I guess I shot myself in the foot by calling this What If Wednesday.” A lot of fans thought I meant, “What if [insert major event] didn’t happen?” or “What if So-and-So had been [insert different role] instead of…?” Nope. That’s not what this is about.

I’m not trying to make fodder for alternate universe fanfics (but you can use it if you want to). What I’m gonna talk about are things that can still logically happen in the show. Remember how I said this will be focused on the future, not the past? The “What if” isn’t, “What if this had happened instead?” It’s, “What if this happens in a future season?”

Just a warning: this will set us up for disappointment. It’s inevitable. The ideas we come up with may never happen; in fact, chances are they won’t.

But do we ever know what was gonna happen in a season? Guessing, theorizing, and wondering are part of the fun of watching a series. Even if the end result is different than we hoped, we don’t have to change things to make something out of it. New possibilities and new angles are still hiding in the story, waiting to be discovered.

Maybe this first post will clear things up. Why am I starting with Helia? I was talking about him with a friend on Instagram recently, and I realized he has a lot of loose ends in his back story. If Rainbow tied these up, he could become a more interesting — and more powerful — character.

What if…Helia followed his dream of becoming an artist?

A lot of fans were happy to see Bloom drawing again in World of Winx, but it’s been a long time since our other artist has picked up a sketchbook. Bet you never realized Bloom and Helia had that in common — or at least, you never thought of it as a shared talent. That’s not the only similarity between them. I get to that later.

In comics #35 and #36, “The Trial” and “New Challenges,” Helia leaves Redfountain — like he almost did in the show — and tries to sell paintings for a living. Of course, it doesn’t work out because the comics always reset everything back to how they are in the show. But it begs the question, “Could he have become a famous artist instead of a Specialist?”

But since season two, we’ve barely seen him draw at all. His only artistic talent seems to be making origami. (That started in season two, too.) Did he give it all up to become a Specialist again? Why did he have to do? He can be a Specialist and an artist, right?

Or can he? Would his love of art conflict with his job? After all, he can’t paint while he’s battling monsters, and Specialists have to be on call at all times. How would he handle it?

I’d love to see this internal conflict in him in a future season. Should he stick with what he’s been training for for years (and keeps him close to his girlfriend), or should he follow his dream? Which one is he better at? How would leaving Redfountain affect his relationship with Flora?

What if…Helia became the next headmaster of Redfountain?

This is also brought up in the comics but not in the show — though the comics don’t expand on it, either. In #21, “The Shaab Stone,” Helia’s put in charge of a mission to stop a businessman named Belizarius from finding the titular stone. Riven thinks Helia was chosen because “he needs the practice if he will one day take over from [Saladin].” Sky disagrees since “principals have always been appointed on their merits and certainly not by family succession.” (Even for a prince, that was a mouthful. :?) But Riven’s not convinced and just drops the topic.

Sky may be right, but wouldn’t it be great to see Helia take Saladin’s place at the end of the series? Until then, feeling like he had to live up to Saladin’s legacy would probably put some pressure on him. I like seeing characters I love under pressure. That might sound cruel, but I wanna see how they’ll react to it, especially if it brings out a side of them we’ve never seen before.

Would Helia crack? Would he run away? Would he assert his right to be himself, not just “Saladin’s nephew” (or grandson — I still don’t know)?

This could also help develop his relationships with the other guys or with Flora. How would they help him get through it? Would he lean on them for support, or would he isolate himself?

What if…Helia became a wizard?

Yep, you get a GIF today. I haven’t done that in years.

Speaking of Saladin’s legacy, he’s famous for something else besides training Specialists. He’s the wizard of the Company of Light who fought against the Three Ancestral Witches. Remember when I said Bloom and Helia have more in common than art talent? This is it. They’re the only members of the main group who have relatives in the Company of Light, with Bloom’s being (of course) her birth parents.

I’m sure some fans have noticed this connection before, but Rainbow has never even mentioned it. Think of the possible implications. For example, did Saladin (or maybe Helia’s parents) ever tell Helia about his adventures? If so, did Helia know about the fall of Domino? How much did he know? Could he even have told Bloom what happened to her parents?

Back on topic. Helia’s magic seems to be growing lately. Those origami swans can’t be flying by themselves, can they? And as the GIF shows, he made one appear in his hand in “Back in the Middle Ages” (7X08).

Could he become a wizard? If so, I’d think being “the nephew/grandson of the great wizard Saladin” would be pretty stressful. Talk about big shoes to fill!

Here’s another question: does Helia even want to be a wizard? He may have magic powers, but that doesn’t mean he has to use them. Is that why he became a Specialist, a job that doesn’t require magic? Is his family okay with this decision, or could they pressure him to follow in Saladin’s footsteps?

Winx Club 525 - Helia

Final Thoughts

I know I asked a lot of questions in this post, but that’s the point. Questions unlock your imagination and help you see new possibilities. Helia’s been in this show for five seasons, but most of these questions have never been addressed.

What if Rainbow finally answered them? We could learn more about his past and see him become more than just Flora’s cute boyfriend. It could also make him more relatable, not just likable (yes, there’s a difference). I think we can all relate to someone struggling to find his place in the world.

That wraps up the debut of “What If Wednesday.” Next time, I’ll talk about how Rainbow could develop the Specialists and Paladins — not the individual characters, but the concepts themselves. Stay tuned!

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81 Responses to “What If Wednesday #1: 3 Ways Rainbow Could Develop Helia

  1. Sadly I don’t think Rainbow would do much with with the specialists. If only x_x

    Also have you noticed their seems to be plot holes in series? Rewatching it I’ve come to the conculition they forgot Bloom could heal and all of Season 6 episode 6 makes no sense and is just about Magical Adventure Levels of non-canon.

    • It’s not impossible. Have you noticed they’ve been developing Timmy a bit more in the last couple seasons?

      I think Bloom’s healing power wasn’t “forgotten” but abandoned, like how the Winx don’t have fairy dust in all their transformations anymore. You could just as easily ask why she didn’t heal Sky from his memory loss in season five. Instead, Krystal did.

      I don’t know about “Vortex of Flames” episode. Maybe it didn’t make sense. Is it possible to lose the flame? The show does suggest otherwise at some points.

      But if it’s not, do the Trix still have it from when they took it from her? If it’s infinite, it doesn’t matter who holds it. You can use one candle to light many, and then use those to light many more. So once someone has it, it should never be able to be taken from them.

      Maybe there have always been inconsistencies with how the Dragon Flame works.

        • Actually we know all about it. It is the power of the Great Dragon, It created the universe and life along with magic. It has a ditect opposite in the Shadow Phoenix, a elemental opposite in the Water Stars, it’s tied to Domino in a way.

          It can be changed into whatever power it’s current keeper wants/uses. A figment of it fell out into the void during creation, it can heal power even it’s own wielders (as well as possibly bring the dead back to life)

          Oh and it can create energy.

          • Don’t you think she was a little too powerful then? I don’t know about you, but it would annoy me if my main character was basically God. If they gave her handicaps for the sake of plot, fine. They should have scaled back her powers from the beginning. If she did everything on that list in every season, the show would have no suspense whatsoever — in any season.

        • They probably use a Superman-que excuse. You know whenn a character is too overpowered they either handcap wwith a easy weakness (which the Water Stars are not), the character supplement power for skill (leading to a charater being unkilled but Strong with Bloom might be compared to the girls, Or have a mental or physical handicap to keep things balaced.

          Out of these three it’s more likely the third as Bloom is basically a mortal girl holding what was basically a big bang with her very being a rarely does that end well for them if that energy is let out. In season 1 whenever see did that the feedback knocked her out of her fairy form likely because she can’t handle it so it seems that was to be the excuse for her not Dues Exing the plot away.

          • I was wondering about that, and after rewatching the episode, I realized Tink didn’t actually steal it, or any of the talents, in the terms of removing it for her own. She put them in those bubble flower things which sapped their powers and allowed her channel and to utilize them. So she just harnessed their powers, without actually stealing them.Rather smart, when you think of it.

      • Or maybe the writers are forgetful and are contradicting themselves for the plot (which given season six had different writers then most of the series makes so much sense)

    • Well the writers needed a way to have bloom earn the bloomix power and gave us more information about the dragonflame can be recharged with fire

      • Recharging a power the generates its own energy… independently of any outside source…

        Yep that totally makes sense *sarcasm*

        • Well bloom was dying since as Daphne said and i quote
          “it’s the dragonflame she doesn’t have enough left to sustain herself”

        • She lost a fair amount of it back in season 1 and this never happened. She lost a lot more when Valtor keep blasting her with the Water Stars which didn’t kill her even though each strike was putting her out more and more each time. Even though it wasn’t that long ago she used it herself and burned though much of her energy. She just walks away perfectly fine.

        • She would be dead except for plot armor and that if bloom did die then the magic dimension would be toast since the dragonflame comes from the force that created the winxverse in the first place

    • We don’t actually know completely what is capable of and not capable of
      Here’s a list of pros and cons
      1. Can be shared out
      2. Can revive and heal people
      3. Can help find other dragonflame users
      Now the cons
      1. Makes bloom a target
      2. Power is unstable
      3. Is what keeps bloom alive
      4. Cannot reignite the fire of pyros
      5. Vulnerable to the water stars
      6. Has been stolen 2 or 3 times

      • We know enough of it’s back Story, as well as the fact it’s the only power which we know of a direct opposite and a elemental one. No other power has introduced us to any of this which is somewhat jarring.

        We’ve seen what bits of it can do from raising the Army of Darkness to whipping out Magic across the universe (a bit more jarring if you remember that the later is a mere spark was altering reality itself when just 19 episodes ago Bloom was dying)

        Out of all the powers introduced it is the most fleshed out which means setting it’s limits or introducing anything else to it becomes slightly jarring when looking back and or forward.

    • Some would point out the series country of origin is a domitenly calthic nation and that might not happen.

      However its more due to Italy national broadcasting laws sense Winx Club appears on RAI which is state owned.

    • Though maybe with Musa alone it might happen. I mean a canon Bisexual main character (I might be wrong as I din’t know much of sexuality -_-) might be in the works on that end.

      Until then I’ll continue shipping Flora and Bloom on my fanfiction.

  2. #1: I hadn’t really thought about this, but later seasons do seem to focus more on the origami cranes and his poetry even though Flora noticing the grains on the paper or whatever was how these two started to bond. I can see Helia making either decision (staying at Red Fountain or becoming an artist), but I think that Flora would want him to follow his passion, and support him becoming an artist. This would of course lead to Helia and Flora not getting to see each other as often, which could be a small thing or a BIG DEAL depending on how the writers handle it.

    #2: I think that Helia would be an AMAZING headmaster. Not only would he be a good role model and defender of Red Fountain, but he would probably be able to help the students settle their fights or whatever in a peaceful manner. But this would probably also come with the side effect of Helia not getting to see Flora often, as headmaster-ing is a full-time job.

    #3: I like the idea of Helia not wanting to use his magic, but I can’t think of a good reason WHY. Maybe Helia’s parents don’t like Saladin because Reasons, and they don’t want their son using magic like him? (But that doesn’t explain why they would voluntarily send Helia to a school that has Saladin as headmaster.) Or maybe Helia just doesn’t have a lot of magic and his parents didn’t see it and thought he was powerless, so they sent him to Red Fountain. But now, the little magic he has is beginning to “awaken” or whatever, but he likes Red Fountain, so he just doesn’t use his magic much in order to get to stay close to his friends and girlfriend. Either way, it sounds interesting.

    I like this little “series” thing so far. It really had me thinking pretty deep. May the awesomeness continue!

    • I think they choose not to let him due magic originally for Nabu. But seeing how Rainbow decided to kill Nabu off that opens the question as to why Helia doesn’t use magic.

      Perhaps giving them elemental weapons with magical energy is a way for them to side step that issue.

      • I think they choose not to let him due magic originally for Nabu. But seeing how Rainbow decided to kill Nabu off that opens the question as to why Helia doesn’t use magic.

        “Decided to?” I can believe the idea that they held Helia back to make Nabu look better. But why does everyone seem to believe Rainbow decided later on to kill him off? No one has ever confirmed this. And even back in season three, there were suspicious signs that suggest he was gonna die all along.

        Has anyone ever tried building a case that Nabu was a dead man walking? Why has everyone dismissed that possibility without looking into it?

        • Maybe because season 4 was a post-credit season?

          While they now claim that they had four seasons plan it’s more likely they where planning originally for the series to go a different direction and at one point season 2 was to be the ending before they expanded it to season 3 and a movie.

          The slight gap between the Movie and season 4 raises eyebrows a bit.

          • What about the cliffhanger at the end of the first movie? And what about the comics? Nabu was barely in them.

            And even a gap in time doesn’t guarantee anything. They could have laid the foundation for his death in case the show was popular enough for another season. That happens all the time.

        • The show was supposed to stop after the movie. It was only due to its popularity that it continued. So yes, I’d think they originally wanted to let Nabu live.

          • How do you explain the comics continuing long after season three ended? Or the cliffhanger at the end of the first movie? I’ve heard they began working on Magical Adventure immediately after they finished Lost Kingdom. Also, why didn’t Nabu appear much in the comics or in the first movie? Even if, say, the comics had continued instead of the show, who’s to say Rainbow wouldn’t have killed him off there?

          • Yes, maybe. But Rainbow has never shown that kind of farsight in any other case. If they did, we should have seen some Enchantix fairies in season 1.
            While your case is very strong, I agree, but we still can’t know for certain until we ask someone from Rainbow. Until then, we can only express our opinions.
            I think if they had always intended for him to die right from the moment he was introduced, he would have been much more prominent than he was in Season 3 and in the movie. The fact that he suddenly starts to shine in Season 4 is actually what convinces me that they decided his death then.

          • I think if they had always intended for him to die right from the moment he was introduced, he would have been much more prominent than he was in Season 3 and in the movie. The fact that he suddenly starts to shine in Season 4 is actually what convinces me that they decided his death then.

            How about this alternative? If he had been more prominent in season three and the movie, we would have believed even more that he was a permanent character. Instead, he was rushed in at the end of season three. The fact that he wasn’t in season three, the movie, or the comics much created some distance between him and Aisha, suggesting we weren’t supposed to get used to seeing them together. Then in season four, they built him up from the beginning to make his death more tragic.

          • I suppose it can’t work both ways. Either they wanted his death to be tragic or they wanted to soften the blow.
            If they wanted it to be tragic, I would like to think Rainbow would try to make people like him as much as possible (if they had planned it when they introduced him). Making him absent for long periods of time would merely serve for people to forget about him or to not just care about him.
            If they wanted us to get used him not being around and soften the blow, then he wouldn’t have shined that much even in season 4.

          • There’s a couple of points we’re ignoring here.

            1) He and Aisha were in an arranged marriage, which immediately set an expectation that they were gonna get married. Why did Rainbow plant that thought in our minds? Could that have been to make his death more tragic? Would we have been as upset for Aisha if she and Nabu had been just an average new couple, and we didn’t know if their relationship would have worked out anyway?

            2) Nabu isn’t the most important character here. Aisha is. Yes, Rainbow would have wanted to make us like him, but not for his sake: for Aisha’s. As long as we believed her wildest dreams were about to come true, it didn’t matter how or when they built him up as a character. The focus was on her, not him.

          • At the end of Season 3, they decide they love each other but they put off marriage for now. So until then, they really were an average couple.
            Again, everything happens in Season 4. He only proposes to her in that season.

            P.S.: I hope I am not bothering you too much. 😀

          • I’m awake right now because of a family situation, so it’s fine. I can’t sleep anyway.

            The expectation was still there: they would eventually get married. In comic #35, “The Trial,” which summed up season three, Bloom put it this way: Aisha and Nabu would just “wait a little bit before getting married.” Season four was “a little bit.”

            They weren’t a normal couple; they were put together by their parents, but it turned out to be a good match. Unlike the other couples, the expectation of marriage was there from the beginning. We’re only assuming the other couples will get married. A smart assumption, but then again — Musa and Riven aren’t together anymore, either.

            I also have a theory that Aisha and Nabu’s relationship was based on another story, but I’ll keep that to myself for now.

      • I’m sorry if I sound ticked off, but this is something that irritates about discussions involving Nabu. Everyone assumes he was supposed to be a permanent character. Everyone assumes Rainbow decided later on to kill him off. Was there really no reason to believe and no evidence whatsoever that he was meant to die?

        I don’t believe that. In fact, some of the arguments fans make against other characters could even support the idea that he was meant to die. Roxy is too out of place to be a Winx (in some fans’ opinion), yet Nabu stuck out like a sore thumb and he was meant to stay? It doesn’t make sense to me.

        • Perhaps it’s because of a narrative perceptive? Or maybe because he served as a way to give the Six girls Six boys these making a even number cast.

          With Roxy… it’s a bit more jarring. While Aisha did join in season 2 she fit in quickly with the fact their wasn’t much to different our cause problems down the line she was about on par with them and messed well with the rest of the girls. Roxy who was just fresh and new… well getting a believe transformation right off the back didn’t help with the implication she’s way below the Winx.

          Now Daphne… she had the direct opposite effect she was more skilled them the Winx and more powerful then all but one and the idea of Bloom’s sister within the Winx would quickly destroy the dinatite making her and Bloom dominate it all. Never mind her five elemental powers.

          I think Nabu didn’t quite stand out with the Specialists all that much which is part of the problem. Because he didn’t stand out he was quickly excepted by the fans. Plus given the gap between seasons 3 and 4 it he had time to settle in.

          You cann see some if this replaced in Musa and Rivans break up… everyone is so used to them being together that the fact they are broken up or should break up comes with a knee-jerk reaction.

          • How did Nabu not stand out? He was the only wizard (magic user) in a group of Specialists (non-magic users). Where did he even come from? Yes, from Andros (I’ll get to that in a moment), but where in Andros? What school? What kingdom, since, for some never-explained reason, he was a prince?

            Also, he was the only guy whose story was identical to one of the Winx’s. People gave him a pass because it was Aisha, his girlfriend, but from a storytelling perspective, it didn’t allow much room develop his character uniquely.

          • I’m not mad. More like frustrated. Not with you — just in general. Conversations about Nabu usually go nowhere. “He was the best. He shouldn’t have died. End of discussion.” And because it’s a popular opinion, you get shot down if you challenge it. But just because an opinion is popular doesn’t mean it’s true.

          • I don’t think any opinion can be deemed true or false. I believe whatever works for you is perfectly fine as long as you don’t assert it over others.
            If you think Nabu shouldn’t have died, that’s really fine just don’t force others to get to agree with you. If you think he was always meant to die, that’s perfectly fine too.
            Me, I rejoiced when it seemed Roy was going to be Layla’s boyfriend not because I like him but because I liked the fact that she finally got a specialist. I hated it that when she got a wizard for a boyfriend and as such I never once wished for Nabu to come back. And I was a little annoyed again when she got a paladin.
            Is it a silly reason to like boyfriends? Yes, it’s beyond ridiculous. But that’s me, and that’s what makes me satisfied. I like a lot of other silly things in the show. I don’t have to be absolutely analytical to decide what I like.
            So whether anyone likes Nabu or Roy or Nex, there’s no one ‘true’ opinion about who is a better boyfriend. Whatever floats your boat is fine.

          • I’m not satisfied with that answer. I didn’t ask you, “Do you agree with my opinion?” I also didn’t say, “You’re supposed to agree with my opinion, so give up.” Nor did I say your opinion or your feelings about Aisha’s love interests were silly.

            All I did was ask a few questions. Challenging a person’s opinion is not forcing them to agree with yours. It’s asking them to defend theirs. An argument based on nothing but feelings isn’t a strong one. If you cared enough to challenge what I said, I don’t think I’m wrong to assume you care enough to defend what you believe.

            Also, even though we’d like to think there’s no “true” opinion, most of the fanbase acts like there is: “Aisha and Nabu were the better couple. Period. End of discussion.” Most often, people who disagree with popular opinions are the ones who get the “respect everyone’s opinions” card played on them. It’s the equivalent of “shut up.”

        • I think the reason he didn’t stand out was because… while he did have magic he was about as useful as the specialists.

          Now to be honest the Specialists are… well mostly useless. (Welll I see them as that anyway Season 6 did try to fix that mind you I’ll give them that) Outside a few awesome times it’s clear that they either get defeated by the Trix or the season villain fairy easily. Given we watch Valtor easily manhandle him and barely keeping with the girls as they flew around he gave off a similar vibe of Specialists usefulness.

          -_- Yeah that doesn’t seem right as I typed it. I might be wrong it could be people thought he was awesome as a wizard on a non-magical team but that’s kinda how I see it.

          • Did the Specialists need a magic user? After all, they had six already: the Winx! That’s always been the dynamic of their relationship. The Specialists are the physical fighters, and the Winx are the magic users.

            Nabu didn’t fit into either group, though. They called him a Specialist, but he was a magic user and he never attended Redfountain. But he wasn’t a fairy, either, so he couldn’t have been a Winx! That’s partially what I mean by him standing out.

        • Eh, I don’t really care that he’s gone. I mean sure it was bad but something about his relationship with Aisha felt to perfect… even more so the Fllora and Helia who’s relationship was just made to be it.

          My only grip was I thought Roy would be who she picked but eh, no one cann when everything. Though It would be easier to get others to like Nex if they only gave him and the boys more screen time to develop.

          • I liked Nabu, but I hate that the fanbase has gone so crazy after his death. It’s impossible to talk about him rationally. We can preach about “respecting each other’s opinions” all we want, but the reality is with this topic (and others), the fanbase has decided there’s only one conclusion. All evidence that contradicts it is ignored, and differing opinions are quickly shot down. I’ve seen it so many times.

            But this is all off-topic anyway, so I’ll stop.

    • I’m not saying Nabu wasn’t interesting. I’m saying people assume he wasn’t meant to die without researching that claim. Basically, they assume it because they didn’t want him to die. But if we had wanted him to die, his death would have had no impact on us. So ironically, if Rainbow meant for him to die, the fanbase’s zealousness and insistence that he shouldn’t have died means the writers’ plan worked. They made us care about him by making him so interesting.

  3. I like how you pulled all of these questions out for us to look at and ponder. This is how stories are created.

  4. I really would like them to show Bloom & Helia picking up the pencil more and exploring their connection…also if things ever did go sour between Bloom & Sky and Flora & Helia (like that would ever happen given the fact that the pink & blue girls don’t usually get their love life disrupted unless it’s for a good reason) I could logically see the two girls switching men…and it might be for the best too if Bloom returned that ring. I see signs that it’s not gonna work between Bloom & Sky or Flora & Helia, but if it doesn’t at least a relationship between Bloom & Helia and Sky & Flora wouldn’t feel as forced as some people accuse Nex & Aisha if being (even though it wasn’t forced.)

    • To be fair Sky and Bloom’s relationship started out terribly and still has trust issues. Now it’s not bad to think they might break up this is a thing in both season 2 and 3. But the Book of Domino’s history showed Bloom a page about her and Sky marring in the future so it’s forgone that they would get married.

      However I feel that both Bloom and Helia as artists have been abandoned and that makes me both sad and angry. Sad as this was part of their characters, and angry cause they a removing these this bit. well more for Bloom (but everyone really) as Rainbow seemed to remove bits of who they where during and after season 4.

      • They showed Bloom starting a drawing in season five, and part of their hunt of Eldora included a drawing Bloom had made as a kid. That second one might not as much of a big deal, but you can say she liked drawing even back then.

        • I’ve… actually thought about Flora and Sky being romantically involved. Sorry if this is getting WAY off-topic here but, from what I imagined was that if Sky and Bloom ever broke off their engagement permanently, Sky would look towards Flora as a possible replacement/new love interest, considering how Flora and Bloom have had color-swapped hair for 4 seasons before Bloom got a change in bangs. However, whether Flora and Helia have broken up or not, I always felt like Flora would take her time in finding a new love interest and would reject whatever advances Sky would make towards her.
          Considering how, so far, the two girls we know were romantically involved with Sky (Bloom and Diaspro) practically threw themselves at him, I always felt like Sky wouldn’t know how to handle the rejection. HE’S always been the one that girls have wanted to marry and HE’S always been the one to DO the rejecting. The most powerful fairy in the universe threw herself at him and was desperate for him. Adding onto being a prince (and the only prince we know of), Sky would not take that rejection well. I probably started painting Sky as the unintentional villain the more I explored my thoughts ’cause he’d progressively get more aggressive in his romantic pursuits to the point of breaking down because he just doesn’t GET it.
          Again, sorry if that got WAY off-topic.

        • Honestly that’s why I don’t like (bot don’t really Dislike either) Bloom and Sky’s relationship. It feels more like Sky cheating on his faince (Diaspro) with a girl who he is lying to (Bloom) and not telling either of them. Really I’m surprised that Diaspro and Bloom haven’t made up about this and called him out on it. Of course he gets off Scot free and Diaspro now wants to kill Bloom.

          Weirdly enough I always picture Bloom and Flora together… which I realize might not be hard to do Bloom a artist and Flora only fell for Helia because he was a artists. (That might not be right)

  5. Actually now that I think about it. Him being a artist feels more like his future then anything else. I mean if Stella can have a buticq (I fail at spelling 🙁 ) let Helia open a art gallery!

  6. #1: I actually forgot about Helia’s talents as an artist. I’d love to see him interact with Bloom as like an older brother figure ’cause it’s always so fun to share your artistic talents with a fellow aspiring artist, even when the two of you aren’t taking it as seriously. It’d be cute and it’d also be an opportunity to get Winx-Specialist interactions that aren’t just each Winx girl and their respective Specialist boyfriend. Like, what kept the Specialists from trying to help Musa cheer up after feeling lonely after breaking up with Riven? No assurance of him being a major a-hole? No reassuring words that she’d find someone new? Someone better?

    #2: I also haven’t considered Helia succeeding Saladin either! It’d be an interesting concept though I feel like he’d avoid it at first. Kinda like how, in “The Shaab Stone,” part of the plan to fool Belizarius was to get Helia expelled to show that Saladin wouldn’t hold familial ties over what needs to be done. Helia always seems like someone who wants to get things done on his own terms through his own skills, so I feel like him possibly becoming Red Fountain’s next headmaster would make him feel like he’s only getting the position just because Saladin’s his granddad/uncle, even when that isn’t true.

    #3: THERE IT IS. Like Point 2, I feel like Helia may have been reluctant to use his magic because it’d be expected of him. He’s the Great Saladin’s grandson/nephew and, since Saladin’s such a powerful wizard, then it’d only be natural for Helia to be one as well. Also, if we ever get more insight into Helia’s family, his father could’ve also ended up as either a skillful wizard who followed in Saladin’s footsteps or something else as he was actively avoiding being too much like his father/brother. Helia’s obviously becoming more comfortable in using his magic but what KIND of magic would he wield? Would he be more of a defensive healer to showcase his pacifistic side (if that’s still there)? Would he be well-rounded? Surprisingly more offensive? It’s hard to say!

  7. The first thing I think of with Helia– back when he was introduced, he was a “pacifist” which (as far as I can remember) mostly meant he grabbed enemies with his whip instead of zapping them, and said some pacifisty things that annoyed the other Specialists. My memory is that his pacifism wasn’t very well written, but it’s been a long time since I watched season 2! Anyway, it seems like Helia has thawed on his pacifist philosophy and accepted that sometimes you have to fight, but it gives his character an interesting side. If he did become head of Red Fountain– which would be awesome– how would the school change due to being run by a guy who isn’t a big fan of combat?

  8. didn’t stella say something about bloom or flora taking over as headmistress when faragonda retired, what i want to know is how did krystal know helia? what did he do when he left red fountain the first time? what made him decide to be a specialist again and why was he accepted back to red fountain?

    • The comics give a idea that Helia is from Linphea so maybe he knows her because of that?

      Also of the two Flora or Bloom… I think Bloom might be a good fit only because well… who’s fairy dream was to become a fairy? 😛

      • Yeah, but since Bloom’s a princess, she’d have to face responsibility and rule an entire kingdom, which I imagine would be pretty hard to balance with being the headmistress of a universally-renowned school like Alfea. Also, if she does end up marrying Sky on holding onto that marriage, she’d have to rule Eraklyon with him (since Daphne’s next-in-line to rule Domino).
        Flora COULD be a nice fit: she’s already motherly, has control over one of the school’s formerly secret/abandoned rooms (Alfea’s Indoor Garden thing) and, since her dislike of direct conflict would be a nice fit, considering how Alfea has to raise the next generation of Guardian Fairies. Heck, like Faragonda, Flora’s experience as one of the strongest Guardian Fairies in the entire dimension could help her teach younger people!

        • I think that Bloom would be the one to stay at alfea forever…one could argue that despite the fact she’d be Queen on Eraklyon…there’s also the case that one could make about the weakening barriers being connected to age of Faragonda and Griselda (as Saladin didn’t go to shadowhaunt due to his health) and Bloom could point out that she’s one of the 7 best defenses at Alfea…so she would be more needed there then tied up on a throne (as she is bothered by royal life in general, only using her princess status to irritate her enemies but that’s pretty much all she likes about royal life is the glam, she hates the business end.) on a similar note all the winx would keep their teaching positions (just move Flora to cooking and let Roxy keep all things nature related in check both the park and the garden if Bloom becomes headmistress)….Bloom also seems to be the only reason anyone has fun in the magic universe…i mean think about it…it’s not every day that an Earth girl with a Superman story shows up…and well when Superman is gone…it’s not cool…just sorta boring and hopeless. No one knows what to fight for without Bloom, they can fight without her…but their reason is gone without her.

          • Except Roxy has a kingdom of her own (as well as not being a Winx) as does Stella and Aisha. Musa dream is to be a singer, Tecna and Flora we have no idea about them but they are guardian fairies.

            Actually being a ruler would mean only Flora And Tecna could be headmistress

          • Wait now that I think about it. Tecna and Flora are the only two we have no idea what their future is or their goals are.

            I wonder if That was suppose to happen so we could wonder or did they forget to tell us?

  9. This is slightly off topic but i’m diggin’ the butterflix banner…Hopefully Tecna uses this hairdo in future seasons…it’s a nice upgrade from seeing her believix bob so much the face framed curl lands look so cool.

    • Thanks! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to put it up. This was supposed to be a season seven theme. 😅

      Anyway, I love Tecna’s Butterflix hairstyle, too. For a little while, she was stuck in a same ‘do runt (like Flora still is), but Rainbow’s getting more creative with her hairstyles. I like that. 🙂

      • You’re welcome. I think my favorite Tecna do from s7 is her return to paradise bay one…almost like a filled out version of her enchantix hairstyle combined with the butterflix bangs. The Magic Travel ponytail is a close second though.

        • quote from the winx wiki
          ‘bloom’s generous act puts her life at risk as she did not leave herself with enough dragonfire to live
          with the fire of the vortex of flames bloom’s supply of magic energy is replenished
          basically this makes Bloom’s power a double edged sword because she has a sheer massive power but comes with a fatal flaw because before season 6 the only weakness we knew was the water stars but post season 6 we know the dragonfire has flaw that was potentially lethal

          • Like Will said, never trust a wiki — or at least, take everything in it with a grain of salt. It’s fan-edited, so there’s lot of misinformation, bias, and theories. It’s a great resource, but it’s not guaranteed to be accurate.

          • That was removed from the wikia days ago. The members realized it was pure fan specultion and not a actual thing.

      • to provide some context for idea i mentioned
        for example
        if bloom somehow got amnesia and forgot sky and her childhood friend selina found her and bloom fell for her

  10. I one concerned about the fact that specialists are at red fountain so long? Or they are not in the status of students? In any case, Helia’s career as a Director will start with the teacher. Wikipedia says that he is an specialists in the field of martial arts, you may first he will teach it them, and after the departure of Saladin will be the Director. By the way, does not say, what do the experts over 8, and it looks like season 9? And about magic. On the cover of a comic book No. (can’t remember which number!) Helia was playing the guitar with magic. The comic was released long before season 5. Comics sometimes do differ from the series! There are also referred to the alleged origin with Linfea. Then why is he so similar to resident Melodies (which by the way you wrote)? If you look at the guys with Tunes (also from the comics and don’t remember his number), you can find some similarities in hairstyle and clothing. In General, no man, and mystery. And Rainbow just have to show part of his past.

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