Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if a magician from Earth gained magic powers?”

First, a confession: this is based on a fanfic. Back before season five premiered, I had an idea for a fanmade season. I probably won’t write it now. The story hasn’t been fleshed yet, and now my transformation name (Dreamix) has been used. 🙁

Anyway, the villain is a famous magician from Gardenia (sorry!) named Mephisto. (Yeah, I know it’s a lame name. Me from eight years ago couldn’t come up with anything better.) His shows used to sell out everywhere he went, but after the Winx brought real magic back to Earth, no one cared about magic tricks anymore. He became jealous of the Winx and hated them for ruining his business.

One of his assistants is a witch who has been living on Earth for decades. Seeing this as a chance to seize control, she turns Mephisto into a wizard. He uses his new power to get revenge on his critics, read and manipulate people’s minds, and — of course — take over the Magic Dimension to become the greatest magician in the universe.

Mephisto doesn’t know the difference between real magic and magic tricks. To him, being a wizard is just a way to make his act more realistic and surpass all other magicians. Of course, his spells end up causing lots of trouble.

Rainbow has already done this type of back story with Selina. She was jealous of Bloom’s popularity and wanted more power, which led to her teaming up with Acheron and becoming a witch. I wish the writers would keep exploring the idea of normal people becoming magic beings. The season four comics had a few interesting stories like that.

Imagine the possibilities. Here’s an example: the leaders of an oppressive government become witches and wizards. What would they do with their new powers? How would the Winx handle the situation?

That’s it for today!

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95 Responses to “What If Wednesday #5: A Magician Becomes a Wizard

  1. The whole deal of leaders of an oppressive government getting magic on their side reminds me of an thread called the Hogwarts Exposed Timeline, in which the world of magic ends up getting revealed to the whole muggle world. Long story short, the western militaries try to recruit wizards, while the Death Eaters end up teaming up with Al-Qaeda.

  2. He likely would fail quickly at the hands of even Alfea Students XD.

    But seriously I pictured with the return of magic soon magical beings would be born or thhose that are still young develop powers. Maybe Mitiz little sister ends up developing Fairy magic!

  3. ‘the leaders of an oppressive government become witches and wizards’
    they would become one of the most dangerous foes the winx would’ve faced because they could use laws to cripple the winx’s efforts to fight them or put a law in that orders them to be shot on sight

    • Yet three or princesses, royality who’s Kingdoms are some of the strongest in the universe. Alliances, ties, treaties at the end of it all the Government has to dance around them without provoking a war.

      • Well the winx have kept the universe from going to h**l in a handbasket for 7 years in a row
        So a government would have a difficult job on its hands

  4. This is similar to the idea I had once for a Harry Potter story: What if there was a Muggle kid who really liked magic tricks who then found out they were a Muggle-born witch or wizard? Really, I don’t even think they need to necessarily be a villain, maybe just a side character from a filler episode. In any case, I do think it’s a concept worth exploring. Also just in general how Earth people react to there suddenly being magic on their planet. There’s gotta be at least one person who refuses to believe in “that magic stuff.” Also, some cultures and people might not like magic because it goes against their beliefs.

    The “oppressive world leaders getting magic” part REALLY gets my mind going, but it might cause (even more) controversy for Winx because some real-life world leaders might take offense to it, and think the show’s trying to take a jab at them or something. I doubt Rainbow would deliberately do this, but you know there’s somebody out there who would complain.

    • Fair point, there’s already enough controversy over how modest outfits are and the dreaded afrogate incidents…magic amongst world leaders would be scary but might explain a few things.

    • That reminds of a pretty good Winx Club Oc-centric story on FFnet called ‘I Believe in Fairies’.
      There was a lot of interesting things this fic did. The main reason why the MC was turned in to a magical being(a fairy in this case) was because the fairy in question was Middle Eastern and her family followed those beliefs religiously and disapproved of her powers. It’s called an infidel(Google it!) So she gave them up(And in the process,earned her Enchantix) I thought that it was clever how the author tied in religious beliefs clashing with magic like that.
      I liked that it kept things on the fairly realistic side by showing that yes,the Winx Club did try to spread belief,BUT it was only in one town,NOT the entire world. They weren’t there long enough to make that much impact. After that,the story deals with the MC having these powers.

      Later on,her friend Cadence gets caught up in the magical business and when the question of if she’s going to a magic school,she says no because she has a life and ties on Earth and can’t drop everything to go get magical training. Which is a valid point
      What makes this more effective is for the simple reason that the characters,,,,are older.

      That doesn’t sound like much, but the characters are college age when they get their powers and that changes things since a person is not the same as a teenager than when they’re a young adult. By the time you’re that age,generally you’ve figured out most of your identity and you’re stale,but there’s still room for growth. I wish there was a sequel for this fic, since there’s a lot of interesting plotline this story could do.

      Actually now that I think about it. I’d like to see more Winx club do older characters getting powers. There’s a lot you could do with that. You know about magical girls,the thing that Winx Club gets inspiration from? You never see older magical girls or ones that grow up with their powers into adulthood,which is a shame.

      • I meant that the fairy with the religiously devout family gave up her powers to the MC to prevent something worse from happening to her mom specifically.

  5. Now that would be an interesting idea, i’m actually utilizing a similar idea in a fanfic on the fairy angle for a boy. Calling them sprites of course (to avoid unnecessary witching) it’s not complete yet but it’s in the works, it does start on Earth (sorry), but it’ll work it’s way to the different worlds as time goes on in the story. Going to Domino last because well…that planet is doomed for some reason. Why is Domino doomed? Did someone from the past curse it?

  6. @OP
    There would actually be a way for Bloom to have been Queen of Domino and Erakylion
    it’s called Diachry
    Diachry is a monarchy with two ruling crowns instead of one As in their is no Queen or King consort but ruling equals

        • I think they’re both traditional monarchies like Andros and Solaria. Bloom would’ve been Queen Regnant on Domino had Daphne not been restored but Queen Consort on Eraklyon. With Daphne restored she’ll be Queen Regnant. Sky will be King Regnant on Erakylon. Thoren for Domino would be King Consort. There’s no way that Erendor would’ve even allowed a Diarchy to take place he’s too territorial and would likely say that Bloom would have to forget Domino and only be loyal to Eraklyon knowing his temper.

          • Eh, a Diarchy is both Conserts of each others Kingdoms and Regnants in their own nations. Plus as King and Queen Sky and Bloom wouldn’t have to listen

            Solaria I think is a bit more reformed.

  7. They did it very briefly with Mitzi and her friends. And I really liked the concept. But I’m not sure I want to invest more time with someone from Earth.

        • Yes. Marrying Sky would mean leaving Domino without a future ruler. I think Rainbow retconned Daphne’s death and married her off to Thoren so they can rule Domino, while Bloom and Sky rule Eraklyon. To be fair, Daphne’s situation was always strange. Why did she become a spirit/ghost, while everyone else we know to be dead just passed on?

          • Maybe the rules for ghosts are like the old 1995 film Casper rules? Think about it…only those with unfinished business become ghosts. Daphne wanted to protect Bloom so she didn’t go to the afterlife like Nabu and Matlin did. Protecting Bloom was her unfinished business. Hence why she remained present as a ghost. It didn’t just stop after sending Bloom to earth…it took staying around her whole life, only when that job is complete would Daphne have been able to cross. That might also have something to do with the sirenix curse being busted…Daphne has a job to do that only she can do. Giving her physical form back to her would help with that because she’s the only one who could truly reign Bloom in apart from Flora or Tecna when Bloom’s about to go off the deep end.

          • @Will N
            Before hand it was unclear the Sirenix curse thing is likely the best explaination we are given.

    • Would it really have been a problem? I think Rainbow would’ve said Eraklyon anyways because marriage is sort of a finality. All Bloom really has to worry about is the royal life struggles (there’s implications she hates it, but to contrast Aisha on the whole fire/water thing she only whines about it once meaning she can fake liking royal family life but secretly hates it.)

  8. Mephisto isn’t such a bad name. I’m pretty sure it’s the name of the main villain in Suite Precure. XD

  9. That is an awesome fanfic idea. I wish you were going to write it, I can just see Mephisto’s evil gloating.

    …and I have a million thoughts about what magic might do on earth but I’ve tried like 3 times to type them in a way that makes sense and I fail, so I give up.

  10. A what if idea:
    What if Layla tells Nex about Nabu (or someone else, because maybe Layla wouldn’t talk about her dead boyfriend with Nex). How will Nex react? Will he allow her to share her feelings with him? Or would he tell her to rather not talk about Nabu with him?

    • I’m not gonna talk about Nabu in this feature. Not to sound rude, but the fandom talks about him enough already, and they shoehorn him into Aisha and Nex’s relationship constantly. While I wouldn’t mind seeing a plot like what you described in the show (just to give the fandom closure), this couple’s relationship shouldn’t be about anyone but the two of them. Nabu has nothing to do with it.

      But I’m gonna not write a “What If Wednesday” about Aisha and Nex anyway. I’ll talk about them separately.

      • Now that you put it that way, I completely agree. Nex and Layla’s relationship should just be about the two of them and should not be used to yet again gloss over Nabu’s death. People do that often enough already. I apologize for that.

        P.S. I am not one of the fans who wants Nabu back or who thought Nabu was better. I actually prefer Nex over him.

        • To be honest, even though I don’t wanna talk about Nabu, I wanna share some of my new theories about his death. Right now, all discussions about him go nowhere. They’re always about how wonderful he was, how he shouldn’t havd died, how he and Aisha were the best couple ever, how Rainbow’s horrible/racist/a bunch of bad writers for killing him off, etc.

          No one analyzes him through a writer’s eye. If they do, it’s always biased to defend his popularity. The fandom has also missed/ignored some of the symbolism and storytelling techniques used in his death and his connection to Aisha. I’d love to talk about it, but I know no one would listen and they’d just get angry instead.

          • probably done to show you don’t come away from every battle without losing something or someone but Nabu saved the earth fairies form the wizards

          • It’s annoying that this particular subject always winds up in a dead end (horribly bad pun intended). Even when people try to point out the writing angle especially with the lily and daisies…some of the YT responses i others get are “it’s not the flower, it’s what’s in the flower” and the like. My question is if coma was an option would white have been the color of the flowers? Also that particular color…white pops up in a lot of Nabu’s attire. That pretty much confirms he was a dead man walking. His robe had white trim, his wizard shoes were white, under his sweater was white, the lily was white and those daisies were white. White is associated with death. If something bad wasn’t gonna happen to him why would white be the equivalent of his “specialist gem” color?

          • I’m not sure about the “color white” angle, but you’d think the flower symbolism — the white lily being a funeral flower — would be enough to convince people. Why has the coma theory lasted so long? Literally nothing in that episode, except for two misinterpreted lines, even hints at the possibility of him being in a coma. It’s wishful thinking plus missing/ignoring important clues and storytelling techniques (like foreshadowing).

            The reason the subject always hits a dead end is because the fandom can’t let go of their image of him. It’s like they’re just trying to protect his reputation. He must remain perfect and pure. If anything someone says contradicts that image, it’s immediately shot down.

            It’s gotten so bad, some fans deny negative things Nabu actually did! For example, I once reminded someone that he stalked Aisha. The fan got angry and told me Nabu would never do something that. Someone needs to rewatch season three. 😑

            Anyway, unless the fandom is willing to let go of their image of Nabu and actually analyze him as the fictional character he is, we’ll never get anywhere with this topic.

          • I just thought of a good way to give everybody some closure. In 5×05, before the big convergence blast, there’s a boy behind Macey who looks eerily like Nabu (in the civilian outfit, but with different sneakers and capris and shorter hair). An episode in a future season could have Aisha and Nex investigate whether or not the black gift was still in the lily (as many fans think the lily had become a carrier of the life spell instead of an orb as ridiculous as that sounds) and given him a better life than what he had before, however she finds out that her initial thoughts were “of course, just a coincidence” to finally end the chaos because season 5 didn’t really give much closure to it other than “i know he’s gone, time to move on”. This would help everyone to move on and not dis Nex so much to see that Nex would be willing to help Aisha get in touch with an old friend if it were possible and he would be helping Nabu to help Aisha “to quit crying and smile”, which as Aisha said at the end of season 4 was what Nabu wanted. The boy himself would say something like “sorry, I’m not the person you’re looking for, but I was a friend of his and if he were here, he’d be happy to know you found someone else to take care of you”. Then it would be revealed to the audience when Arcadia showed up “Well done Nabu, you proved a point that no one else seemed to realize, she’s happy with or without you, which is what you wanted, you may continue to guard her and Nex on their journey, just don’t ever let Aisha know what really happened after that day, at least not until her time comes”

          • Interesting story. But if Rainbow actually showed Nabu in a physical form, the fandom would care even less about Aisha moving on than they do now. Plus, it would make her relationship with Nex about Nabu. I think whatever closure scene Rainbow comes up with should be through Aisha’s eyes, not his. This is her story. The fandom needs to see that she’s matured enough to accept what happened and gained a new perspective.

            Aisha moved on, but the fandom didn’t move on with her. She needs to figuratively go back to her past, take our hands, and lead us to her present.

          • You know, I think I understand what’s going on right now. The fandom literally doesn’t care about Aisha anymore. After she moved on, they stopped connecting with her emotions and story. All their sympathy is now directed towards Nabu for having died in the first place.

            As a result, he’s now more important to them than her. Her feelings, personality, and character development don’t matter. That’s why in a lot of fanfics where he comes back, it seems like he’s the dominant character. Aisha exists just to bring him back and reaffirm how wonderful he was. Unless (or until) she does that, she’s permanently stuck in mourning, even though that doesn’t fit her character.

            Maybe the lack of closure created this problem. Bringing Nabu back would only make it worse because the focus would continue to be on him.

          • @ OP wow, the fan base must really need something about this done, and I suppose physical form would delay the issue of moving on a bit longer, but if they showed Nabu as something other than “love for Aisha” it might help. Maybe Aisha can take a look in the room of faraway reflections? Just to let everyone know how she moved on. We get a flashback to 4×26 and her comment there. However like Bloom it would help to make her somewhat aware of the fourth wall, because I don’t see the fan base getting over it without both leaders being aware that they are cartoons.

          • @Will N

            The fandom got closure but refused to listen or accept it. Just like they refuse to accept that Roxy is a Believix fairy at first (and a few still do despite rainbow conforming it!)

          • Honestly, sometimes it feels like the fandom likes being upset about Nabu’s death. Some fans act like not getting over it and moving on is some kind of duty or badge of honor. 😕 I don’t know what that’s supposed to accomplish other than keeping everyone sad, but…maybe that’s what they want. “Misery loves company,” as the saying goes.

          • Also OP do the websites and official YouTube channel count as official Winx lore? Cause I say it does.

          • I ask that because Roxy is stated to be a Believix fairy by Rainbow numbers times on their website (click to play is the latest) and it isn’t marketing as she doesn’t have toys on the shelf anymore.

          • @ OP according to Bloom’s and Roxy’s dialogue in season 4…the website doesn’t count because the website is written from a business standpoint, not a show standpoint since like the comics and books the writers are different from those who write the show. I treat the website like another wiki because there’s really nothing to defend the website in show other than what pertains to Bloom and Stella, i take it with salt because none of those things are ever mentioned (about the only thing that would count as fact is the birthdays and star signs but again they’re never mentioned.), and some are even disproven (Like the Flora/Aisha & Musa/Tecna bffs thing, Flora says in season 5 Tecna’s her best friend in 5×21 and of course Aisha said in season 2 that Musa was at the disco before the stats were even a thing in season 4). For the Roxy believix condrum This little comment from Roxy “I’m a fairy” and these comments from Bloom “Roxy, you’ve transformed into a fairy”, “Sorry, too dangerous for a fairy without believix powers” are what WCD channel uses as confirmation on Charmix in addition to visual cues (lack of pearl veined wings, lack of paws on the wings, and the most important no fairy dust on her magic which if she were a believix fairy she’d be able to use believix powers, something she never did). If Roxy were to get a new level it’d be Enchantix first, then whatever else because no one gets Enchantix without Believix. I think Bloom and Roxy’s dialogue would be different if Roxy were actually a believix fairy since fairy without any extra adjective is an indicator of Charmix (or Magic for those of you who like to call Charmix pins as a separate level instead of just a cute purse and pin). If anything it’s what you said once before that most will echo. Believix for marketing, Charmix in-universe. Roxy’s Charmix just looks like a believix and has believix music (or is it Bloomix music now?) for the purposes of matching the Winx and transforming with the Winx because she’s being set up to potentially be one or at least become a more prominent ally.

            @Dragon the fans don’t consider it closure (even though a lot of us do consider the flower being white and a lily white=death lily=funerals). They still want to defend his status as “6th Specialist” despite the fact that he was never truly integrated with anyone in the group other than Helia and Riven. This is why we need one final episode to deal with it.

          • …the website doesn’t count because the website is written from a business standpoint, not a show standpoint since like the comics and books the writers are different from those who write the show.

            Actually, some of the comics are written by the writers of the show. I just looked through about ten of the recent ones. Nicola Venanzetti wrote the script for several of them. The stories and scripts for all of them were written under the supervision of Maurizio de Angelis. You probably recognize both of those names by now.

            I’m not sure about the books, though.

            (Like the Flora/Aisha & Musa/Tecna bffs thing, Flora says in season 5 Tecna’s her best friend in 5×21 and of course Aisha said in season 2 that Musa was at the disco before the stats were even a thing in season 4).

            I don’t remember that. I’ll go back and look later. But I don’t understand why the fandom gets so fixated on the best friend pairs. Aren’t all the Winx best friends? Personally, I prefer seeing pairs we don’t usually see together, instead of the official (or non-official) best friends.

            They still want to defend his status as “6th Specialist” despite the fact that he was never truly integrated with anyone in the group other than Helia and Riven.

            And barely with Helia at that. It was mainly just with Riven. Yet the fandom doesn’t seem to remember that or anything that suggests Nabu wasn’t meant to be a permanent character. I even mentioned during season four how it felt like he was thrown into the group without becoming close to the Specialists. Of course, I just said, “Who cares?” back then, but in hindsight, it might have been a clue.

          • @Will N

            Yeah OP did state many of them where written by Winx Club writers and edited by the current story editor. Aso the Website is runned by Rainbow a company that Igninio Staffi runs and practically owns. Because of this the website is official licensed work under direct supervision by Rainbow. This means any revelation they give can be taken as fact on account its Word of God.

            Keep in mind Rainbow is quite smalll a company and word travels around the building.

            Also official licensed merchandise means that Rainbow signed off on it. Rainbow the owners of Winx Club, runned by and owned by Igninio Staffi the creator of the series. That’s Word of God which can trump conflict of canon.

            Look you can ignore the Wikia but the website is runned by Rainbow who own the series. That’s official because they say it is. Literally end of all Rainbow says she’s believix she’s believix it doesn’t matter what dialog says, it doesn’t matter what the minority scream and it doesn’t matter how much we want to deny it. Rainbow says she’s Belevix she’s Believix.

          • @OP

            I already knew the comics where written by Winx Club writers and edited by their current story editor. In fact the comic which tells us Winx is a Believix, Issue 68: Was edited over by the season 4 story editor with the later issues having their season 4 writers doing it.

            Never mind Igninio owns the company the owns the series so its practically Word of God at this point that she is a Believix.

          • @ OP I actually like the oddball pairs better too, the fire and water actually getting along thing with Bloom & Aisha is my favorite (because fire and water usually don’t mix) although seeing Stella and Tecna have joke tag teams (even if Tecna’s like mine are horrendously bad) and Musa and Flora’s “the pink ones who have more emotion trouble than they’d ever admit” relationship is quite nice. Also all the Winx are best friends. The Flora/Tecna thing was in Problems of Love, where Bloom admitted she was pigheaded in relationships… (maybe she’s learned to calm down a bit now?) and Flora was inquiring from Bloom advice on love life when Tecna walked in, she said best friends in the plural, but it was clear she was looking at Tecna more than Bloom when she said it.

            I didn’t know that about the comics (even though i read them on tumblr well Tiny Dragon and Sapphira110’s translations of them anyways), although here’s something interesting there…Musa got a Mythix spell, Sound Triad. Too bad she never used it on screen, probably because of the way the comics present it. Just an amped up “Harmonic Attack” shot from her wand.

          • @Will N

            Also I want too point this out we only got the Winx’s birthdays because of the Website, they aren’t stated anywhere else. So does this mean we can ignore it because its not stated in show? Or do we embrace it because its stated by a Rainbow owned website?

          • @Will N

            *according to Bloom’s and Roxy’s dialogue in season 4…the website doesn’t count because the website is written from a business standpoint,*

            Actually Winx Club is also a business being a franchise.

            *I treat the website like another wiki because there’s really nothing to defend the website in show other than what pertains to Bloom and Stella*

            The difference between it and a Wiki is that Wiki’s are runed by fans the Website is runed by Rainbow directly.

            To dismiss the Wenbsite is to dismiss Rainbow in a way as Winx Club’s owner (which we both know is true)

            Because of this they can make such changes retoactively if they want. The case in point is Daphne who they treated as dead then decided in season 5 “No she isn’t”.

            Same way with Roxy’s Believix and the “Magic Winx” Transformation becoming Charmix. Rainbow can change the series as they see fit to fit either the narrative or their wants.

            Also another thing is… the writers for season 4 aren’t their anymore. Niether are the writers for season 1-3. Rainbow owns the series but the writers arefreelanced and Rainbow can toss them aside. Because of this if Rainbow makes a change that contradicts dialog well… they own the series so they can ignore it if they want (which they did making it a plot hole at best or disconiunity at worse).

            A good way to picture thhis is Star Wars old EU. Before Disney had bought it Star Wars EU was licensed and controlled by Lucasfilm and they had whole teams to keep the EU in check. After Disney bought Star Wars they had the right as owner to make changes. They decided to toss out the EU and keep only the seven movies and The Clone Wars CGI cartoon and decleared the rest as Legends (effectilly non-canon)

            This is the same with Winx Club writers come and go but Rainbow can ignore what they want on account they own and control the series and cann make changes for any number of reasons.

          • @OP

            So I guess in closing sense Rainbow owns the Website any changes or revelations it makes is technically canon.

        • I am also a fan that doesn’t want nabu to come back since he saved the earth fairies and killed one of the black circle wizard
          Nabu is a badass in my books for that

      • i don’t understand why Bloom is always the last to get things
        last to get enchantix and it’s flawed when the writers could have easily solved it by making maia be from domino
        last to bond with a selkie
        last to earn Bloomix but it was awesome to see bloom use an attempted assassination on her life to her advantage
        last to bond with a fairy animal which with what Elas being is still ironic

      • It’s unrelated but what I really like about Layla falling in love with Nex is that it sends a really, really positive message that is not spread enough. No, I’m not talking about the interracial aspect (although that is another heartwarming message they send). I’m talking about how it’s OK to let go of your dead loved one.

        Many people never remarry after they lose their partner because they feel they would be betraying said partner or because they think what would people say? While some people genuinely never fall in love again and their feelings are to be respected too, others who do should be encouraged to remarry.

        Especially if someone’s loved one died at a young age, it’s just not very healthy to live the rest of your life without a partner.

        • I agree. What’s sad is some fans want Aisha to stay single from now on. How old was she when she met Nabu? 17? 18? 19? Something like that.

          Are they actually saying a teenager should give up on love for the rest of her life because her first love died? That makes no sense at all. The truth is they just can’t handle seeing her in love with someone else, which is also sad. Aisha’s happy again, but they don’t care about her happiness anymore.

          Sometimes, I feel like the fandom loves Nabu more than they love her.

          • They do. Also she’s 19. But yep as I seen Aisha isn’t one of the more popular Winx. Even Bloom is more popular (Bloom has a bit of a hatedom and is still better liked) then her.

          • Yeah, Aisha has never been that popular. I don’t know if some of these fans really cared about her, so much as Nabu being there because of her. Also, I hate still seeing pictures of her crying over him, as if she hasn’t gotten over what happened. She’s one of the most resilient Winx in the group, if not the most. It cheapens her character to reduce her to a hopeless, sobbing “widow” for the rest of the series.

          • Also I was off. Aisha was 21 or 22 when Nabu died… also she wasn’t married to him by defult she isn’t a widow

          • I know she’s not a widow. That’s why I put that word in quotes. I don’t know what you’d technically call her or if there’s even a word for it. But the fandom kinda acts like she’s his widow.

            Even if she wasn’t a teenager when he died, the idea that she should give up on love for the rest of her adult life is ridiculous. First of all, her adult life had barely begun. Second, as a magic being, she may live for several centuries. That’s a long time to stay single just because her first relationship ended tragically. Any fan who really loves Aisha would never wish that on her.

    • Considering that Mephisto from LoliRock is one of my favorite fictional characters ever, I am in no position to hate on the name Mephisto.

        • Well, magicians will sometimes go by fake names that they think sound cool. They’re not gonna step up as some great magician and be like “Hi, I’m Jeff.” (No offense to anyone named Jeff who may be reading this.)

  11. You know the more I think about it the more ridiculous it is for a normal witch to give him magic powers as well as the impossibility he would even understand them. So far giving none magic active beiings power requires the giver to be powerful him/herself and Mitiz and her friends needed some training to understand their abilities.

    Also on the plus side… Season 6 showed us that Earth fairies have normal wing sizes and charmixs so Roxy being a charmix fairy is debunked by this. Also Rainbow should really take a active role in the fandom. Its so fractured that its eating itself without them.

    • Well, I never actually finished this fanfic. 😅 Like I said, I’ll probably never write it. It was just an idea I had years ago before the real season five came out.

      I wish Rainbow would talk to us more. But considering how much people gripe about the show nowadays, they probably wouldn’t wanna deal with it. That might be why they shut down the forums and stopped responding to comments on Facebook. 😕

      • Yeah…Rainbow has enough problems with Three Trix (or should I say four if Diaspro officially joined offscreen later). They don’t need a whole planet of them. Every time anyone tries to ask anything objectively or not…fans call fowl and won’t let the creators have their say about anything. 98% of the fan base is hostile towards quite a lot of people that analyze heavily especially to WCD Channel and he’s pretty much the “Michael” of YT for Winx since Michael’s not allowed to say much. It’d be nice if Michael could talk to people with more than just his website…it would probably stop a lot of chaos if he could. If Rainbow would talk to us more…they’d probably do it through Michael since just about everyone listens to him.

        • Diaspro isn’t a member. Yes it also doesn’t help we got like what? Still a bunch of people crying foal about Nick, or not knowing that the show was italian and calling each versions instead of dubs

          • You seem to be ignoring the “If” in my comments. If indicates possibility, doesn’t necessarily mean anything other thab possible.

        • She would become a member of the trix if she succeeded in destroying Bloom which not only didn’t work but made bloom stronger as a result

  12. being a person who hasn’t seen the 4th season all the way through yet
    i have to agree that Nabu did do somethings wrong like stalking but in the end he saved the day but paided the ultimate price in doing so and the winx had always won but never also lost something or someone in the process until Nabu died in season 4 and it’s obvious to me this fandom is still in denial over nabu’s death

    • I’m not saying stalking Aisha makes him a bad person or something, and I’m also not downplaying his sacrifice. All I mean is the fandom has built up this image of Nabu being perfect — to the point where they deny anything negative about him, even if it’s canon. They’re more interested in protecting his reputation than analyzing him as a character. That’s why discussions about him go nowhere.

      It doesn’t matter how wonderful a character was or what they did. We should still be able to pick them apart like any other character. After all, Nabu’s personality and actions weren’t his own. Rainbow assigned them to him. Sometimes, it feels like the fandom has forgotten that.

      Analyzing him means trying to figure out why the writers gave him those traits what their purpose for him was.

  13. i take back this
    ‘ Jim hook because he’s worser villain than Tritanus was’
    since jim would not wander into an ambush set by the winx so blindly

  14. my question is were the wizards of the black circle magicians before they were converted and where do they come from

    • According to the drawings.. likely knights before making the black circle and deciding to commit a pseudo-genocide

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