The “Winx in America” plot has deepened. The entertainment site Variety and others are reporting that Viacom has bought a stake in Rainbow. Who’s Viacom? The parent company of Nickelodeon. Yeah. They now own part of Rainbow—about 30% of it, meaning Iginio Straffi is still in control. But the article mentions “plans for a Rainbow Group flotation.” Flotation, also called initial public offering (IPO), is when a private company, like Rainbow, starts selling stock shares to the public. The buyers become part owners of the company. (Don’t be impressed. I looked that up. :P)

What does all this mean? I have no idea. It’s all Greek to me. The reason I’m posting it is because I can’t believe how far Mr. Straffi seems to be going to launch not only Winx Club but his company’s image in America. Some of you feared that Nickelodeon would gain too much power, and I definitely think that’s beginning to happen. The Variety article paints it differently, saying this will help Rainbow expand. Let’s hope this is for the best and Mr. Straffi stays in command.

Variety: “Viacom takes stake in Rainbow”
How Stuff Works: “What is an IPO?”

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38 Responses to “Viacom Buys Stake in Rainbow

  1. Guess we are going to start seeing ALL the winx videos on youtube being removed.

    You might want to mention that means bad news for everything winx online. Viacom tried to sue youtube for video copyrights.. over a billion dollars $1,000,000,000.. while they themselves stole peoples videos.

      • BTW, just so you know.
        YouTube is owned by what company? Google. And trust me, Google isn’t going to let anyone sue them like that. They’re MUCH, MUCH more powerful than Nickelodeon.
        Imma just go and see whether Nick is public or not.
        Yep, public. Which means that if they do take over Rainbow, Rainbow’s eventually gonna have to go public too. WHICH SCARES ME. A lot.

  2. I have a feeling that Rainbow might lose the rights to the Winx Club completely in a few years…

    It’s a little risky, since we never how well the Winx Club is going to be received. Then again, maybe Nickelodeon needs a girls’ show to even up their lineup. If they throw a crack team of writers at it, like the one they had for Avatar, it might turn out amazing. (That would be great, actually.)

        • Nickelodeon isn’t new to Europe but I think they’re trying to dominate that market now. I think they collaborate with the publishers of the comic La Rose ecarlate (which I adore).

          I guess it’s also smart at the same time. The American dollar is probably powerful in a lot of countries. I’ve found that I enjoyed European comics and shows better than American ones. I’ve found that American cartoons are really weird and aimed at small children and it seems that’s all they come up with.

        • I really agree with you. Also, I might not be here for a bit, because I’m writing a play based on Alice in Wonderland. So far, it’s awesome!

  3. Uh-oh. This cannot turn out good. I downright hate Viacom and I literally mean hate. I really hope Mr. Straffi isn’t that desperate to launch Winx Club in America. Rainbow should never lose the rights to Winx Club. It’s THEIRS!!

    I have to admit, when Nickelodeon seemed to be claiming ownership of Winx Club, I was worried about something like this happening. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse.

    “Guess we are going to start seeing ALL the winx videos on youtube being removed.”

    I’m willing to bet that includes fan videos too. I’ve seen quite a few users lose their accounts because of fan videos.

    “The Variety article paints it differently, saying this will help Rainbow expand.”

    Surprise, surprise. I’ll believe that when I see the tooth fairy.

    • Fan videos can’t be removed because of certain laws on creative license. Videos such as fandubs can though, I think.

      • * laughs hysterically* NNo offense there, but they can. They so can. I’ve been suspended once because of fan videos. I don’t upload a single Full episode or anything like that.

  4. Oh,no! This doesn’t look good by any means. Like I said in the post on Winx 4 Life, all I can say is, that I truly hope we don’t losse the WInx that we have all grown to love over the past years.

    I am really hoping that Winx doesn’t become something it wasn’t ment to be. And I really do hope that Iginio Straffi does know he has American fans that do love Winx and Rainbow. And that we don’t want to see something like this happen to them . But now all we can do is hope until we wait and see what happens.

    • Doesn’t anyone think that this is a good thing that Viacom bought part of Rainbow?

  5. Let’s see if I can explain this. And if you’re wondering, I get most of this from my much read TechCrunch:
    Rainbow is currently a private company. They’ve got something called revenue, which means the money they get through selling merchandise like CD’s, DVD’s, etc.
    OP, you just scared me. A LOT.
    If Rainbow isn’t making much in revenue, an IPO could be very dangerous for them. This is when the PUBLIC gets to invest in the company, and I’m very scared as to what’s going to happen then. After this, there’s a probability of a merge and acquisition, which means that another company could take over Rainbow, and/or merge with it. AND THAT’S NOT GOOD.
    Why? This means that the CEO of the company will no longer be the CEO of the company, and I’m sure everybody knows what LAYOFFS ARE.
    I’m scared. Really, really scared.

    • I think you’re assuming a little too much. No one said that Rainbow isn’t making enough money. Maybe they want to make more money so that they can expand. They have that themed park, last I checked.

      Why would they lay them off? They need to people to animate the show. Who better than the people who originally animated it? It’s not as if Nick is coming out with tons of great shows.

      • That’s the problem here. Private companies aren’t required to disclose their revenue. We don’t know how much money they make, so we can’t figure out whether an IPO would be good or bad for them. And yes, they do have a themed park, but we don’t know how much revenue that brings in either.

        Viacom might be a very large company, but there are always lay-offs when there’s an M/A (merge or acquisition). Sometimes, it’s for the simple reason that the company buying wants to reduce the cost of running the company they’re buying. Other times, it’s because of dissatisfied employees who hadn’t agreed to the M/A.

        Another problem is that the CEO’s usually aren’t the CEO’s anymore after an acquisition. So if Viacom does, by some insane marketing maneuver, take over Rainbow, I highly doubt that Iginio Straffi would remain CEO anymore.

        • It obviously makes revenue if they can build it (in my mind).

          Anyways, I can’t speculate further on this because I know very little about business.

  6. I agree, I don’t want rainbow to lose winx and nick gain TOO much power. I mean IT’S THIERS as in its Iginio Straffi and rainbow’s. Not nick’s show, they didn’t create winx. But nick seams to be gaining alot of power and thats not good. i don’t want ALL winx vedios be taken down from youtube. Like ella said, i also don’t want winx to become whats it’s ment to be.

  7. To all those concerned, Winx Club is Rainbow’s flagship, it will always be a part of Rainbow, that is NOT changing. Mr. Straffi is NOT selling the company, do NOT believe and do NOT spread any false rumors about that. VIACOM is “investing” in a company it believes in, meaning additional financial support to continue great success for Winx Club, PopPixie, Rainbow and Rainbow’s properties. Nickelodeon is going to make Winx Club one of it’s flagship shows as well, as with Spongebob and others, meaning they are also putting a great effort in continuing Winx Club success as well, especially here in the US. Again, please don’t speculate or spread false rumors, Winx Club will always be a part of Rainbow with Mr. Straffi at the helm. Thank you, –Michael from Michael’s Winx Club

    • Thank alot there Michael :D. You dispelled everyone doubt with that. Tons of people did get paranoid after hearing this. But we all believe in Mr.Straffi and the Winx, right? :D. So relieve your heart everyone! Just Believe!

  8. so what about the 4kids dub of winx club it is still shown on pop 616 on sky in the uk every 7:00pm and plus there are episodes of them on youtube.

  9. OMG…. THat is bad….. Seriously, I like Winx Club because its an italian Europe show Don’t get me wrong I got nothing against US cartoons….well some of them, but some of my favorite cartoons such as Fairly Odd parents are made in USA. I’m just saying that…. I dunno know what I’m saying. I guess that I’m worried Winx will be too America, because they will influence it. plus too commercial. It already kinda is. They seem to have been making plots so they would be able to make new dolls and sell more stuff. Then there is the Viacom point! I thought I had seen that somewhere! YOOUBE….jeesh…. guess I gotta stop making Winx Videos if I don’t wanna be suspended twice. I’m sad about this

    • ohh and…… I’m not saying either that Mr Straffi would GIVE up his series, but I do believe it will be different. After all owners have all a word to say.

      I hope I made myself clear enough not to have to reply myself more XD

  10. Viacom. When I’m older, I’ll sue THEM for trying to sue Google. They tried once, & no doubt they’ll try again. *Looks Extremely Determined* This IS getting dicey. Someone sue Viacom already! I have very little against USA cartoons, except Spongebob(seriously? A talking SPONGE?).

    • It’s no better than talking cars (Pixar’s movie “Cars”). The show takes place under the ocean after all and I guess the creators figured a kitchen sponge would look better than a sea sponge (which it does).

  11. This isn’t looking good.

    This is the company that takes down Youtube videos, even if the content in the videos isn’t theirs. I once watched a rant against Viacom that Mike Mozart put together, and, my God, he was LIVID.

    I have a personal problem with Viacom, as well, but just because of the Youtube issue(s). They’re also hypocrites, but you can go to Mr. Mozart’s videos to learn about that, kids. (Yeah, I’ll stop mentioning him. XD)

    If Viacom goes any furthur to control Rainbow s.p.A, then….yeah, I’m not going to be happy, and I bet nobody else on this site will be, either.

    But, to be fair, it could go either way – Rainbow could be going through some tough times, between the economy and trying to produce that themepark, and this could help them get more revenue. But then our worst fears could be confirmed.

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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