You’ve been really patient — more patient than I’ve been about World of Winx, that’s for sure. 😛 Sorry for dragging this out so long. Let’s jump right into this!

I kept saying in my reviews that something made me write off Orlando as a love interest for Musa. Only one of you got it right: a Winx fan called SpiderBraids. He wrote this in an email: “Anything to do with the meta reference, perhaps? :-)”

Bingo! Remember this line from the script reader in “Back in the Middle Ages” (7X08):

“Let me introduce to you The Rainbow Company…”

Admit it: you rolled your eyes at that one. So did I. “The Rainbow Company?” Really? 🙄

That’s when I stopped taking Orlando and his troupe seriously as characters. I think they were just Rainbow’s way of writing themselves into the show. Two more possible hints:

  • Where did “Back in the Middle Ages” and “The Fairy Cat” (7X09) take place? Medieval Italy. Not England. Italy.
  • The troupe’s play was about six fairies who save a dying kingdom. That could have been a reference to how Rainbow wasn’t well-known till they created Winx Club, which helped them become a big name in the animation industry.


If the troupe was supposed to represent Rainbow, who did each member represent? I’m not sure. I don’t know the company well enough to match each character to a specific staff member. They could have even been based on inside jokes. All I can do is guess based on the little knowledge I have.

Let’s start with Orlando. When I first watched those two episodes, I thought for sure he was Iginio Straffi. The reader implied Orlando wrote the play, just like Mr. Straffi created Winx Club. He also played the prince in the play, who believed in magic and atrracted fairies with his music. It felt to me like some sort of metaphor about imagination, but I might be reading into it. 😛

Here’s another possiblity. Orlando might have been Alessia Orlando, one of the Winx Club singers. That might explain why he was a minstrel (a pop singer of the past) and why he was interested in Musa. Why would Rainbow base a male character after her? I don’t know. Maybe they just named him after her.

What about the tall guy? He might have been Mr. Straffi, too. The reader said he was the leader of the company, and the guard captain interrupted the reader just before he said his name (as if it might have given it away). Also, he played the king and the queen in the play. That could have been a reference to how Mr. Straffi and his wife, Joanne Lee, are the co-CEOs of Rainbow.

I’m not sure about the reader or the donkey. They may have been two of Rainbow’s writers, two of the animators, two of Mr. Straff’s friends — I don’t know. Someone with inside knowledge of the company might be able to tell right away.


Now, none of this means Musa and Orlando didn’t have something going on. Rainbow even included the “couple” in the “Winx Forever: Magico Amore” book! But like one of you said in the comments, I think he was just her “Roy”: a guy who wasn’t meant to be her new boyfriend but took her mind off her troubles. Maybe Bloom’s “do good for others” speech in “The First Color of the Universe” (7X04) was foreshadowing. Musa was more focused on helping Orlando than on herself.

Also, her breakup with Riven was still fresh. Remember when she was staring at all the couples in “The First Color of the Universe?” She was lonely, and Orlando satisfied her need for attention for a bit.

But I don’t think they fell in love with each other. They liked each other, but I think she was more attracted to his music. Rainbow even hinted at this in the “Magico Amore” book:

“He’s fond of Musa, but there’s only room for music in the fairy’s heart!”

The word they used was simpatia, which means “liking” or “fondness.” It’s the singular form of the same word from Roy’s character description that described Aisha’s feelings toward him. Musa and Orlando’s relationship didn’t feel romantic to me. It felt like a magic creature deciding to help an interesting human she found, and in return he helped her. Aren’t there a lot of myths like that?

In the end, he wasn’t her new boyfriend or a placeholder love interest anyway. Thank goodness. Maybe Rainbow learned their lesson after how they handled Aisha’s process of moving on. Putting Musa in a new relationship so soon after the breakup would have been a terrible move. She needs some time by herself to heal.

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17 Responses to “Who Was Orlando?

      • Funny on that meta thing… but yeah…Musa should stay single for at least another half-season. If they bring her a new boyfriend…he needs to have something opposite to Musa about him whether Rainbow either brings Jared back or gives her someone new.

        This is why the other couples don’t fight as much as Musa & Riven did (although Bloom & Sky sure come close to rivaling them). We learned in season 2 that every power needs it’s opposite to keep it in check, the same can be said about love life for the show.
        Bloom’s firey persona & Sky’s watery one
        Aisha’s life & Nex’ death
        Tecna (logic) & Timmy (emotional)
        Stella (light) & Brandon (dark)
        Flora (moon) & Helia (sun) like a younger version of Stella’s parents although in this case it’s Helia who’s the calmer one (i mean what was Flora’s problem this season?)

        Musa needs a silence guy to balance her sounds. Borrowing from Mulan 2 the whole point of season two is “Lesson Number One”

        • i mean what was Flora’s problem this season?

          Funny you should say this because I’ve been planning to post about this.

          Could you explain what you mean about the couples? I get Aisha & Nex and Tecna & Timmy, but what about the others?

          • It’s pretty much that although the guys are their ladies would be like if they were boys…there’s something different about the boys so that they aren’t complete clones. For example Bloom’s iron will and headstrong yet slightly reckless behavior makes her very firey and impulsive to the point where she doesn’t always think things through whereas Sky is more of a “go with the flow” kind of person which allows him to think more clearly and be much more rational than his girlfriend…when he comes under certain situations such as the diaspro fiascoes and actually tries to explain why Bloom’s conclusion jumping is…conclusion jumping. With Stella and Brandon it’s basically the relationship between the stars and the night sky. Brandon goes through as much pain as Sky (because he’s the bodyguard) which is the darkness and seriousness needed to make the day stars (Stella) shine much brighter and help her become more mature while Stella’s daylight persona makes her the perfect balance to let brandon loosen up and have some fun.

            Flora and Helia…remember that native American folktale about the coyote, sun and moon?
            That’s how that relationship goes except in this case..the sun is calm and the moon is hot tempered because as the moon, nature is always changing, and the sun doesn’t change much with the coyote who tried to help out with something (over eager Bloom trying to find a cure/fix the love life issues when like Stella, Bloom doesn’t really have all that much of an idea of how ♡ works, but Stella has a *slightly* better understanding of it) and the sun (Helia) both having issues with the moon (Flora) after that poisoning incident, Helia drama plus Bloom and Flora hardly speaking to each other after that, which could be part of Flora’s problem. If it is the case, then hopefully either Helia or Flora has the sense to call it quits before a child gets in the middle of it, as seen with Stella and her parents, or preferredly patch things up and go back to happy “perfect couple”,because as we learned on proud family from the janitor/history teacher Mr. Webb…”Those who fail history are DOOMED to repeat it.”

          • Okay, I see. Interesting theories. 😊 With Flora and Helia, they obviously have some communication issues, but I don’t think it’s anything too serious yet. I like seeing them fight a little because it’s more realistic. The love triangle with Krystal didn’t make sense, but little spats here and there? I think that’s okay.

            I think they came off as “perfect” in seasons 2-4 because Rainbow wasn’t developing their relationship much. In his season two profile, they said Helia can be too sensitive sometimes. We hadn’t seen that in his relationship with Flora until recently.

          • I always thought that Flora was the extremely sensitive oneat least until her last button was pushed…maybe that’s what she expected from him?

          • That can’t be good might need to find what made yhem start dating in the first place again that’s usually the best way to fix problems go back to where it starts..pixie village officially and (as the remodeled red fountain was still only just friends. Maybe if another dangerously ill flower patch needed fixing it’d fix their problems because the only way to fix that would be for them to get along.

  1. Interesting observation. And while I like Orlando and he & Musa looked nice together I’m glad he didn’t become her new BF. It would’ve been jumping out of the gate too fast.

  2. So many things I didn’t notice… That was pretty clever of them… I didn’t even pick up on the Rainbow thing, I just took it as a corny name (though I did like their characters).

    I’m glad Musa is getting a nice break from boyfriends!

  3. Like Purplefluff, I didn’t pay attention to the name and what it could mean. I immediately saw him as the ROY they created for Musa. Also, I thought they handled this ROY much better than they did the real one.
    Like you, I took note of the fact that he was from the middle ages and also that he would not be able to leave there. He’s not like the fairy animals who seem to be able to come forward in time without any consequences (that I noticed). Pulling him forward would have been a grave error.
    Your take on the origins of Orlando is quite interesting. The correlation to Rainbow as a company and the people who made it was a jump I would never have made. You truly have given this some thought. well written as always OP.
    This post really makes me think of Musa’s possible future. I would be totally satisfied of she or Aisha remained single. I quite like Nex and find him totally suited for the water princess. I hope that if they make the decision to give Musa another boyfriend, that he is deserving of her, and reflects what I wanted Riven to be for Musa lol. Truly Orlando didn’t even cross my mind as a permanent character.

  4. It’s amazing how something can be staring a person in the face and they won’t see it. I’m with Purplefluff and Niki because I didn’t see this at all.

    When I first saw Musa and Orlando, the word “SHIP” was blaring in my head, but honestly, I’m glad they didn’t become a couple. Musa was still lonely because this was the first time in a while where she hadn’t been with someone, and she needed a little TLC so she could get on with her life.

    I like the idea of Musa having someone who’s quiet as a love interest, but not in the “mysterious” way – in the creative and sensitive way. I also like the idea of Jared – someone who’s artistic, but not in the musical way. But I also don’t want them to be a Helia clone; they need to have their own unique personality that sets them apart from love interests past and present, but still blends well with Musa’s. But they also need to give them a personality different from Musa’s. (That was a much more complex paragraph than expected.)

  5. Wait, what? So that was it! I can’t believe I totally forgot about the “Rainbow” thing, but yes, it does make sense of them being the Rainbow company. I think Orlando represents Iginio Straffi since he is pretty much the main member of the crew, also, he was kinda [not necessarily romantically] interested in Musa and many fans thought they were going to be a couple, and, as far as I know, Mr. Straffi’s wife is asian, just as Musa’s apparent race [though we know she is an alien], and Straffi’s birthday is the same day as Musa’s.

    • I was gonna bring up Musa and Mr. Straffi’s birthday, but I thought it was too minor a detail. But you’re right. It might be another hint. Also, yes, Joanne Lee is Asian. She’s from Singapore.

  6. it’s great that Musa’s found someone else, I always hated Riven for not paying attention to her or loving her; he took her for granted. i like Orlando, he seems more polite and well-mannered. Th best part is that we might she a new couple, aren’t you all sick of the same old love? It’s funny that they don’t fight on any big or important issues, they fight on stupid ones. I like Nex and Layla because they’re new, you can’t stick to someone you met when you were 16 and spend the rest of your life with them!

    • I think it’s because Bloom & Sky, Thoren & Daphne, and Brandon & Stella are the only ones who can discuss the “big issues” is why we haven’t seen them discuss it yet. When only 3/5 couples amongst eight winx have rings (marriage or engagement) it’s kinda hard to bring those up. Straffi probably wants to bring up those issues for some but has likely been advised to wait until he gives each winx a ring. I do want them to at least consider discussing from Bloom & Sky’s perspective on love spats… “is Sky truly dedicated to Bloom?” (Seeing as something other than his job or diaspro gets in the way a couple times) “can bloom handle a witchy father-in-law?” “Did Sky ever make things right with Diaspro before asking Bloom to be his gal or is he more “perfect” than Bloom?” These are questions everyone is asking about the flagship couple, especially the last one. If Sky never made ammends with Diaspro it would explain why she’s still after him and Bloom. We know that Bloom’s made up offscreen (in the comics) to where they just pretend to fight each other so as not to make things weird for sky and he needs to tell Diaspro why he chose bloom over her, and apologize for cheating on her so that she and bloom can openly be friends and that she can finally move on with her life without trying to kill her Ex or Bloom. That can’t be healthy for anybody.

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