Lately, there has been a lot of discussion on the declining success of Winx Club and what can be done to save it from an untimely end. But imagine if we lived in an alternate world where Winx Club was as successful as it was last time.

First of all, we wouldn’t be frantically asking questions like, “Will Winx Club make it to a seventh season?” or “What should we ask the television networks to do to help?

If the show we all love had the capability to last for another 10 years or so, ask yourselves these questions:

1. How long would you want it to continue? (Example: Until season 8)

My answer: Anything, as long as the story is kept decent.

2. How would you want it to end? (Example: Eradication of all evil in the Magic Dimension; marriage with kids)

My answer: Not sure, but I think the right thing to do is to disband the Winx (figuratively and not literally) but have them remain best friends. Just my opinion.

3. Who or what should the villain(s) of the final season be like? (Example: The Trix or someone else you can think of)

My answer: A really epic, powerful villain with a meaningful purpose.

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42 Responses to “What Would You Want the SERIES FINALE To Be Like?

  1. Don’t really care how long it lasts, as long as it stays fresh. The ending should have a few marriages, though not necessarily all. At least one princess should become queen. Establish that the Winx are settling down and won’t be adventuring any more. The Trix need to be involved, preferably ending in some way that takes them out of the picture for good. Without the Ancestral Witches though, there’s not really an obvious choice for a final villain.

  2. 1. I think the seventh season would probably be best. Nothing is worse than a show that goes on far to long (like Charmed or Heroes for example.)

    2. I’m not totally sure how the ending should go but maybe hinting at the fact their children could be the next “winx club” would be kind of neat.

    3. I personally think they should have the final villain be aware of the past villains and kind of act as homage to them. Maybe having certain characteristics as the past ones. It would be interesting and kind of set the bar for how powerful they would be. My other idea would be the Trix but instead of being the losers they are now, they would be even more wicked than their Season One counterparts. They could even add a new witch to the coven or something.

  3. 1. As long as it can, because I don’t really want “Winx Club” to end.

    2. For starters, Nabu would have to come out of his coma, and the Winx would have to all be married, with children of their own.

    3. Villains of the final season? End it as it began, with the Trix out for control of Magix.

  4. One of the best series finale I have seen was the finale for Digimon Adventure 02. While technically it was a season finale, It was basically a series finale since the following seasons were all set in different universes and had nothing to do with the first two seasons other than that they contained Digimon. I will post a video of the last 3 minutes of season 2, which take place 25 years after the finale battle.

    If or when Winx Club finally ends, I would want to see an ending something along these lines or an ending along the lines of the Harry Potter book series. It must have an epilogue set at least a decade or two after the finale battle.

    • Speaking as a big Digimon fan…you might be the only person on Earth who liked that finale. (I’m kidding! I’m kidding! :P)
      You’re right — it did wrap things up very nicely. Some of the occupations the kids ended up with were…odd…and a bit out-of-character, but at least we got to see their futures and how the Digimon were involved in them.

      …And then Toei and Bandai made Digimon Tamers. Oh, well. It would have been a decent series finale.

      • Oh, I never said I liked the finale. It was decent. I could get into everything that I disliked about it, but this is neither the place or the time. I could do the same with the Harry Potter movies.

        All I was doing was simply pointing out the fact that Digimon Adventures 02 showed a great way to wrap up a series.

        P.S. Seeing that you are a Digimon fan, I would like to tell Digimon is now airing on Nicktoons 8pm Eastern 5 Pacific.

  5. I don’t think I ever want the winx club to end. It’s the only tv show I watch regularly.

    • Aww, I know! Lets just hope the show will last for many years to come, which I strongly believe it will.

  6. If Winx Club continues and finally ends I bet the real ending would leave much to be desired. Considering the current situation of Winx. Anyway I would love it if the finale was like the finale of Kim Possible an amazing two parter that wrapped up everything nicely.

  7. Q1. Agree with you.

    Q2&3. The most satisfying end I can think of would be the Winx beating a united group of the former villains and strong new ones, then retiring to their Guardian Fairy duties on their respective home worlds and marriages AND careers, but of course they would keep in touch, (BFFs are forever).

    The job of defending the magical dimension would then be passed to the “Winx: The Next Generation” lead by Roxy, (of course)! (An opportunity for Rainbow to completely re-invent the Winx and capture a whole new generation of fans.)

    Is this what I think will happen? No, Rainbow seems to have too many other projects anymore, so I expect an un-imaginative ending or no real ending at all.

  8. 1. The series can go on for as long as Pokémon currently has for all I care. As long as the storylines and plots are interesting. I wouldn’t even mind if the Winx didn’t age much. How long has Ash Ketchum been ten years old now?

    2. Marriage maybe, but not kids. Actually, I would like to see a mass wedding. Ten or twelve couples? That’ll be fun! Or maybe them returning to their families for a period of time before moving on their own.

    3. I want to see Trix going solo again and not teaming up with a villain. Some near-death scenes (on either side) would be great too. I do like drama when it comes to the battles.

    • That kid has been 10 years old for like, what, 15? 20 years? 30? I don’t know. Good gosh, that kid is immortal. Most people complain about the age drawbacks of the Winx… But hey, whatever keeps it airing xD

  9. like a wonder if winx did ever go final season series?

    give if winx marriage ending it could lead door open for new generation spin-off series focus future next generation of winx aka degrassi.

    then if final villian give it could someone so powerful so dangerous either make ultimate villian alliance or that both good & evil must team-up stop to save all dimensions.

    yet if series give mention of next generation spin-off the other option is series making a 2nd batch of winx sure put like roxy, daphne, 3 or 4 female to make winx club version 2.

    overall if go last series run only matter til tempt going live action version of winx.

  10. I’d never want the series to end! I would want it to go on as long as Scooby Doo or Pokemon! XD Even if they have to draw back their ages or something. LOL! (I mean, who says each season takes place one year-long each? Haha)

    I don’t even want to consider the finale. I suppose seeing some marriages and children would be nice. And they could become queens and rulers of their origins. They could finish it off with an ultimate villain, strongest villain in the world or something. And it would be nice if the Pixies were in it. They could leave it on a cliffhanger sort of, with their Children being born hinting in a way that there may be a spin-off of their children. LOL!

  11. If they can keep Winx as Fresh as Warner Scooby Doo it can go on to at least season 35 but unless Scooby Doo gets cancelled again it won’t surpass Scooby I think Scooby might be back on the DTV circuit until a new series is made, there’s an idea Winx could use extended episodes of the series note current DTV Scooby’s are extended episodes of the scooby series they are drawn in (recent ones are mystery inc, and with the exception of retrospecials Monster of Mexico and Legend of Vampire the others are WNSD the 98-01’s being the pilots).
    as for what that includes it goes to at least 7 marriages The Winx becoming rulers and maybe one child per couple preferably magic boys(as we never see much of the boys now and don’t get me started on only girls can be little Winx what if the boys get fairy magic instead of wizard/normal genetics) and the existence of boy fairies.
    Every Show must end with the villains it began with or at least their kids but in reality we’ll probably only get to season 10 which I’d settle for.

  12. 1. I don’t know how many seasons I want it to be, but preferably until 2015-16.
    2. I wasn’t sure at first, but it would be a great idea if they became the new headmistresses of Alfea.
    3. A girl. We’ve had too many guy villains by now. It would be nice if the villain wasn’t just something for the Trix to drool over.

  13. I think it should end soon enought. Its reaching to the point the winx will be old. There 20, which means there adults now. (Or maybe ALMOST)
    and i would not enjoy a season of the winx with baby’s, or marriage. Nor do i want to see the “next generation”. I know its human to get pregnant, but please? I don’t want to see a show about fairys that grow up, get married, get pregnant, have a family, and all that other stuff.
    I hate the villains that the winx had except Valtor and evil bloom! Im clueless on the next villian, but whatever.

  14. For some reason I don’t have the same feeling I have with nick, when I’m watching Rai English. Those 3 seasons where very interesting and exiting. In season 4 I was disappointed. First of all Se 4 the winx had like 6 different outfits and transformations my head started to hurt. Second of all, I know the show is about bloom but they based the whole season on bloom and Roxie + bloom somehow lost most of her child fun and became the person who had all the ideas and was always right. In season 5 LAYLA’S cousin Tritanus looks like such an easy Collin to defeat. They beat valtor who was by far one of the most powerful villains.

    So for season 6 (if there is one) I hope they bring back Valtor (because remember at the end of season 3 that monster valtor comes popping out of no where) that would be cool!

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love winx, I just strongly dislike nicks version. We all know the only reason nick is doing this is for the money and dolls.

  15. 1. FOREVER!
    2. I might be in the minority but I honestly don’t want the Winx marriages to be shown. It’d be kinda weird in my opinion.
    3.How about the Ancestral Witches? Or are they already defeated?

  16. I don’t know if anyone’s thought of this…
    But if the Winx were strong enough to destroy Obsidian and the Ancestral Witches, how come they haven’t destroyed the Trix??

    • Because Straffi doesn’t want them to yet, Bloom and Musa aren’t his only favorites you know, icy is one as well.

  17. Seventh series would be my ending for it – they need another series in which they finally start acting their ages and then the final one would be them stepping forward as Guardian Fairies.

    2. I’m not sure how I would want it to end. A bit of an insight of how the girls are doing would be nice, from perhaps Roxy or Mirta’s perspective? As for their children being the next Winx? While probably canon, I’d cringe. Do the girls all get on the phone and say, hey I want to do it tonight with my husband, can you guys do it as well? That way we’ll all fall pregnant around the same time and can totally chill in the maternity ward together! No. Just no.

    3. Been giving this some thought since I’m constantly writing fanfiction, but how about a kind of God villain, like Dischord, who resurrects a much more powerful team of bad guys that the girls previously defeated. While on earth, this team of villains attack Alfea and kill Faragonda, the girls come back to a battlefield strewn with injured fairies and Specialists and Witches. The girls split, some like Aisha believing they need to train the young students to be warriors to fight off this evil; others like Flora believing that there must be a different, more peaceful way to destroy Dischord and prevent a war. Having split, there’s no more Harmony and the girls no longer can achieve Harmonix and thus cannot transform into Sirenix. So each girl must find their own transformation, one that is uniquely theirs, forged out of who they are, what their powers are and who they will become with them. Flora and Musa succeed in finding a way to destroy Dischord while Aisha and co assemble their army of warriors to fight off Dischord’s army. But united in wishing for the same outcome, silently cheering each other on from different sides of the Magix dimension, the girls become stronger than before and with their Harmonix back online, their unique Transformations evolve to become even more powerful and they naturally save the day.

    The End.

    • Interesting comment. I like the idea of unique transformations because i’m getting sick of them getting the same ones over and over again.

    • Bloom sides with Aisha as would Tecna going on the most logical and I guess Stella would side with Flora and Musa in your theory so I guess it would work for a final three seasons, I’m getting sick of a 26 episode only villain when the trix are all washed up.

  18. When it comes to Nick, I doubt the show will finish. Unlike Disney, which seems to have a four series limit. Whereas Nick ,the slightly more selfish side, will continue a series if it’s successful.

  19. 1. As long as the storyline is in its place.
    2. Yes they get married but no episode showing the wedding. Cause it does feel kinda strange.
    3. What about: all villains combined together! Or: same as your thought. And that’s it!

  20. I have a lot of ideas for how I think the series should end, which I am currently writing as a fan fiction. However for the final moments I would love to see the Winx girls flash-back over the seasons and even movies and re-visit old memories, from their first meetings, celebrations, adventures and so forth. After looking back at the good and bad time, have them huddle together and have something said along the lines that no mater what they will always be the Winx Club. One by one each girl puts her hands in the middle and says “Winx” as they do so. After all six of them are in, the yell “Winx Club forever” and have a large group hung and a bright ray of light flashes and then the series logo appears.

  21. Given that the show has been going downhill recently, I want it to be at least till a sixth season and at most till a seventh season; if they continue it further than that I want Nick and Rainbow to improve their writing, or else watching the show’s painful agony is gonna be terribly awful!

    My ideal finale would be a Tolkien style Dagor Dagorath type of ending (I hope it’s not only hardcore Lord of the Rings fans who get the term):
    -Lord Darkar coming back (he can’t die at any rate, he’s a “god” of the magic dimension and the absolute opposite of the Dragon, and both the Dragon and the Phoenix are essential for the proper balance of the magic dimension)
    -Darkar brings back all the major former villains, like Valtor, the ancestral witches, Mandragora, and maybe the Wizards of the Black Circle as well (not sure about Tritannus though 😛 )
    -Darkar blackmails/tricks Bloom into helping him gain the energy of the Relix
    -Darkar then summons the Army of Darkness (4Kids’s Army of Decay) and other evil forces, and goes on to conquer the magic dimension
    -There’s an epic battle where all the characters that have ever appeared in the show, and all the armies of the magic dimension fight against Darkar’s forces in an epic good vs. evil final battle where:
    ——-The Dragon comes back
    ——-The Winx use all their knowledge they’ve acquired throughout the years and all the transformations they gained from Enchantix and so on to defeat the dark forces
    ——-The Winx save the Trix from some awful atrocious, horrible fate and the Trix realise their mistakes and become “good” (neutral would be a more appropriate term)
    ——-The Winx convince Darkar to stop being an enemy of the magic dimension and make him realise that the Dragon and the phoenix are both essential for the equilibrium of the magic dimension, and the Dragon and the Phoenix finally agree to cooperate to maintain the universal balance (evil is not completely eradicated though, it’s impossible to really destroy evil in a fantasy world like that of Winx Club)

    Then at the very end I want it to be like:
    -We see the Winx and their friends’ later lives (like at the end of the final episode of Charmed s8): fulfilling their dreams (Stella’s fashion designer dream, maybe Mirta and Lucy could become the new headmistresses of Alfea and Cloud Tower after Faragonda and Griffin retire) and/or getting married, and living their lives to their fullest, with each Winx narrating the scene one by one
    -Then there’s a scene where, many years after the final battle, the Winx and the Specialists are sending their kids to Alfea/Cloud Tower/Red Fountain and they meet in Magix, and the Trix are also present there, and they, like, distantly acknowledge the Winx (like how Draco did in the epilogue of the final Harry Potter book).
    -Finally, as Ella said in the above comment, after sending their kids to school the Winx form a circle, each saying “Winx” as they put their hands in the middle and they all say “Winx Club Forever!”, and the Winx Club logo appears.

    In short I want it to be like that (but à la Winx Club of course): (from 01:21 to 03:18)
    followed by

    However I also want it to be a kinda open ending that would allow the possibility of a potential spin-off, like one with Roxy, or with the “Winx Club 2.0” composed either of Alice, Clarice, Gladice and the 3 other fairies that shared the old rooms of the Winx, or of the kids of the Winx, made up of both witches and fairies.

  22. 1. same as your answer, if it continues I hope that the story remains decent…
    2. seeing wedding in the series is not that much weird I mean not exactly wedding but engagements or proposal ceremonies but going to kids will be actually a lot, in my opinion.
    3. how about the new villain being a vampire. The winx find the population of gardenia and the rest of the cities(since they are not mentioned in the series) suddenly start decreasing but one day out of nowhere vanessa calls bloom and tells that there are blood sucking vampires everywhere, they are never able to see daylight. On the other hand roxy comes crying and tells the winx about(OOOh!! what was roxy,s dad name!?!?!?!?!) isn’t answering any of his calls and thus the winx realize that this villain is much more powerful than anyone before when they come to know that even their planets/realms are in danger. But until the half of the series they don’t come across that who actually is this new guy. And then one day the vampires maliciously attack magix and then eventually onto alfea there the safety of all the fairies get in danger but luckily the specialists were there(along with roy, yes he is one now or was he one before?) but then during fighting aisha notices a face that looks extremely familiar and guess what, its nabu! but then aisha couldn’t believe on her eyes seeing her love with FANGS and BATS surrounding him and then the same thing goes again finding new transformations and all that however with regards to finding transformations, I do like the idea of # 29 written by Zadien.. ^________________________^

    • Since 1990 Networks have had a strict NO VAMPIRES, NO BLOOD in Children’s television rule with only small exceptions such as it’s a Halloween show/movie or the Vampire’s way of eating is changed from biting to something else, the 90’s Spiderman cartoon had their vampire change obtaining blood by suction cups rather than biting. If Winx were to introduce a vampire villain then it would be cancellation unless they were to somehow do it as either a Halloween Special or make the vampire less terrifying.

        • FOX probably didn’t know about it. WB also didn’t allow Nocturna a supposed vampire villain in Batman because of Batman getting bitten and looking for blood, Batman never thought Nocturna was a vampire but rather a woman with a rare condition as to whether she was a vampire well Bruce Timm and Paul Dini were gonna let us decide but of course WB said no.

        • ooooohhhhhh i love digimon especially adventure 01 and myotismon was like the best villian ever ….. my fave digimon was patamon oh those memories you like them oblivious prattler?

  23. So i’ve been thinking that 7 or 10 seasons would be enough. A new villain who is defeated in say ep 15 with the second half of the final season showing things like achieving dreams then a few wedding shots (kiss and reception,Musa sings) childbirth(just show the winx with sons like in my fanfics) then Future Flora is shown with her boy now around 4 having her honey hair but Helia’s dark.brown eyes and wearing green. Flora is wearing a light pink shortsleeved shirt with light blue skirt and green heels finishing up telling her son about the adventures she had, the boy (presumably named Sweet Pea(one of my childhood nicknames as I am an April birthday)) asks if it was a true story because he’s very skeptical since Flora and Helia moved to Earth although no one remembers them in that time, Flora then in a flash of green light is shown in her enchantix saying yes as she takes him on a flight through Gardenia using her vines to spell out The End (6 alt endings showing the others kids along these lines could also be made)

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