Sorry for skipping “What If Wednesday” last week. I bit off more than I could chew by trying to finish the “Yin and Yang” post, chapter two of my fanfic, and this post around the same time. Hopefully, I can get back on track now.

Today’s “What If” question: “What if Specialists and Paladins could have advanced forms like fairies do?”

What do I mean by “advanced forms?” I don’t mean transformations, per se, but that depends on the class. Specialists and Paladins are different from each other — at least they’re supposed to be. Rainbow hasn’t clearly shown the difference between them, so their development could be a way to distinguish them from each other.


Almost eight years ago (yes, it’s been that long), I wrote a post asking what in Magix Specialists are. Griffin calls them “wizards” in “A Friendship Sundered” (1X08), and the season two website called Codatorta a “magician.” Those terms don’t make sense because Specialists don’t have magic powers. (Helia does, but they probably run in the family.)

Specialists just seem to be all-purpose heroes. They fight monsters, save princesses, carry out secret missions, etc. We can guess Redfountain isn’t the only place that trains them, since in season five, Roy wore a different uniform designed for underwater missions.

Is that all there is to them? Maybe not. The word specialist means “a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.” In some Winx dubs, the Specialists are called Experts. Same idea.

The first time I remember hearing “Specialist” in this sense is in season six. In “A Monster Crush” (6X21), Tecna’s mother Magnethia asks Timmy what field he specializes in. Aisha says he’s “a pro at mechanic design, navigation, and all-around problem solving.” I’d add strategy to that list, too. He’s used all of those skills in missions over the years.

What about the other Specialists? Do they have specific skills other than fighting? I can’t think of any. Riven was good at picking locks, but he probably learned that growing up. (The season two website said he was “skilled as a thief.”) Maybe Timmy’s the special one. 😛

Thirteen years and seven seasons later, it’s still not clear what Specialists are. That doesn’t mean they’re worthless, though. The Magic Universe needs non-magic beings, too. Magic fails sometimes and isn’t appropriate for every situation. Plus, the Specialists have always known more about magic creatures and how to handle them.

What would an advanced Specialist form look like? Maybe we’ve seen it already. Since Sky’s squad got new outfits and weapons in season six, maybe they graduated. If so, what will their futures be like? How will they use what they’ve learned?


Nex and Thoren may be new to the Boys Club, but Paladins aren’t new to the series. Rainbow first used the term “Paladin” in the original Winx season two. In “The Mysterious Stone” (2X07), when Avalon takes off his hood and reveals himself, Bloom, Stella, and Aisha yell, “It’s the Paladin who rescued us from the Trix!”

When they met Avalon in “Magic Bonding” (2X05), he was wearing armor and a pair of angel wings. Some fans think that Avalon was the impostor sent by Darkar. Here’s a question, though: how did those three know he was a Paladin? He didn’t tell them. They said it like it was common knowledge — or it was the first term that popped into their heads.

4Kids tried to expand on the concept of Paladins. In “Professor Avalon’s Secret” (2X09) — a.k.a. “The Angel of Doom” — Avalon says, “There are 10,000 Paladins with the same wings I have.” Yes, I know the 4Kids dub doesn’t count, but why couldn’t Rainbow keep this idea?

The word paladin means a “knightly or heroic champion.” That sounds like the Specialists, but here’s an interesting detail: it has a religious background. Medieval legends talk about an order of Paladins called The Twelve Peers who served Charlemagne, a devout Christian emperor of Rome. (I’m not condoning his actions; I’m just stating historical facts.)

Fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons and World of Warcraft have adapted this by making Paladins “holy warriors.” They embody chivalry, purity, and light, and they have magic abilities like healing. That sounds like Avalon, doesn’t it? His wings radiated a powerful light, and he was able to restore the Winx’s energy.

No one would describe Nex and Thoren as “chivalrous” and “pure,” though. (Maybe Thoren, but not Nex.) That’s fine, though, because it means they have room for character development. I’d love to see them become holy warriors.

Rainbow could easily make Avalon’s winged form an advanced Paladin form. How would they earn it? A year at Light Rock Monastery? A character arc where they have to confront their inner darkness? Imagine the possibilities!

That’s it for today’s “What If Wednesday.” I’m not sure what I’ll talk about next time, but I have a list of topics already. Stay tuned.

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28 Responses to “What If Wednesday #2: Advanced Forms of The Specialists and Paladins

  1. Maybe Avalon’s wings are not something normal? I mean it might be because he’s part something or likely a alternation or even a bit from Darkar.

    Also I agree they might bneed a upgrade. I know they got new weapons and armor but maybe they should pull out more weapons and gadgets or better yes have tthem use some magic. I mean Helia can use magic why can;’t the others use more of it.

      • Maybe. Though they are going to need something cause the last few seasons have the Winx in different dimensions whhere they can’t follow

        • that’s true
          season 5 the infinite ocean
          season 6 the legendarium world
          season 7 the mini worlds
          all places the specialists can’t go to

          • Weren’t Helia and Sky forced into the Legendarium and Infinite Ocean respectively though? I know that the movies are usually either ignored or barely canon but that still leaves Helia, who Icy had forced into the Legendarium when she was the Snow Queen.
            I guess they can’t go in themselves but they could probably be allowed in if a magical being with access lets them in, but that’s kind of a given.

          • @WispyWinds

            Only movie number 2 is non canon.

            Also one needs a Sirenix fairy to let them into the Infinite Ocean. The Trix are Sirenix Witches (well technically they are piggy backing on Daphne’s powers.)

          • @Dreamix

            Probably because they can’t breath underwater. Sirenix allows the Winx to breath underwater after all.

            Or perhaps its because of the Sirenix curse and Politea actions that removed it?

            Or… rather the writers are wanting to toss them aside?

          • One needs either the Mythix wand or Seliena/Asherons help to get in their. It seems the Trix would able to do so by tapping into the realms powers but bringing people in might raise them. After all we don’t know if they even can bring people in. Furthermore Bloom herself was captured in the book having, but broke out due to holding the the Dragon Flame.

            The Tynix power only works for fairy animals or the Tynix bracelets.

  2. I agree with the distinction between specialist and paladin as “paladins actually use magic and earn flying rights eventually as the angel equivalent” idea. It would make the most sense. Also too bad that Mythix was never used in 2d and we only ever saw Bloom, Stella, Flora and Aisha actually twirling their wands in 2d about the closest thing i think we’d ever get to a 2d Mythix sequence is Aisha’s legend as when she did the solo wand twirl her mythix background appeared behind her in 2d. Too bad they couldn’t show us at least ten seconds of Bloomix getting remade into Mythix for her at least (as a nice little nod to season 3 & her enchantix sequence when the charmix got reformed.

  3. I think Avalon was a special case. I mean, there are a lot of planets in the Magic Dimension, and therefore, a lot of different species interacting with each other [this was more evident in the earlier seasons, where there were people of unusual colors (blue, green, etc).] Therefore, maybe Avalon has wings because he belongs to a sepcies of winged humanoids, not because he was a Paladin, just like Helia has magic because he belongs to a magical family, not for being a Specialist.

    That being said, I’d really like to see the Paladins “evolving” to winged magical creatures. That would really make a difference between them and the Specialists.

    • Yes they seem to focus more on fairies and witches now ever sense the new wrighters got in. Though I would like them to bring back a bit of the multi-species thing.

    • That’s possible, but we’ve seen evidence of supposed species being able to change into each other — for example, fairies becoming witches (and vice versa). I think it could be possible for Paladins to “evolve,” as you said. Maybe Avalon did.

  4. wasn’t the avalon with the wings a cloud demon darkar had corrupted? you never actually see the real one until near the end

    • That was in the 4Kids dub. I don’t think they called that creature anything in the original. Also, Avalon said the creature likely copied him, which means it’s possible the real Avalon has wings, too. We don’t know for sure, but I find it hard to believe an evil creature like that would have that power on his own.

  5. A slight out of topic here. But,I was just thinking about this for a moment. What if for World of Winx, there’s one season where the nemeses are the main villains of the season. It could have maybe Obscura and Vertigo,Banshee and Sinka, Stoney and Virus teaming up to destroy their light counterparts. And who knows maybe with these storylines,we will see each girl overcoming their weaknesses in maybe a different way.

  6. I’m back!!! For a while there my internet went out, but I have returned to respond to all of your oblivious prattlings.

    Personally, I always assumed that the “calling Avalon a Paladin” thing was retconned in later seasons with the introduction of Thoren and Nex, considering that neither of them have wings, or any evidence of magical powers. (Although it is possible that Avalon has some weird half-species thing going on.) In my mind, Paladins and Specialists are essentially the same thing; they just went to magic schools that weren’t affiliated with each other, so they wore different suits and were called different things.

    In one of the early season two episodes, Sky says to someone (I don’t know which episode or who he said it to), “Are you one of the Paladins from Lightrock Monastery?” and he bows as he says it. I imagine this is further evidence of retcon; someone who studied at Lightrock would probably be less grumpy (Thoren) and mischievous (Nex), and nobody was bowing to them. But who knows; maybe if Nex and Thoren have some big character-changing plot arc, they’ll start sprouting wings. But as far as I’m concerned, Specilists and Paladins are basically the same thing. It would be awesome if they could get weapon and outfit upgrades again, though. Who doesn’t want a hammer that causes earthquakes?

    • It’s possible it was retconned out. But do you remember the special-edition DVDs from last year? They each came with an information book. In the book for vol. 2., “Magico Amore,” Rainbow called Nex a “magic warrior” (magico guerriero). That could just be because he wields a magic weapon (The Halberd of the Wind), as do the Specialists now. But who knows? 😶

      I just hope Rainbow makes some distinction between Specialists and Paladins in the future. I don’t expect Nex and Thoren to grow wings one day, but it would be awesome if they did. 😊 Also, I imagine them becoming less grumpy and mischievous as they grow as Paladins. Since Paladins are holy warriors, they couldn’t be true Paladins until they become more noble. That’s my thinking.

      • Well Thoren seems to be less grumpy after marriage…so maybe he’ll grow wings soon, he is the male Daphne, it’d be weird if he didn’t get level ups beyond earthquake hammers at some point even if his understanding is simple compared to how wise Daphne is (continuing the opposites make the best matches idea about powers and love life, and maybe even about best friends too, no matter what says as Opposites attracting seems to be the recurring theme around the whole series not just season 2). Nex? He needs to cool off a bit.

        • For some reason, this comment got marked as spam. Maybe it’s because you wrote “” My spam blocker’s funny about URLs. 😕

          Anyway, Thoren’s character description says Daphne helps bring out his sensitive side. That’s probably why he’s not as grumpy anymore. Nex’s character description doesn’t say anything about character development, but since he’s a main character (Thoren’s more of a background character now), I see him as a work in progress. I don’t think Rainbow has decided where to take his character yet. They’ve just laid a framework.

          • Ah, i probably should have just said winx website. However I just thought of something else about the specialists. The Cinelume (Rai English) trailer for seasons 1 & 2 calls the boys (Sky, Helia, Timmy, Riven, Brandon, Jared and later Roy and in the comics Manuel) Knights. Also lately Specialists has been used as the name of the boys club in the same manner that Bloom uses Winx as the group name for the girls. Maybe Rainbow wanted Specialists to only be the name of the boys group so they had something to call themselves that wasn’t “Boy Winx” because Knight “doesn’t sound cool”. Thus why they can call Nex and Thoren specialists. They’re a part of the boys club or an ally of the boys group, but they like he who must not be named are in a different power class that might be Knightly to an extent but as paladins there’s a whole lot more involved which might include getting wings and using magic.

          • I don’t think so. The term “Specialist” is used several times for characters outside the Boys Club. It would have made more sense as a term just for them, though, but it still would have the question of what they are unclear.

  7. aren’t their weapons a sort of magic?, you know how the blades are hidden until they decide to unsheathe them, i always thought that in order to unsheath their weird energy weapons they had to project energy for their hands, this process would be to compplicated and require a lot of control to perform leaving very little room to use any other form of magic while having your energy being manifested as a weapon’s blade, that would actually explain why Brandon sometimes fights with a Claymore and sometimes with that double edged spear thingie that seems to come from the same Sheathe thing?,
    Paladins on the other hand can already use magic, Thoren can perform a Quake like atack that crushes the ground with his hammer and Nex can summon hurricane like winds with his weapon, Brandon also picks up that technique after seeing it once and Riven seemed to be training to control the Boomerang via Telekinesis in s6. Riven is also proeficient at Telepathy in S1, although that could have semmthing to do with Darcy’s spell. and while i particularly don’t remember what chapter SKy did manage to launch a Heat ray out of the tip of his sword once, they have to be magical beings to even cross the barrier in Magix and they mention it a lot on the seriers they’re not humans either despite the looks , they just choose to use magic in different ways. Saladin and Nabu for example are more traditional wizards.
    as far as non-magical beings are concerned Humans are basically the only sentient non-magical beings in the winx universe, the magical beings (fairies, wizards, specialists and even witches) basically treat humans as an endangered species because in the winx universe we probably are.

    • The weapons themselves are magical, but I don’t think the Specialists are. Still, you’re right: they must have some sort of magic within them to get around Magix. Maybe since they were born in the Magic Dimension, they’ve been exposed to so much magic that it doesn’t matter.

      Wizards have innate magic like fairies and witches do. I remember there’s a comic where a guy named Gregory from Earth discovers his powers (this is a season four comic), and the Winx ask if he can be trained as a wizard. So I think that’s the difference. If a guy has innate magic, they can become a wizard. Using a magical weapon isn’t the same thing.

      I’m honestly not sure about Paladins. Rainbow needs to explain more about them.

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