This week’s “Thursday Your Say” is about Winx Club‘s tenth anniversary.

As you know, Winx Club officially hit the decade mark on Tuesday (January 28). That’s a huge milestone. And the series is still going with season seven in production, the third CGI movie soon to premiere, and rumors of a live-action adaptation.

What do you think is fueling this success? Is that “fuel” still there?

YOUR SAY: Why do you think Winx Club has lasted for ten years?

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26 Responses to “THURSDAY YOUR SAY: Why Has Winx Club Lasted For Ten Years?

  1. Definitely the transformations and action, even if last season was slow. Everyone looks forward to the next level which almost always comes up better than the last, except for Sirenix, that was just ugly. Seriously who combines swimsuits with Tutus and ballet flats? Yuck. Harmonix could have been the single transformation, elegance is more important under water than you think in fantasy series. Ariel herself has a purple shawl or gold necklace in mermaid form for special occasions it’s the ocean equivalent of a ballgown. One time Ariel even had a pink cape to denote an upgrade in the tv series.

    • To correct you,they weren’t wearing ballet flats,they had no-heald platforms attached to the leggings 🙂

      • Flats never have heels, the leggings connect to the flats, just like Bloomix leggings connect to the heels. I never said Sirenix had heels. Sirenix is the only transform not to have heels, Enchantix technically has them given threaten they walk and use them for stage shows.

    • Just because you think something is bad, doesn’t mean you have to start saying mean things about it. Yes, you can have your say, but that doesn’t mean you have to let out your bad comments. Keep your negative comments to yourself.

  2. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I believe this series has lasted as long as it has because of its engaging characters with their visual design, not to metion their engaging storylines.

    That’s MY take on it, anyway.

  3. Ease of marketing and little competition. The show exists to sell dolls, and it catches enough people’s eyes to get them interested in new ones, and the marketability has increased since the writers realized they could cram multiple transformations into one season. It could be improved, but it’s the same principle that helps Transformers succeed. Rainbow got a lucky hit and pushed it wherever they could. As for competition, there are very few magical girl shows in the west, and not a whole lot come over from Japan. The show manages to look unique to outside viewers, though it does have other image problems. It’s also one of the few girls shows with a decent amount of action that I can think of in the west, so that grants it even more of a niche to attract viewers. I imagine the show will continue as long as Rainbow and/or Nick sees it as profitable.

  4. ‘Cause it’s sooooo pretty!

    I think that’s the main reason.

    Why Winx has lasted ten years for ME is because it makes such a great fandom. It’s got enough dumb bits for us to rant endlessly, enough unexplained plot points to fanfic, enough transformations you can design your OCs for years and never be done. But out in the world of 12 year olds buying dolls, I think it’s the pretty.

  5. I dislike Spongebob intensely but it’s Nick’s biggest draw. Yet despite that Winx Club still has its own solid fan base. It’s cool to girls and then there are the specialist that might catch the attention of the boys who wouldn’t otherwise watch a magical girl show while still having the Pixies and Kiko to catch the eyes of the really little kids who may be too young to really get the show. Then there is the fact that each Winx is uniquely different which means there is one person that you will always want to see every time you watch the show. All these things allow it to reach an audience in and out of its marketing age range.
    Then there’s the market for Winx products, not to mention the international popularity in Latin America and Europe. I just saw a little girl with a Winx school bag and lunch kit in my subdivision and her little sister has the blanket and they all have Winx dolls. The variety of items you can obtain with one or more of the Winx girls on it is astronomical. Like you said up there. Milk that cash cow.
    There is also the fact that rainbow has been fairly lucky in the networks it chooses to broadcast the show in America. 4KIds had the run of the Saturday morning slot and did a really good Dub even though they changed some things around. Nick is a popular network. The only problem is it’s not consistent with it’s show times and advertising.
    Winx Club is also very available on the internet. You can access it on youtube and I have even found it on some Anime sites and host raw and dubbed shows. This way you reach all the people you may have missed because of their location or inability to see the show. Rainbow pretty much has all their bases covered and it gives the show a certain longevity that others like it don’t really have. I can see the show going another couple of seasons and I would watch it.

  6. Well there are a lot of reasons, but the biggest one, at least from my standpoint, is that there’s virtually no competition that even compares to Winx Club. Obviously this isn’t the only girl-power themed show out there, but it’s certainly one of the biggest and most well known. And most of the shows similar in genre to it have either been flops, or have already ended: W.I.T.C.H., Sailor Moon, Angel’s Friends, etc.

    Also, Winx Club changes based on the time and audience its receiving. These are usually small additives, like the sudden presence of “magic Smartphones” at the beginning of S6 [Tecna giving Daphne a phone with Apps] The changes in fashion from being more attuned to the late 90s and early 2000s [mostly S1’s fashion: Bloom’s flared jeans, decorated wedges, Flora’s peasant top, etc.] evolving into more decidedly “adult” or mature fashion choices. [no belly shirts, high heels, calf-length boots, which are a big trend now, skinny jeans, etc.]

    And the transformations. We get at LEAST one or two new ones every season. That’s something that appeals to us all, but it is probably more exciting for younger fans to see. And the knowledge that they’ve established from watching previous seasons with multiple transformations, that there are more to come, keep them coming back. Not to mention, kids likely aren’t as discerning as we are when it comes to the transformation fashion and music sequences. All they see is pretty fairies covered in glitter and pretty outfits to some upbeat music, and that works for that audience.

    Also, this one might be splitting hairs a bit, but technically, Winx Club hasn’t been continuously producing for a decade. After S3 and SOTLK, both of which aired through 2007, there was a two year lapse, with S4 not premiering until 2009. After that, MA premiered in 2010, and then another two year lapse with S5 not being released until 2012. While this might come off as being a little lazy, I think that these pauses have helped them. –– Speaking from an artist’s perspective, if you force yourself to produce, produce, produce when you’re uninspired or have nothing to build on, your content is going to suffer. As we know, Iginio and Rainbow are constantly working with the show and trying to come up with the next ‘big thing’ for it, and these great ideas don’t happen overnight. In fact, I’ve entertained the idea that S5 may have been the result of [for one] poor first-time collaboration with Nick, and possibly rushing to fulfill the contract’s stipulations about air date expectations.

    I’m sure we’re all glad it’s lasted this long, we can only hope it gets better with time. Winx Club is one of those shows where I want it to end as soon as there’s nothing “amazing” to add. All of the open doors have been appropriately closed, the characters have evolved, and the story is devolving. I would rather have 7 seasons of Winx and have all 7 [well…6, minus S5, lol] be great, rather than have 17 seasons and have 10 repeats of S5.

  7. “And most of the shows similar in genre to it have either been flops, or have already ended: W.I.T.C.H., Sailor Moon, Angel’s Friends, etc.”

    That is so true. This statement made me pause and think about it and I realized that I may watch a lot of Anime but none have come out lately that would even be close to Winx Club. it really is in a league of its own right now.

    • Kinda off-topic, but…
      Apparently, Hayao Miyazaki thinks the reason a lot of anime is bad lately is because of otaku (in the negative sense) animators who don’t spend enough time watching real people. Ouch! But I kinda agree with him. It seems like the same kinds of shows come out every season. It’s getting boring. 😕

      • I don’t think that applies to anime alone; everything nowadays media wise seems to stem off from one big trend to another. For example when Twilight’s movies were released, tons of other vampire sub-genres began to follow. When the Hunger Games got its first movie, suddenly everything is post-apocalyptic. Granted neither of these two stories were the first of their kind, but they were the ones amid those genres that made it big. And the same thing goes for Winx Club, as I said, it’s not the first girl-power show around, but something about it had propelled it to the top.

        Nothing beats a Miyazaki movie though!

  8. Steffauri and Nikki have summed it up very.

    The thing is that Winx Club is basically a tapestry where fairytales, fantasy, teenage and young adult and many more themes have been woven together in a modern way.

    You can easily get many references, whether it’s from mythology, fantasy (with lots of Tolkien and some Harry Potter here and there), Disney (Harmonix, the Sirenix of the Trix, Maleficent-like Miss Griffin), video games, pop culture (Stella’s Lady GagGa dresses anyone?), sci-fi (Star Wars references in the HalloWinx episode), superhero comics (several Red Fountain students) and so much more, and all these help draw a wide range of fans.

    Then there’s the main story, which is at the same time that of a young girl who finds out she’s special and that of a lost princess whose mission is to restore her kingdom, which are themes that are quite appealing, and the smaller stories that are interwoven with the main theme bring a human feel to the show, since the characters have a very human (though sometimes unrealistic) feel to them and one can relate to them on many levels (Bloom’s insecurities, Stella’s parents, the family dynamics of the Trix).

    And you have to add the Winx Club universe itself: it is a well-constructed universe, with its history, rules and laws, mythology, realms, different cultures that gives it a realistic feel.

    The transformations are also quite important as one is always eager to find out what will be the next levels and the abilities and powers they give, somewhat like when new stuff is unlocked in a video game. And they are visually appealing and blend easily with the girls’ power sources.

    Of course, one thing that’s important to add is that Winx Club has the dynamics of a live-action show more than that of other animated series. How the characters act and interact with each other and how the show itself adapts to changes and new trends is more like live-action shows than most animated series.

    • Now that you mentioned it I see Ursula and Morgana in Icy and Darcy’s Sirenix those tentacles then Darcy’s being purple, I wondered at one point if she’d sing poor unfortunate souls.

      • Lolz! Yeah, I was among the first ones to point it out. The dark Sirenix looks like the Trix in a “Venom+Ursula&Morgana” version.

  9. I think it really just comes down to how honest the show is. here we have six girls who struggle with identity, friends, boys, parents, and emotions. They are such relatable characters its hard for a girl not to like them. Also it has everything a girl could want action/violence, friendship, boys, romance, and my personal favorite outfits!!! and yes, some of them are skimpy but come on who hasn’t wanted to wear a midriff and get away with it?! Plus the lines weren’t pointless they had meaning to them. My favorite season is 2 because so many issues were tackled and peppered with witty lines that made you laugh and connect with the characters!

  10. There are a few factors that I believe are the reason that Winx is still going strong; the fans as well as Merissa mentioned the cash-cow factor that is as noticeable as the sun is bright.

    As for there being no competition, that is hardly a fair statement. Granted there is not a lot of direct competition that share a great number of factors as Winx and a very close plot-line, but there are other very successful brands that are aiming for the same demographic to obtain their interest and in the end their cash. Therefor competition. Ever After High, My Little Pony/Equestria Girls, Sofia the First and so on come to mind as they have very similar demographics within the fantasy genera.

    • Now that I think about it, I personally would love to see Ever After High become competition for Winx Club. That way, maybe Nickbow will up their game for once…

  11. Well there have been shows with this amount of longevity. I think that the common factors are marketing and ability to recycle a basic plot. Gag/filler episodes are also important in getting the audience to know the characters. If the audience has a familiar show in either characters or formula it can last for a long time.
    In the case of Winx Club specifically the first three seasons managed to reuse the trix with out getting to annoying while sparing the writers from introducing several new characters at a time. With a new transformation every season more dolls can be sold and the audience gets to see refreshed characters and the writers have a generalized outline of charterer meeting a new villain, being defeated and having to overcome adversity to defeat the villain
    Marketing supports many types of shows and with new dolls and the associated buzz the owners make money directly from the dolls and get promotion for the show and merchandise including potential future merchandise.
    I don’t really feel that completion is an issue for Winx Club now since it’s become a juggernaut and will simply inspire viewers to watch similar shows. Since it’s still on the air and so successful any pitches for a Winx Club like show would in my option get ignored or written off as being unable to compete with Winx Club.

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