Now watch as I make it disappear before your eyes!

The ball scene in Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The Winx and their boyfriends are dancing. Brandon secretly hands Sky a ring case. Sky stops, shows the ring to Bloom, and whispers in her ear, “Would you be my princess?” She gasps, then smiles shyly and kisses him. Definitely a “yes.” Everyone pauses to stare at the happy couple. Finally, after everything they’ve been through, they’ll be together forever…


Fast forward to season four. Bloom’s not wearing the ring, and no one’s busy with wedding plans. And Andy’s appearance brings back jealousy à la Diaspro. You’d think they’d trust each other more now.

The mystery deepens in Magical Adventure when Sky proposes for real in Domino’s palace garden. No ring this time. (It’s a little awkward and less romantic, too. See for yourself.)

So what happened at the end of Lost Kingdom? Did Rainbow forget Sky had already proposed to her? Or did they change the story on purpose?

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