The Winx — and Tritannus — have finally made it to the Infinite Ocean.

Now what?

Seriously, what? What’s so great about this place? I don’t think anyone’s explained it to us.

We know you can only get there with Sirenix powers. Tritannus had to steal Daphne’s, while the Winx had to “earn” them (more or less). Once you cross the Sirenix gate, you get a CG makeover, a new wardrobe, and technicolor hair. (Oh, the hair. Glad we don’t have to see those highlights on Tritannus!)

But that doesn’t tell us why anyone would want to go. (Especially with that hair!)

Anyway…Tritannus’s plan was to use the Infinite Ocean to travel to each realm and conquer it. Hasn’t he been doing that already? That’s what the Selkies’ gates were for! And we’ve always known the oceans were connected. Aisha traveled through them from Magix to Andros in season three — no Sirenix or Infinite Ocean needed.

So what’s the point of the Infinite Ocean? Is just…an infinite ocean? A realm of nothing but sea as far as you can see?

I may have missed something, but it seems like the Winx risked their magic (and lives) for nothing!

QUESTION: Do you think the Winx truly earned their Sirenix powers?

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16 Responses to “What’s So Great About the Infinite Ocean?

  1. Maybe Tritannus wanted it because it makes a good home base? No other fairies can get there unless they have Sirenix so it would be an awesome bastion (fort). And yes good thing his did not change colors.

  2. My guess is that the Infinite Ocean is connected to the rest of the oceans in a way that you don’t need anything to help you get through (like keeper’s powers) and that water from the ocean can easily flow into the other oceans. So maybe it’s kind of like, if Tritannus attacks it, it’ll be attacking the rest of the world? if that makes sense.

    Also, I still want to know what happened to the Sirenix curse. Was it forgotten about? Has it just not taken effect yet on our girls? Does it affect the Trix?

    • I’m sure the Sirenix curse will have something to do with bringing Daphne back to her bodily form and with the Sirenix Wish mentioned by Omnia, and I’ve got a feeling (I could be wrong though) that this could be a way of integrating Magical Adventure to the overall storyline by fitting it between s5 and s6. There must be a reason why the writers decided to say that the Ancestral Witches (who are defeated for good in MA) were the ones who cursed Sirenix after all.
      Maybe to break the curse the Winx will have to defeat the Ancestral Witches as, since MA is still not part of the plot, this means that they’re still out there, alive and free.

        • That’s what I’ve been supposing from the beginning, although I could be wrong, I’m no seer after all. 😛 Unless by next year the movie’s graphics are corrected to replace the Believix with Sirenix (depending on whether doing so is profitable or not).

          Considering that both Nick’s and Rainbow’s marketing of Winx have been heavily focused on Believix (“Beyond Believix“, Believix profile pictures on the website, Believix wings showing up in the openings of the 4 specials and so on), I’m guessing it’s quite probable that they’ll return to Believix at the end of the season, either by choice or by constraint to break the curse/defeat the Ancestral Witches in MA (assuming Rainbow and Nick have indeed decided to fit it in the storyline somehow – MA is airing after s5, right?).

          It could also be only a temporary downgrade till the Witches are destroyed and/or the curse is broken, with our awesome friend Sirenix reappearing in the Mermaid Special and/or in s6 (it could as well be a s6 ep like how The Lilo is the Believix Special and ep 10 is the Christmas Special).

          Of course, I could be wrong all the way, as I’m guessing all this from what has already been said and seen, and there’s still a lot remaining in store. What I’ve said is pure speculation. We’ll have to wait for further information to be sure what’ll happen next. It’s more of a wait and see situation actually.

          Sometimes I feel that I read in between the lines way too much! 😛

  3. A couple of possibilities. Tritannnus said that Serena was the last of the Selkies or something along those lines. That would probably mean that there are only gates from Andros to Earth, Solaria, Magix, Melody, Zenith, Linphea, and Domino. The Infinite Ocean would be needed to get to every other planet in the Magic Dimension. That would also be incredibly stupid for a number of reasons, so I’m going to pretend that’s not the case.

    More likely is that the place holds a large number of magical secrets that someone like Tritannus can use to gain power. This would help with his credibility since as he is now, he has no chance of actually conquering anything beyond maybe the oceans of Andros (Icy really needs to stop filling his head with ideas he can’t accomplish). Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait and see if the Infinite Ocean is anything other than pretty.

    The Winx jumped the gun on thinking Tritannus was a major threat. They probably didn’t want to take their chances after dealing with Valtor and the Wizards, but at the moment they probably could have used Enchantix for most of the mission. They don’t need special forms to use magic underwater since they were doing it since season 1. Still, getting an underwater transformation is smart in dealing with an evil mermaid, and even better if the form can beat pollution like Harmonix has done so far. If they could’ve gotten Harmonix without risking their powers, then going for Sirenix would’ve been stupid since it only took Bloom and Aisha to take Tritannus down. Still, they earned it now, even if the quest was lame, might as well put it to good use. Hopefully it has some impressive powers and the curse on it doesn’t mess with them too much.

    • There could have been many more selkies, one for each realm of the magic dimension, from whom Tritannus stole heir powers off-screen.
      I do agree, however, that the Infinite Ocean might contain many powers and mysteries and that it could be used to reach all the realms. IMO it will be more easier for him to reach all the realms from there.

      In the previous seasons it was more of a trip underwater with some fighting included, those weren’t real underwater missions with an aquatic enemy. Plus whenever the Winx were underwater before they used spells, which can still be broken, putting them at risk, and still they weren’t really efficient at fighting underwater, they’re still land/air creatures. Harmonix and Sirenix allow them to be exactly like fish in water, they’re more free and, more powerful since Sirenix is firstly a power source, it’s main purpose is to make the Winx stronger as ever.
      I kinda agree that Harmonix is quite powerful, but Tritannus is still becoming more and more powerful each time he absorbs more pollution. Soon Harmonix would have been too weak to face him, and they were only able to immobilize him, defeating him and his powers for good would surely require more.
      Plus I think that this Sirenix Curse plot is more to bring Daphne back to her physical state (and possibly to fit Magical Adventure within the overall storyline at end of s5).
      It would actually have been interesting for the Winx to earn Harmonix only, but unfortunately it seems you can’t earn it independently, it’s only use is for the Sirenix quest.

  4. I don’t think the winx truly earned their sirenix. Did it really scare anyone that they might’ve lost their powers? They’re WINX! Of course they’d end up getting sirenix! Oh and if Tritannus DID get his hair color changed, what would happen to the eyes of the innocent viewers(jk:p)?

  5. I feel the Winx did not truly earn Sirenix. What really bothered me was that they did not even do it together. It was always three girls went and the other three stayed back “just in case the Sirenix book appeared!” Couln’dt the Sirenix book apper anywhere? I hate making fun of the Winx. Its my favorite show but these things really botherd me. I thought they were doing this mission together. Really, the Winx did sacrfice their lives and magic for nothing. What was the point of the Sirenix quest! I feel the Winx were better off with Enchantix. Enchantix was beautiful and powerful. It was the ultimite goal of a fairy. Well, what can i do… On a nicer note, I do love the Sirenix transformation song.

  6. Maybe that’s the reason they’re taking a break. So then they can come up with an idea of what to do next.

  7. To be honest, sometimes I thought they didn’t really care. One episode Bloom was focused on Sky and she wasn’t paying attention and didn’t wanna be involved right now at that moment. Instead she went to check up on him. I was like ‘REALLY? THINK ABOUT YOUR POWERS FIRST, BOYFRIEND LATER!’ The 12th episode. They were acting like it happened everyday.

    • ever heard the old saying somethings are more important than the material things Bloom may be one of the most powerful fairies but do you blame her for doing what she did? If your other or bf was in that situation you would have done what Bloom did, sirenix quest was kinda shallow and Bloom for once realized it

  8. I personally think that the Infinite Ocean also counts as the “Sirenix Gate”, or the last step to the Infinite Ocean. The Winx have also caught up to Tritannus, and I think he wants to take over the infinite ocean, basically taking over the universe.

  9. Is So great Because Thats were there 3D Duh( Just kidding) Do YOu think layla will use her wish on Nabu

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