Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if the schools in Magix got new teachers?”

Have you noticed the faculty at these schools hasn’t changed much? Alfea added Avalon in season two and Daphne in season six. That’s it. (You could count the Winx, but let’s not go there.)

We don’t see some of the teachers anymore, but it’s hard to tell if they’re gone for good. What happened DuFour? Or Avalon? Or that dance instructor from season three? I think Rainbow just decided not to show them anymore, since they’re not important. (DuFour and Avalon did appear in a comic recently, so they haven’t been forgotten.)

Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone left for real? The best choice would be Wizgiz. He’s been teaching for more than 1,000 years! I think he’s earned a few centuries of retirement.

What about at Cloud Tower? We’ve only ever seen three teachers: Griffin, Zarathustra, and Ediltrude. The latter two haven’t shown up since season three. (Winx Wikia says there’s a fourth professor — a wizard named Bittersmoke — who was mentioned in the show but never appeared.) I doubt Griffin’s running the school by herself, so where’s the rest of the staff?

Redfountain’s in a similar boat. Saladin and Codatorta are the only faculty members we’ve seen, but at least they both showed up in season five. Who else is training the Specialists? It can’t just be them.

As for Nex and Thoren, we don’t even know where they go to school. I doubt Redfountain has a Paladin track; it seems to be a Specialist-only school (that’s run by a wizard, for some reason). A lot of Wikis say they’re from Lynphea College, but I think that’s wrong. The evidence points elsewhere.

Anyway, I guess before Rainbow writes anyone out of the schools, they need to show some of the “hidden” teachers first. What are their subjects? What do the students think of them? What do they think of the Winx? Are they as star-struck as the students are?

That last part is why I think switching out the teachers could be interesting. Faragonda, Palladium, Griselda, Wizgiz, Saladin, Codatorta, and Griffin know the Winx well. They trust them enough to send them on dangerous missions and give them access to secret areas of their schools. But if a new teacher — someone who didn’t trust the Winx — came in and interfered?

Worse, what if they became the headmaster of Alfea? That would mean sidelining Faragonda for a while (but not necessarily killing her off). Maybe the Winx would have to sneak out again like they used to, or maybe they’d finally leave the school for good.

(This is starting to sound like Harry Potter. That’s not what was thinking about, but…why not?)

A happier possibility is they could learn something new from the new teacher. Rainbow could have done this in season seven with Wild Magic, but I think using Wizgiz worked, too. His subject is metamorphosymbiosis, after all. Wild Magic was a form of it. But what other types of magic — besides transformations — do the Winx not know about yet?

To sum it up, switching out some of the teachers — or just adding new ones — could change the character dynamic a bit. It could also reveal more about the schools in Magix and maybe make them more relevant again. I think Redfountain needs it the most. How long has it been since we’ve seen it? Four seasons? Five? Good grief!

That’s it for today!

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26 Responses to “What If Wednesday #9: Faculty Shake-Up

  1. I think all those extra scenes in season 6 where the Winx are teaching was to show us that eventually Daphne, Roxy and them will take over the operations of Alfea…we’ve got Bloom running the kitchen, Flora’s thankfully taken Eldora’s class, Musa’s become the music teacher, Aisha in PE, Stella’s heading up art with that botique and Tecna? Well…she’s likely the math teacher since she was always mentioning something about that. Roxy it appears is likely going to take over Paladium”s class with Daphne in history. That only leaves Mirta who would likely take over DuFour’s class. I think that’s the shake up and the transition is slow with the guys likely going to take over Red Fountain (who better to teach at Magix Schools than their only competent security guards right?) and maybe Lucy at Cloud Tower. That of course does raise headmistress questions but I think it would most likely be Galatea.

    • I don’t think the Winx would become teachers, actually. Half of them are princesses that will become queens and take the reigns of their kingdoms. After all, have you seen any of the royal families leave their palaces unless it was for diplomatic reasons or completely necessary?

      And while the Winx are the guardians of the Magic Dimension, not all of them have teaching skills and frankly, they have never expressed such an interest. Having them become teachers in season 4 seemed to be a gimmick or plotline that Rainbow came up with but never truly explored it because it might not have developed as they wished – in the contrary, it got in their way.

      The only one I can truly see occupy a teaching position at Alfea is Tecna. She’s calm and collected with a real taste for knowledge, and if you do want to still take this aspect into account, she was the only one that remained serious and seemed to genuinely teach something during the “Winxology” class, the other girls just fooled around. While the other girls’ plans for the future haven’t been explicity expressed, Stella herself has said her dream is to become a fashion designer. I doubt she’d abandon that in order to become a professor.

      Out of the whole bunch, both main and side characters, I can picture Lucy and Mirta as professors or even headmistresses. Lucy has actually stated before that she admires Griffin and one day she will be just like her. Also, Mirta is a witch-turned-fairy, somehow that seems like it’d work in her advantage to become headmistress, just imagine how many things she could teach insecure fairies from her own experience. From the boys? Brandon has potential to fill in Codatorta’s shoes, but he’ll marry Stella and become king of Solaria, so the next one would be Helia. He’s Saladin’s nephew, will not marry into royalty and it’s been established he was the best student before he dropped out. Timmy? Possibly, although with Red Fountain seeming to focus on combat, unless they have a “battle strategy” class, I don’t know what he could teach.

      • Even if the Winx and Specialists marry that doesn’t mean that they automatically assume the roles of their parents if they are royalty. They wouldn’t do royal work until their parents abdicate or pass on. Also…it wouldn’t be wise to tell six women with the dragon flame what to do with their lives regardless of status. Right now being teachers at Alfea keeps them close to the action (sort of a clark kent thing, except the identity is public in this world) but the girls all seem to have interests geared more towards Earth than any of their planets so I would say that until there’s a good time to slow down…the Winx currently are on Alfea staff duty to get news of crisis but would rather be leading their own lives on Earth because Earth has the most possibility for them to achieve their dreams since it would be fresh on earth but not in the magic dimension.

    • i can understand why the alfea staff trust the winx to send them on dangerous missions and not get involved since the winx have more than 7 years combat experience, the winx have enough magic firepower to handle the situation

  2. It would be interesting if the teacher who mistrusted them had an actual reason for it rather than just being the resident “rude teacher”; I love it when characters get themselves into their problems by accident. Like, maybe during episode 2 or so, in an attempt to fight the season’s main villain, the Winx accidentally let a bunch of wreckage fall on an innocent gnome village (or something like that) and it just gets absolutely destroyed. And it just so happens that Alfea’s new (blank) professor lived in that innocent gnome village, and they and their family barely made it out alive. So now they think that the Winx’s involvement in the fight will do more harm than good, because the girls failed to protect innocents in the past and could in the future. Something along the lines of that.

  3. Timely, since I’m just now pondering a fanfic in which the government of Magix suspects that an army of evil witches are about to attack, and they’ve sacked Faragonda and put in a new headmistress and teachers to teach a new curriculum with an emphasis on combat and suspecting all witches of being about to do terrible things. Of course this is getting on the nerves of the mostly-fairly-decent witches of Cloud Tower who are starting to think about getting their self defense in first… It’s up to our plucky heroines to unravel the situation! Somehow. Haven’t figured that part out yet, all I know is that it involves the pixie seahorse and Faragonda hiding out in the Heart of Alfea miniworld, or maybe in the Alfea nature park, and probably shacking up with Master Hagan because dangit, they need to be a couple already!

    As for teachers, I wish we’d seen… well, anything, of the real Avalon. The fake evil Avalon was the heartthrob of the entire school and taught interesting classes on ancestral power, and the real one once he returned to Alfea had not one single line. Is he still the object of a million crushes?

    • That sounds like something Councillors Givelian
      and Yerka would have a role in
      also the only way to access a mini-world is with the tynix power which Faragonda doesn’t have

      • How do we know that she doesn’t? Faragonda could be so powerful that she keeps all the forms she has secret from her students. Especially if she doesn’t need to transform to use her powers?

        • The reason I’m tempted to give her some kind of tynix form is then I’d get to describe her digmole in its adult form, which would be cool because how weird would a giant magical digmole-mount be! Yeah, thinking about ignoring canon just so I can imagine a giant mole. Life as a fanfic writer is strange. *grin*

          Thank you both for your comments, I knew there were governmental people somewhere in Winx that were like that but I couldn’t remember if they were from the comics or what but now I have names to look for. yay!

        • true and the tynix bracelet will only appear when summoned and the season 7 villain being a former alfea student from faragonda’s past was interesting

  4. I think it would be nice to add some new onces with some importancy. Teachers who could learn the Winx something new. Like the advanced magic I commented about a while ago. Magic that doesn’t needs to travel. You just focus on the target and then at once the magic is there for example a cage or just an attack. In that way the enemy wouldn’t see it coming but it is hard to achieve so that would be interesting. It’s like another very useful skill.

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