Now watch as I make it disappear before your eyes!

The ball scene in Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The Winx and their boyfriends are dancing. Brandon secretly hands Sky a ring case. Sky stops, shows the ring to Bloom, and whispers in her ear, “Would you be my princess?” She gasps, then smiles shyly and kisses him. Definitely a “yes.” Everyone pauses to stare at the happy couple. Finally, after everything they’ve been through, they’ll be together forever…


Fast forward to season four. Bloom’s not wearing the ring, and no one’s busy with wedding plans. And Andy’s appearance brings back jealousy à la Diaspro. You’d think they’d trust each other more now.

The mystery deepens in Magical Adventure when Sky proposes for real in Domino’s palace garden. No ring this time. (It’s a little awkward and less romantic, too. See for yourself.)

So what happened at the end of Lost Kingdom? Did Rainbow forget Sky had already proposed to her? Or did they change the story on purpose?

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19 Responses to “What Happened To…Sky’s Wedding Ring?

      • But it makes no sense for the movies to not be connected (and I don’t get how the cartoon and movie couldn’t be connected either).

        Maybe the ring in SotLD was only a promise/engagement ring and in Magical Adventure, Sky proposed actual marriage? Eh, I don’t think that makes any sense. I’m clueless.

      • Well i guess you can say they aint that connected,i mean in Magical Adventure there are Trix so i mean they obliviously not connected :/

  1. The writing team was too focused on animation.

    Magical Adventure was in progress LONG beforeseason 4. There is a piece of concept art that shows Bloom in a dark forest with the Trix in her enchantix

  2. well, dont you know that the movies are supposed to be a bit different thenn the sesons?? And the film hs fast forwarded so tht ppl can enjoy coz itsnot a seson, get it?? in a film you hve to have a happy and good ending.
    and anywy, if sky marries bloom in season 4 then how will the seasons continue??? it will just be too erly, get it?? and boys dont go around crrying rings and proposing, ok?? you don’t hve to give a ring to be romantic. you just hve to propose. that’s enough.

    have some sense man!!

  3. An engagement proposal can be different from a marriage proposal, just as there can be 2 different rings to symbolize each event.
    When Sky said “Would you be my princess?”, I believe he was asking Bloom to be his fiancee. Otherwise the phrase would have gone along the lines of “Would you be my queen?”
    You can have both an engagement ring and a wedding band, and you can wear both or just the wedding band alone. It could be that Sky choose to use one ring for both, hence why he dosn’t give Bloom another one in Magical Adventure.
    However, I have no idea why (if he wanted this ring to be so special) he gave it to Bloom in SotLK and not in Magical Adventure. As for why Bloom dosn’t wear it in Season 4, again I have no idea. It would have given Andy a clear sign that her and Sky are the real deal.

  4. I think Rainbow did that on purpose. To tease the viewers and to make us think about what else could happen next. It wouldnt have made sense for bloom and sky to go around in season 4 as an engaged couple. Its too soon in the series run! If winx is going to have 6 seasons then season six would be the best time for that to happen. Bloom would already (probably) be turning 21 so it would be okay then. Not now.And the series would end. Think how the Sailor moon manga originally ended- with usagi and mamoru’s marriage! Like i said, i think it was done on purpose by rainbow. But thats just my opinion. 🙂

  5. Hey i just watch the new winx trailer on tv and we finally get to hear what flora’s voice will sound like. Personally i think flora sounds like amanda bynes but that might be just me. what do you guys think

  6. i think rainbow missed that part or season 4 earth they can’t just go around and say a couple of 20 year olds are engaged,plus then some of blooms earth friends will ask when and they just can’t take her friends to the magic dimension can they?!?and Kae Lily i think bloom was flirting with andy to get sky jealous because the whole season there was boy trouble and only nabu and layla/aisha had no problem.
    But personally i think the movies are half connected and half not connected because nabu died in season 4 and came back to life in the movie?? No way so i think the movie is based on the show but also has its own story too. But thats only what i think. 🙂

  7. Having a couple of 20 year olds engaged is somewhat normal. And engagements can last for a while before the wedding is planned. Both a friend of mine and myself were engaged a month apart in 2009. I only just got married and she won’t be married until October. Some people stay engaged for even longer than that because it takes a lot of time and money to plan a proper wedding. Not that money is really an object for royalty, but not every engagement/ marriage is going to be done as quickly as Will and Kate’s.

    I can’t really get into Sky’s lack of intelligence simlply because he doesn’t exist, but he is blonde and I could definitely imagine him forgetting he got engaged and forgetting a ring. Heck maybe they were even giving a nod towards Sweet Home Alabama and Bloom was going to pick out her own ring.

    Personally I haven’t been too impressed with the 2nd movie. There’s too much that contradicts the canon of the series. But that’s just my opinion.

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