Today's "What If Wednesday" question: "What if Musa's father, Ho-Boe, remarries?"

The death of her mother, Matlin, has been a big part of Musa's story since season one. Almost every season has referenced it somehow. (I think the only two that didn't were four and seven.) Throughout the series, she's shown strength and maturity by being able to accept her loss.

One of her wisest moments was in season five, when she chose not to use her Sirenix wish to bring her back to life. She knew that would have been wrong. After all, Matlin's in paradise now — safe from danger and free from sickness. How selfish would Musa be to drag her mother out of eternal happiness?

Ho-Boe hasn't been as strong as his daughter. Out of grief, he tried to crush her dream of becoming a musician. Being around music brought back too many painful memories for him.

That episode — "The Show Must Go On" (2X15) — is one of my favorites from season two. The title's pretty clever. Musa's show at Redfountain almost went on without her. But "show" may have been a metaphor for "life" — as in "life goes on," part of what Ho-Boe needed to learn.

We know what happened. He let her perform, she ended up fighting Stormy (not important, but still part of the episode), and at the end, we saw the father and daughter smile and hug each other at Matlin's grave. The implication was he'd healed a bit more. In season five, he looked happy again.

Why not take this subplot further? Is he ready to find love again? I know he's middle-aged, but people remarry even later in life.

How would Musa react to it? Would she accept her new mom — or resent her (and him)?

We've already seen a story like this with Stella in season three. The difference is her mother, Queen Luna, is still alive, so she'd still be in her life even if King Radius remarried. But Matlin's gone forever. Would Musa take that into consideration?

(Side note: if you count the comics, her father isn't the only widower in her story. In #33: "Ghosts," she meets a composer named Sifelius, whose wife has recently died. He's given up on writing music and shut himself up in his house. I won't ruin the ending, in case you haven't read the comic.)

That's it for today!

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82 Responses to “What If Wednesday #6: Musa’s New Mom?

  1. I don’t think she’d be too opossed given the comic. After all Matlin wouldn’t want either of them that upset forever. On another note…Did Musa ever tell her dad about what happened in the labrynth especially since she had the only Bloom level difficult choice to make? (Stella and Tecna’s were difficult too but not as much as Musa’s)

      • You seriously think that Musa wouldn’t tell her dad about getting to see her mom again one last time? Surely she would at least tell him about it and what had to be done to keep the universe from falling apart while she was in school. There was nothing stating she couldn’t say anything about it. Any child that didn’t tell their parent about that kind ot experience unless they had a good reason not to…would be a bit odd.

        • I tend to think the whole trail for the water stars thing could be something Musa wants to forget perhaps because she almost took it before reallizing she would have doomed everyone.

  2. She’s be ok with it. Musa has spent years and as season 5 shown she excepts her mothers passing.

  3. There’s actually another Stella example of this in one of the comics (don’t remember which issue, but I think it may have actually extended into multiple as a recurring subplot). Queen Luna announces that she is remarrying, and Stella is NOT happy about it. I’m not gonna spoil the ending, but it’s actually very sweet.

    We know that Musa can be kind of stubborn, but I still think that she’d mainly just be happy that her father’s point of view had evolved that far. Maybe Musa wouldn’t’t like her, and there could be some conflicts there, but I really don’t think that Musa and her family should be put through more drama. Let them be happy, Rainbow.

    • I think that was “The School for Witches” as Stella ends up falling for a trap that the Trix made Knut set when they learned that she’s been stressed over her mom’s potential remarrying. They needed someone going through “great pain” to open this forbidden book they stole from a Cloud Tower professor, so they lured Stella to Magix’s outskirts by using a fake love potion formula that Stella considered using on her parents so that her mom wouldn’t remarry. Of course, this all ended up being a trap and the Trix tortured her into thinking that her parents divorced because of her (to get that book to unlock).
      There are actually about 3 issues where Stella has to deal with familial issues that end up driving her up a wall, I think.

  4. Honestly, I feel like this could do wonders for Musa’s character. As you already pointed out, Stella and Musa are very similar as both have the most tragedy going on in their personal lives. While Stella has to constantly fight with her parents just to make them tolerate each other, Musa’s parents always loved one another but were just ripped apart too soon. Stella still has her family and I feel like she still has to learn that she can have a complete family even if her parents are no longer married. Musa’s never had to deal with that because she always knew that her family was complete, she just needed to accept it by moving past the pain of her mother’s death (her part of the Labyrinth was still an unnecessary stab at the heart though).
    I’m pretty sure Musa would accept Ho-Boe’s new lover to the best of her abilities. I mean, she’s one of the most powerful Guardian Fairies in the entire Magic Dimension and SOMETHING’s almost always going on, especially if she wishes to further her musical career. Ho-Boe’s going to be alone for most of his life because of this and as much as she’d try to visit, I doubt Musa would be able to stay with him all the time. This would only get worse with his old age since the Winx are still aging (possibly at a slower rate than the 1 season = 1 year thing we’re all used to). If he ever decided to remarry, then Musa wouldn’t have to worry about him in his old age as much, but I’m sure she’d feel a bit angry at her potential stepmom for “trying to replace Matlin.” It’d be an interesting turmoil for Musa to go through: trying to stay happy and compliant for her aging father but she’s still unable to shake off the fear that this new woman is trying to take her birth mom’s place.

      • 25-26.

        This takes in Alfea’s summer to spring school year the small time skip in the middle of the first movie and the rest of the seasons.

        • so how many enemies have been defeated by the winx?
          the winx have obtained 14 fairy forms but why can’t they use all of them then?

          • They’re technically using the same form after Enchantix. With the exception of Sirenix and Bloomix…the new powers don’t exactly make one stronger. It’s like the Mission Select Rescue Heroes toys by fisher price, just another dress for each skill. Sirenix and Bloomix are the only levels that are “higher” than Enchantix because unlike the other forms…these two have their own natures. Sirenix is like a Subform of Bloomix in a sense. The rest are just Enchantix subforms.

          • I disagree with all of that.

            I don’t think the other transformations have anything to do with Enchantix. They’re just born from other forms and sources of magic. Enchantix comes from a fairy’s innate magic. The other transformations come from the magic in items like the Mythix wands or the Tynix bracelets.

            In fact, it might be wrong to call them “transformations.” A better way to say it may be that these forms of magic cause transformations. (We have to ignore the marketing side of this, of course.) Sometimes, it’s a logical and practical transformation. For example, Sirenix is a type of mermaid magic (in a sense), and it gave the Winx mermaid-like abilities: breathing underwater, fin-like wings for swimming, etc.

            Long story short: I think these are all different forms of magic that exist in the Magic Dimension. They’re not specifically fairy forms, but they give fairies different forms. It makes a bit more sense if you consider that the term “fairy” can apply to lots of different enchanted creatures, like mermaids, pixies, dryads, nymphs, etc. That at least helps explain Sirenix.

            The only exception would probably be Believix. I’d call that purely a fairy form. (Of course, Enchantix is, too.) The others aren’t. For example, the Trix had Sirenix forms, so it’s not a magic exclusive to fairies.

          • @Will N

            Actually Sirenix isn’t a different or upgrade. In fact despite Bloomix being fulled by the Dragon Flame the Winx are somehow [i]weaker![i].

            Its likely to think these forms have become a handicap for the Winx why are letting their skill and experince be wasted on a transformation that only buffs the then current mission.

            Exchantix is when the Winx where at the peak in everything but come believix…. its a slow down hill

          • @OP

            Believix isn’t actually a higher form in the sense its empowering them… oh no they whete still as strong in Enchantix as in Belevix (which is the same for all the transformations) it ojnly gave them a focus on what their powers should be.

            by season 7 the Winx had errorided away all the skill they had and literally are handicapping themselves.

          • Sorry to interrupt but didn’t Faragonda said that Believix was higher than Enchantix in the 1st episode of season 4?

          • None of those forms empower the Winx. They are the same as they always been sense Enchantix.

            Instead the illusion of strengh is given.

          • Maybe it’s not about strength anymore. These transformations have each had a specific purpose. They may not be more powerful, but they’ve allowed the Winx to do things and go places they couldn’t before. Enchantix may have been powerful, but that doesn’t mean it could do absolutely anything.

            I’m not sure about Bloomix. Maybe because it’s technically Bloom’s power, it couldn’t be as strong in the other Winx. I know people have talked about that plot hole for a while, but honestly it goes back as far as season one. Why don’t the Trix still have it? Is it finite?

          • @OP

            Figured because they stole it and was abusing it to simply destroy and conquer (it’s suppose to rot ect and create) that the flame left them for Bloom (or bloom took it back when they where defeated)

          • @ Dragon, the focus on the specific powers is what made me think of the Mission Select Rescue Heroes toys since they had a similar concept (only it was just an all purposes outfit with a viewfinder rescue pack and voice-tech chip for each character instead of the more fitting appropriate dress for whatever) also the focus on a specific power is what makes many fans think that the main level of the past three seasons is a level specifically for each of the Winx (Aisha=Sirenix, Bloom=Bloomix, Flora=Butterflix).

            Also why does every transformation have to be about strength? Bloom being the every day girl she is has never wanted the levels for strength…she’s always wanted them for something more beneficial (Believix to bring magic back to her home, Sirenix to revitalize Daphne, she made Bloomix to help her friends, Mythix to make ammends with Selina possibly, Butterflix was probably to help Roxy with the endangered animals, Tynix is probably the only one she finds ridiculous or even unnecessary.) Really if anyone would want the levels for strength…I think that falls under Aisha’s department. I mean counting the comic levels and WOW we’re at 20 fairy forms all serving different purposes. Now if they’d just give roxy and Daphne something nice and new. I’d even like to see Mirta in something new. Maybe…give them all Bloomix?

          • @Will N

            Well first Roxy Believix is a mess with her body though it actually beneficial as she has to learn how to use her powers vs using the transformation. Skill is something she needs as her abilities are more support then attack

            Daphne however is far to powerful to need new transformation. She’s also far more expedited and skilled compared to the Winx.

          • @jordan yes, i’ve even made a few myself.
            @Dragon the reason why many want something new for Roxy and Daphne is that eventually seeing Believix and Sirenix will become sickening (right now Sirenix is the fan favorite level that isn’t Enchantix so it’ll be awhile before Sirenix gets old, but at some point it will be) and Believix has just about reached that point. I really wish Rainbow would’ve went with giving Roxy butterflix outside of the nick game though…so I guess we can say Roxy technicaly has butterflix sorta. Just wish they’d have done something with her hair for that sprite besides the barrettes (so i applied her kiwi outfit’s twintails to it and reversed the green/pink arrangement when I imagine her in butterflix since Flora’s is green).

          • @Will N

            Roxu is a believix fairy aright. The Website is not marketing (they don’t even market their own dolls or comics!) its the official source.

  5. i think she’d accept it, maybe she wouldn’t be too interested in actively seeking contact with her Step-mom, because she might feel, that a person and what she feels for her mom, is irreplaceable, but she definitely wouldn’t resent her, Musa is the most mature of the bunch after all.

      • the problem i have with the early seasons is the lack of action, the voices in the rai dub and awful animation
        i can stand the 4kids voices and the nick and duart dub VA’s and Animation are way better than the RAI

        • The early seasons where character development. The 4kids dub butchered the plot and made the va cridgy and stupid.

          At the very least RAI made a story that can fit with all versions

          • 4kids! voice were the best ones in my opinion (except for Tecna I guess, she sounded too old; but I did like the fake British accent). The acting was superb. And contrary to most, I do love the 4kids! dialogue as well though I resent them making unneccessary changes. It was so lively with bits of little details thrown here and there. And it was the only version where even Bloom could be funny.

          • it’s that awful voice acting that makes me like the later seasons since the VA’s for bloom and flora in DuArt are 2 that i’m familiar with from pokemon

          • @OP

            and those changes made plot holes (the biggest was with Musa) going forward, some of the dialogue was terrible the name changes where “Why?” and a few of the scences where just “why” and hellped cause alot of the mess in the first place

          • About the voicing….Nickelodeon and DuArt’s voices are duplicates or close to the 4kids version with minor season 4 Cinelume voice influences on Bloom & Musa (also 4kids vets returned to voice the Winx) but still retaining the 4kids voice as much as possible. Each dub prior to DuArt had one major strength.
            4kids: Voice Acting
            Cinelume: Writing
            Nickelodeon: Graphics
            DuArt gives the fans what they want (a merger of the dub strengths), and yet they still complain about it, they must have wanted to have a “forbidden love” type thing with the dubs.
            There’s still a few bugs with each dub though.
            4kids: Quite Random plot changes that made no sense (although some of their edits did actually make more sense than the original version…like moving the formation of the club to the conclusion of Voice of nature/Junior League…there’s no way a club would form after just meeting, fast friends? Maybe, but still give the girls time to get to know each other before becoming a club)
            Cinelume: The voice acting with the exception of Jennifer seguin…oh my bright star is it awful. Not to mention who in their right minds thought it was a good idea to have Arthur voices on Winx? I mean in the Cinelume dub i don’t hear the Winx i hear “Fern, Francine, Arthur and Binky” to name a few, also why do Bloom and Aisha sound like “weasley wimps?” Leaders shouldn’t sound like that.
            Nick: Occasionally a bad dialogue edit.
            DuArt: Poor QC on random screencaps for bloopers. And don’t even get me started on why they should always use the tv cast as the movie cast…If we never have to hear Cindy Robinson as Bloom again….it will be too soon. She doesn’t even know who Bloom is and squeaks when talking.

          • @Will N
            One thing I hate is they made Winx into a thing… why actually? What are Witches powers then called they are the same species!? The thing about it just being soomething Bloom made up was it kinda gave them uniqueness and it gave the girls a impact as a whole with Faragonda decided that Winx, which before was just made up, now meant what a Modern fairy should be. That’s a accomplishment in of itself.
            the dialogue is a bit eye rolling and makes one wounder why? They turnned much of itinto a comedy when that really wasn’t the point of the series and at many times I wonder why are they saying this. Furthermore these changes in dialogue end up in the plot (Musa talking about castles when she never was a princess, the spells themselves and even the puns… Musa you sound like a stereotype)

            Also Tecna as a british accent why? Because she’s smart? Excuse me but I don’t think that’s really a excuse.

          • I remember fans getting so mad at Nick for “changing” the definition of Winx. 😅 And yeah, the punny, fake Latin spell names. Transportus Back Homus? Getus Outta Herus? Ugh!

            “Princess” Musa was a strange change. I think it’s funny that they had write around it in every season afterwards. First, her back story was revealed with no signs of royalty in it. Then the real princess showed up. It’s almost like Rainbow was doing it on purpose. 😁

          • As far as I remember, Stella used Transportus Back Homus in the RAI version too in Season 3 when she teleports everyone out of Cloud Tower.

          • @ OP I think the Princess Musa change was because there are three princesses in the club and they wanted three the whole time, so 4kids applied it to Musa because she was the other main character apart from Bloom and Stella in season 1 (Tecna and Flora were basically side members in seasons 1 and 2 despite being in the main cast) so Musa was given the royal treatment during season 1. When Aisha came in…it was no longer necessary so they could do the actual story for Musa.

          • @Will N

            That created a whole lot of problems and to be honest this is 4kids they make dumb changes fir no reason its their whole thing.


            I won’t call RAI a “version” as versions imply a reboot or a different take. Even 4kids changes didn’t quite destroy the storyline their haven’t been versions only dubs of a italian shoow. Some more truer to the series then others.

      • One thing though…if the voices are terrible it can be hard to be patient on the story. Luckily for those of us who watch both dubs…we simply replace the RAI voices with the Nick/DuArt/4k ones mentally just so we can sit through the dub without getting agitated at the dialogue. Voice acting is just as much a key factor in marketing as a good story and concept. You can’t really throw out one thing in favor of the other just because one part of a dub is better than the other.

        • The reason for that is because The Voices tell the story, not the story creating voices as it goes along. Liza Kaplan actually does a much better job of conveying “lost princess who becomes an Earth girl that’s enthusiastic about magic and fairies” than Helina Evangilou is. If the US had airred the Cinelume dub…there’s a good chance that no one would’ve cared for Winx in the US because those voices just don’t tell the story.

          • Actually the opposite is true with dubs. The plot is made before hand. 4kids alterations ends up creating problems for them due to having made changes without quite thinking throw. The Musa thing is just one but the Daphne is not Bloom’s sister? Season 5 and 6 are so intertanged with that it likely would cause us too ask questions.

            The thing about 4kids plot is take it away it can’t flow past the second season. In the 3rd things break down and if they continued? The Ancestrals are dead when we see them their boodies long sennse destroyed. Season 4? Duman straight up beenkilled and 4kids tried to explain that Darkar who in the source isn’t even alive and can’t be destroyed… they state he isn’t dead.

            4kids plot makes me question why they did it when the series was itself not overly violate or dark.

        • 4kids plot doesn’t mess well with how the series actually is (no trust me I picked it apart and it can’t fit0 and you should each RAI version instead because Nick… kinda did a few changes to the season from the value of handsight.

          • There are a few changes in 4kids that do make sense. Some don’t but others do. One change like where the club forms as a thing episode 4 vs episode 2 actually does make sense. The girls are just meeting in episode 2, having them make a club then doesn’t fit. Moving the formation of the club to episode 4 allows the girls some bonding time instead of rushing the club to form out the gate. If the club forms it should be close to the point where a transformation is earned by the group as a whole (generally episode 6 & 13 or 14). A dialogue change in Gangs of Gardenia that makes more sense than a phone call to parents is Aisha speaking a foriegn language to the officer instead of offering the call (even though the guard couldn’t call them) because the three girls weren’t from Earth in that scene. A third thing that I found made sense was Bloom knowing she was adopted instead of finding it out. Why? Because that’s something that no parents should keep from their children. It made Mike and Vanessa look like bad parents in the rai dub to keep being adopted a secret from Bloom. Sure i have my gripes with the dub for editing a lot, but some of their edits to Winx actually made sense compared to the rest of their block.

            Also…i can tell you this….even if the story is good, most people will not sit through the episode if the voicing is terrible. Written Words are powerful, but spoken words carry much more power. Others will also not sit through the show if they find artstyle poor and can’t get a laugh out of it. The Dialogue is one factor but it takes Dialogue, Voice, graphics and good marketing to make a good show. Each one builds on the other. Rainbow needs to market the series the way 4kids marketed it (and by that I mean marketing the Shadowhaunt out of it) and take just as much an active role in the fandom. They need to specifically answer everybody’s questions and provide in-universe reasons for things that fans won’t believe unless otherwise stated by a direct comment from Rainbow in an interview, on the Winx Club channel on YT.

          • @Jorden

            Yeah that doesn’t fit well with the later seasons at all. A few of those changes like diluted powers (sorry it was more impressive the Trix fought her at full powers for both Bloom and the Trix), the whole good judgement spell? Yeah its more believable its kitchen duty and Bloom is a naturally born leader in some way explains why they don’t question it and seriously Bloom makes bad judgement calls (really big one in eposide 17) also the litte league… no… just no. The Undines in RAI where more bearable and logical then that in fact 4kids edited out the fact they where their own civilization!

            Let’s not get me started on how they edited the first episode. Jumping striagh into Bloom meeting Stella? Thhat makes the first 10- mintues awkwardly plasted after that when really it gave us a good look at Bloom’s character.

          • @Will N

            Rainbow tried that once…. didn’t quite go over well but yeah they really should be more active.

          • They took out Sky’s proposals to Bloom in the movies, too, so I think that was a general change. Although Nabu’s proposal was just there to ratchet up the stakes before he died. So you can almost argue it wasn’t necessary in the first place, except for that reason.

  6. I have an idea for “What If Wednesday” and I think it’s a cool one😉

    What if Stella hadn’t been held back at Alfea for a year (as she exploded the potionology class or something) and was a senior of the Winx girls?
    How would the life of the other five girls change without Stella since being older, she’s not a part of the group?

    Well infact, Winx club would have been very different as Stella was the one who had brought Bloom to Magix..

    • She blew up the science lab trying to make a new shade of pink in one dub. I guess that’s why everyone’s wearing pink in season 6 and 7 for their uniforms and why Bloom has a pink Onyrix, a pink magic of joy (which i call Elatix) and a pink flower princess dress of all things. Stella finally made that new one she was looking for and Bloom got best friended into wearing pink so much when she’d probably rather wear yellow or a dark red like kidney bean maroon (similar to food power or Healthix as i call it) if she’s not wearing blue. That also might have something to do with Bloom’s recent accents since Believix, it wasn’t that bad before then. Seriously Why does a redhead need to wear pink? It’s a horrible color clash and Stella as a fashion designer should know not to put her best friend in pink!

  7. @ OP This isn’t related but I think I know why Butterflix was earned in episode 3 of season 7 instead of 6 or 13. It was their way of doing something for the eleventh anniversary. Bloom first transformed in episode 3 of season 1 so they acknowledged that subtly. (Although I prefer the flashback specials way of having her transform in episode 10 first better because it sets Bloom up to be an overprotective big sister to Roxy in the future.)

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