In episode two of season 4, the Winx say goodbye to the pixies, promising that they will bring back another fairy. Chatta then points out that that means another pixie will be able to bond. But who will it be?I have two hunches.

One is Jolly. She was the only other pixie without a fairy at the send off besides Ninfea. Also, she’s had her few episodes of glory (then again, so has Livy, and I don’t think it’ll be her).

My other guess is Zing. She has been wishing for a fairy to bond with for a while now. Zing is quite popular because of her silly movie references (which were removed in the 4kids version). I used to think she would bond with Diaspro because Zing was with the Winx on Eraklyon, but I am glad to say that I was wrong (just think of poor Zing with Diaspro…). Maybe Zing will get her chance with Roxy.

Well, Zing and Jolly are my two guesses. Which pixie do you think it will be?

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13 Responses to “Who Is The Next Bonded Pixie?

  1. I’m guessing that it will be Glim. She’s a baby just like a piff, and she’s really cute!

  2. If I had to give one guess, it would be Zing. The fairy of animals and the pixie of insects would go well together. =)

  3. Although, fireflies are insects, too, so Glim is still a good possibility. The more I think about it, Jolly doesn’t seem very likely. =

  4. I wish we could see the next few episodes and find out for sure! All this waiting is driving me crazy!

    Oh well. More time for speculation! 😀

  5. Zing would be a good guess because she can change into different kinds of animals, and roxys power is over animals, so it would make secne.
    -Pandawinx. 🙂

  6. Yes, it might be Zink, because she is very brave and courageous and she would help Roxy be like her, too, as she is often anxious and scared. Also, their powers are a lot alike!

  7. Well, personally I think they’ll probably bring in a new pixie for Roxy to bond with.

    I’ve kinda been imaginening her with a curious pixie who has a passion for puzzles and riddles.

    • They kept Wizard of Oz in ” I’ll get you my pretty and your little piff too” probably because it was an American movie, and I think I remember the cloudy tower episodes of season 2 originally airing around Halloween along with Hallowinx

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