character_large_332x363_rivenToday’s “Thursday Your Say” is about Riven in season one.

There’s no denying it: Riven was a jerk — not just to Musa (even though they weren’t dating yet), but to all the Winx and the Specialists. He eventually betrayed them and helped the Trix take over Magix.

But were his actions really his own?

Remember the scene with Musa spying him and Darcy in Magix City (episode 1X09)? Darcy locked hands with him and cast some sort of spell on him. We know she can control people through magic, as we saw with the Specialist Jared in season two. But in Riven’s case, it wasn’t clear what she did. All we know was he could communicate with her telepathically and was using that to leak information about Bloom to her.

But after the Trix attacked Cloud Tower, he seemed to have a change of heart. He returned to his friends, apologized, and helped them save Magix.

Did Darcy’s spell wear off, or did he realize what he’d done was wrong?

QUESTION: Do you think Riven was hypnotized or acting of his free will?

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17 Responses to “THURSDAY YOUR SAY: Was Riven Hypnotized?

  1. Thanks for using my suggestion, I’ll send the link to my friend after this 🙂

    I believe Riven was hypnotized/spelled in season 1 without a doubt. As you’ve already said, Darcy has powers that include mind control, she’s used various forms throughout the series whether it’s been altering what people see or controlling how they act.

    In season one Riven may have been more blunt and abrasive than the other specialists, but he didn’t seem to be the kind to turn on his friends at random. I doubt he would have willingly spied on the Winx for the Trix. He didn’t seem too agreeable when Darcy told him that they didn’t like the Winx or their friends.

  2. From what I can remember I thought Riven WAS being controlled but for only a short time, after that I think he was using what Darcy did to him as an excuse to act like a total jerkface and screw over his ‘friends’. And the only reason he apologized was because he felt guilty or something like that.

  3. I think he was hypnotized, and the effects did wear off later, but still left him confused. His apology later makes me think that he was willingly doing some of it. He seemed to take full responsibility for his actions.

  4. I think Riven was hypnotized, but I don’t think his apology meant that he did some of it on his own. I think that when the spell wore off he didn’t know it at the time, so he continued to do it. However, in the end, I think he realized that he did something wrong to betray his friends whether it was his fault or Darcy’s.

  5. Not a bit. One of the key things to remember is that everyone Darcy hypnotizes becomes very subservient and has little to no initiative. Riven’s behavior doesn’t jive with how Darcy’s victims act. In addition, he was perfectly willing to work with the Trix up until he saw them in Griffin’s office. He asked what was going on, and only then is when the Trix betrayed him. He said they tricked him, and there was no indication of any spell wearing off at that time.

    As for why he joined the Trix, well he was angry. Mostly at Bloom and Sky, but still. He thought Bloom sabotaged his chances of winning to help Sky win the race. Bloom herself didn’t help matters much. Riven kept on having friction with both his team members and the Winx. For a time he thought Darcy cared for and respected him more than everyone else did. He was manipulated, but not brainwashed.

    • Hypnotism is a form of mind control, as you said he would have little to no initiative to act on his own free will so your first sentence conflicts with the rest of your paragraph claiming that Riven acted on his own free will. He was spelled, purple glow anyone?

      The argument is if he was spelled, not brainwashed. Darcy did cast a spell on Riven taking advantage of the fact that his mind was already easy to control because of how he’d been treated by the rest of his friends. I believe the spell wore off near the end when Darcy decided she didn’t need Riven anymore and decided to mess with his mind again in the dungeon.

      Episode 109 clearly shows Darcy placing a spell on him

      • Was a spell placed on him? Of course. Heck, Darcy first used magic on Riven the episode before that (healing magic, but still). If you want to make the argument he’s brainwashed, that’s where I would do it. In episode 9 she linked them with a telepathy spell, that was what the spell was about. I’m not sure what you’re saying about contradicting myself. I said Riven does not act like the people Darcy hypnotized/brainwashed, which means it’s unlikely he was brainwashed. Where is the indication that any spell wore off of him? There is certainly no visual indication. Riven realized that he was being used when he saw that the Trix had taken over Cloudtower, which is when the Trix decided he was useless.

        Yes, it is clear that a spell was placed on him. Someone placing a spell on someone does not equal brainwashing, especially when Riven had already decided to go with her.

        • You claimed that he was hypnotized then you said he doesn’t act like he was hypnotized. How exactly should he act then when he’s spying on the Winx? Drooling like a mindless zombie would be a dead giveaway even to that group so I don’t believe the animators wanted to go for that type of special effect.

          Of course there was a telepathy link, Darcy is a mind control witch, what did you think she would do? Give him a cell phone and say ‘hey, call me if you see anything?’ Riven, aside from being more abrasive than the other guys- doesn’t seem to me to be the kind of character to willingly betray others. Especially after his mom abandoned him and we aren’t given any background on his dad either. Think about it, would you betray people who had been almost like family to you, simply because some strange person shows a hint of interest in you and builds up your ego?

          When did Riven decide to go along with her? Going on a date with someone is not the same as agreeing to help them in some sort of scheme or a crime. If I came up to you and said ‘hey, you want to grab a cup of tea’ Then after you agreed to the cup of tea I started telling you that I wanted to rob a bank and I need your help to d that, does that mean that you have now agreed to my plans simply because we’re having tea together? I don’t think so. Even if I threatened you after telling you about my plan to rob a bank, you would be cleared of your part in that crime because you’d been coerced.

          The point where the spell on Riven is broken is when he heads to CT after Bloom comes back to Alfea and Sky tries to contact her again. Darcy has no more use for him as she and her sisters have stolen the dragon flame. She breaks the spell, then throws him into the dungeon. Riven realizes what he did while under the spell.

          The only other person Darcy spelled was Jared and for a much shorter time period.

          • I never said Riven was hypnotized, if that’s what you’re confused about. Again, where is the indication that there was any spell wearing off of Riven when he went to Cloudtower? There is no visual indication of a spell being broken, and nobody refers to any mind control.

            Riven did not think of his fellow Specialists as a family. Even friends would be pushing it at that time, comrades would be more accurate. He left Sky because he defended Bloom, who Riven thought had sabotaged him in the race. He was angry at them and didn’t give them a chance to clear things up. Why did he go with the Trix? Because he thought they were just messing with the Winx. He thought it was just about beating up some fairies that he disliked. He had no idea about the universal domination part of the plan. When he realized what was going on, then he decided to fight the Trix.

            Darcy did brainwash a bunch of people on Earth actually, and they act similarly to how Jared did.

          • You’ll have to excuse me, I’m on my MIL’s laptop and I hate them. Therefore I can’t reply to your claims (it was you or someone else to used the winx wikia the last time) that because Riven doesn’t act the same as the other characters on the show (heaven forbid we not all act like Sky- remind me again was he spelled when he cheated on Bloom? Oh, right he wasn’t) that he is a jerk only out for revenge and is willing to turn on anyone until it gets too iffy, properly.

            When did Rivern state he disliked the Winx and the other Specialists? He was upset with Bloom for seemingly ruining his chances of winning (thanks to Darcy) he was upset with Sky because he thought he’d known that Bloom would help him cheat. How does that add up to dislike? I can be upset with a lot of people and not like them. I’m upset that a friend of mine is more aggitated about transgender kids in Boy Scouts than the fact that the US military was covering up sexual assaults for over 30 years, but he’s still my friend. Do you see where I’m going here? They were his friends, as well as the closest thing to family that he had since he doesn’t have parents. Yes, he gets mad at them, but are you going to tell me you don’t get mad at your friends either?

            Riven never would have actively sought Darcy out in the first place because as you see in the show Witches, Fairies and Specialists don’t really interact with each other. Heck if it weren’t for Darcy he and Musa would have ended up in a relationship midway through the first season. The acting catalyst in this situation is Darcy. Not bad evil Riven who everyone except for Zadien and I seems to decide oh, you’re angry all the time and you supposedly have a bad boy image, you’re an abusive jerk.

            Riven was spelled, being spelled means that you lose at least a portion of your free will and you have no control over your actions. Did you ever stop to consider that maybe Darcy had Riven acting almost like his regular self so no one would suspect anything for a while? Stop being subjective when considering Riven’s actions for once and be willing to see Riven’s side of it instead. Darcy sought him out, Darcy placed some type of spell on him that turned him into someone who would help the Trix against the best interests of his friends whom he’d known for at least a year prior to when Bloom found out she was a fairy- remember Stella is a year older than the other Winx and she knew the specialists and introduced them. Why would Riven willingly risk losing his friends just because someone started stroking his ego.

            Unless of course you’re willing to believe that if I were to place a spell on you that would suggest that you betray your friend’s trust that you’d be acting on your own free will as well.

          • Look, I’m not saying that I don’t like Riven. I’m fine with him as a character and am even writing a fanfic about him not letting Roy join the band and how he still mourns Nabu in true bromance fashion. All I’m saying is that relationships can make people act completely different from themselves. I’m not even really taking a side, since I find this to be more of a dubbing issue, which tends to be a touchy subject in Winx blogs. No matter how Riven acted in S1, it still ends up the same way. Both end up leading to character development. And, as a budding author, could really ask from more out of a character?

          • That wasn’t directed at you, it was directed at Sterok.

            I’ve watched all 3 English dubs, a French dub and the Italian version and all of them had the same outcome. Darcy sought Riven out and placed a spell on him.

          • I just haven’t watched all those dubs, so I can’t really assume how they all handled that situation. And I’m really impressed at your French knowledge. I’ve been studying it for five years, and it’d be really cool if I could find a French cartoon to follow!

          • I got help from a friend of mine who lives in QC, so he is helping me with my French and I help him with his English. The official RAI page does have a French site, so finding the clips there is no problem.

            Winx Club is also one of those shows where you don’t really need to know the entire language, just the gist of the language and the show itself.

            For me Italian has been easy because I learned Spanish in school. 🙂

  6. The problem with this argument is the ambiguity: we never actually saw a scene that canonically supports or denies this. This vagueness is probably why the two dubs went in two completely different directions. Like, take a similar situation in S3. We know that Sky’s behavior was a result of Diaspro because we saw the glass and the love potion. (Speaking of which, I found out last night that there’s a raspberry-and-white-chocolate ice cream flavor on the market called “love potion”. Meaning that I’d be fine with Diaspro trying to give me love potion if it was the yummy Baskin-Robbins kind. But I digress.)

    When I really thought about it, not taking the dub I watched into consideration, I think that the hypnosis might have been another 4kids “simplification.” Sure, Riven’s personality was worse in S1 than in any of the succeeding seasons, but I think a lot of that is falling in love with the wrong person. Some relationships cause drama, as a lot of today’s reality shows evince. So, it was probably more…earthly, non-magical manipulation. Honestly, I could see Darcy as the type to do a little…offscreen seduction.

  7. I think that Riven wasn’t completely hypnotized. I think that what Darcy did was something like the Jedi mind trick: more like really powerful suggestion rather than mind control. It’s possible that darcy used her powers to increase Riven’s darker thoughts and feelings, turning him on his friends, and at the same time presenting herself as his only friend.

    It has been said that Riven doesn’t look to be hynotized at all (in fact, when darcy hypnotizes other people, they become drooling puppets), but we do see Darcy using some kind of spell on him.

  8. It’s definitely a spell in the 4Kids version. Riven never sought out the Trix before Darcy sought him out, so were she to have left him to his own devices, he would have continued on, making sardonic remarks, generally hating on the fairies and being a jerk. No issue but in the version I watched, when Darcy is talking Riven up saying how ambitious he is, he’s clearly lapping it up. And then she says ‘you’ll belong to me’ and Riven says ‘Hold on a sec’, because he’s not okay with that, she tells him to look at her, maintains eye contact, calls him hers and that’s when Darcy starts the glowing eyes, the waves of glowing energy, and when his eyes glow and fade, he backs down. That says a spell to me.

    Either way magic was used on him so that taints the idea that he was working on freewill. In the game based on the first series, Riven says that he overheard what the Trix were planning and they imprisoned him. So they obviously didn’t think he was on their side.

    People are going to argue this round and round in a circle. As far as I’m concerned, the version I watched clearly said he was spelled. This doesn’t take away that what he did was wrong or make him a prince among men but at least he tried to make up for it.

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