Roy X Aisha. Sorry, “Royisha” fans. It wasn’t meant to be. The Fairy of Waves is officially with Nex, and it looks like Blond Specialist #2¬†is gone for good.

In case you’re hoping it’s a mistake, here’s more bad news: Aisha and Nex already have a couple comic. It’s called “La Prova di Nex” (Nex’s Test), and it came out in the Feb. 2015 issue of Winx Magazine. (Hmmmm…Valentine’s Day’s in February. ūüėõ ) Nex goes to Andros and meets her¬†parents. Here’s a quote from Queen Niobe (my translation): “It’s a special occasion! We’re pleased to meet your new boyfriend!”

I know what you’re thinking: “The comics aren’t canon.” You’re right. They’re not. This hasn’t happened¬†‚ÄĒ yet. ūüėõ But Aisha and Nex are together in season seven (sans Roy), so the comic’s just confirming what we know from the show.

What happened?¬†Why did¬†Aisha¬†choose the “bad boy” over the “nice guy?”¬†Wasn’t¬†Roy already her boyfriend?¬†And why did he vanish from the show? He could have at least said goodbye!

I think I’ve got some answers. Some of them are just opinions, but¬†some are based on official information. All of them point to the same conclusion:¬†Roy was a minor character all along.


Roy and Aisha¬†Didn’t Love Each Other

We all¬†remember Roy and Aisha’s goo-goo eyes¬†moment in¬†“Saving Paradise Bay” (5X24). It looked they were about to kiss (which seemed¬†weird since they hadn’t spent much time together). Was this their¬†“couple confirmation” scene? I thought it was. I even started calling Roy¬†her boyfriend after this.

Her¬†imaginary dance with him¬†in the next episode¬†seemed to prove it. The mirrors reflected what was in her heart, so we know¬†she had feelings for him. And Roy wouldn’t have been Nex’s rival¬†in season six if he didn’t like her, too.

Fact:¬†they liked each other. But did they love each other? Based on what I’ve read, the¬†answer’s “no.”

I found seven articles about season five that came out around the time it started airing in Italy (2012-2013). They all contained the same info: episode summaries, air dates, and descriptions of the new characters, including Roy. Did they say anything about his relationship with Aisha? Yes, but it was very vague.¬†said¬†he’d¬†“strike her fancy” (incontrer√† le simpatie). said he’d¬†“catch her eye” (catturer√† l’occhio). Televisionando said he’d¬†“become significant to her” (non rester√† indifferente). Nobody¬†said she’d fall in love with him. One site, CineTiVu, sank the ship all together and said he’d “become friends” with her (far√† amicizia)!

Sounds like Aisha was never in love with Roy. She may have had something like a crush on him, but that was it. (More on that later.) Bottom line: he got friend-zoned.

You could argue these sites¬†didn’t wanna spoil anything,¬†but had no problem spoiling the winner¬†of the love triangle. Nex’s description gave everything away. More on that in the next post.


Roy’s Role in Season Five

So, Roy was never gonna be Aisha’s boyfriend. Then why did Nickbow introduce him? She’d just lost Nabu! Why couldn’t she have been alone for a season, then met¬†Nex without all the love drama?

That’s why some fans hated Roy in season five (and still hate him). When he showed up, Aisha was still in mourning. She had pictures of Nabu on her new phone!¬†Why throw another guy at her¬†before she’d gotten¬†over the first¬†one?

What if Roy’s job was to help her get over him?

Don’t start¬†praising him yet. I doubt he had a clue who Nabu was.¬†He helped Aisha¬†by being another guy who liked her. Eventually, she¬†stopped thinking about Nabu and realized she could find love again (even if it wasn’t with Roy).

Could Nex have done that¬†for her? I don’t know. He’s a bolder guy, and she may not have been able to handle him if she’d¬†met him then. Maybe she¬†needed someone calm to help stabilize¬†her emotions first.

Am I implying Roy was just a stepping stone between Nabu and Nex? Yes, I am.

I know: “It’s not fair.” But does a girl have to date¬†every guy who shows interest in her? Of course not. Now he¬†has something to bond with Jared over in the lunch room at Red Fountain. ūüėõ (Remember him?)

Even if she hadn’t met Nex, I doubt she’d have dated Roy anyway. Why? Because…

Roy Was the Wrong Guy for Aisha

A couple weeks ago, I asked Winx fans on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr these three questions:

  1. Which guy do you prefer for Aisha?
  2. Why do you think he’s a good match for her?
  3. Why do you think the other guy’s not a good match for her?

I had theories¬†about what Roy’s fans would say, but I didn’t wanna make assumptions. I wanted to hear it from them. Maybe they’d prove me wrong.

The top two arguments in favor of Roy were:

  • He was nice/friendly/good/etc.
  • Nex is a jerk and/or like Riven.

Other common comments:

  • He knew Aisha longer than Nex did.
  • He and Aisha had¬†chemistry.

Sounds like my theories were correct. The “Royisha” ship isn’t really¬†about¬†Roy or Aisha. It’s more about Nex ‚ÄĒ i.e., he’s a “bad”¬†guy, and Aisha should be with a “good”¬†guy. Roy was a “good” guy, so he was “better” for her.

I’ll talk about this “good guy, bad guy” stuff¬†‚ÄĒ and other arguments for Roy related to it ‚ÄĒ in Nex’s post. For now, here are my thoughts on the arguments above.


Argument #1: “Roy Was Nice”

I didn’t ask if Roy had a good personality. I asked why he was¬†a good match for Aisha. This answer has nothing¬†to do with her. Yes, she wouldn’t wanna date a jerk ‚ÄĒ keep reading before you snicker ‚ÄĒ but just because he was nice doesn’t¬†mean he was right for her.

Let me put it this way. If you’re cold, does that mean you’re a refrigerator? Of course not. It doesn’t matter if you’re so cold, your skin’s turning purple.¬†You don’t have the other traits that make a refrigerator a refrigerator: a compressor, shelves to store food, a butter compartment, etc.

The fanbase is too focused on Roy’s personality. Being “nice” made him a good potential boyfriend, but he didn’t have other traits that would¬†have made him good for Aisha. I’ll talk about that in Nex’s post.

If Roy’s “niceness” made him right¬†for her, then one of the other guys could be¬†her boyfriend, too!¬†Sky‘s nice. Brandon‘s nice. Timmy‘s nice. Helia‘s very nice (and gentle, too).¬†And why stop at the Specialists? Palladium’s nice. Headmaster Saladin’s nice. Professor Wizgiz is nice.

Get my point? The other Specialists aren’t all compatible with her, either, and they’re taken anyway. Palladium, Saladin, and Wizgiz are too old. You can’t focus on one trait. You have to look at the whole picture.

By the way, you know who else is nice? Nex. Just ask Aisha. Plus, his character description calls him “friendly” (amichevole). Guess he still qualifies to be her boyfriend. ūüėõ

One more thing before I move on. Roy’s “niceness” didn’t make him like Nabu, either. Yes, they were alike¬†in other ways ‚ÄĒ skin tone, origin, and magic power (though I doubt Roy’s a wizard) ‚ÄĒ but Nabu had other traits that made him more compatible than Roy. For example:

  • Nabu grew up with no friends, just like she did. (3X22)
  • Nabu was a good fighter. He learned battle techniques from his security guards. He even taught Riven a few tricks. (3X22)
  • Nabu had the same “it’s my life, not yours” attitude. After his parents revealed the arranged marriage, he ran away from home! He himself said he “rebelled” (3X23).

Aisha didn’t fall in love with Nabu because he was “nice.” Rewatch “The Red Tower” (3X21) and “The Crystal Labyrinth” (3X22). As she discovered more and more things they had in common ‚ÄĒ everything from favorite songs to surfing moves ‚ÄĒ she let her guard down and couldn’t help but love him. His “niceness” just gave them a happy relationship.

Roy had a couple things in common with her, too, but…so does Nex. ūüėõ

Argument #2: “Roy met Aisha first.”

This argument has two implications:

  • He had dibs on her.
  • He and Aisha had more time to form a bond.

The first implication scares me. Some Nex fans hate Roy because he became possessive of Aisha in season six. This seems to say he had a right to be possessive!

Aisha’s not a phone or game console¬†someone can claim just by being first in line. She’s a person! Objects don’t get to choose who they wanna be with. People do.

The second implication works¬†against Roy. If he knew her longer, why didn’t they fall in love?

Don’t blame Nex¬†‚ÄĒ he didn’t meet her till¬†the next school year. What¬†about¬†the gap in time between seasons five and six, after the Winx defeated Tritannus? It must¬†have been a few months at least, and we know Roy¬†was still around because he went to Daphne’s welcome home party. He¬†and Aisha¬†had plenty of¬†time to¬†grow closer.

But they didn’t. In season six, they were still causally¬†flirting like they’d just met. Plus, Nex’s character description says Roy was still “pursuing” her¬†(corteggia). If they were so “perfect” for each other, they’d have become a couple before Nex even had a chance.

Sounds like¬†Roy and Aisha didn’t have enough of a spark between them.¬†She¬†liked¬†him, but not enough to wanna date him.

I’m not gonna talk about the other two arguments. I’ll save the first one (“Nex is a jerk”) for Nex’s post. The second one’s not worth mentioning. Both guys had chemistry with her.

Why Roy Disappeared

Nickbow gave Riven a dramatic¬†send-off in “The Anthem” (6X23). After saying a sweet goodbye to Musa, he walked through Alfea’s gates for the last time as¬†the Winx and the Specialists watched from behind him. I guess the¬†fans expected something similar for Roy. Instead, he vanished like he never existed.¬†Why?

Because Roy was a minor character. Nickbow didn’t need him anymore, so they got rid of him.

Here are a couple reasons why I¬†think¬†he wasn’t important:

  • His¬†character description is just two sentence fragments:¬†“A new Specialist who lives on Andros, a boy who’s passionate about diving who will strike Aisha’s fancy.” That’s it. Sounds like Nickbow didn’t put much thought into his character. (On the other hand, Nex’s description is a full paragraph. It doesn’t say where he’s from, but it details¬†his appearance, his personality, what he likes about Aisha, and more.)

  • He didn’t show up much in season five:¬†One word to describe Roy in that¬†season: afterthought. He was only in about ten episodes.¬†In at least two of them ‚ÄĒ “The Devourer” (5X18) and “The Shark’s Eye” (5X23) ‚ÄĒ he said nothing and didn’t interact with Aisha.¬†In five others, he only showed up in one scene and¬†only said one or two lines. Plus, he disappeared for about nine episodes in a row before “The Devourer,” then disappeared for another four episodes. I think Nickbow put him in just enough to make him look like he cared about Aisha, but not too much ‚ÄĒ so their relationship still felt shallow.

Some fans thought¬†he’d stick around at least till the final battle. He was everyone’s friend, right? Why would he leave before he helped them beat the Trix?

First of all, he was only there for Aisha. Period.¬†The truth is all the guys are only there¬†for their love interests. If the romance ends, the guys leave. That’s why Riven’s gone.

Second, Roy was just an ally, not a friend. He didn’t form any close bonds with anyone except Aisha (his love interest) and ‚ÄĒ in a warped way ‚ÄĒ Nex (his rival). Bottom line: Roy¬†only existed for the love triangle. Once it got resolved, his role was over.

Should he¬†come back in season seven (or any future season)? No. Like I said, he’s not needed anymore. What would be the point? To be Aisha and Nex’s “Disapro?” (Like we need another one. ūüôĄ )


Final Thoughts: Why Aisha Didn’t Choose Roy

Winx fans, we got punk’d. The love triangle was an illusion. Roy and Aisha’s “romance” was a smokescreen. He only had one purpose: to be¬†her segue between mourning Nabu and falling in love with Nex. That’s it.

Aisha didn’t choose Roy because he was just a “nice” guy who liked a couple things she likes. That’s not what she’s looking for ‚ÄĒ or needs, dare I say ‚ÄĒ in a boyfriend. Nex is nice, too (canon-wise), and he’s got some things in common with her, too. In that sense, he and Roy were¬†the same.

But she fell in love with Nex because he gave her something more ‚ÄĒ something Roy couldn’t give her. What was it? I’ll talk about that next time.

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