Credit goes to fellow fan Tabby for bringing this news in!

Our charmingly evil sorcerer Valtor will be voiced by Josh Keaton. Confirmation comes to us via Twitter (screen capped by Tabby):


Since he called him Valtor instead of Baltor, it looks like we have another 4Kids name reset. (In case you haven’t heard, Layla will be Aisha from now on.)

Some of Josh Keaton’s previous voice roles were Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Hercules in the video game Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I’ve never heard of this actor, so I don’t know how popular he is. Maybe some of you will know. 🙂

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23 Responses to “Valtor’s Nick Voice Actor Revealed

      • The 3 voice actors revealed so far ALL look like the character they voice. Molly has red hair like Bloom, Keke is black and resemble Aisha (better practice using her name more often to get use to it :D) alot. And now come Josh o_O

  1. I don’t mind this name change at all … just as long they don’t mess with the pronunciation =p (which I why I can’t get used to Aisha being used in the English version ><)

  2. What a suprise. What’s next David Hayter voicing of Riven? Now that would really make me scream like a little girl and jump up in joy!

  3. I don’t mind the name change at all, in fact I’m rather happy about it. That’s what it is in the dub that I usually watch plus I prefer Valtor rather than Baltor. It just sounds a bit more…menancing and evil sorcerer like. So yup, I’m cool and rather happy with the name change.

    However, Layla’s name change is a whole different story… I don’t mind the name(I think Aisha sounds really pretty and like something to do with water), but it will just take some time to get used to it.

  4. The reason he was young Hercules in Kingdom Hearts is because he was young Hercules in the movie, Hercules. Just figured it might be better to note the movie than the video game. 😉

  5. Nice choice for Valtor. I think he’ll do a fine job, though i dont think he can out do the rai english voice actor. 🙂 His voice was just so… Perfect! BTW, did it ever occur to anyone that maybe the reason Roxy earned her believix instead of just a straight-forward magic winx was because she didnt know that basic form existed? Think about it, she was surrounded by mostly only believix fairies (the winx) They never told her about the basic fairy form but they did brief her on what believix was. It made sense for her to have believix because that was the ONLY transformation that she was aware of? Sure, she saw enchantix, but she didnt KNOW it. She only knew believix. Just a theory though. 🙂

    • I’ve never understood why people assume that you have to go through all the other fairy forms before you can reach Believix. If anyone in the show has ever stated this then please tell me.

        • I thought “beyond Enchantix” just meant it was more powerful. Oh well, I won’t go on about this. 🙂

        • The Winx form is achieved by willpower and determination. The Roxy met the requirement perfectly, just like Bloom back then in s1ep03. So can anyone tell me why should she NOT have Winx form? Then think about all the hardwork the Winx have been through to get Charmix, Enchantix through out the years at Alfea. Is it even possible that someone who has no power too special can make such a jump that can skip all that process to reach Believix. 3 years of hardwork and sacrifices can be skipped in just a moment of anger? I personally dont think so. If that happen, then Roxy wont even have to attend Alfea, she already have what it takes to graduate.
          Then in season 1, Stella did make Mike and Vanessa to believe in magic but she didnt get Believix. The best explanation for that is that Believix require Enchantix.

          This is my side of the debate by logic. Sorry for the long post 😀

  6. No its okay 🙂 I do believe that believix is stronger than enchantix for a number of reasons. Like, take for example the detail in their outfits: you cant deny that the believix wings are a LOT more detailed than enchantix (see bloom for a perfect example). Also think about it, most people are quick to say “oh enchantix was better.Believix is lame” yes they have the right to their own opinions (we all do) but, the winx have earned a transformation that most fairies never will. So for people to get picky about believix is just silly. Most fairies will earn their enchantix and thats where it will end. The winx have clearly surpassed that. I’d like to believe that believix is an advanced transformation. Roxy earned hers out of force of willpower and maybe not being familiar with the basic fairy form. I dont know. Im crazy rambling! 🙂

    • I agree. :D.Believix sure is more advance than Enchantix. My most logical theory is that Believix is for fairies who help distribute magic throughout the universe. It can be a redistribution to realms that have lost their own magic(Earth) or realms that’ve never known of magic. 😀

  7. I wonder if Roxy will be in season five at all? It’s possible, ‘cuz of that past “seven fairies” thing, but it might’ve been ANOTHER error. If she is, who’ll they get to voice her?
    Actually, he DOES look like Valtor. One change I DO like! The Layla turned Aisha thing might be confusing, though.

  8. You do have a point but, im pretty sure she’ll make an appearance in season 5 (hopefully as a winx). Theres the magazine title “Roxy, the seventh fairy” for starters as confirmation that shes a winx. Also, its pretty impossible now for Rainbow to split her away from the winx. Shes too connected to the group now. I know i personally just cant see the winx as “six fairies” anymore, but rather as “seven” and im sure theres people out there (somewhere) who feel the same way. If Roxy isnt a winx, it would be a HUGE disappointment. But, i too, do wonder who Nick will get to voice her. Im really curious about that. I like her Rai voice (Sarah Camacho, i think?) though, she sounds so cute, spunky,youthful and full of life- perfect for Roxy. Who will Nick get? Hmmm…

    • Akira-chan noted on an older post (Why Roxy is a Winx) that the confusion is the fault of the show. She read “Roxy, La Settima Fata” and, as if the title isn’t confirmation enough, in one panel, Bloom tells Roxy straight to her face that she’s a Winx and can rely on them. So unless Rainbow wants to go in a different continuity than the comics, Roxy’s a Winx and they can’t separate her.

  9. Roxy has the first transformation. people thing she has believix because of the big wings. the reason she has big wings is because she is an earth fairy instead of a fairy from magix.

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