Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if the schools in the Magic Dimension let in more students from Earth?”

The Winx brought magic back to Earth three years ago. That means new fairies, witches, wizards, Specialists, Paladins, and more are waiting to be discovered. Someone has to train them — or else their skills will never grow, and magic won’t spread on Earth.

Queen Nebula knew that. That’s why she turned Tir Na N’Og palace into a fairy school. Maybe more magic schools will pop up on Earth one day. But Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Redfountain are the most famous schools in the Magic Dimension. They should open their doors to these students, too.

Of course, admitting Earth students wouldn’t be easy. First of all, how would they get to the Magic Dimension? Portals? Magic keys like in Regal Academy?

Second, could the students adjust to living in a realm where magic is everywhere? Bloom and Roxy have done well, but not everyone would have a fairy club to support them. Also, they wouldn’t understand what magic really is and what it’s for. Even Bloom had the wrong idea at first, thanks to fantasy books and fairy tales. Maybe the schools should create a curriculum to teach Earth students about magic life.

Finally, how would the students from the Magic Dimension treat the Earth students? Would they accept them or give them a hard time? The professors might have to teach them to be patient and helpful.

The novelty of “Winx on Earth” is fading. If the girls start helping people from Earth adjust to life as magic beings, that might make this gimmick interesting again.

That’s it for today!

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107 Responses to “What If Wednesday #7: Earth Students Welcome!

  1. I imagine it would work exactly like how programmes for exchange or international students work.

    The schools could create an “initiation” course during which the Earth students would be taught several crucial things about the Magic Dimension, starting with basic geography (or astronomy rather?) and history, all the way to subjects such as the civilizations from other planets and just how to get around and understand how everything works in a universe where magic is a way of life.

    It would help them better adapt to such a place and understand its origins as well. Maybe it could even lead to some of those students deciding that, after finishing their studies, they want to move to Magix or another certain planet permanently, pretty much how some international students choose to permanently settle in the country they did their studies.

  2. I think that it’s something that eventually will happen.

    Getting to the Magic Dimension wouldn’t be a problem. Bloom has travelled a lot of times from Earth to Magix (and vice versa) and so on the other Winx. Also, Selina made her way to Cloud Tower without any problems (As far as we know).

    Getting used to magic might be the hardest point, but if you are studying in a school in Magix, it’s supposed that you have magic powers or items.

    About how would the Magic Dimension students treat Earth students, I think that they would treat them as a normal person. Bloom hasn’t had any problem, nor Roxy. And, being honest, there’s no difference between a student from Domino, Solaria or Linphea. They treat each other with complete normality.

    As can be seen in the series, Alfea has students from a lot of different planets, and I bet that their students would have to adapt to the “Magic Everywhere” concept.

    (It’s my first time posting there, hello everyone!)

  3. Nice. I really think that adjusting to life with magic would be the best route, also unless everyone’s a Trix they wouldn’t have too much trouble being accepted. No one questioned Mirta at alfea…but then again that might have been because she was “With Flora”

  4. They already have a school up for future earth fairies and everyone on earth knows about magic after season 4, (well they knew about it midway throw the season but sematics)

    • Also you ever notice that Roxy should have had enchantix three times throughout season 4. Once when saving Artu, the second when the Earth Fairies where set free and the third when she saved her mother… Funny how that works.

          • Debatable.

            I don’t know exactly if Rainbow ever released an official statement regarding what form she has. The fact that Roxy is a Believix fairy in the doll line does not mean anything – there are also “silver Believix” and “gold Believix” dolls and special lines that never existed in the series.

            If Believix is acquired when someone who did not believe in magic begins believing in it, then Roxy should have gained hers together with the Winx. She already had powers that manifested, so reasoning that she had not yet unlocked her powers automatically falls short.

            Then how did she gain her Believix? She willed herself into it or just unlocked it when one of the wizards angered her. Does that sound familiar? Bloom unlocked her Winx when the Trix mocked her and nearly killed her, she also willed herself into her Enchantix/unlocked it by focusing all of her strength and anger into one point.

            Roxy did not believe in herself when she got her transformation. If we follow the Bloom Enchantix case, she could be in an incomplete Winx or yes, maybe even Believix. Only then it could make sense why she never got her Enchantix (other than neglicence on the side of the writers, of course). In WOW she almost transformed, but of course the writers had to somehow deflect that and not show us what form she has.

            Now really steering from the subject, I hope the writers have big plans with her for season 8 or season 3 of WOW and just wanted to keep her new form a surprise.

          • I honestly think she’s just a Believix fairy in marketing and a Charmix/”Magic Winx” fairy in universe. Rainbow gave her a Believix-style form so that she’d fit in visually with the Winx.

            Something we keep ignoring is there are two versions of her wings. The wings with the paw print pattern on them are her Believix wings, and they were frequently used in the comics, on the website, and in merchandise.

            But in the show, she doesn’t have a pattern on her wings. I think that’s the difference. Granted, we’ve seen her called a Believix fairy with these wings, too, but not in the show.

            It’s confusing, but that’s how I look at it.

          • @OP
            I completely agree with you.

            In marketing, it does not matter how she acquired this transformation, what powers she does not have access to, whether or not the Believix song plays during her transformation etc.; all that matters is what she looks like and she looks like a Believix fairy.

            In the show however, there are tons of things that confirm that she is in her Winx/Charmix. Nothing at all suggests that she is in her Believix. Pretty much the only thing that does not match it is her wings (not even her outfit, as it is very simplistic compared to Believix outfits).

            However, I don’t think the two versions of wings matter, since the version with the paw prints is just official art; all of the Winx have different wings in the series than their official art. For example, Bloom has very different hearts on her wings in the official art and in the animated series.

          • The whole Charmix/Believix debate has going on for a long time, and it stills weirds me out they never confirmed which one Roxy has. So I wonder.

            What if she has neither?

            Her fairy form might just be an Earth Fairy form, like that of Morgana’s/Nebula’s subjects or the Major Fairies themselves. All Major Fairies have an unique outfit in contrast with their subjects, which probably indicates importance or rank. Since Roxy is/was the Princess of Tir-Nan-Nög, her Fairy form is different to represent not only that, but the changes in common clothes it the time most of the fairies were traped in the White Circle?

          • @OP

            Actually calling the Website marketing at this point seems crazy given her Doll been discontinued for years now and their really no real point to keep her as Believix. In fact doing so makes less sense when you remember with no dolls being made means those that are still being sold are not sending any money back to rainbow and the latest click to platy on that subject still goes with her as Believix.

            I find it harder and harder to believe it’s just marketing as if it was they would have dropped the subject long after the dolls stop, but the continued effort really doesn’t serve any propose of the matter by that logical and becomes even harder to say its just marketing when really their isn’t a point too it. Never mind the fact companies switch out marketing teams over the span of a few years so their isn’t likely to be the same people.

            Also as stated three times in the fourth season she should have earned Enchantix yet nothing happened which in itself should raise eyebrows and leads to a lot of problems explaining it. Just remember one can get enchantix early, in fact that’s the whole reason the Winx graduated as they did they where the youngest to get it (which admittedly still meat they where 19 years old)

          • @Beatrice

            Yeah I find the debate weird as season 3 and 4 share witters so this mdeans they should know how Enchantix works.

            Also incomplete Charmix (Magic Winx isn’t the base forms name) is impossible… She’s about the same age as the Winx are in season 1 and Charmix is the base level meaning it can’t be incomplete.

            The “Old Charmix” isn’t needed in fact considering how quickly its dropped then given as the base forms name should point out it’s completely optional.

          • @ Beatrice It has only ever been Believix for the sake of the dolls. Rainbow likely never bothered to change it for the click and plays because they probably have something planned for later to where it will actually be a true believix. For now though it’s just Charmix styled as a believix. @OP I always point out the wings and hair as do the minority of the fandom to show the Charmix. Wings have now paws or pearl veins and the hair never changed. Both things should happen for believix. Charmix in-universe, Believix for marketing. @ Dragon Roxy never sacrificed herself on any of those occasions that you point out for Enchantix, not even with a technicality around Bloom in episode 422. No fairy can have Believix without Enchantix and there are no shortcuts unless like the Winx you have Dragon Flame insurance.

          • @LuxofMoon

            That is not a viable excuse. Never mind it treats earth fairies like a separte species from the rest of fairy/witch kind (which isn’t true as they share the same species) we get to see a earth faiiry school in season 6 and yes the Earth fairies their have Charmix.

            Also that raises a question on how fairies like Stella, Aisha and Bloom aren”t given special wings or the like as two of them are princesses and one is keeper of the thing that made everything.

            As for why Rainbow hasn’t confirmed it anyway… perhaps in their mind the fandom isn’t worth it, or they already have and no one noticed because the fandom was to busy in a state of confusion and arguing to notice.

          • I meant it as “Earth Fairies developed their own Transformations aside from the otherwise-universal Charmix and Enchantix since they were distanced from the rest of the Magic Dimension even before the Wizards took magic away”, not as “Earth fairies are a different species of Fairy “. I meant in the way that the generic “Earth Fairy” style that we see MIGHT be a straight up Transformation apart from Charmix or Believix. And besides, Earth fairies have their own ramifications depending on which Major Fairy they follow that the other worlds don’t seem to have (And going from what we see of each form, they might be different transformation levels altogether), hence my theory.

          • @Will N

            Or Rather Rainbow just calls her Believix because they don’t care, or because she is Believix in their eyes. As stated before that was years aago and no dolll or anything assosted with Rpxy has surfaced leading to the whole “Its marketing” to lose weight each and every year nothing turns up. To keep dismissing it as marketing is in itself a eyerolling case of just denial.

            The Wings point to her being Believix more then Charmix. As one can’t make ridical changes to their form no matter ghow mucxh they want too (Stella would have done so long ago if that was the case). Also keep in mind all magic is connected in this universe both through its source in the Dragon Flame and throw the regulation of the tree of Harmony. Her wings are so ridically different from the norm of Charmix (before you bring up Miele keep in mind her wings aren’t all that massive when compared to to the other wing sizes and stiles Roxy’s is!) and no itrs not due to her magic as stated before… you’ll magic can’t make changes to your transformation otherwise Stella would have done it.

            Bloom didn’t either and she got her Enchantix. In fact to get technically it was Sky who took the gample and not her. She meraly burn the Ancestral “Body” and broke Obsidian… which the Ancestrals knew was going to happen and planned for it as the post credits sence showed those she wasn’t in any “real” danger. This means Roxy getting her Enchantix is possible for setting the Earth Fairies free while she is running from a weapon left by the wizards with hekp if it is for Bloom. It also means one doesn’t have to risk ones self in a literal manner.

            Also how do you know that? The Dragon Flame only empowers the user and never once has Bloom used it for anything but fire magic. In fact healing seems to be a very common ability for magic users at this point, and it fits with how Light magic that fairies use. Even the Winx don’t use it for any power not accosated with their power. Furthermore with the way magic seems to work being based on subconoius will Bloom incomplete Enchantix method is totally possible for anyone with sufant willpower. It was not the Dragon Flame like you keep stating that allowed Bloom to do this. No actually before hand she was learning to focus her magic into a single point. By doing that she forced it to evolved. Tha’s the difference between it and all the other times Bloom used a burst of magic… all the others where unfocused this one had all her power at a single point.

            Now then if a fairy can do that then they can force themselves though that point.

            Its now a trend for so many magical powers to be that at this point anything is possible. Winx Club has looser rules when it comes to magic as its general guideline isn’t used.

            Their a reason the majority say Roxy is a Believix, not only does it have something to back it up much of the case for it has been stated agaist it being Charmix fall flat.

            Also Roxy is fighting the Wizards on even terms… when Enchantix fairies can’t due that… oh and that’s without the White Circle mind you.

            Also if you want another explanation… how about the fact Nebula possed Roxy and channeled all her power though her? You ever wonder if that had a hand in it?

            *sigh* And this is why Rainbow needs to be more invalid because arugments like this.

          • I apologize for my posts everyone. *sigh* If theirs one thing I really dislike about Winx Club beyond all else is the total lack of Rainbow being involved with the fandom.

            All they do is make a website never answer questioms and generally just let everyone fight each other! Every other series have commentary from the creators forums where occasionally they answer things and even twitter is used by some. But Winx Club? Nope.

            *sigh* Other shows notice they have viewers that are of a older demography and capitalize on it with material for them in informative guides and the like. This series never gets that… A billion dollor franchise with fans that span 13 years some of which are adults and nothing. Its slightly depressing.

            Debates and opinions are all this fandom gets. In any other fandom the debate over Roxy would have ended years ago due to the creators or team or whatever setting it straight but nope. This still goes on for five years… Five years.

            Well my rant is over I apologize to everyone.

          • @dragon it is distinctly said in season 3 that an incomplete experience can only happen if the dragon flame is involved directly with the fairy after a given level. Season 4 also said “no higher levels without Enchantix”. They continue this little factoid by Roxy not getting Butterflix. If Roxy was a Believix…she wouldn’t have been restricted so much from fights. Bloom made it clear that it’s too dangerous for Roxy to fight outside of Gardenia and we see her point proven right in the arctic during season 4 and again by her not being able to overcome Icy & Frostbite because she never had any higher levels to stabilize herself in season 7 as well as her still having to be with Bloom during the first time travel mission and Daphne at alfea. If Roxy was a higher level she wouldn’t need Bloom or Daphne to make sure that she didn’t get hurt. Rainbow doesn’t say anything because they EXPECT us to go with what the show says about power levels (which they actually do keep in continuity) and not question it. Having Bloom say twice about Roxy being a charmix fairy was Rainbow’s way of telling us “Just because it looks like Believix doesn’t automatically make it Believix” and that was retained in the nick dub. Rainbow’s just never bothered to change it otherwise because they don’t want to explain how it can be a very detailed Charmix (and they shouldn’t need to since Galatea, Mirta and Miele have more detailed charmix forms to prove that Charmix fairies can have detailed looks and just looks different because different realms different designs.)

          • @Will N
            And it’s not even very detailed at that. It’s just her wings that are large and detailed. The outfit itself is very simple. In fact, in my opinion Tecna, Flora and Layla’s Winx/Charmix were much more detailed than hers (Layla even wore two tops).

          • @Will N

            One, you keep saying that its because of Dragon Flame but not once did they state it was because of Dragon Flame. The actual reason was that Bloom had focused all her powerr at a single point and reached down deep and gained Enchantix. Not one did Faragonda explain it was because of the Dragon Flame. I watched season 3 four times already so I know. (if you don’t believe me rewarch it)

            Two, the above one breaks that as the impcation is any fairy can achive a higher form if they can force it.

            three) Rainbow only posts official things on their website and channel. Never once have they used it to market any of their things so that is a hole of logic claiming its just marketing. Again Roxy has no dolls on the sleaves and it not like anyone vists the sites in mass.

            Four and last)

            No Miele and Galatia wings are still basic in layout being a single color and design. Where as Roxy’s has layers, three different colors and patterns within it and small details. Side by side viewing.

            Will listen I get what your trying to do but the thing is…. your case is weak and most of these cases for her being Charmix have been sloly broken away by the former Believix minority.

          • @LuxoftheMoon

            They are on the Tree of Life like every other magical being in the Magical Dimension. That’s why saying they are sperate has gone out of favor… along with other treats like a Sirenix gate connecting it to the oceans of Andros . Earth has been slowly pushed into the rest of the universe.

            Though are the Fairies completely the same has become a question based not on their planet but on their origins. Unlike the rest of the universe fairies which trace their origins to Graynor and Aracadia… the Earth fairies trace theirs to a different source.

          • @Myuza

            Detail vias between individual and transformation though. Compared to some transformations the Winx have some are more detailed then others. Even some of the fairies we know have differences on how much changes so outfit isn’t a reason to dismiss it. Remember the Winx outfits sparkle but the other fairies don’t so using them to compare others is a bit of a bias.

            Furthermore comparing to charmix outfits hers is more different from them if you want to go about it.

          • @Will N

            See using form details and comparing them to the Winx is a incredibley problematic thing. Sometimes the winx have basically the same outfit and other times they are different but each of them show differences between each other at times.

            Other transformed fairies either change little like Miele or Galatia (who literally are wearing the same thing basically) or just basic like with Diaspro. Stella’s hair changes design in charmix while Morgana’s doesn’t between her civilian and fairy forms. We are so use to using the Winx as a benchmark we forget about the fact that they aren’t the standard. In fact they have gone beyond what the vast majority of fairies in the universe have done.

            Wings are used because constainly charmix fairies have rather basic designs while higher fairies like the Winx, the major fairies and Daphne have more complex and they are more made by the magic so its easier to see them as a reflection of the fairies magical level.

            Is that a perfect system? Not at all but its either this or comparing power to outfits which just sounds like something Stella would do

      • @ Dragon It wasn’t Faragonda who said it. It was Maya. Maya said Incomplete Enchantix was only because of the dragon flame. Look you keep passing off the website as an official source but as WCD Channel has pointed out…the only thing that actually counts is the script so it’s not Believix, those lines were to eliminate the confusion. The rest of the stuff is just for fans to have their fun. Bloom did honestly earn her enchantix in the movie by letting Sky take her (all of domino had to die for domino to live again as was alluded to in season 3) life. Furthermore you keep using that season 6 image as proof of higher levels when it’s not proof of anything other than Charmix looking different from fairy to fairy as those Earth fairy forms are just a fancier version of Flora’s original form…Miele’s is even more detailed than her sister’s even if the wings are “plain”. Also your times when Roxy should have earned Enchantix are irrelevant because she never sacrificed herself, and if Roxy had Believix…how come she never made anyone believe in fairies? You never seem to answer that question. As has been said numerous times…it is just a visual match for the Winx. It just resembles Believix for marketing reasons, which the website and channel are. You only take things at face value. If you take the time to analyze more carefully you will see that Roxy might have a more detailed Charmix but it’s still Charmix. Since the appearance of the fairies are subconscious…Roxy’s more detailed look in universe would be a subconscious desire to be like the Winx/ stay well hidden.

        • @Will N

          That’s why its it’s Believix Will. Also WCD fails at one thing. The script is owned by Rainbow a company that runs a billion dollor franchise that’s kept them afloat for years. They can change it if they feel like it, its their property not the writers. and they HAVE! and it was for the quote “marketing reasons”. Remember Stella used to be the Fairy of the Sun and Moon ,still is in older scripts but in the latest seasons they changed it to Shining Sun… so point for the script being altered by Rainbow to fit thanks to Nick marketing her as the Fairy of the shining sun across the glode! and Charmix wasn’t the name of the base Transformation, IT WAS CHANGED TO MARKET IT AS SUCH! Also that’s the Website that said it so your only selecting what you want (the specials aren’t canon.) Here’s the thing Will all tv his highly marketed. Unless its made by a major network it has to get the funds to pay itself. Each of the Transformations basically exist now to get people to buy. You also seem to be under the dulision that Rainbow doesn’t have any feedback on the dolls or comics… they do. That’s the fact about cartoons sense the 80s.

          Next Sky did not try to kill her and Will… a fairy must sacrife herself but Sky a trained warrior he wasn’t going to kill as he had been training with a sword for years. I know as I practice HEMA so no to that. Also again the Ancestrals manipulated everyone into doing it! (Seriously Bloom didn’t earn her enchatix by this deffinition because she had to rely on five others, three of them where handing it her!)

          Third one can’t subconsciously alter how the wings end up as they reflect the persons power level and the magic that made it hence all Sirenix wings have a similar shape dispute each Winx having difference in personalities powers and desires. Seriously I thought you figure that out. It only works for the outfits. Bloom has more power then a charmix fairy yet she still have charmix wings and no she had no idea what was going on when she steppedin and technically transformed.

          Finally she believed in herself and made her father believe in magic (again) then made a whole city believe it it by using the white circle even those it could possess her which also saved them… Wait she sacrificed herself by putting on something she feared in order to save a whole city (and the Winx) and made them believe in magic… I’m sorry but this right her was as good a time as any to earn both Enchantix and Believix… Nothing happened.

          Oh and one more thing… The Wizards are immune to lesser fairy magic. The Winx where Enchantix, full fledged fairies, one of which was the most powerful fairy in the universe and nothing they did effected them! The fact a Charmix fairy can do what is basically impossible without the White Circle is unbelievable and makes me question if you actually thought this through because only BELIEVIX FAIRIES can effect them in any meaningful way.

          Also no Miele’s wings are still basic in compression to Roxy’s wing. Seriously we saw dozens of fairies from across the universe in charmix across the series and not once has any of them come close to Roxy’s.

          Once again Will you ignore the simply fact Rainbow can channge whatever they want for any reason they want. If the continue to “market” her as a Believix she is a Believix. The scripts don’t mean anything because they own them and none of these dolls are marketed with their own advantures on them like a certain other company I know off who whole series have actual universes for it (Coaugh Hasbro caogh)

        • Also looking like the Winx would have the opposite effect given they lead the wizards to her and the Winx are constantly being followed by the Wizards.

          Chameleons are solitary animals. Her fitting in a group doesn’t make sense.

          Also its only episode 13 that she fully embraces being a fairy. She still has doubts before that episode. So she doesn’t quite want to be like the winx either.

        • @Will N

          Also I want you to try to explain why Roxy has Believix in the comics when the events of season 4 happened in almost the same way as in the show.

          • Stop trying to convince me or anyone else to think the way you do. You already know my stance and about everyone else’s here, OP’s even written a post on it before. Most of us here are in the whole “visual camouflage” camp and will not accept it unless Roxy does something to truly make it believix which she has not done. I’m sorry but I still don’t see how Roxy can honestly be a believix without making someone believe in fairies- the whole point of believix, just willpower isn’t enough for that. I also do not assume Rainbow doesn’t get feedback elsewhere, I just assume that those are strictly for those formats, as for the comics…their continuity is distinctly different from the show with multiple contradictions (Bloom transforms in the first issue with Stella’s sceptre for starters, also the whole first season happens entirely different, the rest of the comics are always just “imaginary tales” as DC used to call their non-canon stories in the 60’s, so while issue 68 appears to be a recap, there was in fact a slight difference as to when the Winx and Roxy got the upgrade…it wasn’t until after Ogron got served, comic events happen similar but not necessarily the same way.) which is what makes the comics an au. This is getting old, I don’t want to keep clashing so I ask you again to please agree to disagree and don’t try to change my mind.

          • I due point out how she really should have earned enchantix many times already and because as stated before I’m one of the fans that’s don’t cherry pick things.

          • Alright maybe we can meet in the middle because I just noticed something comparing the two Roxy designs we see in the sequences. She didn’t have Enchantix in season 4 (because although she saves the Earth fairies, Bloom and her mother, she never sacrifices anything for them, she would have gotten for saving Bloom from Nebula if she didn’t ask, but she had to ask so it doesn’t count.) but she has Enchantix by season 7 since her hair does finally get a bit of length and her wings appear bigger along with to what many of us first saw as basically an alternate design for Stella’s charmix actually starting to appear closer to Believix by having her show design start to match the stock art outfit wise of more pronounced ruffles on her clothes. As for how Roxy can acquire it without her look changing many fans often assumed that it’s some of the believix energy being native to Earth so all she had to do was willingly sacrifice herself for Bloom or her mother at some point (Bloom being the fairy of two worlds is how Roxy could get Enchantix with a Bloom rescue- Bloom grew up on Earth so it counts.) during season 6. Season 8 if it has another design change for Roxy would officially make her Believix because comparing Believix show designs to Believix art…there’s not all that much difference between them except for Flora missing her bracelets on stock art, Musa having two chords resembling a headband, stella having stripes on her shirt, Aisha having a striped headband, Tecna having dot sections on the top of her knee socks and Bloom’s heart patterns being different. There’s still wing size needing to get larger and grow those jewels and paw prints to make it full aside from the whole “fairy dust on magic” thing as well as her shorts needing to be a darker shade of green to do the “dual colors” gimmick of believix. Believix wings are the largest and most detailed, Roxy’s almost there, but she’s not completely there yet. Some people might believe Roxy’s a fairy but they don’t believe without being told….she’s still got to make someone believe by helping them in similar ways to the Winx.

    • Just because a school exists on Earth, doesn’t mean that’s where they should go, After all Roxy’s not the only fairy in alfea to have a normal sounding name Evie, Carol and Laurie…minor fairies from season 6 might be other Earth fairies who like Roxy (and in a symbolic way, Bloom) went to Alfea. I think school choice is actually dependent on what the fairy in question wants. Some might want to be close to home (why Miele’s not at alfea probably) and others might want to explore the universe (those like Bloom and Roxy, even if Faragonda practically forced Roxy into coming to Alfea.)

  5. I second Beatrice’s thoughts, of it being essentially an “exchange student program” situation. As for them adjusting to “Everyone around me has lived with magic all their life, what do I do?!”, since the students live in clusters of six, three or five people (Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain respectively), I’d assume they would put at least two people from Earth in each cluster so that the other roomates can help them adjust to magic, and have the other Earth person to chat and “let out” all their thoughts and feelings about experiencing magic since they’ll have some common ground.

  6. What I’m wondering is how they find the people with magic powers that are from Earth (people who don’t know they have powers). We saw in season 4 that magic beings (or fairies, at least) can sense the presence of other magic beings, so maybe Nebula just sends her workers throughout the planet to find them and take them to Tir Nan Og? And from there they are told “Hey you have magic”and all that?

    For the most part, I think the students from Earth would be treated okay. Some people might get irritated at them for “slowing down the class” or whatever, but most of the students and teachers seem like they would be pretty chill with it. (I could see Cloudtower especially having problems with this; they seem to have a bit of a fast moving curriculum where if you don’t understand this right away, you’d better get your butt on it NOW. But even then, I don’t think Griffin and the witches are completely evil, and I think they’d be willing to help a new Earth student – just in a bit of a ‘tough love’ kind of way.)

  7. are you talking non-magical or magical? maybe macy can go there and become a fairy and mitzi can go to cloud tower to become a witch

    • Mitzi would be the best addition to the Trix. She has the psychological advantage over Bloom, but why?

      • If it means making Bloom’s blood boil then yes. Mitzi’s a much more appropriate rival than Diaspro.

        • But Mitzi’s such an obvious one and she’s Bloom’s high school rival. Bloom’s learned to move past the petty rivalry after moving to Alfea, finding out that she’s a powerful fairy, etc. Maybe if Rainbow gave her more of a personality outside of making her as unlikeable as possible then I’d probably be on board to see more of her.
          As for Diaspro, Rainbow just needs to have her move on. The comics would’ve done a better job of this had they went through with Diaspro’s resolve in “The Return of Princess Diaspro” instead of resetting the status quo. She’s much less malicious in the comics but she’s still there to cause Bloom and Sky unnecessary problems.

  8. It’s already been said, but I can see this as being more like an international exchange student program. Well… an interdimensional exchange student program. Maybe every school in the Magic Dimension with an interest in training/teaching newer magical beings from Earth can train scouts so that finding said students would be easier? ‘Cause, as Faragonda puts it all the way back in S1, she wasn’t even aware that magical beings, let alone fairies like Bloom, were still on Earth. It’d probably be easier to seek out people with budding magical powers now that Earth has its magic and fairies back but I’m pretty sure the Earth Fairies have their own problems to deal with and can’t really scout out potential fairies as much as they’d like.
    Plus, if different kinds of schools sent out their own scouts then these people just now realizing their powers would have much more of a choice in what they want to be. For example, if they just left it to Nebula, someone who’s only accustomed to fairies and fairy magic (even its darker aspects), how would she handle the situation if she found a girl, boy or group of youths that want to become witches or wizards that use dark magic? Would Nebula still be okay with teaching a wizard after what she’s been through? She could mainly avoid all these factors if other schools sent out faculty members or trained graduates as their own personal scouts.
    There’s also the Tree of Life that they could use as a natural detector and focus in on its Earth branch and the leaves that bud from it.

    • I don’t think Nebula could train a wizard. She’s a fairy. It’s a different type of magic (from what we can tell).

      I forgot about the Tree of Life! That means the Pixies could even be involved in helping find these new magic beings. It would give them something to do besides causing trouble. 😂

      Ooh, what if someone else tried to interfere with the search? Someone trying to corrupt magic on Earth by making these magic beings into witches or even dark fairies? Now, I wanna see a whole season about this (in Winx Club, not World of Winx)!

      • Heck, if this could make the Pixies relevant again (without being forcefully shoehorned in), I’d be all for it. It’d also give Ninfea and the former Codex Pixies something to do. Like maybe Saladin could task Athena with finding any leaves on the Earth branch that represent new wizards? Or Griffin with Discordia for new witches?

        That could be an interesting idea but how would they go about it? If they wanted to act under the radar, I’d imagine that it’d be very difficult to do so, even with the Winx back in Magix, because of the Major Fairies and Morgana.

    • Not interdimensional. Earth is apart of the same dimension as Magix. The actual Dimensions in story are the Infinite Ocean, Golden Kingdom, Obsidian (its been destroyed), Oblivion, The Dimension of Legends, and the Mini Worlds.

      Intergalactic more like it.

        • They kinda are. See they are too “big” to be microscopic worlds. Big in this sense that they are too detail of a worlds to be small enough to fit into such things like a water drop. Furthermore their discrition as wholes “Close by and far away, or near and far” means they are pocket dimensions housed within a object.

          • They’re not worlds in the same sense as the planets in the Magic Dimension, but they’re not other dimensions. After all, they’re inside objects that exist in the Magic Dimension: leaves, drops of water, diamonds, etc.

          • @OP

            That actually makes them pocket Dimensions given that like the other objects or magic we seen points to it. For instant The Golden Kingdom has a point one can enter from the magical dimension yet its another dimension as is obsidian which looks like a huge asteriod in space.

            Furthermore the way they are talked about lines up with how pocket dimensions work. They are small places that are separte from out world yet connected to it lining up with the pocket dimension having a separte dimension that’s connect to the bigger one. It also explainswhy everything is as big as it is and why the winx are breathing air within whats microscopic worlds likely within things like a statues and a water drop. Because serious at the size they are… the Winx shouldn’t be able to breath (never mind some of those worlds would never get any air like the diamond world).

          • Well the water world would still have sirenix magic in play, the tynix wings as Aisha noted worked similar to the sirenix ones in that world. Especially since we were told in season 1 that “losing powers” doesn’t actually happen, it’s just a mind trick for teaching lessons according to Daphne. That’s a hiccup with the legendarium absorbing the sirenix power, but I think Bloomix fixed that detail since the Dragon Flame is basically power regeneration up to that point before new powers were added. The diamond world does lack air but I personally think that having the dragon flame essentially removes almost any limitations…it’s just aside from Bloom…Flora’s the only one who’s showed any real competence in using it whether it was her own enhanced raw power, healing magic or using related magics (using all parts of nature to help her instead of just shooting vines or petals/leaves everywhere like whenever bloom summons a dragon) Stella tried the healing magic but nothing else. That is to say Bloom did Flora a major favor in Bloomix…the dragon flame boosted her already growing confidence up a notch. Now if Stella and the others would have tried more dragon flame explorations it probably would have been unnecessary for the other levels after Bloomix because…Dragon Flame…nothing should be impervious to it but the water stars. That’s a major plot hole.

          • @Will N

            One of the other reasons them being a pocket dimension msakes sense is that… some of the mini worlds aren’t excatly in a stable place. A drop of water will evaporate or worse so what happens to the inhabitants? Actually how are they even there? That drop likely not that old given that coastal religions are usually warm (especially around Califorina where paradise bay is suppose to be) so those creatures their diiesn’t make much sense.

            The pyros world is within a volcano… one erupts and its likely to be gone. Also the digmole statue world. How is a ancient power within a likely man made object?

            See them being pocket dimension can easily explain it all as with pocket dimensions their is no fear of external forces destroying the dimension, only the gateway to it.

          • Of course we’ll never get a explaination on how any of this works because Rainbow drops anything after it serves its propose. I honestly don’t know if they themselves remember the Winx can minturize, make people believe in magic breath underwater, or whatever anymore with each no transformation… or care that the first time travel escapade nulllifies the whole opening plot because the saved the digmoles which should have created a paradox… and I’ll stop because thinking about this just maakes me angry or annoyed

          • I wish people would stop saying, “They forgot…” They’re not goldfish. The abilities of each transformations don’t accumulate. We know that already. The only exception was Enchantix to Believix. For whatever reason, the Winx could still use fairy dust and miniature, but they only did it once.

            The other transformations are for special situations.

        • @ OP I think some of the newer levels actually fix some of the bugs with the earlier seasons. Tynix was a way to fix the problem of “fairy dust able to do almost everything” in Enchantix, as a fairy when they shrink should be able to go as small as they want and find out certain things to help them in their missions elsewhere before returning to their main mission. Bloomix also fixed the absurdity of a fairy losing their powers (which is impossible according to Daphne) and needing fairy dust for healing. Harmonix was basically just to stop wearing Aisha (and the animators) out every time the Winx went underwater since trying animate 26 different uses of Underwater Wing would get exhausting and Aisha wouldn’t have been able to fight. Sirenix, Mythix and Butterflix seem to all have more general “single use” purposes. If my theory is correct about the levels Rainbow is trying to write out fairy dust because of it being waaaay toooo over powered, it’s been used for everything since season 3. Having different transformations for different needs allows the Winx to use their brains even if after Bloomix things feel unnecessary for me.

  9. Somehow I feel like the realm colleges are either pre or post Alfea schools, because Alfea is supposed to be the best place to learn magic with the others being more specifically on a certain type of magic. Especially when the winx talk about Alfea like it’s the IT place. Maybe have something explained about it later.

    • Even before season six, Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Redfountain weren’t the only schools in the series. Avalon taught at a place called Malacoy Academy before he came to Alfea. Of course, Chimera came from Beta Academy, another fairy school that’s supposedly top notch. There were also other schools mentioned in the comics, but the only one I remember right now is a wizard school the Winx visited.

      All that to say, the realm schools could have existed, too, but like you said, they’re not as good as Alfea. The psionic school may be an exception, since that’s a different type of magic. (I wanna know more about it, to be honest.) The only two we know came later are Hagan’s forgers school and the Tir Na N’Og school.

      • Actually was their ever a reason the Trix attacked them? The schools and what not. Actually how many of them exist are they all divided into different magical teachings like CT and Alfea, one gendered or is a few have co-ed?

        I’m kinda bumped they where just one offed things in season 6 so much possiblities.

        • I think Linphea’s co-ed. Some of the boys had wings. They look like specialists a bit but their wings were similar to those of the winged Domino boys in the movie, just instead of green wings, they had grey ones. That means male fairies do exisit, but they never touch on it. I think they should though especially since Bloom and Flora’s realms have them that we know of. Maybe season 8 could explore that concept in a b-plot. The A-plot will have to still be “random upgrade of the season for x reason”

          • Yeah that’s a big criticism I have. Instead of worldbuilding like tthe first ffew seasons they are focusing more on the transformations… why? I get iits to sell toys or whatever but come on you stilll havve older fans at least try to build the word.

            Regardless yes male fairies where/is kinda a thing but hey they are a rarity or Rainbow keeps forgetting they exist… or don’t care.

          • @OP

            Ok yeah they are but your right not in ways we’ll like. I admit I’m one of them so your right to call me out on it.

          • Which is why my fanfic does actually give a reason for why we don’t see “sprites” as much. They can’t get directly involved, if they do…the universe will be wrecked even moreso than episode 624 wrecked it- does that episode have a warning lable for plot holes yet?

          • @Will N

            Ok that doesn’t sound right. Actually they sound OP and no one likes the whole “OP characters” unless of course its played as a total joke (though even then not even that much). Though the male fairies did get invald in the Linphea collage fight. The most common answer I get is something along the lines “Dragon was a girl”

            Also no that’s the most ever any villain ever did nearly rewriting the universe.

          • @ Dragon, they’re not overpowered, it’s just that they’re more dangerous than the girls because they have more obscure powers like Lazuli and are more creative with their magic. Actually the one i’m focusing on is still learning because he just found out. It’s the fact that sprites are more creative than fairies that makes them dangerous- the exact thing that used to make Bloom actually a dangerous enemy for some villian. Too bad they did away with that in season 5.

          • @Will N

            Don’y you mean how alll fairies used to roll before season 5? Cause before that every fairy used their power in creative ways

          • @ Dragon, well yeah, but it’s more associated with Bloom because Bloom is our reference point in the universe. Bloom used to branch out beyond fireballs into several other cool things like heat lamps and even being able to fix Sky’s coma and didn’t really care much for naming her spells. That made her even more unique…uh why exactly did she need to name her spells?

      • Diaspro also studies/studied at a Fairy academy, and there’s Fairy high school in lynfea, which is where Miele and likely Flora assisted, i’ll have to point out that Alfea and Cloud tower are colleges, not high schools, that’s why Faragonda said Alfea was the only Fairy college during season 1, it might as well be the only fairy college (as in advanced magic learning institute) in the magix dimension but there could be plenty of Fairy high schools and basic magic learning institutes scattered throghout the magic dimension, this would also explain while all the Winx but Bloom knew how to transform before season 1 even started.

        then there’s the red fountain school which seems to be something more similar to a Specialized school, since their classes seem to be a lot more practical than Alfea or cloud tower.
        this would also rise questions on Bloom’s and Roxy’s acceptances a Magic college but the two of them are very special cases,
        Bloom was a clearly powerful magic being with no previous magic education coming from a then magicless kingdom,that of course will raise suspicions and it’s better to keep those closely watched
        Roxy would be a bridge to the gap between Earth and the Magic Dimension (she also fits Bloom’s description so there’s that as well)

        • I don’t remember where I read this, but I think “college” means high school in Italy. So it’s possible Alfea and Cloud Tower are high schools. That would explain why Bloom and Roxy were accepted, since they were the right age.

          • actually…you were kinda misinformed in that part, “Colegio”, in italian means college/university, actually it’s more of a word to describe specialized schools in italian. you might be confused because other roman languages use the word “Colegio” to describe those schools that offer the three basic forms of education in the same institution, elementary, Secondary and high school,
            in other words,: in spain and latin-america those schools that go from first grade (6.-7yokids) to 12th grade (16-18yo teens) are called Colegio”. in france that kind of isntitution is called “l’ecole”.
            How do i know? i’m latin and i speak Spanish and French, so i have a grade of interlocution with Italians, and “Colegio” is one of the most promintent “Fake friend words” that i run into when i’m speaking with Italian people.

          • Actually, that’s not why I thought that. I once read an article either by someone living in Italy or by a school in Italy. They said “college” — they didn’t use the word “colegio” — sometimes refers to high school.

  10. as for the earth fairies where did they first come from? nebula is only queen/headmistress until roxy becomes either a full fledged fairy or of age i’m not sure how that works

      • I wonder if Roxy’s family is the direct ancestral Earth family. Roxy really should have gotten that pink mythix wand, not Eldora. If Roxy is in the direct ancestral family of Earth, that would explain starting as Believix. We know that the Winx are the descendants of the 7 ancestral fairies…and it would be logical for Roxy to be there (of course multiple wishful thinkings there, but I see minor hints towards membership…mainly the fact that the Winx can’t do jack didly squat without her to keep them in line and make them think about what the transformations are about…after all she is the battery for Believix.)

        • Actually no… see in season 5 the Winx come another world in the magical dimension in order to start the Sirenix quest. It was the world of the first fairies so that calls the whole “Ancestral fairies” thing into question.

          The first Fairy Aracida another being is now a being that exists outside of time and the Actual first Fairies are Etheral and where born Before Time, likely as the Great Dragon’s first creations.

      • Yet in season 5 the Winx visit a world which the first fairies came from as well. So that calls that into question. Also Witches are the same species as Fairies and the first three of them came from another dimension or the like.

        • I forgot about that place. I guess that can be connected by saying that’s where the Ancestral Fairies landed, and eventually they spread to other worlds. After all, Nebula said the Ancestral Fairies crossed over to the real world, but she didn’t say where in the real world.

          • I don’t think so. The Legendrium was made as a way to connect the two realms so it seems that isn’t the case. Furthermore Arcadia existence calls into question that as she’s a native of the Magical Dimension and is the first fairy outside the Etheral ones.

            Furthermore Nebula is likely talking about them the Earth fairies in regards that they are descended because this seriously calls into question the relationship of the Dragon Flame, the Ancestral Witches, Witchcraft and even Sirenix and nymphs. Furthermore the Ancestral Wands are keep by the Earth fairies instead pf Graynor or any other realm in the Magical Universe which would make far more sense.

          • If the fairies had the Mythix wands, they would have been able to leave the Legendarium World on their own. After all, the Winx didn’t use the Legendarium to travel back and forth. Also, Nebula said the fairies spread throughout the Magic Dimension including the Earth. So she wasn’t just talking about the Earth Fairies.

            I admit I’m not sure how the rest would fit in. Maybe the Earth Ancestor took the wands because they need to be kept somewhere people would be least likely to look for it.

          • See most of the artifacts on Earth are either native to it (White Circle, Black Circle) or are brought their by someone else (The Legandirium). The Ancestral Wands seem to be the former as the Later calls into question why anyone would bring them to earth if the Wands are artifacts of the the first fairies. Such a important Cultural Artifact would be kept in Magic Muesum like the Amulate of the Ancestors and even the object that was used to seal away the Water Stars.

          • Also this is now making me call into question the other magical beings and whythings like Pixies and the Tree of Life is connected to fairies. Arethey all native from the Legendiruim? How can they all use magic if Magic is created by the Dragon Flame. Why arenn’t they like the fairies from actual mythss and tales which steal chuldren… why are fairies human? Also why are they so common in the universe in the first place!

            … and this is why Winx Club needs a backstory book or something cause from the bits we get the universe has two condictory histories.

          • Why does she get to decide where the wands end up? See this is why I question if Nebula is even telling the truth about this or if it’s been infused with myth and legend (makes sense given how the legendiruim operates)

            Avalon pointed out this with the first fairy. Which everyone says it’s someone else when really it’s Arcadia.

            This brings into question what part of the whole wands thing is fact and what part is myth. Personally this means we can dismiss the whole Ancestral Fairies thing as with the legendiruim that’s where things break down.

          • Cause a few things Selina summons from the book… have disappeared from the “real world” or have been extinct or dead for a long time. They exist in the Dimension of Legends however due to the stories told about them.

            This is where the whole thing seems to mmake the most sense. The Ancestral Fairies from the Legendirium world are most likely based on the Legends of the first fairies from Graynor as rumor and myth in the real world gave themm form. Because the two are basically the same what was historic and myth blurred over time.

    • Graynor is the Ancestral home of all fairies. Does this count earth fairies? Likely? Are the descended from the Ancestrals fairies, also likely

  11. hmm i doubt season 8’s villain will be from someone from faragonda’s past since the season 7 villain was from faragonda’s past

  12. Heres something I thought of,What if the Transformers existed in the Realm of Magix? I would imagine the people of Linphea killing any Transformer that they can lay their hands on and Zenith treating Transformers as equals.How would Alfea or Cloud Tower react to a Transformer fairy or witch?

  13. It would be pretty cool if they touched more about major fairies. Does every planet have one of them?

  14. Wait, how is Bloom considered a major fairy? Is it because of her being the Keeper of the Dragon Flame? Daphne seems more like the equivalent of a Dominoan major fairy due to her her nymph powers and all.

    • The nymphs are something different. They serve as keepers of the balance and are entrusted with the fate of the universe. Daphne’s the fairy of Elements but has over time became a nymph.

      Considering major fairies on earth are merely something like lesser monarchs be fitting a confederate structure any royal fairy would technically count as a major fairy. They really are just something unqiue to the earth fairies cultural ideauty basically as a throw back to more ancient governing structures such as the celtic tribes.

    • The major fairies is just one of many untapped ideas for worldbuilding that just leaves me frustrated with Winx Club.(And why I prefer the comics overall) So many of the ideas this blog presents for What if Wednesdays are obvious ones that I wish Rainbow had tried years ago. Especially this one,this is the perfect way to have Earth be involved in the series without it feeling samey or pointless and have conflict in a natural way.
      Sure,there audience is young girls,but I feel that’s no excuse and kids are smarter than most people give them credit for. You can make something entertaining for all ages and made to sell toys.
      The strongest example I can think of is the Lego Movie which was made solely as an advertisement. And yet,a lot of people wound up loving the movie because while it’s made for toy sales,the movie has so much passion and love put into it,it doesn’t feel that way.
      I feel Rainbow could learn something from that and not alienate a part of their demographic.

      • Well the Major fairies from what we seen are more like a tribe of fairies with similar powers and home. I actually think they aren’t tapping that for a reason of unfortant implcats

        • I didn’t think of that. They could just rework the concept of the major fairies to make it less potentially offensive?
          It still irritates me that they aren’t taking the obvious routes to exploring the WC world though. Sure every season,they bring up concepts(cool ones even),but most of the time,it’s glossed over or quickly dropped or forgotten.

  15. I actually think that touching upon Earth students coming to the Magic Dimension would help make Earth relevant without having to be there again.
    I also agree with the idea of the pixies being scouters/recruiters as it would help them have a point again. Maybe they could also be fleshed out through trying to help a potential recruit?It’s an idea,at least.

    About people saying their wouldn’t be racism of any kind,I have to disagree with that. There was some comments throughout Season 1 about Earth being primitive(The one that comes to mind is Techna commenting about Bloom ‘ s phone.) While treating it like an exchange program would help them adjust,I’d say it’d still take a while and there’d still be conflict,because no world is perfect and while there are decent people,others are gonna be assholes.

    Theres also the fact that only magic is an everyday thing in the Magic Dimension,but also advanced technolgy thats straight out of sci fi novels. So thats a double whammy of culture shock.
    That’s not even mentioning how the parents of these students are gonna take that their daughter(maybe son) is a magical being. Some(Blooms parents) could adapt,but I doubt ALL of them would accept their child.
    This could be for various reasons,but the one that comes to mind for me is its goes against their religion.

    Hmm theres an interesting idea.How WOULD a fledgling fairy react to all of this if she was Christian/Jewish or not religious at all? That’s kind of an untapped goldmine if you ask me.

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