing between the seasons. Season 4 was mostly stand-alone, and despite the potential for new stories resulting from that, they’ve mostly been ignored. Season 5 also seems to be mostly stand-alone as well. Obviously the writing needs to improve, but that goes without saying.

    • Good point about the first three seasons. Having an overarching plot line built suspense and carried the show. And then came season four. Not the worse, not the best, but definitely stand-alone. I wonder if that’s why some fans don’t mind dropping Winx Club at this point. It feels “complete,” in a way.

      • Yeah, it does. Sometimes when I’m watching Season 5, I’ll think of Season 1, 2, or 3 and it’ll really ruin my mood, how much Winx Club has changed. I mean, it would really be plausible to consider S5 a different canon.

  6. PopPixie would be great, On NICK. Not Nick.Jr. PopPixie isn’t a complete baby show, I’ve watched the Rai version that airs in spain in english. Jennifer Seguin voices Chatta and Holly F voices Lockette. I hope that if they pick it up, they don’t redub it.

  7. I would go so far as to say it really is a new cannon. At least I would not lump it in with Seasons 1 to 4. Even season 4 seems more connected to the previous seasons than season 5 does. The Winx are back in school. What’s up with that btw? Roxy is awol. The Winx are 16 again… or at least that’s how it feels to me.
    Honestly the Winx were perfectly fine the way they were. My 5 year old niece can tell the difference. I am so serious. She is a little Diva and she told me she doesn’t like Musa any more because Musa and Riven don’t argue. boyfriend and girlfriend are supposed to fight because they will be mommies and daddies soon and mommies and daddies fight. They are boring. That is what she said. No lie. I am looking at this child like WTH. Way to get an adult concept their kiddo. You would be surprised at what kids know.
    She thinks this season of Winx Club is generally boring, not just the characters by the way.
    I tell you if this is what American kids need to enjoy the show then I’d rather watch it in Europe. Give me the original with dubs.

    Sorry I just had to get that little rant off my chest.

    Despite the not so greatness of season 5, I still believe Winx Club can come back and be a great success. They need to allow the characters to grow as they were before. The whole issue of Daphne and sirenix needs to be part of, if not the new sub plot. It seems to me that the Winx and Daphne’s Sirenix are different. I think the quest to restore or release Daphne from the curse should be the next big thing. I don’t want it to be wished away at the end of the season but I think that’s what they will do.
    We need a new villain. The type of villain that will cause the Winx to doubt themselves to the point were they will loose all hope and they will have to go on missions of self discovery, kind of like season 2 but better. Tritannus is like the blundering idiot who is just lucky on his first attempt at evil. It’s ridiculous.
    Honestly, no matter how bad I think season 5 is, I still have hope for it. Season 6 will have to be even more horrible for me to believe the end of Winx Club is near.

  8. First of all better writing, and they could make the Winx’s personalities more entertaining again.
    I mean, look at My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic), it’s a little kids show but to a lot of people it’s really entertaining.

    Second of all, if they really want to keep it going for three more seasons I think they should make another big plot, since we’re done with Bloom needed to save her planet. Once that big plotline was resolved I felt like Winx Club lost an important part of itself… You know? Up until season 4 the entire show was mostly centered around Bloom’s past.

    I don’t know, I wonder if the show should even be continued like this… and sometimes I wonder if it would have been nicer for Winx Club to have ended with Bloom saving her planet, considering that would have be a fine ending…
    But, Winx Club was given a second chance at fame here in the US and a chance to continue on, so why not take advantage of it?

  9. Yes, Winx does have a future but only if Rainbow gets back in charge and takes control again instead of letting Nickelodeon run things. Because its been proven that since they’ve gotten involved, the quality of the show has dropped. Rainbows formula for Winx Club has gotten the show successfully onto a fifth season and made the characters almost as famous as Usagi and her Senshi, why change that? Just look at w.i.t.c.h., the story was good, the girls were amazing and wonderful characters in the comics but the television series was beyond mediocre at best. The voices were horrible, the animation was weak, girls personalities made me dislike each and every one of them, they were portrayed as airheaded snobbish teenage show-offs who cared more about boys then anything else! A far cry from the beloved characters in the comics. That only lasted for two seasons and Disney was running things if I remember correctly, not 4kids. If Nick was running Winx Club from the start, I’m sure that their fate would have been the same. If the future seasons of Winx Club follow the formula that the fifth season has shown us so far, then I feel sorry for Rainbow. In my mind, Winx Club would have ended at Season Four, the Winx returned to Alfea, Roxy became the official seventh fairy- no doubt- and together they went on many more adventures that included epic battles (like in Season two), new transformations, new love (for Roxy) and much more screentime for Tecna, Flora and Musa because honestly, Bloom, Stella and Aisha get more than enough (especially Aisha in Nicks version).
    Season four was a stand-alone season but it was also the breakaway season for the Winx. The girls graduated from Alfea and branched off into the real world. The plot with the Wizards and Roxy was simply used to not only keep the girls together, as a unit, but to also allow us (and them) to journey to Earth, to explore a new enivironment that most of them weren’t entirely used to. They showed signs of growing up. Season four wasn’t perfect, it could have been better but I think overrall it wasn’t as bad as what most people made it out to be.
    Come Season Five, the girls have lost what truly makes them the Winx; they’ve all lost their individual personalities, their friendship doesn’t feel as genuine as it used to be, their relationships with the specialists doesn’t even seem as charming (The Specialists themselves are mere shadows of their former selfs) and if the upcoming Seasons are going to repeat this then no thanks.
    Winx has a future, but only if Rainbow gets back in charge. There’s still the rest of Season Five to look forward to so who knows, Nick might surprise us, let’s just hope that the last episode that was so good wasn’t a one hit wonder for the Season.

  10. i want season 6, because i LOVE Winx!! shame on me that im living in Lithuania, and I cant watch Winx like American people watch it ;(

  11. I think they need better writers and to stop focusing so much on Bloom. Luckily last week’s episode was a huge improvement over The Emperor’s Throne so there is hope. Nick does have good writers, but they’re all on The Legend of Korra, Winx Club needs to borrow them!

  12. It’s hard to say. I actually haven’t considered any possibility of Winx Club making it to a seventh season and beyond. While it’s true marketing and popularity definite factored in to why the show has pressed onwards past season 3 (which, combined with the first movie, easily could have closed the book on Winx Club indefinitely, as everything from the beginning culminated to the accomplishments made in that season and movie), there’s always a chance the creator will simply get sick of trying to find ways to extend the story far beyond his original intent.

    This is what happened with Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball Z. Originally it was supposed to end after the Freeza saga. Then it was extended to only last to the end of the Cell saga (further supported by the fact that DBZ Kai stopped at the Cell saga, though after a couple of years they just recently confirmed they’re doing the Buu saga after all, though concentrating on international markets instead of Japan). A lot of people (myself included) thought the following Buu saga was pretty lame, and after being forced to extend his series for so long up to that point, it’s easy to see in the details how Toriyama was sick of Dragon Ball and just wanted it to end (such as trying to shift main character status from Goku to Gohan, which fan uproars prevented that from being permanent). DBZ was still considerably popular by the end of the Buu saga, but at that point Toriyama reached his breaking point and ended his story for good (in the manga at least), and had very little involvement in the Dragon Ball GT series (which many, including myself, found to be a terrible, terrible series). A number of other mangaka of popular series went through similar trials – some were willing to drag out their story as long as it was making money, and some were not.

    I bring this up because it’s easy to see how Winx Club could have truly ended for good with season 3 and the first movie. Season 4 had to invent new storylines, villains, and situations to keep the show going – some which worked, and others not so much, but all in all it did feel like a logical progression from season 3. The premise of the Winx going out into the world as grownups after graduating from Alfea and becoming famous for their accomplishments as students was a good one to extend the series with, which I suppose is why I’m annoyed that we see more of a regression with what’s going on in season 5. We aren’t told why the Winx are hanging around Alfea much more this season (especially since they aren’t teaching or even acting as proper assistants to the actual teachers), we aren’t told what their status on Earth is since they had a LOT of major tasks to juggle over there (that we don’t know how they’re being handled without the Winx), and there’s no real explanation for certain character motivations or struggles.

    In short, season 5 has been very confusing and it’s easy to see that, perhaps, part of this is because the staff is running out of ideas to keep the Winx story going since nearly all major plot points they’ve established since the beginning and onward have been settled: Daphne is really the only loose end we have to go by now, and even her deal wasn’t elaborated on until this season since, well, there wasn’t much else to resolve with Daphne being dead and all.

    That said, I haven’t the faintest clue what method they’ll utilize to keep the Winx going for season 6, much less any season that might occur after it. It really depends on how dedicated Straffi is with Winx Club, and whether or not he wants to move on to other things (since we know he has Huntik now). I can easily imagine Straffi reaching a breaking point similar to Toriyama and quitting Winx Club regardless of it still being a huge cash cow – which if that is still the case a few years from now, I can see Straffi just leaving his creation entirely in the hands of the merchandisers and having minimal involvement with the series if he were truly sick of it. And should that happen… well, let’s just say I’m not looking forward to a Winx series that’s on par with Dragon Ball GT.

    This is all speculation, of course, since I’ve never seen any official documentation on how Straffi feels about keeping the Winx going on this long. I do know, though, that the longer they keep pressing on, the more new storylines and ideas will be required to keep it alive – as I said, all the original ongoing plots from seasons 1 – 3 have been resolved way back in the first movie. The new stuff can be a good thing or a bad thing, but if it’s a bad thing, then that’ll no doubt hurt the chances of Winx Club lasting much longer.

    tl;dr: Hard to say; I equally see the odds of it continuing past season 6 just as likely with it ending at season 6 (or earlier if the ratings don’t improve at all this season).

      • It really was supposed to end after Sparks/Domino was saved but it was so popular that we got s4 which I would have been alright with it stopping there, The Winx had done everything and well it’s like if you catch Carmen Sandiego in a cartoon/movie/live show/game; That’s it what’s there to do? So far Episode 15 has been the only good one aside from 8’s musa’s memories segment.

  13. I have been a loyal fan of the Winx Club since June 19,2))4. The Winx is always a pop culture phenomenon. If this series does come to an end after season 6, thensadly there will be NO season 7. But hopefully, a new generation of Alfea fairy hopefuls will step up and continue the proud tradition of the Winx.

  14. As a fan, I’d really like more Winx Club after season 6 for sure.
    However it must have good writing, Rainbow and Nick mustn’t overstretch the show so much that in the end it will have almost no real substance.
    The show will surely end like any other show, but it must end on a high note, not when fans will start becoming fed up of it.

    Whether the show will last beyond season 6 or not depends on the ratings. Although the ratings on Nick US aren’t really that good, Winx Club is still a worldwide phenomenon, and still has a lot of success in many other regions. Assuming seasons 5 and 6 are really massive successes, I suppose it will last beyond season 6.
    I think that once Nick realises that Winx Club has a huge potential and is being really successful then they’ll really put more efforts in the show and will provide better resources to continue the show.

    That said, since Mr. Straffi said he could consider the idea of making a live-action Winx Club movie in association with Paramount (from the Huffington Post article), maybe the franchise can and will indeed go beyond season 6.

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