Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if we learned more about these three magic species?”

I know. That’s a weird question. 😛 Anyway, we barely know anything about them, even though they were all introduced in season one.

Who are they? Let’s take a look.


I ran into a fan on Instagram last week who didn’t know Palladium’s an elf. Can you blame them? Besides having pointy ears, he doesn’t stand out much from the other magic beings we’ve met.

Elves are a staple of fantasy series, so why are there so few of them in Winx Club? All we’ve seen are Palladium and these two at Musa’s show in “The Show Must Go On” (2X15):

See them in the pink and teal dresses? They look out of place, don’t they? Maybe they were headed somewhere else, heard music coming from Redfountain, and decided to stay for some entertainment. (Side note: there’s a weird animation error in this screenshot. Can you spot it?)

The only thing Rainbow has told us in the show about elves is they evolve. That’s why Palladium looked like a Keebler elf with a growth spurt in season one but now looks more like a high elf. Will we ever see him change again? Probably not — although he called it one of his “many teacher transformations,” which means it’s happened before.

What did he look like before season one? Maybe I don’t wanna know.

Anyway, one of the season six comics focuses on him. In #125: “The Kingdom of the Dark Elves,” the Winx travel to his realm through the Legendarium World to find his lost lover Athris. I won’t give the story away. Find out what happens for yourself. 🙂

I’d love to see that realm in the show. Where is it? Is it isolated from the rest of the Magic Dimension? Maybe that’s why we don’t see more elves in Magix.


Season one, episode one. Bloom’s eating an apple in the Gardenia Park when a panicked Kiko scurries up and gestures for her to follow him. He leads her to a clearing where a sun fairy’s being attacked by a bunch of ghouls and an ogre.

That ogre, Knut, is the only one of his kind we’ve seen to this day. Where’s the rest of them? Did the Specialists wipe them out?

Also, why is he allowed to roam freely? Aren’t ogres are treated like monsters? Yet the optics shop owner in Magix City didn’t have a problem with him trying on glasses!

To be honest, I don’t care where Knut comes from. I also don’t care why he’s not Alfea’s janitor anymore. Or maybe he is, but it doesn’t matter because he’s such a minor character.

But he still makes this list because we don’t much about ogres, and — to be fair — he played a big role in bringing the Winx Club together.


I understand not knowing Palladium’s an elf. Without the ears, he could pass as a regular guy with long hair. But what else could Wizgiz be besides a leprechaun? You could put him on a box of Lucky Charms, and no one would know the difference!

Just like Knut, Wizgiz is the only one of his kind that we’ve seen. Where is he from? We know he’s got a home somewhere, since he left Alfea to visit his mom in “A Friendship Sundered” (1X08).

Wait a minute. How can he have a mom? Aren’t all leprechauns little bearded men?

Also, how old is he? The season two and three version of the website said he’s been teaching at Alfea for more than 1,000 years! Good grief!

Final Thoughts

If I had to pick one species I’m the most interested in, it would be the elves. I’ve always liked elves. Plus, Palladium’s one of my teachers.

What other magic species do you wanna know more about?

That’s it for today!

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65 Responses to “What If Wednesday #8: 3 Magic Species We Know Nothing About

  1. Again Rainbow only focusing on fairies. What about the Witches? What about the other races like the elves, Orges, Lepucachans? What about the actual nymphs?

    Seriously Rainbow blow it focusing only on earth all the time.

      • I can agree with that . It’s why I’ve gotten into the comics as I know the show is never going to fulfill the potential it’s worldbuilding has. It tends to drop and forget ideas/concepts over the course of a season(Sometimes almost soon as they’re introduced).This was a thing in earlier seasons,but IMO it’s worse later. These ‘What If-Wednesdays’ are perfect examples of ideas that Rainbow could’ve done years ago if they wanted to,but they don’t. It’s kind of a problem when the most basic aspects of the world aren’t even fleshed out.(It’s 8 seasons in and we STILL have no idea what Techna or Flora’s home life and these are MCs) The fact that there are arguments and confusion in the fandom on various things in this show is evidence of that. It’s like..I like Winx Club and I like delving deep into a world,but WC doesn’t give me much of that and while it’s fun to have theories at a certain point,I need clarification on things. It’s.. just kinda depressing to know that most likely, a seed for an interesting concept(like those other magic schools aside from the main 3) is gonna be dropped by seasons end and never expanded on or mentioned.

        • The other side of that is Rainbow can’t possibly expand on everything. Some things have to be cast aside for the sake of time. If each season were longer than 26 episodes, maybe they could manage it.

          Right now, they can either introduce a lot of concepts but not go very in-depth into them (which is what they’re doing), or they can introduce only a few concepts and expand as fully as possible on them. The latter would be a great idea. But the downside would be that the show’s universe would feel smaller.

          • I disagree with that. Right now,I feel like Rainbow throwing a bunch of interesting concepts per season and barely developing most of them makes Winx Club feel far more shallow to me. It’s gotten to point where I wish they focus more on developing an already established part of the universe.Like the magic schools or Earth’s magic community post-Black Circle (preferably based off the last What if Wednesday),than making more concepts,some of which IMO are extraneous. I’ll say this,the Infinite Oceans in S6 was a waste. There was no reason Rainbow couldn’t have used the planet Tides,(not to mention they could’ve fleshed out the culture and geography there as well) for the main scenery instead. And that’s just one example. But again,that’s just my opinion.

    • To be fair,there ARE ways to focus on Earth without feeling samey. I liked the idea for the last ‘What If Wednesday’ for doing an Earth Student Exchange Program(Even better if you use the pixies as scouter).Rainbow could easily focus on how Earth Students adjust to everything and learn to deal with the culture shock(double whammy of advanced tech and magic) and some racism(people aren’t perfect) Maybe it could be sort of B plot for a season?
      But yeah,I agree that developing the other races outside of witch/fairy would only help improve Winx Club’s worldbuilding and lore. How did Elves,Orges,and Leprechauns come to be? What are their cultures like?What unique Magic,if any, do they have? What are their relations to witches/fairies like? Are their racial tensions?If so,why? Maybe the last question is dumb considering that there are teachers,but they’re the only ones we see and we barely know anything about their species so…
      This is only a small amount of stuff Rainbow could cover.

  2. is griffin is in the audience the animation error? maybe the lady elves are from the golden auditorium it’s been awhile since i watched the episode but i remember one of the girls mentioning who they were in the 4kids version

      • “The elf muses came to hear your solo”, exclaimed Aisha. Considering Musa was last to sing and is the fairy of music, the elves most likely came only for her just as Aisha said. When Musa channeled the energy of everybody’s voice and singing, the elves seemed to be the only ones (aside from Riven) that understood what she was trying to do, so they must have been elf muses of music.

        It looks as if Brandon is in the far left corner, is that it?

  3. I’m sooooo happy they finally got to the comic where Palladium has a girlfriend and I finally get to know what happens in it! I also would love to know more about the elves. How do they live? Do they have their own realms? Why don’t they hang out with humans more? And why does Palladium work as a teacher in a human realm then? Can they become witches or fairies? Are elf kids the same as the little elves that torment the pixies in PopPixie? That could be the first form of elf evolution, and they’re real jerks as kids. ^^

    • I think Pop Pixie’s another reality entirely, although being an early elf stage…what a bunch of jerks. Also if Pop Pixie is canon…what would Livy, Jolly and Digit be doing as girls early on if they’re actually boys? Zing’s just a good actor with all his cosplaying so we could say he’s in character the whole time until after he leaves the Winx in season 4?

  4. Pop Pixie and Comic issue 125 gives us a bit of elf insight well something to do with the elves legends and the fact that Palidium does have a girl friend, in the same issue we also learned Musa’s Mythix spell. I would also like to learn more on elves. Pop pixie basically treats elves as Pixie opposites…which kind of makes sense even if they’re straight evil there, the comic says that the pop pixie portrayal of elves is well i won’t spoil it but it keeps with the overall theme of season 6. I would like to see more of magical creature backgrounds though, mostly curious about the Leprechauns because i’ve got skotch-irish ancestry in my family and most magical creatures in fairytales are Irish or of other Celtic origins. In fact it was the Irish who first came up with the term faeries…later modified to fairies/fairy because they acted/looked fair. Also over a millennium for Wizgiz? Good grief.

  5. Honestly, I feel like Rainbow would benefit from expanding on other creatures in Winx canon. The only creatures we know the most about are fairies and that’s only because the show revolves around them. Witches are always placed second and were even portrayed as antagonist simply because they didn’t get along with fairies!
    Even with Issue 125, they’ve still got a lot to expand upon with Elves. If anything, it just made the existence of Dark Elves more apparent (be it through legends) but at least we got some glimpse of Palladium’s old home. Speaking of the Elven women that came to Musa’s concert, I remember the RAI dub explaining that they were actually a pair of muses. Y’know, like the spirits that were thought to bestow an artist with inspiration in Greek mythology, and they were drawn to Musa’s performance or something along those lines. Maybe they’re just musically-gifted Elves??
    I always assumed Knut was some kind of mutant Hunting Troll, to be frank. Hunting Trolls and Ogres pretty much share the same characteristics like brute strength and enhanced senses of smell; their only difference is their appearance. But I guess it wouldn’t make sense to make such a distinct difference between Ogres and Hunting Trolls if they were the same thing.

  6. I would really like it if Rainbow expanded the Winx mythology. There are a lot of magical beings which don’t have much background, like witches, nymphs and trolls, among many others including the ones in this post.

    Personally, I would like to know more about nymphs and elves. I really enjoy elvish mythology and I’d love to learn about the Winx approach on elvish culture, history, politics, origin, their realm[s], different races of elves, language and so on. As for Palladium’s girlfriend, it feels kinda odd for me, since there is a scene in S2 which made me ship Palladium and Avalon a little bit for a while lol anyway, I guess I’ll have to change some headcanon,

    Also, probably ogres aren’t considered as monsters in Magix, just a different species, and that’s why Knut could walk free by the streets and buying glasses. Actually, even though he used to work for the Trix, he wasn’t really evil and quited once he found out what the Trix were really able to do.

  7. I want to know what species the Specialists are (and all the beings who do not seem to possess magical powers). I mean I would just like a name for their species and that would be enough. Also, the Winx’s mothers; they are most likely fairies but only Marion and Luna have been shown to use powers. Niobe stood helplessly in the tower while the water rose around her and Teredor and had to be saved by the Winx. I would like a confirmation that they are fairies.

      • If she is a mermaid, she shouldn’t be bothered about the rising water level to the point that Teredor had to be the one to calm her. But then, maybe she was worried for her husband? Oh, I didn’t remember about Alyssa. Luna sort of used magic when she activated the second Sun of Solaria to aid in the battle.

      • I mean that should be obvious. Magic is implied to be heritery in this series with some being biirn with it and others not even having it. Also the idea that Bloom’s a different species would quickly break down given the planet she’s hiding on. Unless of course she is human in all aspect she would have been found out weeks ago.

        • It would make sense for Bloom to be human in almost all aspects. It would better hide her. It also made her the last person anyone suspected to have the Dragon Flame. Remember how everyone thought that Stella had it initially? That kept the suspicions off Bloom. No one would ever expect a human to have that power or be the sole heir to Domino’s throne. Also no one would ever suspect that a human would be born in magix.

          • well A. the power bloom had was dormant until it woke up
            B. everyone thought the Dragon flame had been destroyed and C. everyone thought none of the domino royal family had survived the planet’s destruction

          • @ Will N
            But she is a fairy. And a fairy is a distinct species from a human. True fairies can reproduce with humans in this show and are almos the same except for the wings and the magic, they are still a different species than humans.

          • @Will N
            Daphne’s plan to protect was genius because she knew that Bloom’s fairy power wouldn’t wake up for another 15 years and hiding her on a magicless ‘at the time’ environment would make everyone think none of the domino royals had survived domino’s destruction when actually 1 of the domino royals had survived and earth would be the last place to look for the dragonfire since everyone thought it had been destroyed

          • @ Dragon Bloom has always considered herself human until she found out from Stella otherwise. Not that it matters because Bloom still behaves like a human moreso than a fairy. Everyone in Magix also treats Bloom as “that wide eyed Earth girl” except for the Trix and her birth parents. That’s why everyone misses her when she’s gone, that’s why her fairy color is blue, that’s why aside from Aisha she’s the best combatant in magic restrained areas. Also who’s to say that a human can’t be born on a magic world if the Dragon Flame can do pretty much everything. Bloom needed to be protected because of her power early on. Having her be born closer to where she’d be going would be a way to hide her.

          • @Myuza

            That’s not how species work.

            A Species is a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.

            Fairies are not a species by this diffraction. They aren’t different from Witches which if fairies where a species then Mirta and Faragonda WOULD have been IMPOSSIBLE!

            In fact humans of earth can create new fairies due to the Tree of Life coming back to proves that.

          • Let me explain how insane thinking fairies are a species is. Both fairies and witches where taught how to be fairies and witches. Both from different sources. They aren’t born a fairy or a witch its clear that before that wasn’t even a thing. Second one can’t change their species on a dime like this. Even thespells that do so aren’t actually hhow one issuppost to be. The magic keeps a person changed but they always have a normal state.

            Second if your human in all aspects its because you are human.

            third, Fairies returning to earth without the return of the earth fairies from their prison was going to happen. one doesn’t just chage species that quickly.

            Finally hybrids are rarely fertile and even then its easy to breed out treats after two or four generations. Fairies would have to be extinct by the series if they where even a thing.

          • @Dragon.

            As someone told you before, I don’t think you understand how species work. Being able to exchanging genes is not what defines a species. As an example, dogs and wolves can procreate, but they are different species. This is due to the fact that dogs are descendant of wolves, and therefore they share DNA, and something similar can be the case for fairies and witches [now, irl you can’t just change the species you belong to, but that is where fantasy comes in.]

            Fairies, wizards, witches and specialist may look like humans, and they maybe share some DNA with them [us], but that doesn’t make them humans, just like a husky is not a wolf just because it looks like one.

      • What the h**l? Whicthes, fairies, humans and specialists are different species [Actually, I would even go as far as to say the six Winx are from different species, since they are from different planets, but I think it’d be wrong, since they all have the same transformations. However, there are different “species” (or subspecies) among fairies, such as Magic Dimension fairies and Earth fairies, there are also ethereal fairies and whatever Arcadia is, where you can see a more notorious difference with the rest of the fairies (I would even say that pixies are a subspecies of fairies, but I may be wrong.)]

          • I can only think of Mitzi and her friends who temporarily became dark fairies from humans. Even then, it wasn’t clear if they really had become true fairies and could cross the magical barrier between Earth and Magix or if they were still humans with magical powers. If it was possible, then it should also be possible to become a human from a fairy or a witch simply by stripping their powers but that is obviously not the case.

            Fairies and witches are probably the same species. Although then again they might as well be changing their species when they change from one to another.

          • Maybe there is just one species from which fairies and witches arise, something similar like an Eevee, which can evolve into different pokemon depending on the evolutionary stone you use.

            As for humans turning into fairies, I can only think of Mitzy and her friends, and all those people in S6, but in both cases they were turned into fairies artificially by a magical being [Ogron and Bloom, respectively], and was not a natural nor permanent transformation.

          • I thought of her [Selina] too, but we don’t know for sure whether she was born human or fairy/witch [unless comics say otherwise.]

          • @Myuza

            That’s not how species work. You can’t change your species you are born into it biologically. To alter their DNA could kill them making their cells cancerous as cancer is mutation.

            Furthermore fairies and witches where taught and have origins with learning magic.

            I’m sorry I think you don’t understand biology or genetics.


            The pixies where excited as fairies would soon be returning to earth even without the earth fairies being released. That makes no sense… until ytou realize that humans are the same species as fairies.

          • @Dragon
            I am a doctor doing my residence and before that I studied Biology in great detail. I know exactly what species are. Don’t presume others don’t know anything.

          • But unlike you, I am fully aware I am watching a kids’ fantasy show with fairies shooting light beams from their hands; which means citing scientific facts like that in an attempt to prove me wrong is… just laughable.

          • And finally we know fairies crossed over into the real world from the Legendarium. And they were in the Legendarium because humans, a separate species, imagined them.

          • @Myuza

            Your the one who started this. Yes I can use scientific facts because to be honest your whole thing rests on Magic=Species.

            I mean that doesn’t work in ALL fantasy works so why should that be the case with Winx Club? In fact the other science fantasy series like Star Wars don’t treat the Jedi and Sith as different species or even different from their species.

            DNA decides species, genetics do and not Magic. You started this asking what species are and now I’m finishing it. Fairies Witches and Specialists are genetically human. They humans who have magic… that it nothing else. Nothing different then a a human magi in your standard fantasy setting.

          • If we are going to mention other series, have you heard of Hot Skitty on Wailord Action? Yes, in Pokemon a little kitty and a gigantic whale are able to produce offspring even though they are obviously different species. They just have to be in the same egg group to reproduce, otherwise they can be completely different species.

            See how stupid it is to compare Winx to other shows?

          • @Myazu

            I pointed out the other series as Winx is a fantasy series and fantasy series all have similar rules and the like. In fact Rainbow themselves are recyling stuff from urban fantasy and a bit of Tolkien.

            However the fact is that theirs no difference physically between Humans Fairies and Witches. Fairies Wings aren’t even apart of them in a actual physical sense and serve more as a manifestation of magic.

            As species is a genetic thing interbreeding with none fairy species would eventually wipe the fairies out. Secondly I already pointed out that magic is independent of DNA. Lastly humans can seee magical beings because they are maguucal beings.

            Whatever happened on earth is unnatural the branch on the Tree of Life had only one leaf. And yet the whole of the earth fairies are alive. When the thing that regulates magic and keeps a record can’t even keep the record of your existence something is terribly wrong.

          • Finally one last thing. I meant can see pixies which where only something magical beings could due.

            And finally as stated before buds for magical beings where blooming on earths branch before the return of the earth fairies.

            Their I’m done.

        • When it comes to the Winx being from different planets, I would label it as being her nationality (or whatever the planetary equivalent of that would be) rather than her being a different species than the other Winx. People who come from different countries aren’t different species; just variations of the same species: humans. Similarly, in Winx world, people who live on different planets are treated as being the exact same species, just slightly varied in culture and powers.

          • I see it as them being from different races [which is somehow related to nacionality], which can be easily seen by Flora looking like a latina, Aisha like an african-american and Musa like an asian, and even more evident in earlier seasons where there used to be green and blue fairies [also, not to mistake race for species.]

        • Ok one… their is a God in this series. Two most of the life on other worlds look similar to earths. Oh and for each of the Winx to look the sa,e and be campable of interbreeding with others from different worlds?

          I laugh at the idea that’s even possible.

          The series has intellect design going on so of course they are human the Dragon made it so.

  8. Side note: oh my gosh Palladium was SO ADORABLE IN THAT COMIC.

    I would most like to learn about leprechauns and how their society and all that works in Winx world. Not to mention that it would probably be the single funniest episode of Winx to ever happen. (And also just because I love Wizgiz.)

  9. Here is another what if, or more something I would love to see in the series. What if Valtor came back went to Domino, and had to face Daphne, Bloom, Oritel and Marion all at the same time! I would love to see such an epic fight! He versus the ones he hates most. All together they would defeat him ofcourse. It would also be quite a season which is a level up. I think the winx should have more advanced spells. Like you concentrate a on certain spot or enemy and then boom the energy is there without it having to travel there. You just focus on the place for a moment where you want to have the spell cast and then it’s there.

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