Ah, the scandals never end with Bloom and Sky. You would think that after the Diaspro/Diaspora files, the fight about Professor Avalon, Bloom’s almost switching to the dark side, and Sky’s myriad of MIA moments, their engagement at the last scene of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom would finally solve their problems.

Enter the ex-boyfriend Andy.

A scruffy musician who frequents juice bars…or a debonair king who nearly died countless times for you, helped you defrost your home world, and reunited you with your biological parents whom you hadn’t seen in 17+ years? Tough choice, Bloom. Just how fickle are we women?

What about Musa and Riven? Stella and Brandon?

I never thought 4Kids’s “hero syndrome” (invented in season two) would ever actually apply to the show, but Brandon seems to have a case of it now. So what if you held Mitzi’s in your arms and she’s stalking you? Stella is your girlfriend! What happened to the time she was turned into a frog monster and you stayed by her side, even though she thought you only loved her because she’s beautiful? And Stella’s making things worse, of course, by flirting with every guy that notices the Winx. Does she want him to break up with her?

As for Musa, I guess she’s never been around guys who love music as much as she does. Still, I thought she and Riven were finally solid, too, after their reconciliation in the movie. Maybe Riven should take guitar lessons.

Would Rainbow actually split our sweet couples up? All we can do is keep watching to find out!

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4 Responses to “Where’s the Love?

  1. I totally agree, where is the love in winx S4?????????????? Are we females getting a slightly flirty reputations in cartoons?

    Bloom and Sky should have a stronger bond, having been through so many expirences and surviving, surely there’s hope for a slightly over dramtic but all the same sweet couple, but I do have my doubts anyhow, because in the youtube sub of one ep (Thanks to the awesome bangogate 🙂 ) Andy says that they were dating once. (This was before Bloom set off with Stella who she hardly knew at the time to go to Alfea, I assume) So Blooms known andy for longer than Sky (Which points towards Bloom perfering andy, but they were probaly still dating at the time, so for Bloom to get a practically instant crush on Sky must mean she really, really loves sky, so probally, hopefully this couple will stay together, although, I do kinda like Andy as well. 😉

    As for Stella and Brandon, well despite them being an awesome couple, lets face it, Stella is pretty enough to charm a boy, and Brandons pretty hot too, so they did kinda take that to their advantage all through the series, I have no worries for them either.

    Finnaly, Oh Musa and Riven, tut tut, is this the sixth breakup you’ve had?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! o.0 Well, if they can defeat five arguemental grudges then I suppose another won’t hurt, I suppose…..(And deeply hope.)

    -Pandawinx. 🙂

  2. I’ve just been watching eppy 13 S4, yay!!!!! Everything did turn out ok….(Note to self: Winx club rocks!)

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