No, this is the official name of Professor Wizgiz’s metamorphosis class.

From magic invocation to self-defense to convergence, the Winx’s magic training guide all their battles and adventures. But the one class whose lessons have seemed to fade into the background is Metamorphosis. Well, not completely. Wizgiz taught his students the importance of honesty and good character, and apparently he was the one who told them about the Tree of Life, which helped the Winx find Roxy. However, they’ve never used what is supposed to be the core teaching of the class: transformation.

It may have come in handy a few times. Imagine if the Winx had used it to hide in Cloud Tower all the times it was taken over, or to sneak into Morgana’s castle to save her from Nebula. Or consider how Duman used his powers: scaring away Artù (cruel but conveinent), making quick escapes, secretly gathering information.

So why has this part of the Winx’s education been ignored? Maybe Rainbow thinks girls won’t want to see their favorite heroines turning into monsters. Why not? Stella got transformed into a frog (or an ogre—it was hard to tell).

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4 Responses to “What Happened to…Metamorphosimbiosis?

  1. I cannot say that word! I know how to pronounce it, but I just can’t say it. 😛

    Anyway, I liked seeing Stella as an frog/ogre (she might have been a cross between the two). It was funny. I would’ve liked to see the girls as different animals, monsters or not. In fact, Rainbow could’ve had them switch places with their pixie pets and to make it funnier, made them monsters/mutants. Now THAT would’ve been hilarious!

  2. It’d be funny to see them turn into the Trix, Baltor, Darkar, and… um… Diaspro, I guess? She’s not really evil, just kinda “mean”. And “people” put spells on her. cough*Baltor*cough.
    But whatever. It’d be funny to see, like, Darcy fighting Darcy or something in Season 3. Or they could turn into the Fairy Hunters and Trix (if Roxy could) in Season four!

  3. Me too. It would be a funny twist if all the girls minus Roxy would switch with their pixie pets like Kae Lily said or turn into animals or monsters and Roxy would have to use her magic to turn them back. This would of course take place during season 4 when Roxy didn’t know how to use her powers to make it a lot funnier.

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