In case you skipped Roy’s post, here’s a recap. Roy was just a minor character. He was her segue between mourning Nabu and falling in love with Nex. That’s why he vanished at the end of season six: Nickbow (and Aisha) didn’t need him anymore.

Aisha’s dating Nex now, and the fans aren’t happy. They pretend the two aren’t a real couple, or they act like Nex doesn’t exist by leaving him out of fan art or screenshot sets. Ms. “I’m-Banning-Guys-All-Together” can’t really be in love with a “bad boy,” right? And there’s no way he loves her back. He just loves competing with her.

Here’s my two cents. Yes, this is my opinion, but I’ve got some official stuff to back it up.


Nex’s Bad First Impression

I bet Nickbow never thought two scenes would stain his image forever! What’s the big deal? It’s not like he tried to kill someone!

Wait…he did? 😕

Time out, guys. Don’t forget what we’re watching: Winx Club, an Italian fantasy show aimed at five-year-old girls. It’s on Nick Jr. now, for crying out loud! Attempted murder of an ally by a hero character — yes, hero — is too extreme for this show. (Before you bring up Dark Bloom or something like that, I’m talking about willful murder.)

Also, physics don’t work the way they do in real life. When Sky fell from a higher platform in season five, he just lost his memories. That wasn’t even permanent — a spell fixed it. Other times, we’ve seen the Winx get knocked out of the air and flung against walls and rocks, and they’ve gotten up with no bruises or broken bones.

Even this season, Roy, Aisha, and Nex jumped off a floating skating rink. Nex landed on his feet — in roller blades. Aisha did, too, but she lost her balance and fell into his arms. 😛 We didn’t see what happened to Roy, but since he came up to them like nothing happened, he must have been fine, too.

Nex wasn’t trying to kill or even hurt Roy. If we bring this back down to “kids’ show” level, what he did isn’t as malicious as it looked. In “The Flying School” (6X03), he started roughhousing. The Guru’s dialogue makes it pretty clear: “Easy! This is a civilized training session, not a cage fight.”

By the way, do you remember what Aisha told him? “Looks like you two need to cool off a bit.” You two? Yep, she thought Roy was also being too aggressive. When Nex knocked him out of the ring, she and the Guru knew the fight had gotten out of hand.

Fun fact: something like this happened to Nabu, too. Remember when he fought Riven in “The Crystal Labyrinth” (3X22)? Nabu tossed him to the ground and jumped on top of him, then Sky and Timmy broke them up. Maybe Nex and Roy’s match was an echo to it. It even started for the same reason: Roy (Riven) thought Nex (Nabu) was hitting on Aisha (Musa).

What about when Nex kicked the last hoop away in “Bloomix Power” (6X04)? He wanted Roy to fail, not fall. The Specialist was showing him up in front of Aisha, and he got jealous.

Don’t feel sorry for Roy yet. He may not have kicked any hoops, but he got jealous, too, after Nex ran the obstacle course. And they were supposed to be training for the Lynphea College rescue mission, not fighting over a girl. Even the narrator mentioned it in the recap: “Everyone took training seriously, except for Nex and Roy, who concentrated on competing for Aisha’s affection.”

We knew Roy was “nice” most of the time, so we forgave his bad behavior. But Nex was new. After this, we thought we’d figured him out. He’s an arrogant jerk, a “bad” person, a Riven clone, and some things my daddy wouldn’t want me to say. 😛

That doesn’t match his character description, though. It says he’s “outgoing and friendly” (estroverso e amichevole)! Plus, some fans say he’s “gotten better” in season seven. He’s still a jerk — I guess nothing “good” he does will clear that word from his record — but he’s a bit “nicer” now.

I disagree. I think our first impression on Nex was wrong. He’s always been a friendly guy — some fans just didn’t notice.

Nex Isn’t a Jerk

Was he ever sorry for what he did? Some fans say “no,” but I caught a moment in “Bloomix Power” that made me think he was:


His “bad boy” scowl makes him hard to read, but this looked like a face of guilt to me. His crush had yelled at him, Sky was giving him a death glare, and the others didn’t trust him. Plus, this was right after Bloom said to Flora, “Your sister Miele needs us!” Maybe he also felt bad for forgetting why he came in the first place. (That might be why he was so helpful when they got to Lyphnea.)

Nex calmed down after this episode. I think it’s because he stopped focusing on Roy and more on Aisha. He still got mad at the Specialist, but he tried to keep his cool.


  • “The Lost Library” (6X07): Roy gave Aisha the roller blades and looked at him with a smug grin. Instead of blowing up at him, Nex said goodbye to her and walked away.
  • “Broken Dreams” (6X11): Roy complimented her and made her blush. Nex snarled a bit, then went back to roller blading with her. He ended up making her smile, too.
  • “Mystery of Calavera” (6X15): Nex teamed up with her against the others in the windsurfing race. They were having so much fun, they both forgot about Roy eventually. 😛
  • “The Anthem” (6X23): Nex was so busy cheering for Aisha, he didn’t see Roy glaring at him.

It’s in these scenes — when he wasn’t fighting with Roy — that we started to see his “good” side. The Nex fans sure noticed. One reason they like him is he’s got a more complex personality than Roy. We saw him be arrogant, brave, jealous, shymischievous, sensitive, aggressive, and loving.

You might be a Roy fan if you bypassed the “good” traits on that list. That’s natural. When you don’t like someone, you tend to ignore anything “good” they say or do. The “bad” stands out and looks three times worse than it is. (I do the same thing to a certain magenta-haired Specialist.)

That’s why those fans think Nex never changed. All they saw was the negative. I think it’s also because they judged him based on how he treated Roy, and their rivalry lasted most of the season. Roy was weaker and gentler, so Nex looked like a bully. Aisha got to see him as he really is.

Here’s something you may not have thought of. Love drama makes everyone act crazy, even the Winx! Sky becomes sarcastic, shakes his fists at other guys (even Brandon), slams doors, hangs up phone calls, and even spies on Bloom. Bloom herself gets snooty or mopey and doesn’t trust anything Sky says or does. Riven seemed to think every guy was his rival when Musa was on stage, and he yelled even more than usual. Even Flora got huffy when she thought Krystal was after Helia.

We know how they normally act, so we know these situations bring the worst out of them. What if it brought the worst out of Nex, too? He got thrown into it before we really met him — we didn’t even hear his name until “Bloomix Power.” How could we have known what he’s really like?

If I’m right, he’s not “getting better” after all. He’s just being himself! If Nickbow had introduced him without the love triangle, maybe more of us would have liked him from the start.


Yes, Nex Loves Aisha

A “bad” guy like Nex can’t really love Aisha, right? He must have a selfish motive. Maybe he thinks she’s his ultimate rival, and he wants to prove he’s better than her. That’s why he showed off for her all the time.

Nope. Here’s another quote from his character description (translation mine):

Nex will be very impressed by Aisha’s strong attitude and gradually fall in love with her, trying to impress her in every way. Only when Nex is in mortal danger and needs help will Aisha discover she really loves him.

Remember how vague those Italian sites were about “Royisha?” This is crystal clear. Nex will “gradually fall in love with her” (gradualmente s’innamorerà di lei), and Aisha discovers she “really loves him” (amarlo davvero).

What does he love about her? She’s strong and confident. Remember what he said after she scolded him the first time: “Wow! She’s no joke!” (In the Italian version, it was something like, “Wow! She means business!”)

Yes, he was showing off — because he was trying to win her heart by impressing her. In the process, they started spending more time together, and she kept on impressing him. He fell in love with her in the end. Aisha realized the feeling was mutual when Icy attacked him in “Legendary Duel” (6X24).

In their couple comic, “La Prova di Nex” (Nex’s Test), Stella calls them “a fantastic couple” (una coppia fantastica), and Queen Niobe says they “seem so happy together” (sembrano così felici insieme). Yes, this story’s not canon, but Rainbow wrote it. Sounds like they mean for these two to have a serious relationship.

Nex is the Right Guy for Aisha

When I asked who’s the better match for Aisha, I tried to guess what the Roy fans would say about him. I was right. The Nex fans surprised me a little more. They still took jabs at Roy — mainly about how “boring” he was, which has nothing to do with Aisha — but they impressed me their thoughts on why Nex is compatible with her.

One of the top arguments was, “He has more in common with her than Roy does.” That’s weak by itself, but if you think about her character (and who she dated before), it makes a lot of sense.

Argument: “He has more in common with her than Roy does.”

Remember how I said Roy was a minor character? We only knew a few things about him: he was from Andros, he could use magic (I doubt he was a wizard because he only used one spell), and he loved to swim. On paper, it sounds like he has more in common with Aisha.

What’s Nex’s advantage, then? Not only is he fit and athletic like her, but they also have similar personalities. They’re both competitive, so they like to challenge each other or team up against everyone else. And both their character descriptions suggest they’re braver than the others. Nex’s says he “challenges anyone without fear,” and Aisha’s say she’s “fearless” and faces difficulty “without fear.”

That courage makes them look crazy sometimes! Remember when we met Aisha way back in season two? The first time we saw her, she was climbing a floating rock face in Darkar’s castle with no gear and not enough magic to fly. Talk about extreme sports!

Nex isn’t afraid to jump off floating objects or charge at an enemy while they’re attacking. And when Icy shot an ice beam at him, he didn’t flinch. He just knocked it back at her!

Has Aisha always been into guys like him? Believe it or not, yes. Rainbow may have given us a sneak peek at this relationship almost ten years ago, before they introduced Nabu.

In the Sep. 2006 comic “Un Ragazzo Per Aisha” (A Boyfriend for Aisha) — “Love for Layla” in the English version — the Pixies set her up with a sporty Specialist named Jordan. They think he’s perfect for her because he “loves adventure” and loves to do the things she enjoys. After listening to his stories, Aisha falls madly in love with him.

(Side note: notice Jordan has light skin like Nex. Has Rainbow always planned to put her in a “mixed race” relationship? I don’t know, but I’m proud of them. 🙂 )


Turns out Jordan’s lying. He can’t even swim, let alone paddle a raft. Nex isn’t tricking her, though. We know he likes sports — roller blading, surfing, and swimming at least— and he looks like he might work out like she does.

You could argue that could have been Roy. She had a brief swimming race with him in “Gem of Empathy” (5X09), and he looks athletic, too. Why didn’t Nickbow just give him Nex’s personality?

Beats me. All I know is they didn’t plan for her to date Roy. I’ve told you why I think so, but I don’t work for Nick or Rainbow.

Nickbow clearly put more thought into Nex’s character. Everything from his personality, his interests, and even his name — Aisha’s “life” and he’s “death” — seem designed with her in mind. Look more closely at him, too, especially his face. If you haven’t seen some similarities between the two of them, you will. Trust me. 😛

My Argument: What Aisha Wants in a Guy

Last time, I said Nex gave Aisha something Roy couldn’t. I’ve already hinted at it. The Nex fans picked up on it, too.

People say Aisha doesn’t need a guy to make her happy. I don’t think she’s looking for happiness (loosely speaking) or fulfillment — and definitely not protection. The theme with Nabu, Nex, and even Jordan is “a guy who’s like me”: someone with the same interests, personality, and way of thinking. She wants someone she can do the things she loves with.

Nabu was a “nice” guy, but Aisha didn’t care till he started talking about himself. He had the same favorite song and same favorite lyrics — “no one makes decisions for me but me” — and he was a little rebellious and strong-willed like her. Next episode, she said about one of his surfing moves, “I can’t believe you can do that, too!”

With Nex, what the fans saw as him just “playing around” with her was how Aisha found out they’re alike. The roller blade race showed her he’s as competitive as her. Windsurfing together showed her his fun side. They did the same aerial trick and splashed each other. When they teamed up to beat the Water Champion in “Legendary Duel,” they found out they make a good team.

Didn’t she have fun with Roy, too? Sure, but as the fans have pointed out, he has a completely different personality. He was competitive sometimes, but not as much as Nex (unless it was over Aisha). And no one talks about how brave or confident Roy was because he came off as weaker and more timid.

Some fans argue he balances her out. Normally, I’d agree, but I think it takes a bold guy to handle a tough girl like her. If Tecna and Flora didn’t exist, would you pair Aisha with Timmy or Helia? No way. They wouldn’t be able to keep up with her — physically or mentally — and it didn’t seem like Roy could either.

Nabu could. He was strong and confident enough to match wits with her, and he adapted to her moods and actions. Nex is also confident — to the point of arrogance. Aisha humbles him by calling him out for his behavior and showing him he’s not the best at everything. That’s why he respects her.

aisha x nex2

Why Aisha Chose Nex

I think Aisha fell in love with Nex for the same reason she fell in love with Nabu. She saw him as a companion and an equal. That’s what she gets out of the relationship. Nex gets a companion, too, and someone to put him in his place. They’re not just well-matched — they benefit each other.

One more thing. Even fans of this couple act like they’re temporary. Here’s why I think that’s happening:

  • They still think Nabu’s gonna come back (or want him to), so they see Nex as a placeholder.
  • Aisha’s had so many love interests, we don’t expect her to stay with any guy very long. (That’s your fault, Rainbow.)
  • Like I said earlier, they think Aisha and Nex are just “playing around.” His “bad boy” persona doesn’t help because a guy like that doesn’t seem mature enough for a lasting relationship.

Let’s be real about Nabu. By the end of season seven, he’ll have been dead for three years (almost eight in real life). The odds of him coming back are slim to none. I’m sure Aisha will never forget him, but their love story’s over. Her heart has moved on.

Nex isn’t a placeholder or replacement for him. He’s her new boyfriend. That’s it.

They may have fallen in love through sports and contests, but that doesn’t mean their relationship’s all fun and games. If they stay together all of season seven, it’ll be the longest she’s dated any guy. That’s a big deal for her.

What’s gonna happen in the future? As much as Rainbow likes messing up her love life, it’s anyone’s guess. But here’s a fact I know the fans don’t wanna hear: she might marry Nex. They love each other, so why not?

Is that a guarantee? No. We can’t be sure any of the couples will be together at the end of the series (except Bloom and Sky, because they’re Snow White and Prince Charming). But it’s more likely Aisha will be with Nex than Nabu.

I’m not saying we should stop loving Aisha and Nabu. Everyone misses them, even me. Seeing her with another guy feels weird, but it’s not wrong.

I wanna see where this new relationship leads. After all the tragedy and drama Aisha’s been through, she deserves a long, happy romance. If she gets that with Nex, he’s okay with me.

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41 Responses to “Why Aisha Chose Nex

  1. I dont like Nex. But it has not to do with him. It has to do with how quick Aisha got over Nabu and how he took Roys place in my opinion. To me he is just like Riven (Trying to be the best) and not always the friendliest. I hope that in Season 7 his personality will change a little cause of the dub

    • Nex is nothing like Riven. He’s competitive, yes, but Riven was more than that. He wanted to be in control. He didn’t just see Sky as his rival; he saw him as someone preventing him from improving himself. Also, he was rude to everyone, while Nex was only rude to Roy (he got along fine with everyone else).

      Nex just likes to have fun. He’s competitive in sports, not in everything. The situation with Roy was different — I’m sure you’d agree winning the heart of someone you love is more important than winning a race. It mattered more to him. (Besides, Roy started the love triangle anyway.)

      How did he take Roy’s place? Roy came first, but she wasn’t in love with him. And by the time she and Nex started dating, Nabu had been dead for two years. Isn’t that enough time for her to have moved on? How long did you want her to wait?

  2. I just think that actually nex is not as bad as Riven and I think that he is a good match for Aisha.

    • I’m curious what Nex thought of him. Everyone says they’re alike, but I think it’d be funny if he had something to say about Riven’s behavior, too, like Nabu did. But yeah, I think he could have learned something from Nex.

  3. I don’t think Aisha was talking about Nex and Roy, but Nex and the wizard instructor when she was reprimanding them. For me, her attention was on these two after saving Roy from falling. Sure, the instructor did remind Nex to take it easy, but really he didn’t bother jumping in to stop him and Roy when things were getting a bit too rough, unlike Timmy and Sky when they tried to stop Riven and Nabu from “killing” each other. Did he bother to do anything like Faragonda did when one of his students was falling? Nope, Aisha had to jump in and save Roy, so of course it feels like she’s telling Nex and the instructor off.

    I don’t mind seeing her with Nex anymore. Without spoiling anything, I do agree with other fans that his portrayal is much better in season seven. I still blame Nickbow for how they introduced him in season six and how they portrayed him in this “love triangle”. Let’s just hope that Nex will stick around with Aisha for good. No more new boy for Aisha, Rainbow. It makes her look flaky!

    • I don’t think Aisha was talking about Nex and Roy, but Nex and the wizard instructor when she was reprimanding them.

      But her next line was, “This course is a chance to learn from each other and perfect new skills.” The instructor/Guru wasn’t there to learn anything, so she had to be talking about Roy.

      And yes, no more new guys. Poor Aisha’s had more than enough already, and it’s time for her to settle down, too.

  4. I really didn’t like Nex at first (thinking not another riven, the only difference is the hair color) but by the end of the season i learned okay why did we judge before knowing him? Sure is great that we finally have a good fit for Aisha,with the life & death meaning they’d better be done with messing up her love life. Come to think of it whenever there’s major drama between any of the couples, it seems like Bloom or Tecna is the only one to admit that there’s a problem from the girls side while from the guys Brandon’s the only boy to admit something’s wrong and even then it’s like “Bloom/Tecna/Brandon help us sort our drama out!” Zounds! What is it with Nickbow and messing with this so much?

  5. Nex is seriously misunderstood. It’s actually sad that the Roy fans can’t accept him because I think he is great… Really tired so I’m just going to say that Nex is now one of my favorite guys especially in the new season. I was really even more impressed with him and his personality than in season 6 and his interaction with Aisha’s fairy animal is funny. The guy is really under appreciated.

    • I think that he has a more interesting character than Roy and I agree with you. he is now one of my favorite people in the show

    • I agree, and he’s one of my favorite guys, too. He has so much working against him: the Roy fans hate him; fans in general don’t like him; everyone thinks he’s a jerk because of the love triangle; people still miss Nabu, so they refuse to accept him. There’s barely any fan art of him. All the fanfics are about how he doesn’t really love Aisha, how Aisha actually chose Roy (in an alternate universe), or about Nabu coming back.

      No one’s giving Nex a chance. 🙁 I wish they would. He’s a more interesting guy than we’ve had in a while. He’s got a tough, “bad boy” look to him, yet he’s actually friendly and funny. I like it when a character’s look doesn’t match our stereotypes about them.

      I hope he does something in season seven (or a future season) that makes the fanbase love him. (Something other than dying, trading his soul for Nabu’s, or anything like that. 😕 )

      • I can assure you that Nex is a charm in season 7.
        They show him and Aisha on dates and even holding hands and walking together. He gets sappy when he sees her and works hard to do whatever she asks of him. And the funniest part is him and Squonk. Squonk is so ugly, he’s kinda cute with it and he is a baby (Aisha always seems to get the babies) so he is very sensative. Nex called him ugly and he cried and when Aisha said don’t he is just a baby, Nex tried to make Squonk happy. It was so funny and cute.

        Even if you didn’t end up liking the season for whatever reason, you may find yourself looking forward to seeing Aisha and Nex new romance. They do way more than she ever did with Roy and they continue to have that chemistry and still compliment each other very well.

        My new interest is what they may do with Musa. It would be nice to see her single for the rest of this season at least. Nothing wrong with a single Winx (though that never lasts long). But then the next question is what will they do: bring Riven back a changed man, give her someone new, or create another love triangle using a returned Riven and the new guy. I would hate another distastefully done triangle. Any thoughts OP?

  6. Hm, I hate Nex. I do not like him at all. I hate Rainbow of that. They must kill Nabu!! Nabu and Layla (you all forget that name, but anyway) were perfect! But yes, like you all said, he will not return! I can’t stand that! I can’t watch Nex and “Aisha” together! That’s to painful!! Why they must do that?! I don’t like season 6 at all. And that nick definitely ruins then Winx and their storyline… 🙁 :'(
    They forget about Musa too – they all shown Winx with Specialists (they are dancing (Season 7 episode 18)) and what about Musa? They didn’t shown her!! 🙁 That’s all Rainbow fault. They ruined my favorite couples.. very mistake they did. Why they don’t want to return Nabu and Riven? 🙁 That makes me sad, depresive and mad.

    • Aisha is “Layla’s” original name. Some countries still call her “Layla,” but Winx Club is from Italy and she’s always been called Aisha there.

      I don’t know why they killed off Nabu. Maybe they wanted one of the Winx to experience that kind of hardship and overcome it. Aisha’s a tough girl, so she was a good choice.

      Seeing her with Nex is weird, like I said, but there’s nothing wrong about it. He’s a good guy for her, too. I think even Nabu would be happy she’s found love again. In real life, not everyone ends up with the first love (in fact, very few people do).

    • The Riven thing needed to be done, i am sick of them bickering as much as Stella swaps the outfits, oy gavalt! Although i understand how painful that must be, Tecna and Timmy would be worse if they broke up and don’t get me started on how wrong it’d be for Bloom and Sky to break up after being engaged for almost eight/three years. Nabu well it is interesting to show that hardship now if they’d just give Bloom something like that, maybe transport her to an alternate universe for a few episodes until Aisha and the other Winx figure out how to get her back.

      • People are really attached to Nabu and Aisha, and I understand. They were a sweet couple. But part of that sweetness was amped up by Rainbow so his death would be feel more tragic. If they hadn’t planned to kill him off, their relationship probably would have been as stagnant as the others. It wouldn’t have felt as intense.

        Rainbow needed us to feel for Aisha, so they sped the romance up to engaged and super lovey-dovey. But it’s almost as strange as Daphne and Thoren. Nabu and Aisha weren’t even together a full season. In fact, if you do the math, Daphne and Thoren were a couple longer before getting engaged than they were. 😕

        Yet, Flora and Helia have been together for five seasons, and they’re still not engaged. It’s really random.

        • Yeah that is weird, when’s Flora gonna get the ring? That’s clearly how they’re going by engagment first Bloom & Aisha yet Aisha lost Nabu so she’s back to dating, then Stella so Flora or Tecna would be next to get the ring (considering that they seem to be going by popularity and Flora is #3/#4 in popularity) unless they’re going to put Aisha back in engagment at the end of season seven. Daphne was the exception (probably because she’s older than we think she is, just how old is she anyway?)

  7. I think that although it’s a kids’ show, there are plenty of moments in kids’ shows where characters are shown to be in mortal danger. It’s just that WE know nothing’s going to happen to them anyway.
    That said, I agree Nex wasn’t trying to kill Roy but I’m pretty sure he was trying to injure him. It doesn’t matter how physics work in cartoons, but at that moment we were supposed to believe that something serious could have happened to Roy, hence Layla’s blow off at Nex. If it were just a minor inconvenience, she wouldn’t have gotten THAT angry and stormed off.
    As for heroes trying to kill allies, we have had a somewhat comparable moment before in Winx Club. This was when Clarisse (not exactly a ‘heroic’ character but still an ally) sabotaged the obstacle course in Season 4 and Flora fell unconscious. Again, you could say she wasn’t trying to kill the Winx but Faragonda specifically says that Alice’s (since she was the suspect) action put the LIFE of other fairies in danger.
    Finally, Riven tries to hinder Layla’s run through the obstacle course in Magical Adventure but in this case, all he doels is temporarily throwing Layla off-balance (as opposed to making her hang for dear life). Therefore, he just earns a stern, “Riven!” from Timmy because it wasn’t that serious. But what Nex did was dangerous and enough to earn him Layla’s wrath among other things.

    • There have been moments like that, but again I don’t think Nex was trying to kill or injure Roy.

      That scene with Clarice was a prank that went wrong. (Everyone even called it a trick.) Even she didn’t think it would go as far as it did. Bloom had to save her from a piece of the course, and her friend Alice almost got expelled from Alfea!

      She wasn’t trying to kill or injure Flora (or anyone), but what she did could have had that consequence. Even still, Alice convinced Griselda not to expel Clarice. They gave her a second chance, but the fanbase refuses to do that with Nex. They’re convinced he’s just a cruel-hearted person. (Maybe it’s because he’s a guy.)

      We can say what he did was dangerous, but that’s different than accusing him of trying to kill or hurt Roy. Intent is not always the same as consequence. At any rate, even after Sky pulled Roy up, Nex was still pleased with himself. If hurting Roy (i.e. causing him to fall) was his intent, wouldn’t he have been disappointed it didn’t work?

      Also, why would he do something like that in front of Aisha? He was trying to impress her. Hurting or killing her friend would have had the opposite effect, don’t you think? 😕

      And even after she yelled him, she still wanted him around. Remember when they were about to leave and she said, “Wait, is this everybody?” I guess she (and the others) didn’t think what Nex did was so terrible, he couldn’t be trusted.

      And like Clarice, he showed he was sorry. During the mission, he even tried to protect Roy! He also saved his life in a later episode. But the fans who hate Nex have either forgotten or ignored that.

      • Yes, I completely agree about fans not forgiving Nex. For me, he completely redeemed himself when he tried to protect Roy and got turned to stone himself too. From that moment on, even if he had continued to show jealousy towards Roy, I wouldn’t have minded because that action was enough for me to accept that he was a good person (also, I didn’t like how Roy shoved him away to give that present to Layla. You don’t do that to someone who tried to save your life!!)
        However, I would like to put some blame on Nickbow as well. If they wanted fans to like him, then they shouldn’t have introduced him the way they did. After all, as they say the first impression is the last impression. I think it was a very bad idea to show him being a jerk the very first time we get to see him.
        I would have preferred if his first meeting with Layla was an agreeable one (with Roy still getting jealous) and THEN he had done something to irk her. That way, his first impression would have been a good one and also, it would have made more sense if he acted like a jerk afterwards because he wouldn’t have expected Layla to get angry at him.

        • I agree 100%. Nickbow should have introduced him differently. Putting him in a rivalry with a gentler guy the fans like, then having him be aggressive toward him at first? If they wanted us to like him, that was a bad idea.

          I think I know why they did it, though. It’s a running gag that Aisha’s love interests always tick her off before she starts liking them. All three guys did it. Roy only annoyed her a little (he implied the Winx needed to be protected), but he didn’t become her boyfriend. Both Nabu and Nex infuriated her, then she fell in love with them.

          It makes sense, but Nickbow should have done something else for Nex’s bad first impression.

  8. I think they’re good for each other and in s7 nex kinda officially joined the winx boys and everyone’s seemingly is getting along, I admit it’s a change seeing nex next to the winx club guys since I’m used to seeing nabu or Roy with them but thoren is married now and nex fits with then and there is no conflict so….
    I wonder who his best friend is?
    Sky has Brandon
    Riven was nabu
    Helia is timmys

    • Well, there are five guys now, so they can’t pair them up. Are Helia and Timmy really best friends? I can’t remember many times in the show they even interacted with each other! Timmy doesn’t seem to be close to any of the guys — he’s just everyone’s friend.

      After “Acheron” (6X25), I kinda pictured Helia being Nex’s best friend. They have this random moment where the guys are all laughing at Thoren, and the two of them put their arms around each other. Also, since Flora and Aisha are best friends (according to the website), it’d be interesting if they were, too. It’d be like how Bloom and Stella are best friends, and so are Sky and Brandon.

      Timmy can have whoever Musa ends up dating. 😛 Although if Riven comes back…that’s an odd pairing. 😕

  9. I didn’t like how Nex was introduced in S6, but I’ve been watching S7 and he’s growing on me the more I see him.
    I still like Roy too, and I guess part of the reason I’d like to have seen Aisha be with him for a bit is because that seemed the point of introducing him. Maybe a storyline I would’ve liked to see is something like sort of dating Roy at the beginning of S6 then having them break up somewhere along the way when Nex comes along and Aisha realizes she likes him (love is a strong word so that’s why I say like instead) and then start dating him. I suppose this way it would’ve felt like Roy had more purpose in the series.
    Anyone remember Jared from S2? I think Roy was like him just shown more. It might’ve been better if Nickbow restricted him to fewer episodes because this way he would’ve felt more like a minor character. But because of his bigger role in S5, that’s probably why Roy fans were disappointed – he seemed like he was gonna be a major character, but was pushed to the sidelines the next season. I don’t remember that ever happening to a character in Winx (if anyone else does, feel free to correct me).

    • I agree with the comparison to Jared. (I made a reference to him in Roy’s post.) Roy was shown a lot more, but not in season five. He very rarely appeared then. It would have made more sense for him to only appear in an episode or two, but Nickbow had probably already planned the love triangle plot.

      Have they ever introduced a character, then pushed them to the sidelines next season? Well…Roxy. 😛 She was gonna be the seventh Winx, but Rainbow must have changed their minds. All her character development and bonding with the Winx became pointless. You could say the same about Mirta and Daphne, even though they were never gonna be Winx. (The fans want them to be, though.)

      And in a twisted sort of way…Nabu? 😕 Rainbow gave him more character development than Roy, and he had relationships with other characters besides Aisha (namely, Riven). Then they killed him off. That’s the ultimate sidelining. At least Roy can still make a cameo appearance. 😕

      • I can’t believe I forgot Roxy! She’s one of my faves :O but yeah, ur totally right. I’m not sure Rainbow changed their minds as much as Nick changed Rainbow’s minds though. And I’m not sure if Roxy is making a complete comeback either. She’s in S7 with a seemingly bigger role but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna be in future seasons as a main character.

  10. Next is not a jerk…I will call his a misunderstood jerk, hot one… I mean winx could use a bad boy… After riven left.. And u know all the winx boys are too good, so perfect and nice…it isn’t like that in real life u know. And next has improved in s7 i.e dating, almost kissing , dancing, …… And seriously u should see s7 its hilarious.. Stupido…. Kiddy season, like if they are kidding…. I say eww. Nex also has so many talents and reflexes… He should stick around not that I am saying Roy was bad in any way… But if its like sticking with what u have, next is more than okay…

    • I agree with what you said about the other boys. I wouldn’t call them “perfect,” but they’re mostly just nice and noble. Roy seemed a lot like Sky to me, so I think he wouldn’t have added anything to the Boys Club. We would have had five guys who were just slightly different from each other. It would have been boring, if you ask me.

      I didn’t like Riven, but at least he stood out. I feel like Nex does, too. He’s not as much of a rebel, but he has a tougher persona than the other guys who are left. Plus, he’s the first guy in the group with piercings.

      I think Rainbow was replacing Riven with Nex, but not the way people think (i.e. another “jerk” to cause trouble). They just wanted another tough guy/bad boy in the group. Otherwise, like I said, it would have been really boring.

  11. Besides, I agree that it’s very unlikely that Nabu’s ever going to come back. Honestly! And as much as I don’t believe that, I don’t believe Roxy will become a Winx either! It’s been 3 years, people! Rainbow’s done with her. They’ve made their decision. Roxy isn’t becoming a Winx, just as much as Nabu isn’t coming back.

    • Nabu’s not coming back. That’s definite. As for Roxy becoming a Winx…I don’t know everything that happens in season seven (please don’t tell me!), but I’m gonna hold onto my last shard of hope for now. But if she doesn’t become a Winx this season, then yeah…it’s not gonna happen. I’ll just have to accept it. 🙁

  12. OK, so Aisha and Roy became a couple in, like, episode 23, correct? That plus the episodes in season seven is 29 episodes. As long as Aisha stays with any guy for 29 episodes, I don’t even care who it is.

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