Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if the Winx visit [insert world name]?”

The Winx have traveled all over the Magic Dimension, but they haven’t been to every world. Do they have to? Of course not. Not all the places mentioned in the show (or the comics) have to be important.

Still, it means Rainbow can expand Winx Club‘s physical universe without even adding to it. They can use what they already have. (That’s the theme of this feature, right?) Here are some known worlds the Winx have never seen.


Winx 1X02 - Eleanor of DolonaRemember this shy fairy: Eleanor of Dolona? Griselda made her sweat in “Welcome to Magix” (1X02) when she couldn’t find her name right away on the new student roster. Where’s Dolona? What does it look like? Is Eleanor the princess? She may not look like it, but most characters addressed as “So-and-So of World” tend to be royalty or nobility.

Orez, Fallat, and Rot

In “Professor Avalon’s Secret” (2X09), Griffin said when these three “sacred” planets align, it’s thought to be a bad omen. Why? What’s the story behind them? And what would happen if they aligned again? I know the prophecy of Serius Facetus was a joke, but as the Wise Woman of Calavera said, “With every legend comes a bit of truth.”


Lots of royals and nobles attended Eraklyon’s millennium celebration in season three, but one pair was mentioned by name: King Wanetka and Queen Linley of Romulea. Same question: Where’s Romulea, and what does it look like?


Winx 1X02 - Varanda of CallistoI saved this world for last because it’s the most significant. Remember what happened after that scene with Eleanor and Griselda? Bloom become nervous because she wasn’t on the roster, but Stella had already thought of a plan. The princess of Domino would pretend to be the princess of Callisto, Varanda. But Griselda and Faragonda saw through the lie, and Bloom fessed up at the end of the episode.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to meet the real Varanda. I bet she doesn’t look anything like Bloom! How would she feel knowing someone impersonated her to get into Alfea, and her friend Stella orchestrated the scam?

That’s it for today. To my fellow American Winx fans, I hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July! I know what I’m having for dinner tonight: leftover barbecue chicken wings!

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134 Responses to “What If Wednesday #4: Never-Before-Seen Worlds

  1. I would love to see more of the magical universe but I fear we will be spending another season on earth. -_-

    • Yeah, this is admittedly what I preferred about the older Winx Club seasons. I admittedly fell in love with this Winx Club because it had some of the sci-fi tropes that some other cartoons I watched had back in the 2000s, which made it a bit more interesting for me and I hope will do the same for other people. I kind of wish more fantasy franchises had this element of sci-fi in it.

    • I hope that since WoW is set on Earth, maybe the main Winx Club will stay away from there from now on. That way we’d get to have both! I’d certainly rather see more of other worlds than see more Earth.

  2. Speaking of Fourth of July, I wonder what kind of holidays are celebrated in the Magic Dimension, besides Day of the Rose?

    I’d imagine Domino has some kind of commemoration of when it was freed from Obsidian by the Winx, like Liberation Day or Freedom Day or something.

    As for the other planets, what do you guys think?

    • Since The Day of the Rose is Mother’s Day, I have a headcanon that Father’s Day is called “The Day of the Sword.” Maybe that’s an official thing, and I just don’t remember where it’s from. 😅

    • I suspect that the Magix equvalent to Christmas exists as a bit more religious holiday then our now is. Of course it’s probably a day of celebration in the spring time (cause Alfea weird school year goes summer winter instead of fall-spring) and is more of a festival with the Great Dragon as center (Likely celebrated across the universe but the greatest of celebrations would be on Domino it’s blessed world)

      Also I believe the liberation day is Blooms birthday… You know Bloom seems to be a pseudo-Jesus Aologory in this series (not surprising given the nation it came from) All she needs is to die and come back to life and she will be a messianic archetype and we can finally call her Fairy Jesus 😛

      Domino rebirth Day is Bloom’s Birthday to me now.

      Also their is a traditional day when all three (yep three not two) Suns of Solaria hang over head in the sky the ruler reliquese his crown to his first born. Queen for Day.

      • I think all the holidays that we know of in Winx actually fall on Winx birthdays. Domino rebirth would be on Dec 10th, Day of the Rose would likely be on Mar. 1st instead of the earth dates (some places do celebrate mother’s day different from the us), The triple sun alignment would be on August 18th. I wonder what other holidays would happen on june 15, Dec 16 and May 30th. Maybe Musa’s birthday celebrates club formation day? Then the remaining days would probably celebrate something else. Maybe Tecna’s birthday was the day they finally put an end to Cassandra and Chimera? As for Aisha’s birthday that might be the day they got rid of the joke villain Tritanus…permanently.

  3. I most want to see Callisto, mainly because it sounds really cool. It makes me think of crystals for some reason, so maybe people in Callisto are all very rich, and some of them draw their power from minerals? Just an idea.

    There’s one place that we’ve seen twice in the series but the Winx have never visited: Oppositus. I personally really like Oppositus, and it would be cool to see it through the Winx’ s eyes, and how they would react to it.

    • That sounds like a planet Diaspro should have hailed from. 🙂

      Yes, Oppositus really is one interesting realm. Too bad we’ve got only glimpses of it as of yet.

      • Its a planet of hats… besides its a minor world if it didn’t show up for the sovergins council… maybe its a terrorty of one of the kingdoms

  4. Yes, I really want to see more of the planets. I want to see the different customs on different planets of Magix. Also, I want to see a planet where fairies have powers other than the main six Winx’s. I guess since Diaspro seems to be from Eraklyon in the RAI dub, we have already seen one.

    I also want to see the Trix’s home planets. Do they come from a single planet? If yes, why do they have different powers?

    • Diaspro is said to be the Princess of Isis (keep in mind that this cartoon was obviously made before the real world terrorist organization was formed), but is also a Princess of Eraklyon.

      However, Isis seems to be very closely bonded with Eraklyon. This has lead me to adopt a headcanon that Eraklyon is a confederate monarchy, where, in addition to a leading monarch (Erendor) on Eraklyon, there are other lesser monarchs on other planets that are loyal to him. Thus, Isis is a constituent kingdom within the Empire of Eraklyon.

      A real world historical example of a similar situation can be found in the German Empire prior to and during the First World War. Imperial Germany was actually four separate Kingdoms (Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria, and Würtemburg) and numerous smaller Grand Duchies and Principaities, all ruled by different royal families. They were all led by Prussia, whose leader was the Kaiser.

      So in my headcanon, Eraklyon is essentially the Prussia of the Eraklian confederate monarchical government, and Isis is one of the its constituent states.

      That’s my theory, anyway.

    • I’ve wanted an origin story for the Trix for a while now. Where do they come from, and why are they so evil? (They’re probably evil just because they’re descended from the Ancestral Witches, but I like to imagine they have family issues or a tragic past or something that explains it and made them all bitter and evil.)

      • I know right. We have next to nothing as far as the Trix’s backstories go except that they are descendents of the Ancestral Witches.

        I don’t want them to return for quite a while now but someone explaining to us in their absence would be nice, LOL.

          • Because that’sjust it… they are not getting anymore backgroand then any other villain. Evil simply is evil in this reality.

        • Whats there to explain? None of the other villains have that much of character anyway.

          They are not the Winx and certainly not Bloom who we know everything about from her parents to the fact his power created the universe and keeps her alive.

          Villains in this series are simply that. Unless you happen to be connected to a Winx expect no knowledge.

          • actually
            Bloom who we know everything about from her parents o the fact his power created the universe and keeps her alive.
            we don’t know how bloom and kiko first met and how Bloom first met Selina
            and why Mitzi hates her and her early teenage year either

        • Which is why using some details from any dub or rainbow related comic relating to Winx can be helpful because continuity’s not really the friend of the Winx. Helpful thing about the 4kids Dub-The trix come from whisperia which sounds more magical and shadier than Ice Kingdom (and i thought senior witches was a tad generic) and calling their vaccums whisperian crystals made much more sense as well. Some of the changes were good, some were not.

          • Yes, exactly. Although I grew up watching the RAI version and watched the 4kids! version later on, I actually liked it too. I liked the dialogues and I especially loved how they added little details in the dialogue from which we learned a little more about everyone. Though, I don’t like how they unneccessarily changed a lot of things, I don’t think it was all bad.

          • Actually canon is this series friend. Winx Club has the most stable canon of any series barring a movie and a season consistences in season six. The problem is the numerous dubs have left the fans confused and that’s the problem.

            They spread confusion and falsities as most don’t take the time to look up anything or admit to being wrong. The 4kids ones are the solo and single cause of all confusion and are followed by the fandom own mill without taking close visual or dialog cues.

            For cases in point those that think Bloom can just give up the Dragon Flame without it not killing her, or that Musa/Tecna are princesses or my favorite people who are confused over names or don’t know that Iginio is a boy and the series is made by Rainbow 😛

          • @ Dragon then how come every season forgets what happened prior with each new addition? That doesn’t seem like a very stable canon.

          • Not everything. For the most part, each season does pick up where the last left off and expand on ideas from those seasons. Sometimes, those ideas are just small things we really never thought about. For example, most of season five — the Selkies’ portals, the Sirenix Gate, the Infinte Ocean, etc. — expands on the scene in the first episode of season three where Aisha travels from Magix to Andros through the ocean.

      • Tragic pasts really Musa and Bloom’s things. The Trix are likely evil because that’s who they are. The enjoy sadism and Icy smiles at the thought of murder. They are likely born sociopaths and at this point they could care less about being redeemed. They always return to the same thing with does paint another thing about them. They are insane.

    • Daphne has different powers from Bloom (not the best compression as Bloom’s powers are given and binded into her very being so much so she can”t live without them but still)

      Its not like sisters have to have the same powers nor does each planet by default give you their common powers. Yes the Trix are triplets and according to the comics their home realm is the Ice Kingdom (seriously) buut its cllear that they each have different abilities that harken back to their ancestors.

      • Daphne did have the dragon flame before she passed it on, didn’t she? Miele shares Flora’s powers, Krystal shares them, Linphea has a school full of fairies who share her powers. The show has yet to confirm if an entire planet shares powers or not. That said, I am completely open to the possibility that the Trix come from the same planet. Do you always have to find something to argue about?

        • the thing is that in S1 Faragonda mentioned Alphea was the only Fairy school in magix, yet the Girls that actually hailed form Magix already knew how to transform while Bloom had no idea how to do it, that’s a plot hole
          S6 writers basically made the schools out of thin Air (well there was kind of a Paladin school mentioned in s2 when faragonda introduced Avalon), the schools were really cool concepts though, particularly they Psionic and Magical smithing one.

          • I liked the other schools. It never made sense for there to only be three schools in the whole Magic Dimension anyway. Also, don’t forget Beta Academy, another fairy school, in season three.

            Anyway, I don’t think the schools in season six were random. Some of them had obviously been opened later, like the school on Tir Na N’Og and Hagan’s school.

      • So yes they are siblings and they are from a ice realm but no they are not the same powers and that is another misconception at how magic works in the universe on your part.

    • Also to add to that Stella powers are different from her mothers and they are still related.

      (Rainbow has changed her title to Fairy of the Shining Sun and it really does nothing as she never really uses moon powers plus moonlight is only releted Sunlight anyway)

  5. I’m surprised the viewers haven’t started a petition to get Rainbow to move away from earth in the stories. Of course its likely the outcome would end with the confused fans wondering who and what Rainbow is and even then they never listen to the fans before.

    Still “No More Earth!”

    • If the Winx left Earth for good…then they have no “out” place to go when they need one. Sure they visit other realms but Earth is like vacation…they consider every other planet work. We could use a break from Earth, yes or at least not go to Gardenia so much if they’re gonna put the winx on Earth at least once every season, but to permanently remove it would be a bad idea…that would start a war. The only way they could completely remove Earth from the series would be for Roxy and Bloom to convince their parents to move to magix permanently. Morgana and Vanessa wouldn’t have too much issues…but Klaus and Mike…well i’d imagine they’d have issues….even if Mike and Vanessa are likely registered Domino Citizens.

      • I don’t mind Earth still being part of the story, but I’m tired of most of the story taking place there. We live on Earth. It’s not…magical. 😕 I wanna see more worlds in the Magic Dimension.

        • I’d like to see more worlds too, but I think Rainbow has this idea that “Earth is becoming magical because we have two Earth fairies there now, let’s continue to bring it back to magix”. They still consider Bloom an earth fairy even with domino royalty ties…likely because Bloom considers herself such and with Roxy as the actual earth fairy? It allows for more earth stories. Maybe we’ll at least get something else soon? I wanna see more of Melody and Zenith mainly (since we haven’t seen much of them.)

          • I want to see more of Zenith too but not the way they are doing it currently. They just go there to run an errand, usually joined by Timmy, run into a little trouble and come back. I want to explore more of Zenith, meet some more named characters from there, maybe even meet some of Tecna’s childhood friends (if she had any) and generally see how the planet works. I was not satisfied by that shop-a-tron in Season 5 although I am still very very grateful for that season showing us Zenith for the first time.

  6. Also, I want to know how the planets are geographically placed in relation to each other. Are they all in orbit? Are they just hovering in space magically? Which planet is closest to the Sun (probably Solaria) and which is the farthest? Are days the same length on each of the planets and are the same length as Earth or do they vary? It seems like with the information we have so far about the planets, we could just label them as different ‘countries’ and it wouldn’t make a big difference except that they use spaceships to travel between them.

    • Well first Solaria has three suns in its system and its likely orbiting either one or two while the third one isn’t in the sky offend at all. Domino has like eight moons that are likely bigger then our own and Magix has either two moons but maybe two suns.

      Zenith is likely mostly covered in cities and technology.

          • I only saw four in Sparks of Hope/Fountain of Dragon Flame. Even looked at the still from the palace view. There’s not eight, unless your counting the same four twice. Domino does have many moons, but I don’t think it was ever defined as eight. On another note if Domino’s moons were never named…i think the obvious names would be Mike, Vanessa and Stella for three of them.

          • @Will N

            Nah we should probably give them Angel names deprived from the archangels… yoou know like how Domino’s name is drprived from Dominoius and is the Realm closest to the God of Winx Club?

          • @ Dragon not when a lot of things pertaining to Domino pertain to Bloom…surely she’d name moons after her parents, sister, bunny and best friend before anything else. Also…i doubt the first thing anyone thinks of when they think about Domino is Dominious. They generally think of the pizza place first…which pizza conveniently happens to be Bloom’s favorite food (and is generally why that’s the most cooked dish, the only other regular winx of choice dish i recall seeing is pasta…Aisha’s favorite.)

          • @OP apparently yes after a quick search on it. They opened it while we were waiting on season 6 to wrap up and for season 7 to get going.

    • Well, we certainly can’t generalize how the Planets are geographically related to each other, since each planet obviously belongs to a different system, with Solaria being the most evident one, belonging to a binary system [or a system with three stars, according to S6.] Still, I’d like to know more about their geographic and political organization.

      • They never confirmed if they are in different systems (4kids! sort of did naming them things like Third Binary Sector but not RAI/Cinelume). Besides, we could still get to know how the systems are placed in relation to each other.

        • Solaria is in its own system as well… no other planet has three suns and we all know Sol is the only star in earths system.

        • Hey that means their are over 20 inhabvited objects in the system… their is no way that’s stab;e and no way in h**l Magix or Earth gets to keep their moons. Oh and they showed us the whole Milky way galaxy (Sol only has earth so no to yoiur theory) and hundreds of branchs on the Tree of life.

        • Well, we know that at least Solaria is from another system, since it has two/three suns. Also, if we are counting Roxy, she is from Earth, which is also from another system, and even from another Universe.

          • @ Fairy-Pony
            The third Sun of Solaria could also be a smaller one that just hovers around or Solaria. While I know stars don’t work that way, it’s a magical galaxy where human-sized fairies fly around with wings which could by no means carry their weight in real life. Anything is possible

            But I agree, it could be from another system. The show has yet to confirm that.

          • @ Fairy-Pony
            I do believe Earth is probably from a different system than the other planets. But then again, it could be something like Harry Potter’s Station 9 and three-quarters where you have to run into a ticket stand to access it. It’s basically in the same ‘space’ but it’s a different ‘place’.
            The Winx flying from outer space onto Earth in Season 4 seems to suggest the former though.

          • @Myuza

            Actually if Solaria only orbits two suns then depending on orbital patterns the third sun won’t always be visible in the sky. Thing about three suns syystems is your likely to only seen one or two suns at any given time..

          • @Myuza

            Also the show doesn’t confirm it outright it has dropped hints. Mostly on account of the whole “other galaxy” comment they tend not to care about explaining it given they are writing more of a magical girl fantesy series and is simply using the sci-fi elements to expand it but don’t care to. Solaria is likely the only thing that can confirm that they are in another star systems given the three colored suns. Rainbow is in no need to answer question (given all the questions are from children anyway who only ask about the Winx’s lives)

          • @Myuza

            Also no on the Harry Potter anology as well… Harry Potter as the magical world be below the technology of earth… In Winx Club isn’t the opposite due to magic the magical universe is so far advance that holograms, robots and space travel is common place. Whole star systems are mapped and colonized where as earth can barely excove space travel. Formore other dimensions are rarely excasable outside of powerful magics native to the dimension that have bleed into the main one.

      • Roxy’s animal alert system gives us an idea of it in season 7. It’s possibly set up by their relation to Earth. Earth is back to being part of Magix but inside the Magix, Magix occupies where Earth’s moon would be. The closest planets to Earth are Domino and Solaria, then Andros and Linphea, Melody and Zenith, Eraklyon’s the furthest of the realms the Winx visit. Roxy probably is still working on that animal alert system too. She’s got quite a few planets left to add. Also…she’s got the best looking room so far…or at least the largest…she must sleep in a jungle library…all those books and greens.

        • Yes!! I’d completely forgotten about that system. Did you watch each episode to see which orb Roxy pointed to when she named a planet or is there some other identification for them?

          I never looked at her room too carefully, LOL. But I like the fact that she now shares the dorm with the Winx. I don’t want her to be a Winx (I didn’t want that even in Season 4) but I do want to see more of her and see her in action too.

          • She pointed to Linphea’s orb a few times it’s a pink orb about the size of Mars located two spaces up-left (from Roxy’s pov) from Earth.

          • @Will N
            As far as I recall she once pointed to Zenith too. But they broke an orb in the episode they go to Zenith, so maybe she didn’t after all.

            Aren’t there just six orbs other than Earth? I couldn’t spot Eraklyon or Magix.

            If Domino and Solaria are the gold and orange ones, then yes, they are definitely closest to Earth.

          • Yeah as I just pointed out… no… the planets are not in the same system. Putting aside the fact Earth still has one star in its sky instead of having two or three visable (even orbiting just one the other two would be viable at night and be bright or brighter then our moon) tthe fact Magic is in earths orbit is lidcoius as the evet would dislodge both planets moons (Luna for earth and Magix twin moons) but a orbit like that would be unstable as the moons orbit is two close and two slow for a stable orbit between two earth sized rocks. The two would either eject themselves from the system or worse…

            If you take that as fact then you also have a whole lot of problems because last I count their is around 20 planets that are known to us and no star system as enough space for that many habital planets

          • Also in the first movie they showed a map of a Galaxy for the split moment before zooming in on Obsidain gate

          • Their has been hints from season 1 that the whole series uses intergalactic travel. Besides the off handed comments about another galaxy for Magix (which is from the one hour specials so that’s as close to a answer given rainbow helped make it)

          • @Myuza

            Which is impossible given that Solria orbits three suns and Domino has to many moons that the slightest direction can spell system chaos. Its likely reletive distance in the galaxy… but Domino might not be a red orb and given their is no sun no… its likely these are just planets as why bother with whole systems? Only the planets that can support life matters.

        • Yeah that system is… terrible. Keep in mind how impossible it is for the moon to be magix and not reke havoc on both planets

          • Yet earth isn’t dead and their logic is flawed. I already pointed out how unstable a star system that is to you.

            Also point, that was just a holograms of planets no star so no that wasn’t the star system. Maybe next time your take the hints?

        • Also just to point out how impossible that system is… Magix is similar to earth, yet it has two moons the earth has one. A object of earths density if it where to suddenly enter the same orbital path as Luna would knock the moons out of orbit (threating to cause them to slam into each other) but that’s the first bit… earths axis is pulling violate by the change of gravitational mass same with Magix and the path or orbit is unstable with the two likely outcomes being either ejection from the system for both planet our they slam into each over and destroy both planets.

          Its likely the “system” is depicted inhabited planets but not the star system cause lord knows earth still has one sun (Sol is its name) while Solaria is in a trinery star system.

        • @Will N

          Also I point out we saw the Milky Way Galaxy and much of the Sol system in season 4 and guess what… no planets… Earth is in another galaxy from Magix and I’m pretty sure we have seen 20 planets (or more) and their is no way that’s stable

          Winx Club has intergalactic travel… -_- Its a science fantesy series

        • Also the alter system only shows the planets not the star systems because animals do not live on ball of plasma ! That is also impossible as their are 20 planets started (and likely hundreds and dear god that’s not stable a system) Never mind that we saw the whole Milky Way to help drill home the fact its a universe not a star system!

        • Hey… You stated before hand to use any dub for help well guess what. The one hour specials stated magics is in another galacxt. Oh those are made by rainbow and Nick so that’s as close to canon as possible.

          • Well because of a few reasons I’ve listed… But mostly because everyone wants a villain not a hero to return.

        • I can get why dark bloom hasn’t reappeared in the show because she could be easily beaten by fairy dust from enchantix

      • Solaria is in a trinary star system. It likely orbits two of the suns while the other one orbits the pairs center of gravity. It explains why the three suns are never in the sky at the same time

        • I don’t recall seeing a map in the movies so I used the Animal Rescue Mobile as a possibility. I even said that Earth would’ve rejoined the magic dimension after season 4 for it to work, why do you keep spoiling mine and Myuza’s fun with every single factoid you can find? Part of enjoying this show is fans coming up with their own theories as to how the universe and magic works. I just thought it would make sense for the Winx respective planets, Magix and Eraklyon to be fairly close to Earth because they go to those planets the most out of anywhere else so they might be grouped like the Winx, also i don’t think space travel’s necessary with the believix powers now (they can just teleport).

          • No magical beings can teleport but thing is not everyone can and Space ships fly though the galaxies. If anything the closest planet to Domino is Erakylon given how the second movie (which is non canon but as close to actual work as we can get)

            Earth is to far removed from the rest of the universe for numbrous reasons. Travel isn’t normal and opening dimensional portals are basically wormholes so the distance takes time.

            Also I tend to do so because A) Its easy to lose track of anything because the fandom itself is terrible at learing the facts, B) the writers are not going to spend time telling us out everything works outside of off handed visuals and throw away comments. This isn’t star trek or Star wars… no this is a science fantesy series that puts more on fantesy then science. Even Tecna is more fantesy then science

          • First the spell that did is no more. Second dark bloom as the fandom wants her is a villain. Thrid Bloom would have to get rid of herself or give up much of her being for that to happen. And lastly if she is made from bloom in canon negative traits she would be a even more unliked character then bloom is.

          • @jorden

            Yep she tended to be kinda what they wanted Bloom to be… as you can guess that was quite sadding

          • Even when it’s more fantasy…fantasy involves coming up with myths or exploring legends about how certain things can work because there’s no right or wrong really. Fiction is always a made up story about a certain event, it can be expanded and have different rules…especially when magic is the center of it all in this show. Magic is a loose canon. As for the fandom…it’s not learning the facts that’s the problem. They learned the facts, the problem comes from the parts of the fandom that say that facts should be the only thing that matters in the fandom…which really makes it hard to enjoy the show by coming up with a theory based on something in the show, which is a fantasy but could still work within the universe. Basically when the “too technical” parts of the fan base try to clear up confusion, they make the show boring and don’t allow the other fans to have their fun. That’s the last thing that Rainbow would want, and maybe that’s why they barely tell us anything. They’re worried that if they do, it will spoil someone’s fun, and don’t want to do that. There’s still some questions everyone has about a load of things, but Rainbow leaves them open ended so that everyone can draw their own conclusions.

          • @Will N

            Look theories are great and all but you need a bit more evidence then what you gave. I can bring up counter evidence and if it outweighs your theory then you either need to rethink it or toss it.

            If you are so admit on the system being a map then you should rethink that maybe it’s not of a star system but the planets collation within the universe? While I tend to see earth near the outs arts according to the map it’s somehow near the center of the universe likely in the same galaxy as Magix it not just one removed.

            That’s a good way to rethink the theory.

          • @Dragon I don’t mind you challenging everyone’s ideas, but telling me and other commenters on this blog how to think and even moreso how to comment here… is going a bit too far. If you want to be super fact heavy and fight misinformation…make your own blog to do so instead of spoiling everyone else’s fun here, it makes this blog boring when you do that, and boring is the last thing anyone wants here. As for the discussion on the animal alert thing…it was what tv tropes calls Wild Mass Guessing. That doesn’t have to be disproven, it’s just a guess, so what if it nothing is ever said one way or the other. Now back to the never seen worlds to get back on track of this post…Callisto and Varanda really need to be seen so we can have an interesting story about “Bloom posing as her despite not wanting to.”

      • What is known is that Magix is in another galaxy from earth and their are likely hundreds of planets in whole galaxies. Polically is a mess so don’t even try to explain it. Whole kingdoms rule over planets or whole star systems

  7. i’d like to see the realm of the princess veranda and Bloom gets to meet the person she impersonated back in season 1 ep 2 and the ramifications could be interesting

  8. i’d like to see/know where nex came from i know thoren is from eraklyon seeing as he’s sky’s cousin

    • Strangely, I’ve never thought of that. Everyone seems to think both Nex and Thoren are from Lynphea, since that’s where we first saw them, but that never made sense to me. Thoren probably is from Eraklyon. Where else could he be from if he’s related to Sky? We even saw a flashback of them together as kids on Erakylon. Unless Thoren was just visiting or something, that pretty much confirmed it.

      • Maybe Nex is from Melody since his weapon is wind and wind is often used in music? Also Considering his relationships with the boys group…had they tried to show us Nex relationship with Riven…i’m sure it would match with Aisha/Musa friendship. He would get Riven for a little bit, but eventually switch over to Helia to hang around more because like Aisha & Musa’s relationships he’d eventually get sick of all the angst. Maybe that’s why Aisha’s now with Flora so much…at least Flora’s not so negative all the time, and it would be explained that way with Nex and Helia as well.

      • i wondered if he came from pyros you know fire world with aisha’s water world or is maia the only human living there

        • Yes, there probably isn’t any civilization on Pyros. We never saw any developed part of it.

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