Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if Tecna becomes an ambassador for Zenith?”

No, don’t leave! Let me explain.

Remember how King Cryos didn’t wanna join the Sovereigns’ Alliance? He kept saying Zenith was better off protecting itself. After all, they have the most advanced technology in the Magic Dimension. Zenith sounds like an isolated realm — open to tourists but closed to foreign relations.

After the Winx saved him from his techno-drones in “Listen to Your Heart” (5X22), he changed his mind. Tecna then wished for everyone in Zenith to feel connected to the rest of the Magic Dimension. Does that mean the realm’s attitude changed? Maybe, but she can help keep it that way.

She’s been all over the universe, so she knows how to deal with different types of people. Plus, she’s a Winx, a well-known hero. Who wouldn’t listen to her?

Most of all, she doesn’t follow Zenith’s “logic over feelings” ideal anymore. That’s why “Listen to Your Heart” was a good title for that episode. It wasn’t just about Cryos. Thanks to the Winx (and Timmy), Tecna has learned to trust her heart more, too. She can help Zenith open up to other cultures and appreciate emotions.

I know this sounds far-fetched, but what’s the alternative? We don’t know what her dreams and goals are. All we know is she’s great at inventing things and loves to tinker with technology. Why not use her knowledge to help her realm?

Plus, three of her friends will be queens one day. I’m sure they’d welcome her into their realms. She could even help modernize them.

That’s it for today. Like I said last time, I have a list of “What If” topics already — yes, this was one of them — but if you have an idea, feel free to send it to me.

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197 Responses to “What If Wednesday #3: A Career For Tecna

  1. “No, don’t leave! Let me explain.”

    Actually I had already figured so could be this and your explanation mirrors what I had thought about. I mean she is friends with three princesses isn’t she already one?

  2. Say there would be a season with personal enemies and Tecna would also fight it alone in Zenith, wouldn’t it be a thing of she then also managed to change whole Zenith? To make emotions count more and to connect Zenith even more to the other realms. Then that would be the way she saved Zenith because the enemy used the emotion rule against Zenith. I think that would be awesome.

      • Not exactly the same, it is a bit like it. More like the enemy would make everyone in Zenith lose all their emotions and she had to bring it all back. Or maybe a more odd idea it would make them lose all their technology and then they had to learn how to deal with emotions. Only Techna could help them with that and everytime she did a bit of technology would come back. Or even both, enemy stealing the technology first and then the emotions once Zenith dealth with them and then Techna had to help them get it back. But I don’t know if that would be good for the plot. I think it would be better to choose one of both.

  3. whoever the season 8 villains are will be serious out matched in terms of magical firepower because the winx have 7 years of combat experience

  4. I always imagined that something like this would happen to the non-royal Winx when they got older. I like the idea of this, and I think that Tecna would be a very good ambassador, as would all the Winx. But I also think that Tecna may want to settle down with Timmy and become an inventor. I don’t know, but I hope the final season will show us what the Winx do when they decide to retire. I hate it when stories leave ambiguous endings.

  5. That could happen but there would always be something that saves everyone in the end. Well almost everyone..not Nabu in season 4. I was so surprised that such a death could happen in the Winx show. Cause it’s such a innocent, wise and feel good show. But I think that was because Nabu was one of those almost perfect characters just like Phyrra in another show called RWBY. If they don’t have to develope as much as the other then they are killed.

    • What makes his death kinda jarring is they also did it and held off healing from anyone who could help. Also by that episode and later they had gotten rid of Bloom’s healing soon afterwards. In theory her healing is powerful enough to being the dead back to life (kinda like one of the inspirations for Winx Club… I think) and yes that’s probably why they abandoned it after season 4.

      • Whether his death was jarring or not, I think it had a specific purpose. I think he was supposed to die all along. Like FireFairy said, he was almost perfect and didn’t develop much, but I think Rainbow designed him that way intentionally.

          • That’s what I used to think (I still do), but I recently came up with another theory. For now, I’ll keep it to myself, though. I’m not ready to talk about it yet. It still has to do with Aisha’s character, but it’s something other than character development.

          • @ Dragon well sorta, Timmy told us all along Tecna never truly died in that time, it was just the other 5 girls and three out of 5 boys as well as the viewers didn’t wanna listen at the time (and was a rare time where Riven actually did something right). I think Jordan meant what if it really did happen and no one would be able to revitalize them. Sure Bloom’s rage is bad when someone’s MIA, but what if Stella or Aisha was the one to die with no hope of coming back? I don’t think Bloom could handle it really happening. I think that would be much worse on her. Especially when Aisha’s usually the first to take severe blows for Bloom. Now Stella as the bff dying…i don’t think Bloom would be able to fight at all.

          • @ Will N
            i suspect bloom would let her anger cloud her judgement and she’d not stop until she had avenged her fallen teammate and dragon knows what i mean don’t you

      • Cool, a bit off topic but which is your favourite character? Mine is Weiss. ( I’ll stop at this point aboit RWBY, cause I don’t want to go too much off topic)

        • got to be ruby rose because of the activation of her silver eyed warrior powers kinda of like bloom in a way
          both didn’t know that they had a strong power laying dormant within them and bloom didn’t know she had the dragonfire and ruby didn’t know she had the powers of the silver eyed warriors

  6. Yes, my favourite character having a chance to shine. I would love to see that happen in Season 8

  7. Yes, I would love for Tecna to have a job that didn’t involve technology. After all, if the whole of Zenith is adept at technology, Tecna wouldn’t be following a unique career path then, would she? I feel they should add some more dimensions to Tecna’s character and tell us more about her interests other than technology.
    I think she would be a really good ambassador because out all Zenithians she would be the one people would pay the most heed to.

  8. A What If idea:
    What if the Winx temporarily got each other’s powers accidentally? Who would have a really hard time adapting to their new powers? Who would prove to be much more creative and competent at using their new powers than even the original owner?

      • Hmmm… maybe Palladium put up a simulation for them where they got each other’s powers so that they could learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses?
        Or maybe they were busy destroying a villain’s machine which was meant to exchange the villain’s powers with Tecna’s (I don’t want my villain to be after Bloom’s power too like all the rest. In fact, I find Tecna’s powers may more cooler. :p) but it went haywire and they ended up trading powers among each other.

        • The first one kinda seems… a bit impossible and the second one raises a question about how Bloom isn’t dead given her life force is so tied to the Dragon it literally can’t exist her body without her dying… it also asks how can something switch it as well its so close to Bloom it would be default almost return to her never mind it could lot at best take a spark or two (its kinda hard to remove more then that)

          • In my opinion, the first one is completely plausible. We have seen what the simulation is capable of, so it’s not completely unimaginable for it to do this.
            About the second one, maybe the machine is that advanced that it can safely extract her powers and replace them with new ones without her dying.
            Of course, these are all half-baked explanations since I am not really writing a fan fiction I am just wondering what would happen next.

          • @Myuza

            Yeah I don’t think even that would work. Unlike the girls the Dragon Flame is so closely tired to her very being that its literally not just the source of her magic her very life force is it. It’s infinite true but Boom has to will to to generate more of itself if she can’t in that brief moment… she will die regardless of how advance the machine is her powers are akin to that of a god in a mortal shell. The machine will likely explode cause even a whole Dimension couldn’t stop the Dragon, nor could the thing that is her equal.

            Now if the winx are post season 6 then this wont be to much of a problem.. but then again they are all Dragon Flame powered to begin with so Bloom couldeasily set the powers back.

          • @Dragon Where does the idea of Bloom’s powers being her life-force come from? The show has never claimed that. She did get drained when she shared her dragon flame with the rest but that could plausibly happen to anyone whose power is drained; it doesn’t in any way suggest that her power is her life-force. I am talking about exchanging powers not draining anyone’s powers
            Besides, Faragonda did take their powers in season one as a punishment and Bloom didn’t suffer any harmful effects back then.
            Also, I claim that machine is advanced enough, you claim it’s not. Who’s the judge here? It’s up to the writer what happens in their story.

          • Season 6 ep 6 titled vortex of flames
            daphne said and i quote ‘ it’s the dragonflame she doesn’t have enough left to sustain herself’

          • @Myuza

            Season 6 episode 6 Daphne even said she doesn’t have enough Dragon Flame to sustain herself.

            Two that was a bit of early installment weirdness and can be explained as their powers being sealed away.

            Three, I pointed out the shure power of the Dragon Flame. It is literally as close as you can get to holding omnipotent power and their isn’t any thing a machine can to to the raw essence of creation itself. Its like holding a ever exploding Big Bang in self someones being. H**l all Bloom does is use the heat created from the energy of the Flame and never use it for what it can actually do and in season 6 episode 25 we get to see what a mare spark of it can do, remove Magic from the universe, A mere spark altered the very make up of the universe and removed magic from all that was not it’s equal which meant pretty much everything that was not the Winx and the stolen sparks wielder. No machine could hold that kind of power without being destroyed… even the essence of the Dragon can destroy souls. Literally rendering someone deader then dead.

          • Firstly, as I said before being drained of powers to the point of death is something that can happen to anyone, not just Bloom as you seem to think. Stella almost get killed in Downland in Season 2 so she had to get out of there to get some light, King Radius almost got killed in Season 5 without light, Flora gets weak without nature and for heaven’s sake Nabu died because his magic was drained! So no, it isn’t as exclusive to Bloom as you claim.
            Secondly, again I said before I am not talking about draining powers I am talking about exchanging them. Everyone would lose their power source but they would get a new one to sustain themselves. So no one is getting drained.
            Thirdly, locked away or not, Bloom was fine without her powers so they are definitely not her life-force. If Faragonda had locked her life-force away, Bloom would have been in a coma until Faragonda returned them.
            And lastly, despite bearing that kind of power Bloom has been shown to be beatable multiple times. She got beat by mere pandemomium sprites in Season 6 just for Tecna and Musa to shine. So she can very well be weakened as the plot requires. It’s not as if nothing can ever defeat her. Darkar held her in those bonds in Season 2 so she couldn’t transform so such a device is not too far-fetched.

          • @Myuza
            i consider the possiblity that bloom’s dragonflame was siphoning power away from the sirenix to keep bloom alive long enough to get bloom’s power recharged and the situation where bloom’s power was dangerously low is one the winx had never faced before

          • @Myuza
            the bloom running low on dragonflame was a situation that the winx had never faced before so they didn’t know what they needed to do to fix the situation
            but if it happens again
            the winx know they need to get bloom’s power recharged immediately

          • I was just using that as an example that despite the uber-powerful dragon flame she possesses, she has been shown to be beatable multiple time in the series as per the plot requirement. That was not the only time she got beaten.

            She was helpless against that sea serpent in Season 5 too. It took Tecna to deafeat it. And there many other occasions as well.

            So we can stop treating her as if she was a goddess.

          • @ Dragon i always thought that since magic is so tied to physical existence in this show…powers can’t really be taken away per se (unless Bloom because if something goes wrong with her magic the universe is quite literally blown to bits.) but rather it’s more of a mental trick that only the wise ones in the show (Faragonda, Daphne, Griffin, Saladin..maybe Eldora?) know about, it might be partially possible too (and of course it might not be at all), because If the other five girls had truly lost their magic with Sirenix being fictionalized they would’ve been glass tapping at Alfea before Bloom split the flame, as no one can enter Alfea (or even Magix Forest for that matter) without some form of magic (which would be siphoning off Bloom’s magic energy trail or their respective pixies), i think Bloomix was partially to fix another existing plot hole too, Daphne brought back to life fixed the “why does a ghost need sleep” thing, Bloomix just made it more obvious that “All magic comes from the dragon flame” as was once stated before…too bad that Flora’s the only one who’s even branched out anywhere close to using all of it properly of the main six (using it as anything she wants, the telepathic link to whatever or whomever, healing powers not requiring fairydust and emotional boost powers all of which lessens her being perceived as a joke), the others have a favorite ability. Aisha= the telepathic link Stella= the healing powers Musa- the emotional boost (that would be the only way to use magic without a voice would be through emotions and emotions can be expressed in music whether soundly or silently), Tecna and Bloom tend to enjoy the limitless raw power, but of course Tecna tends to use it strategically, while Bloom uses it carelessly to a degree.

          • @ Jordan you missed bloomix=all magic from the flame. Not bloom using her power carelessly. Bloom uses it carelessly quite a few times by forgetting to protect herself when someone’s about to take spark.

          • @Myuza

            Bloom had tbe Dragon Flame in her sense she was a infant and their is a difference between her and the girls when it comes to losing magic.

            The Winx loses theirs in season 6 episode 3 abd they are perfectly fine. Three episodes later turns out Bloom dies without the Dragon Flame… This a clear indication that until the rest of them Bloom needs her power soyrce solely to live.

          • This contradicts Season 1 when the Trix take Bloom’s dragon flame. Back then, she was techinically sharing her dragon flame with the Trix but she suffered no harmful effects.

            Also, as I said before she didn’t suffer any harmful effects when Faragonda took her powers.

            So since the main canon contradicts itself so many times, it’s not completey preposterous to suggest a power exchange.

          • @Myuza

            Oh and yes the Winx (save Bloom) did lose their magical powers and where perfectly fine, but Bloom starts losing her’s and she collapses and is possibly dying.

          • @Myuza

            Most of this stuff gets changed later on it seems.

            Season 5 answer: His life force is tied to Solaria’s suns and thanks to removing the seal all of the suns in the universe a darking and dying.

            Flora’s powers may weaken but she is still alive.

            Nabu was fighting a dimension rift that was also attacking him it wasn’t so mmuch he drained from the drain of magic but the physical and mental drain of closing it.

            Finally Downland and Shadowhuant had been infected with Darkar’s presences and this never become a problem later on leading me to believe it was the Shadow Phoenix presences zapping away her magic and the rest is do to her connect to sunlight.

          • @Dragon
            Yes, he is King Radius and his power source is the Sun. And he weakens when there is no Sun! Which proves my point that Bloom is not the only one who weakens when her powers are drained.

            Yes, I noticed Flora is alive. And so is Bloom. Do you expect them to kill off a Winx?

            Physical exertion? Nabu never even moved from his place so there is no possibility of gettinf trained physically. All he did was stand there holding his staff and casting his magic. It’s quite clear it’s his magic that gets drained.

            They never visited Downland ever again so how do you know it was just Darkar’s presence that was draining her? For the others it’s true but for Stella it was the lack of light that was weakening her as well. In fact, she regains her power while STILL being in Downland. She just gets out of Amentia’s place and steps out of a cave into sunlight and immediately transforms.

          • I’m not 100% certain, but I believe Shadowhaunt was just 4Kids’ name for Darkar’s fortress and not the entirety of Downland.

          • @OP
            @The Power of Charmix

            No Shadowhuant is the name for Darkar’s fortress in RAI and 4kids. Downland is the name of the city/kingdom within the tunenels next to it.

          • @Jorden

            No Bloom knows she has to immediately re-spark the Dragon Flame within herself not recharge it. The whole “Vortex” thing is laughable and contidicks the fact Bloom does that shorta thing but never feels better nor does it make sense for the thing that is stated to be unlimitless to have limits that are not imposed mentally.

            Its like a certain superhero in his younger days (danm it look what you are making me do!) after breaking his mental blocks he realized he actually had no limit.

            Same relationship between Bloom and her powers she thinks she has limits when in reality the DF only limit his how much her body can handle.

          • Bloom’s Frail human body wouldn’t be able handle the full power of the great dragon like season 1 ep 13 the parting of the ways from doctor who when the 9th doctor’s companion Rose Tyler absorb the time vortex form the tardis and became a god but the power was too much for her frail human body to handle and she almost died

          • @Jordan actually that would have been Wally West as the Third Flash. Suffered mental blocks because he didn’t want to be faster than Uncle Barry the second Flash, Dragon Flame would be more akin to the speedforce in terms of dynamics. @Dragon it’s not contradictory to the show to find comic references. The tv tropes page even mentions Power Rangers as a possibility too…might be why Aisha has her name and wears yellow in her royal attire. Also the “color coded for convenience” trope…i think KP was even mentioned there…Bloom as a member of the possible family would explain a lot.

          • @Myurza

            Yet his powers where not drained… his life force was being drained as the sun died. With the pillar of light damaged the stars started to go out not because they where drained of magic but because they where dying! Stella didn’t suffer any negative effects because her life energies are not tied to a celestial body so I just disprove that point.

            Bloom never lost her powers at all. Even the Trix only succeeded in taking a chuck of it… she still had plenty to spare. The Winx lose theirs and they are perfecty fine while Bloom dies.

            The fact he was battling the dark magic itself doesn’t show the physical stain. Plus his injuries could all be internal for all we know. But I guess you thus didn’t see him struggling to close the portal and that kinda strain on the body is to much. It doesn’t matter if he was using his magic he had to fight the strain of both his own powers and that of the portal his body gave out because of this not because of no magic.

            Also keep in mind one doesn’t need magic to live! Earthlings are magic less beings and they get along very find. Only if the magic is tied directly to your very life force do you have a problem and then its more easier to destroy the object then to actually drain it.

          • How do you know his powers were not getting drained? Have you ever seen him using hia powers? It’s obvious he represents the sun and that’s his power source and that’s why he was slowly getting drained. Stella and Queen Luna were fine because they have other power sources than the Sun.

            The Trix took only a chunk?? Really, are you serious? They took their ‘chunk’ with the intention of completely draining Bloom. They took so much that they were able to create unlimited legions of shadow beings and they left Bloom with the impression that she was powerless for quite a long time. For all we know, they have might have taken all of her dragon flame at that time and she merely created more of her own later on. The amount the Winx took from her can be NOWHERE near the amount the Trix took from her. The Winx only took pieces and left her with a piece of her own; they never had any intention to completely drain her. And she was fine after the Trix took it from her.

            You may twist that scene any way you wish, what with internal injuries and all (which is amusing, that’s all I want to say) but it won’t change the fact that his magic was drained. The abyss wasn’t attacking him. It was just sucking everything around it. You yourself mention the strain of using his magic and then go on to say his magic wasn’t drained. What?? It’s like you want to believe anything but.

            I don’t see how all that Earthling talk is relevant at all.

          • Also, since you keep mentioning how the Winx were fine after losing their powers, Bloom was perfectly fine when Faragonda took her powers and she was fine in Magical Adventure. I know it’s not canon but the only reason it is not canon is that Nabu is alive in it. All the rules of the main series still apply to it and it does pick off from where the first movie left.

            If the dragon flame were her life force, she would have died in both those instances.

          • Actually, Nabu being alive wasn’t the only inconsistency in Magical Adventure. Helia didn’t have his haircut yet, The Tree of Life worked somewhat differently, The Winx already had Believix even though it wasn’t clear how they’d gotten it without meeting Roxy yet, Sky proposed to Bloom again, etc. It felt like it was made before season four was completed. (Although Sky’s second proposal is weird regardless of season four.)

          • Yes, I had Helia’s hair in mind (and Sky’s too) but I thought it is not as glaring as Nabu being alive. They botch these kinds of minor details all the time.

            I think if we imagine Nabu being absent from the movie then the Winx being in their Believix is not a problem anymore; we could consider it taking place after Season 4 and the Winx merely didn’t take Roxy along with them. In that way, it’s not a loophole.

            Oh, the tree of life works differently too? You mean it having good and evil sides?

          • @Myuza

            Alright let me put it to you in simple terms. His life force was dying but not his magic. If it was all life magic then Stella should be dying as well. His life (not his magic there is a difference) is tied to a star that is going out. That’s it. Magic is not tied to ones life force (the exception is Bloom due to the extreme nature of how she got the flame). Each of the pillars do not have any connection to the mystical nature of the universe they are connected to the physical nature.

            The pillar of light is connected to the stars.

            Balance is connection end to the structure of planets.

            Control is connected to such likes like machines.

            As for your reasoning… Bloom can’t simply create more unless she still has the Dragon Flame as only the Dragon Flame can make itself. For the Dragon sakes it made itself from pure nothingness but no being is powerful enough to do that save the Great Dragon or the current Keeper. Daphne even says to Bloom she still has it.

            Also the Tree of Life in the canon proper only holds a record of all magical beings and even in the movie she still has the Dragon Flame. What the Ancestrals did in that movie was remove light magic but the Dragon Flame IS the source of ALL magic that is used by everyone including the dark magic. Bloom can’t transform though because she’s a fairy yet her powers still exist she can’t accede them due to the Tree being cursed to only allow Dark magic.

          • @Dragon
            Stella and Queen Luna were both not in danger because they have power sources other than the Sun. Queen Luna has power over the moon while Stella has powers over stars other than the Sun. Before the Nick dub, she even had powers over the moon. Also, in the same episode Bloom tells Stella to use light of Sirenix and she says she doesn’t know how as if it was a different source of light than her usual light. However, King Radius’s only power source is the Sun and that is why he was dying.

            I was only speculating if the Trix really took all of her residual power at the time, considering how Bloom was unable to transform for a long time. Even if we assume the Trix didn’t take all of her powers, they clearly took a LOT more than the Winx did. The Winx were never able to create armies like the Trix did, they didn’t leave Bloom with the impression that she couldn’t transform and they certainly never intended to drain all of her power like the Trix. So yes, there is a clear contradiction.

            If the dragon flame was her LIFE-FORCE, as you claim, then not being able to access her life-force should have caused Bloom’s death or at the very least it should have put her in a catatonic state. I mean, what kind of a life-force is it, if you’re still alive without being able to access it? But since it is just her power source, not life-force, she was perfectly fine. Same with Faragonda taking her powers.

          • @Myuza
            As I said before the pillar of light is connected to every sun in the universe. The sun was dying and so too was Radius. This was no magic inflated in this it was just the thing he tied himself to was dying. It is the same if I tied your life to a pet. If the pet dies so do you.

            It was stated in episode 6 season 6. You also misassume the power of the Dragon Flame a lot. Season 6 episode 25 shows what a sliver of it can due to the universe.

            Also Faragonda can’t take her powers, her power’s can’t be taken away though that’s what we have seen and been told. None of these characters can take nothing more but apart of it and compared to Faragonda little spell they had the means to. The Trix can’t even with tools designed to do so, Seliana can’t and she held the potential power of the legandurium, even a whole dimension can’t put it out what hope does a simple fairy have then? The answer is none and its clear that its relationship with Bloom is connected into her very being as opposed to Daphne who simply used it.

          • @Dragon
            Radius’ life isn’t randomly tied to the Sun for no good reason like you would tie my life to a pet. It’s his power source, that’s why his stregth is depleted as it disappears. Also, if my life was tied to a pet and it was killed I would die instantly. Radius didn’t die instantly when the suns disappeared because he still had some residual powers remaining. So instead his powers slowly depleted. If it was as simple as his life being tied to the suns, he would be dead as soon as the suns disappeared.

            What was stated in episode 6, season 6? I am not misassuming its powers. In fact I have stated before what the Trix were capable of doing when they had the dragon’s flame. They created unlimited armies of shadow which refused to be destroyed until the Trix themselves were defeated. The sliver of dragon flame you talk about was being used by Acheron who is a mighty powerful wizard himself. It had to do with his power as well as the dragon flame’s. If it was all because of the dragon flame then the Winx themselves would have displayed such incredible feats of power which they never did. This proves that the Trix took much more than the Winx did and Bloom was fine.

            But Faragonda did take her powers, we saw it! And let’s say she didn’t really take them, she just put them somewhere then even that disproves that Bloom’s powers are her life-force because if they were her life-force were locked away she wouldn’t be alive! How can you be alive or even conscious if your life-force is locked away? I’m guessing you have some weird impression of how life-force works, if you believe one can be perfectly fine with their life-force locked away. Also, Daphne was as much a guardian of the dragon flame before Bloom as Bloom is now, and it was never the life-force for any of them.

          • ‘ the Winx themselves would have displayed such incredible feats of power which they never did’ but consider would their mortal bodies be able to handle the level of power needed to perform these incredible feats yeah i don’t think so
            also i suspect the dragonfire has a host preservation mechanism built in that tries to keep the host alive at all cost and as long as possible
            even if faragonda took away their powers but probably the dragonfire would still doing its job of keeping her alive

          • we know faragonda did know what bloom’s power was and she may have known about the power’s deadly flaw and left Bloom enough power to keep her going until faragonda returned the winx’s powers

          • @Myuza

            The sun was dying…. it was not dead -_-. The stars still gave out light because the pillar still stood. Without the seal it was started to cripple under the weight of its power. When the seal gets destroyed only then would the stars die and with it Radius.

            Acheron was chained to the Dimension of Legends to get him out he needed vast powers which the Dragon Flame gave him and he abused his new limitless abilities by using its own power to undo magic. In fact the visusal for the spell consistent of him using the flame.

            Episode 6 season 6, The Vortex of Flame. Bloom collapses as the Dragon Flame within her is not enough according to Daphne to sustain herself. This is important as it means it is not tied to her very life essence. After using all her might to destroy the Vortex of Flames her powers rekindle and she gains Bloomix. Also the reason the Winx can’t do that is not lack of power but both lack of skill, mental blocks and finally because they are not strong enough phsyically to handle the strain of the flames powers.

            No the part up above and my words prove my own point. When Faragonda took their powers she should have known Bloom had the Dragon Flame but she didn’t it took episodes 10 of season 1 for that to even cross her mind. She knows what the Dragon Flame is by the way. She fought along side its wielder she even fought against a weapon made from the Dragon Flame.

            Also the reason why it isn’t like that was because they where fully developed magically. it’s clear Daphne only gave up the Dragon Flame out of desperation due to the curse of Sirenix and the fall of Domino. She gave it to a baby a person who body is not developed and not ready to handle that kinda power and guess what it is now who she is. Daphne’s powers before and after she had the flame are her own. Bloom’s are the Dragon Flame she is no more a vessel then its avatar.

            I think you have the wrong idea about what “Revoking ones powers” means. She didn’t take their powers she isn’t strong enough to wrestle with the Dragon Flame from its host no she sealed away their ability to use magic taking away their transformation otherwise by your own logic Stella should have died as she could not get sunlight. Oh and also the Trix in that episode where following Bloom and the girls without even knowing it.

          • The suns weren’t dying, they just just ceased to give out light altogether. And Radius doesn’t have any other power source than the suns. They explicitly place hope in the second sun of Solaria to save him but when they learn it has gone off too, they surmise that he will die. So the other stars won’t save him because they are not his power source at all, they are Stella’s.

            I know Acheron used the flame but he was able to create such devastating effects with a small amount of dragon flame because he himself was an accomplished wizard. As for the Winx’s bodies being frail, they can’t be more frail than the Trix in season 1. They were just senior witches back then, not all-powerful beings. So if their bodies could handle such extraordinary feats of power, so could the Winx in season 6 when they already are the strongest fairies in the magic dimension. But they couldn’t because they took a very small amount.

            Whatever you call Faragonda’s actions, as this time you chose to call it revoking powers, you can’t expect her to ‘revoke’ Bloom’s life-force and still expect her to be perfectly fine. Expecting someone to live with their ‘life-force’ revoked is like… well, it’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. That is just not possible!

          • @Jorden

            She only found out what Bloom’s power was long after that episode me and Myuza are talking about. If she did take the Flame away from Bloom (a impossibility in of itself without killing her) then she should have known it was the Dragon Flame immediately but she didn’t. This creates a plot hole later on when its shown that Bloom’s powers can never fully be taken away and they will return to her if she doesn’t willingly give them up. It also causes one to question Myuza logic that magic=life from before when she herself points to this

            I get I’m being aggressive in this debate for that I apologize.

          • I never said magic = life. I said that what happened to Bloom when she gave the pieces to the others is something that could happen to anyone whose powers are sufficiently drained. This happened fatally to Nabu and has happened to King Radius, Flora, Stella and many others. It does not mean magic = life because anyone whose powers are safely extracted as Faragonda is able to do, or anyone whose magic has temporarily ceased to exist due to any other event, will STILL thrive.

            But if you consider Bloom’s powers to be her life-force then there is no way to wrap your head around the fact that she is always perfectly fine when she is not able to access her powers. She should be dead or catatonic if she is not able to access her life-force, period.

          • And oh, add Duman to that list. His powers weren’t exactly drained as much as they became unstable. But it’s basically the same idea that he overused his powers causing him to weaken and begin dying.

          • @Myuza

            That’s where you are wrong! Her powers can’t be taken away by force or extrated by outside means. They can be sealed, her ability to transform into a fairy can be lost but she still HAS them. Its that simple and its been stated that no one can take a fairies powers over and over. You can destroy them, or outright existange them but never take them!

            Its so hard for you to wrap your head around this but for me and a lot of others it isn’t in fact it seems because of how big a deal you make about magic=life (which be honest at this point your kinda jumping though hopps in this debate as you are basically stating this but turning back)

            Plus the show itself does not state that being drained of magic equals death. Nabu died from fighting the rift in reality for all. Radoius was dying because as star he was connect to was dying (not his magic as what do you know the pillars don’t effect magic that the Tree of Life’s job)

            As I stated before Faragonda would have known that Bloom’s powers where the Dragon Flame if she extracted them, its kinda not hard to notice a fire that can make energy out of nothing and the force of its power is massive even a smallest of sparks can remove magic from the universe.

            After all this I feel as though I won this debate.


            Dunman and the Wizards stole their magic from the Earth fairies. For all we know they could have been magicaless or its a side effect of using magic for long times then suddenly losing it. *sigh*

          • I went ahead and approved this comment, but I need to say something. Please keep this debate civil. There are a lot of things in this show that haven’t been explained. We’re all just doing our best to figure out what they mean.

          • First of all, you feeling you won this debate doesn’t mean it’s true. I hope you realize by now how tacky that sounded.

            Secondly, if you read my comments again, I’m saying exactly the same thing as I said from the very beginning. Why on earth would I say magic = life when I am the one who is saying they can survive without magic? It’s you who are implying that in Bloom’s case. What I said was that the symptoms Bloom experienced could be experienced by anyone who had their powers drained! There is a difference between powers getting drained and powers suddenly ceasing to exist as happened in Magical Adventure. So please don’t force your assumptions on me.

            Thirdly, you need to rewatch Nabu’s death all over again. Yes, he died fighting the rift but you seem be under the impression that it was attacking him when it was not! It was just sucking everything around it and he used his staff to absorb it because the black circle had been destroyed. And it was his excessive use of magic that caused his death.

            Fourthly, if you read my comment again I did acknowledge that Stella had powers over the moon before the Nick dub so you did not need to point that out. I mentioned other power sources as well but you need to read that again so I am not going to bother writing them all over again. But I will point out that everybody knows moonlight is reflected sunlight but in fantasy, it’s a completely different power than sunlight.

            And lastly, I said fine, don’t call it taking powers away, call it revoking. What you said about revoking works only if she was revoking Bloom’s POWERS. If you admit her powers aren’t her life-force then of course I agree with all that. But if she was revoking her LIFE-FORCE, well, I am running out of ways to say this but I will say it once again. You can’t live if you can’t access your life-force!

          • @Myuza

            Counter point. The Wizards stole their magic from the earth fairies with them now freed of course they are going to suffer from side effects. They became a joke and where practically powerless. It seems that they only had magic because they stole it and it stands to reason he was suffering what is akin to severe drug withdraw.

          • Why didn’t the other wizards get weak if that was just because of stolen powers? They mention very clearly that it was because overused his shapeshifting powers. Also, it’s not that before stealing powers from the Earth fairies they were weaklings. Of course they were very strong, that was why they were able to imprison the fairies in the first place.

            Not to mention, that it is all your assumption, it was never stated in the show.

          • @Myuza

            Also revorking someones powers is not the same as taking them away. You can revork their ability to transform or their ability to actively use their magic but one can not remove a fairies powers without completely destroying them.

            Also your radoius thing makes no sense as Stella relives on light to live everyone can still see despite the suns going out and before you counter with “Moonlight” the light from the moon is reflected sunlight and by season 5 Rainbow had dropped Stella as a moon fairy and agree with Nickbow that she’s solely a sun fairy.

            Season 7 even calls her the fairy of the Shining Sun and Nick had no hand in that.

          • @Myuza

            Also by the way you kinda are stating Magic=Life but you keep changiing whhat you mean. Soorry but I had to point this out 😛

          • And I need to point out that I never stated magic = life. It’s your assumption that I did.

          • @Myuza

            Also magical beings maybe stronger and tougher then us but the thing is. Even they have limits and whenever Bloom tried to push beyond them in season 1 her powers stopped and knocked her out of her form. In fact in the first episode she almost Transformed (yes its a blink and you’re miss it kinda thing when she’s giving off all that power). The fact the power has no end means if they are noot careful they might die.

            Forthermoore skill only allows one to use what they have on them. The Winx despite their accomplishments are not as well trained as say Daphne (who likely would have done incredible feats if she still had the flame). Having the power to change the world is meaningless if one doesn’t have the skill or talent to do so which the Winx lack.

          • You do realize your first paragraph is kind of affirming my opinion?

            But the Trix did incredible things back in Season 1. The Winx are obviously way more skilled/trained/not frail/whatever now than the Trix in Season 1.

          • i think that the vortex of flames’s flame could have been converted into dragonfire energy because we don’t know how bloom’s power converts minerals other nutrients into magic energy
            i did some calculations to work out how long Bloom was in the vortex for
            Bloom was chucked at 16 minutes and 43 seconds and Didn’t emerge from the vortex until 19 minutes and 27 seconds Which is a total time spent in the vortex of flames of 2 minutes and 44 seconds

          • Also Sorry about that OP I’ve gotten carried away with this debate it seems and have laps in howto act 🙁

          • @Myuza

            Yet their powers were weakened greatly after the fairies where set free. Even the admit to being weakened when ever Roxy uses the White circle which is connected to the earth fairies themselves and after the earth fairies where set free their powers lessened even more so and the effects on their abilities where bound to happen.

            Furthermore you tend to assume that Faraonda could just take what took the Trix a fought and specially made magical tools to do. If she coould doo that why didn’t she try it agaist I don’t know Valtor, or the Trix?

          • Dragon, I’m guessing you need to watch the entire Season 4 as a whole. The wizards became weak because humans started believing in fairies again due to the efforts of the Winx. It had nothing to do with the Earth fairies finally being free. In fact, they were defeated before the Earth fairies were set free.

            I have said multiple times, use whatever terminology you like. Fine, let’s assume Faragonda didn’t take them. Let us assume whatever ultra-complex and technical thing you claim she did. In any case, Bloom’s powers being her life-force is proven terribly wrong no matter what you say Faragonda did! Because then Bloom would be unable to access her LIFE-FORCE!

          • @Myuza

            No its not its actually countering your opinion.

            The Trix however where driven mad by the vast power it gave them as is the fate of anyone who can’t either properly control the flame or have it bond to their very being (like Bloom :P)

          • You mention how careless use could render them dead which basically similar to what I’m saying. Other than that, I couldn’t even make out what your point was.
            Being driven mad doesn’t make them more experienced or their bodies stronger than the Winx in Season 6. It isn’t any justification at all.

          • @Myuza

            Anyway I did counter your assumption that Bloom has had her powers completely removed by pointing out it creates a huge plot hole in the context of the plot and story of season 1.

          • No, you didn’t. I’m allowing you huge leverage over what Faragonda did because I don’t even need to assert myself to prove you wrong. Even if we go your way, you are still proved wrong.

            Otherwise, that wasn’t the only time Bloom lost her powers, it happened in Magical Adventure too. She also couldn’t access her powers (life-force according to you) in that resort in Season 2. I agree she didn’t lose her powers that one time but she would still be dead if we go your way.

          • As for the plothole being created, well Winx Club does have a LOT of plotholes. That doesn’t mean we can deny one of the conflicting events from ever having happened.

            For example, as OP once pointed out Season 6 mentions how anyone stuck in the Legendarium world long enough can’t get out. Yet the pixies were there the entire season still got out. That doesn’t mean we can deny one of the two conflicting facts; we just have to accept the plothole and move on.

          • And finally I could still argue that Faragonda did actually take Bloom’s powers because Bloom let her take them; after all Faragonda is her headmistress, she had to.

            You even said this yourself:
            …Bloom’s powers can never fully be taken away and they will return to her if she doesn’t willingly give them up…

            So considering Bloom was alive after giving up her powers, they aren’t her life-force. And it isn’t a given that Faragonda would immediately recognize what those powers were. She saw Bloom transform and use her powers a lot of times but she never realized what those powers were. So she shouldn’t neccessarily have recognized them after taking them from Bloom.

          • @Myuza

            Yet Season 6 episode 6 states otherwise that Bloom’s powers are tied to her life force. -_- That was the start of the argument and its the end of it.

          • If that is the start and end of it then I demonstrated a gazzillion times how such symptoms can and have happened to a lot of other people. So it in no way means it’s her life-force and it certainly isn’t STATED in that episode (we have talked about that dialogue before).

          • @Myuza

            Also the Faragonda thing isn’t all that complex she merely took away their ability to transform or access their magic… that’s it. The other way is more complex as you have to explain how and why she didn’t realized Bloom was the keeper of the Dragon Flame 😛

          • That is not it. Whenever you talk about Faragonda locking Bloom’s powers you quite conveniently seem to forget that according to you she locked Bloom’s life-force. So your way isn’t simpler, it is glaringly wrong.

            We don’t have to explain why she didn’t realize what Bloom’s powers were because then we would have to waste some more time to explain why she didn’t realize all those times she saw Bloom transform and use her powers. It took the Trix’s vaccuums to find out definitely. So there is no need to create yet another pointless question.

          • Also, remember that for you to be wrong, Faragonda doesn’t neccessarily have to have taken Bloom’s powers. Use whatever term you want, but just remember that according to you whatever she is doing, she is doing it to Bloom’s life-force. And that is a big problem.

          • Locking away Magic does not lock away Life force. Removing magic would remove her life force. While her magic is locked away its still apart of her meanbing nothing happens to her ( However my question is the tidbit that does prove my point. She would have found it unreasonable for a fairy to have that much power if she removed her power. Your last answer also proves my point ironically.

            Also how about visuals then? Cause what we saw is Bloom holding on to her chest as if she’s having a heart attack (a heath issue that can have her killed).

            This brings me back to my point. Your trying to disprove what happened in a episode that states that the Dragon Flame sustains Bloom. -_-

            I’m getting tired of this debate though I admit I’m not backing down on this one bit .

          • It gives me immense pleasure to see you write this:
            Locking away Magic does not lock away Life force.
            I know you are going to deny it but with that sentence, you finally admitted Bloom’s powers and her life-force are two different things. Because if her life-force were locked away, well you should know by now.

            Where in my comments did I deny that Bloom was going to die in that episode if her powers were not replenished? If you have been paying attention, I have been giving examples of other deaths and near-deaths to prove that anyone could die if their magic was drained, not just Bloom! So what was the point of that hand over heart line anyway? I know she was going to die.

            So no, contrary to what you think, I am not disproving what happened in that episode, I am applying it to everyone.

          • @Myuza

            No they are NOT two different things. i was disproving YOUR point. As long as her magic exists within her Bloom lives. You can still have magic and not be able to transform.

            I did NOT agree with you in anyway and yet I’m still disproved your point.

          • Of course you were trying to disprove my point but you ended up proving mine. You said locking up magic does not lock up one’s life-force. So if the two are one and the same thing, how come one is locked up while the she can’t access the other? You really have written yourself into a corner this time.

          • @Myuza

            Also season 6 episode 3 disproves your point and I’ve been pointing out how flawed your reasoning is thoughout this whole point.

            Bloom is the only character who life is tied to her magic all the others where dying because of their magic.

            -_- This is not going to end anytime sooon.

          • It did not disprove my point, it actually proves how everyone can live on without magic if somehow it ceases to exist as Bloom was able to live in Magical Adventure and when she couldn’t access her powers on that resort in Season 2 and when someone safely extracts/revokes/whatevers one’s magic as Faragonda is able to do.

            Nobody is forcing you to keep on replying. I myself will continue to reply as long as it takes. You don’t have to keep on replying and expect to have the last word.

          • @Myuza

            I am not conceding to your fanon.

            Magical Adventure is non-canon anyway so that isn’t a point.

            For the last time her life force and Magic are the same but al long as she has it she is lives. Dare Dragon I have disproven your point and not you are still looking for a way to get me to stop.

            Listen its stated it was done and its canon. Its Bloom’s life force already as far as the show is concern and because of that removing it from her is basically murder. As long as the Dragon Flame burns within no mattter what happens to her ability to excess it she lives.

          • I never asked you to concede to my opinion. And I also never asked you if you were tired of this debate or not. I told you nobody was forcing you to keep on replying because you kept on whining how this was not ending.

            Magical Adventure is non-canon but all the rules of Winx Club still apply there. I never tried to make you stop. I was tired of reading those post-scripts at the end of each of your replies.

            You failed to answer my question. If they are the same, why can’t she access one but can access the other?

            You may repeat it like a prayer all you wish but that isn’t going to make it true. Only logic works here. And logic is nowhere to be found when you say she is able to live without being able to accessing her life-force

          • @Myuza

            Also I did not write myself into a corner. I keep telling you that the magic within her keeps her alive. Locking it away does nothing to change the fact its still their.

            Also the resort realm still lets one use magic it only weakens the effect. Magical Adventure only got rid of positive magic but guess what all magic comes from the Dragon Flame so she was never at any risk.

            You kinda keep this going by the way not me.

            Also yes season 6 eppisode 6 disproves your theory as only Bloom has suffered this kinda effect that was not brought on by outside forces beyond her control but by her own hand.

          • Locking it does change the fact that she can’t access it now and isn’t able to tap into it.

            The Great Dragon has created the universe and it has been done! It doesn’t need the dragon flame to sustain it anymore! If made a piece of pottery and then died, it doesn’t mean it will break when I die. Bloom losing her powers has no effect on the universe.

            Nabu and Duman also brought about their death by their own hands by excessively using their powers especially Duman because he wasn’t fighting an abyss.

          • @Myuza

            I don’t think you are paying as much attention to this debate as I have. I’m willing to continue this for years if need be by the way.

          • You are welcome to do so. But if you want to continue just don’t bother telling me if you are tired or not.

          • @Myuza

            (And finally I could still argue that Faragonda did actually take Bloom’s powers because Bloom let her take them; after all Faragonda is her headmistress, she had to.

            You even said this yourself:
            …Bloom’s powers can never fully be taken away and they will return to her if she doesn’t willingly give them up…

            So considering Bloom was alive after giving up her powers, they aren’t her life-force. And it isn’t a given that Faragonda would immediately recognize what those powers were. She saw Bloom transform and use her powers a lot of times but she never realized what those powers were. So she shouldn’t neccessarily have recognized them after taking them from Bloom.)

            I can counter aruge with the fact that Bloom’s powers are vast and letting Faragonda take them is laughable in of itself. I also point out the Trix vacuums where following the Winx instead of going straight to Faragonda’s office to take the flame and destroy the universe , which guess what they didn’t they spend the whole time giving chase to the Winx proving Faragonda did not take away their magic like you said!. Finally I must point out the power of the Dragon Flame makes Bloom stronger then a Enchantix fairy which itself would raise eyebrows on its own!

          • @Myuza

            Also need I provide more? Cause at this point I wonder if you even care about this?

        • so season 6 ep 6 showed a fatal flaw in bloom’s power and then ep 25 removed that flaw but i have doubts about that because bloom in ep 6 had removed 5 pieces of her dragonflame but by episode 25 bloom’s dragonflame was at full and she lost a piece so she’d have 5 pieces which is more than enough to sustain herself

          • Its called writing inconstantances and dear Dragon did that episode contradicted another only three episodes ago. This is why I say only use a broad strokes if using later seasons so you don’t have to use all tthe stupid but can use what will work.

  9. That’s a wonderful idea!

    For some reason my brain imagined Tecna as the captain of some kind of sci-fi interdimensional battleship, despite the fact that neither battleships nor any sort of army have ever appeared in Winx.

    (you could probably get lots of mileage from a “what careers might the Winx have?” post.)

  10. I think it would be nice, however i think reporting would be a better fit for her, didn’t they mention a journal career once on the website?

    • Not as a career, but she said she was interested in journalism in one of the articles. It was random, but I agree it would fit her. But it’s never been mentioned in the show. The closest she’s gotten to it was when the Winx dressed as journalists in World of Winx season one! We’ll see if Rainbow ever brings it up in Winx Club.

      • probably not Rainbow would likely never bring it up again in Winx Club… which is kinda sad,

      • The website also mentioned fairy godmother as a possibility around season 4…so maybe she’ll be one? Since information is so little in any canon about Tecna i tend to take whatever any official winx media (including the edited version in the mid 2000’s that USA viewers got) says about Tecna to be canon, and simply declared Tecna’s princess status to be via Mulan rules (not really but an act of significant heroism redefining equals princess)…she even quotes Shang in season 6 “let’s get down to business”.

        • “Fairy Godmother” (Fata Madrina) isn’t a job, per se. It’s the term Rainbow was using back then for a “guardian fairy” (I like this term more). All the Winx became guardian fairies/fairy godmothers when they earned Enchantix. It just means they’re the protectors of their realms now. The term “fairy godmother” seems to have gotten its normal meaning back in season six, since Eldora’s been introduced.

          As for Tecna being a princess, that was in the comics only. Season five pretty much canned that, and it was subsequently retconned in the comics, too. I guess Rainbow hadn’t put much thought into her back story yet. I never could picture her as a princess, anyway, and we didn’t need all the Winx to be royalty.

          • True not all need to be we’ve already got it half and half but when Tecna comes into play a lot of her fans tend to run with whatever is said about Tecna since we know next to zip about her, also that little retcon in the comics was why I put “mulan rules” as to how she could be but really she’s just an awesome warrior.

  11. That’s really interesting! Personally, I always thought Tecna would make a great detective or journalist; something you pointed out in one of your earlier posts, actually!
    Being an ambassador actually sounds like a nice fit for Tecna:
    She’s intelligent and usually calm, collected and rational. Plus, thanks to the Winx and Timmy, she isn’t as cold as she once was so she’d most likely be acting with emotional values in mind.
    She’s also very close to 3 of the strongest princesses in the Dimension, with all three of their planets being pretty influential (added onto their sole heirs being the strongest fairies).
    I’m also not sure if it’s all that canon or not, but I always saw Tecna as being very opinionated.

  12. it seems the season 7 trix before becoming abominations that look ugly as He double hockey sticks were as strong as the winx’s Butterflix or Tynix forms but how long will the limbo outside of time prison hold them do ya think?

    • Unless they get a being who lives outside of time (which we only have the Enteral fairies and the Great Dragon) I think not likely. But if they do expect them to have gone completely insane from watching the sum of everything in time.

      • If the trix do go insane then the winx may have to consider the possibly that they may have to kill the trix to keep the universe safe

        • That would likely backfire especially with reputation as heroes. Bloom might have a no-killing code for all we know. I think she with the flame likely sends them to Oblivion since even in those convergences…she would still have the final say on whether it’s kill or to Oblivion (since we do know that’s actually a place and not a random bad guy saying in this universe). Oblivion is likely where they went since it appears to be the opposite of the golden kingdom.

          • Bloom killed Valtor by literally putting out his life force (well that assumes Valtor was even alive,) so she doesn’t have a no-kill code. She just doesn’t kill that which she finds as irredeemable or if they can be judged. She’s open to the opinion of killing as a last resort.

          • Oblivion is a sister dimension of Obsiadan. Its a dark place where the most vile criminals are held. Its portal even closes itself due to it being unstable and those imprisoned slowly lose themselves.

  13. I always liked the idea of Tecna starting her own school of magic (maybe focussing on technomagic) but this is cool too, maybe she could do both.

        • Two of them are crown Princesses who would become Queens, while Bloom would become Queen Consort to the King of Erakylon.

          Yet Tecna can still be a teacher maybe even headmistress of Alfea?

        • Season 6 did allude to at least Bloom,Flora, Musa and Aisha having taken up teaching assisting/full teaching again with the kitchen, greenhouse, cafe and gym respectively. Stella has a business so she probably won’t…unless it’s doubling as an art class and Tecna…maybe math? She did tend to talk about that a lot. Daphne’s even teaching history and maybe Roxy’s an assistant with the rescue park…she spends more time teaching magi zoology and regular zoology there than she does at alfea. Even if the main cast does wed…i think Sky would have a very very very very difficult time trying to convince Bloom not to teach at Alfea for various reasons including the fact that she’d be the only one on Eraklyon who would even be a necessary defense. Trying to convince Bloom to stay tied down is like trying to convince her to never go to Earth again. Not. Gonna. Happen. Ever.

          • Bloom is sturborn like that she refuses to be told what to do if it isn’t threatening. Ironically she is a natural born leader as well. Maybe it’s something to do with the Dragon Flame?

  14. You know talking about Tecna’s future made me remember something. She isn’t the only guardian fairy of her homeworld yet when the robots get out of hand no one else joined the fray. No fairies wizards or even good witches joined defending their home.

    Is Tecna the only guardian of her world?

    • Actually given what we know about Zenith…Tecna more than likely is (or was prior to season 5). Zenith tends to be cold and distant and robotic before Tecna did something about it. I don’t see anyone other than Tecna and possibly her mother being Zenith protectors.

      • You know their was a few fans I meant who though Zenithians were actually part robots instead of you know emootionaless people.

        • I’ve heard that 4Kids once said Tecna was part android. That may be where the rumor began, but I don’t remember them ever saying that. Maybe it was in a book or something. 😕 (I know they once said she had a little brother.)

          • Maybe the Season 1 episode where she isn’t as severely affected by the sleeping gas also helped spread it? Even in World of Winx Season 2, she is the only one not incapacitated by the cryogenic gas (although that was probably just to set up her showdown with Virus).

          • @Myuza

            Their a theory that each inhabits of each world developed differently from generations on each world. Perhaps zenithians have developed more like living organic machines then actual people?

        • unless magic can withstand thermal shock because when the eruption that destroyed pompeii in 76ad occured
          quite a lot of people who weren’t killed by the pyroclastic surge died due being hit with heat of 500 degrees C which most of bloom’s fire magic attacks probably generate more heat than the vesuius eruption did
          since magical beings are still are human if 500 degrees was too much for a human to take
          how many people would bloom have killed in the 7 seasons if the her fire acted like it would do in reality

  15. hmm how would tecna feel if she had to create a technomagic corrosion virus and had to use to stop an out of control robot

  16. i guess you’ve already discussed this, but Tecna is friends with Technically 4 Princesses, Bloom, Stella, Aisha and Roxy, yes, Roxy is supposed to become Queen of the Earth Fairies so she’s technically a princess, and since tir’na nogg is basically a Nation , t’ be cool how Earth’s Politics are influenced based on the implementation of new royalty with a new and clearly super powerful nation (if this has been touched in the comics, i’m sorry, i’m not that far up in them).

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