Roy X Aisha. Sorry, “Royisha” fans. It wasn’t meant to be. The Fairy of Waves is officially with Nex, and it looks like Blond Specialist #2 is gone for good.

In case you’re hoping it’s a mistake, here’s more bad news: Aisha and Nex already have a couple comic. It’s called “La Prova di Nex” (Nex’s Test), and it came out in the Feb. 2015 issue of Winx Magazine. (Hmmmm…Valentine’s Day’s in February. 😛 ) Nex goes to Andros and meets her parents. Here’s a quote from Queen Niobe (my translation): “It’s a special occasion! We’re pleased to meet your new boyfriend!”

I know what you’re thinking: “The comics aren’t canon.” You’re right. They’re not. This hasn’t happened — yet. 😛 But Aisha and Nex are together in season seven (sans Roy), so the comic’s just confirming what we know from the show.

What happened? Why did Aisha choose the “bad boy” over the “nice guy?” Wasn’t Roy already her boyfriend? And why did he vanish from the show? He could have at least said goodbye!

I think I’ve got some answers. Some of them are just opinions, but some are based on official information. All of them point to the same conclusion: Roy was a minor character all along.


Roy and Aisha Didn’t Love Each Other

We all remember Roy and Aisha’s goo-goo eyes moment in “Saving Paradise Bay” (5X24). It looked they were about to kiss (which seemed weird since they hadn’t spent much time together). Was this their “couple confirmation” scene? I thought it was. I even started calling Roy her boyfriend after this.

Her imaginary dance with him in the next episode seemed to prove it. The mirrors reflected what was in her heart, so we know she had feelings for him. And Roy wouldn’t have been Nex’s rival in season six if he didn’t like her, too.

Fact: they liked each other. But did they love each other? Based on what I’ve read, the answer’s “no.”

I found seven articles about season five that came out around the time it started airing in Italy (2012-2013). They all contained the same info: episode summaries, air dates, and descriptions of the new characters, including Roy. Did they say anything about his relationship with Aisha? Yes, but it was very vague. said he’d “strike her fancy” (incontrerĂ  le simpatie). said he’d “catch her eye” (catturerĂ  l’occhio). Televisionando said he’d “become significant to her” (non resterĂ  indifferente). Nobody said she’d fall in love with him. One site, CineTiVu, sank the ship all together and said he’d “become friends” with her (farĂ  amicizia)!

Sounds like Aisha was never in love with Roy. She may have had something like a crush on him, but that was it. (More on that later.) Bottom line: he got friend-zoned.

You could argue these sites didn’t wanna spoil anything, but had no problem spoiling the winner of the love triangle. Nex’s description gave everything away. More on that in the next post.


Roy’s Role in Season Five

So, Roy was never gonna be Aisha’s boyfriend. Then why did Nickbow introduce him? She’d just lost Nabu! Why couldn’t she have been alone for a season, then met Nex without all the love drama?

That’s why some fans hated Roy in season five (and still hate him). When he showed up, Aisha was still in mourning. She had pictures of Nabu on her new phone! Why throw another guy at her before she’d gotten over the first one?

What if Roy’s job was to help her get over him?

Don’t start praising him yet. I doubt he had a clue who Nabu was. He helped Aisha by being another guy who liked her. Eventually, she stopped thinking about Nabu and realized she could find love again (even if it wasn’t with Roy).

Could Nex have done that for her? I don’t know. He’s a bolder guy, and she may not have been able to handle him if she’d met him then. Maybe she needed someone calm to help stabilize her emotions first.

Am I implying Roy was just a stepping stone between Nabu and Nex? Yes, I am.

I know: “It’s not fair.” But does a girl have to date every guy who shows interest in her? Of course not. Now he has something to bond with Jared over in the lunch room at Red Fountain. 😛 (Remember him?)

Even if she hadn’t met Nex, I doubt she’d have dated Roy anyway. Why? Because…

Roy Was the Wrong Guy for Aisha

A couple weeks ago, I asked Winx fans on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr these three questions:

  1. Which guy do you prefer for Aisha?
  2. Why do you think he’s a good match for her?
  3. Why do you think the other guy’s not a good match for her?

I had theories about what Roy’s fans would say, but I didn’t wanna make assumptions. I wanted to hear it from them. Maybe they’d prove me wrong.

The top two arguments in favor of Roy were:

  • He was nice/friendly/good/etc.
  • Nex is a jerk and/or like Riven.

Other common comments:

  • He knew Aisha longer than Nex did.
  • He and Aisha had chemistry.

Sounds like my theories were correct. The “Royisha” ship isn’t really about Roy or Aisha. It’s more about Nex — i.e., he’s a “bad” guy, and Aisha should be with a “good” guy. Roy was a “good” guy, so he was “better” for her.

I’ll talk about this “good guy, bad guy” stuff — and other arguments for Roy related to it — in Nex’s post. For now, here are my thoughts on the arguments above.


Argument #1: “Roy Was Nice”

I didn’t ask if Roy had a good personality. I asked why he was a good match for Aisha. This answer has nothing to do with her. Yes, she wouldn’t wanna date a jerk — keep reading before you snicker — but just because he was nice doesn’t mean he was right for her.

Let me put it this way. If you’re cold, does that mean you’re a refrigerator? Of course not. It doesn’t matter if you’re so cold, your skin’s turning purple. You don’t have the other traits that make a refrigerator a refrigerator: a compressor, shelves to store food, a butter compartment, etc.

The fanbase is too focused on Roy’s personality. Being “nice” made him a good potential boyfriend, but he didn’t have other traits that would have made him good for Aisha. I’ll talk about that in Nex’s post.

If Roy’s “niceness” made him right for her, then one of the other guys could be her boyfriend, too! Sky‘s nice. Brandon‘s nice. Timmy‘s nice. Helia‘s very nice (and gentle, too). And why stop at the Specialists? Palladium’s nice. Headmaster Saladin’s nice. Professor Wizgiz is nice.

Get my point? The other Specialists aren’t all compatible with her, either, and they’re taken anyway. Palladium, Saladin, and Wizgiz are too old. You can’t focus on one trait. You have to look at the whole picture.

By the way, you know who else is nice? Nex. Just ask Aisha. Plus, his character description calls him “friendly” (amichevole). Guess he still qualifies to be her boyfriend. 😛

One more thing before I move on. Roy’s “niceness” didn’t make him like Nabu, either. Yes, they were alike in other ways — skin tone, origin, and magic power (though I doubt Roy’s a wizard) — but Nabu had other traits that made him more compatible than Roy. For example:

  • Nabu grew up with no friends, just like she did. (3X22)
  • Nabu was a good fighter. He learned battle techniques from his security guards. He even taught Riven a few tricks. (3X22)
  • Nabu had the same “it’s my life, not yours” attitude. After his parents revealed the arranged marriage, he ran away from home! He himself said he “rebelled” (3X23).

Aisha didn’t fall in love with Nabu because he was “nice.” Rewatch “The Red Tower” (3X21) and “The Crystal Labyrinth” (3X22). As she discovered more and more things they had in common — everything from favorite songs to surfing moves — she let her guard down and couldn’t help but love him. His “niceness” just gave them a happy relationship.

Roy had a couple things in common with her, too, but…so does Nex. 😛

Argument #2: “Roy met Aisha first.”

This argument has two implications:

  • He had dibs on her.
  • He and Aisha had more time to form a bond.

The first implication scares me. Some Nex fans hate Roy because he became possessive of Aisha in season six. This seems to say he had a right to be possessive!

Aisha’s not a phone or game console someone can claim just by being first in line. She’s a person! Objects don’t get to choose who they wanna be with. People do.

The second implication works against Roy. If he knew her longer, why didn’t they fall in love?

Don’t blame Nex — he didn’t meet her till the next school year. What about the gap in time between seasons five and six, after the Winx defeated Tritannus? It must have been a few months at least, and we know Roy was still around because he went to Daphne’s welcome home party. He and Aisha had plenty of time to grow closer.

But they didn’t. In season six, they were still causally flirting like they’d just met. Plus, Nex’s character description says Roy was still “pursuing” her (corteggia). If they were so “perfect” for each other, they’d have become a couple before Nex even had a chance.

Sounds like Roy and Aisha didn’t have enough of a spark between them. She liked him, but not enough to wanna date him.

I’m not gonna talk about the other two arguments. I’ll save the first one (“Nex is a jerk”) for Nex’s post. The second one’s not worth mentioning. Both guys had chemistry with her.

Why Roy Disappeared

Nickbow gave Riven a dramatic send-off in “The Anthem” (6X23). After saying a sweet goodbye to Musa, he walked through Alfea’s gates for the last time as the Winx and the Specialists watched from behind him. I guess the fans expected something similar for Roy. Instead, he vanished like he never existed. Why?

Because Roy was a minor character. Nickbow didn’t need him anymore, so they got rid of him.

Here are a couple reasons why I think he wasn’t important:

  • His character description is just two sentence fragments: “A new Specialist who lives on Andros, a boy who’s passionate about diving who will strike Aisha’s fancy.” That’s it. Sounds like Nickbow didn’t put much thought into his character. (On the other hand, Nex’s description is a full paragraph. It doesn’t say where he’s from, but it details his appearance, his personality, what he likes about Aisha, and more.)

  • He didn’t show up much in season five: One word to describe Roy in that season: afterthought. He was only in about ten episodes. In at least two of them — “The Devourer” (5X18) and “The Shark’s Eye” (5X23) — he said nothing and didn’t interact with Aisha. In five others, he only showed up in one scene and only said one or two lines. Plus, he disappeared for about nine episodes in a row before “The Devourer,” then disappeared for another four episodes. I think Nickbow put him in just enough to make him look like he cared about Aisha, but not too much — so their relationship still felt shallow.

Some fans thought he’d stick around at least till the final battle. He was everyone’s friend, right? Why would he leave before he helped them beat the Trix?

First of all, he was only there for Aisha. Period. The truth is all the guys are only there for their love interests. If the romance ends, the guys leave. That’s why Riven’s gone.

Second, Roy was just an ally, not a friend. He didn’t form any close bonds with anyone except Aisha (his love interest) and — in a warped way — Nex (his rival). Bottom line: Roy only existed for the love triangle. Once it got resolved, his role was over.

Should he come back in season seven (or any future season)? No. Like I said, he’s not needed anymore. What would be the point? To be Aisha and Nex’s “Disapro?” (Like we need another one. 🙄 )


Final Thoughts: Why Aisha Didn’t Choose Roy

Winx fans, we got punk’d. The love triangle was an illusion. Roy and Aisha’s “romance” was a smokescreen. He only had one purpose: to be her segue between mourning Nabu and falling in love with Nex. That’s it.

Aisha didn’t choose Roy because he was just a “nice” guy who liked a couple things she likes. That’s not what she’s looking for — or needs, dare I say — in a boyfriend. Nex is nice, too (canon-wise), and he’s got some things in common with her, too. In that sense, he and Roy were the same.

But she fell in love with Nex because he gave her something more — something Roy couldn’t give her. What was it? I’ll talk about that next time.

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72 Responses to “Why Aisha Didn’t Choose Roy

  1. To be honest I think Roy was utilized in the same fashion as “he who shall not be named because I’m not spoiling anything from season 7” but they used him a means of moving Musa along showing us that she was capable of feeling attraction to someone again, I think this is the same case for Roy. As you said Roy and Aisha showed obvious attraction but it was never meant to be, and had it been actually written in, we probably would have had Aisha out right say that she prefer to be friends with Roy in a similar fashion to Musa. I’d also back this up by saying that even though characters have been adjusted, it was clear that originally Musa and Layla were very close, now I’m obviously just extrapolating the info would it be odd if Layla took her own advice she gave to Musa in Season 2, when they had their heart to heart about how she viewed Riven? You might say we’ll this apply to Nex not Roy, but in S6 when Aisha realized what she wanted, in a similar to fashion to Musa is odd to say why she came to the conclusion that she wanted Nex over Roy as great of a guy as Roy could have been?

      • Okay so I totally just read how clustered that came out lol, so Riven = Nex in everybody’s eyes. So Musa totally left Riven ep25 they were done,so ep before this or same episode. So it’s possible that since Musa and Layla we’re friends to the point of giving each other advice would it be weird that she took the same advice but with Roy instead? If that cleared it up

      • I feel like she felt that Roy could also potentially not end up being exactly what she wanted, considering his unwarranted jealously of Nex in situations where it wasn’t needed, but those are just two possibilities.

  2. This pretty much sums up why Nex is fit for Aisha. Aisha just needed a guy friend emphasis on friend during season 5, Roy was that friend. Nex may have started off a jerk but he cooled off by Zombie Invasion, where Nex revealed Roy was being stupid by “fighting” with him, this triangle was stopped by Nex saying “she likes who she likes.” Even if the Royisha fans don’t like it, that line sums it up. There never was any love triangle it was all in Roy’s head. Much like the Flora/Helia/Krystal nonsense.

    • Roy started the love triangle, but I don’t think if it was completely in his head. With the season five love triangle, Krystal had absolutely no romantic interest in Helia, and Helia had no romantic interest in her. Flora really was blowing things out of proportion. In this case, Aisha was interested in both guys, but she was only romantically interested in Nex. Roy got friend-zoned.

      He wasn’t exactly making things up, but he thought he had a better chance than he did.

      • I don’t know about that.Krystal probably did have feelings for Helia but he didn’t have any for her.

        Her behaviour towards him makes it too obvious.

  3. I don’t really mind about Nex ending up with aisha but I hope Roy at least shows up in the future even if it’s just a cameo. it makes me sad that they spent time together and developed a friendship and then he just left never to be seen again. That said I hope they don’t reintroduce him just as an excuse for relationship drama (cus this show has enough of that already)

  4. Just wanted to say i love your blog and i love hearing your take on certain topics, but can you please talk about something else besides the roy/aisha/nex thing. Its so overused and overdiscussed in the winx fandom. I think this is like the 4th or 5th post youve done on this topic. The fact of the matter is majority of the roy/aisha/nex are based purely on opinion and we cant exactly ask aisha herself why she chose who she chose(cause you know shes not real), so i understand writing one or two articles but more than that seems redundant cause there is not right answer…
    Im probably going to get alot of slack for this comment but theres so many more interesting things to talk about. Im not trying to hate but im just saying.

    • I appreciate the feedback. I’ve talked about it a little, but only in moments when it was relevant to the show. The reason I’m bringing it up now is because it’s related to the last episode I reviewed, which prominently featured Aisha and Nex.

      Also, I think it’s getting a lot of attention in the fanbase because it has people thinking about her relationship with Nabu again. And of course, Nabu’s death was a huge moment in the series. Plus, fandoms love shipping characters. 😛

      So while I know not everyone likes this topic, and some people are sick of it, I want the chance to give my opinion on it. You’re right that we can’t truly know, but there’s plenty in the show and in marketing we can use to speculate about it.

      I’m gonna write about it a little more, but I’m not gonna linger on it forever. This is a Winx Club blog, after all, not a blog about Aisha’s love life. 😛

      Not every post I write is for everyone. I’m sorry.

  5. To quote one of my fav broadway shows of all time: “Nice is different than good”
    I’m not te biggest Nex fan but Roy has always irritated me. Although I do believe nobody would complain if one of the WInx didn’t have a boyfried/romantic interest for a season.

    • Let’s hope Musa doesn’t bother with relationship drama in s7 past what has already happened with “he who shall not be named”

  6. That’s a hilarious screenshot of Roy here. It looked as if he’s constipating. LOL

    Okay, jokes aside, I HATE it when Nickbow punked us like this. I don’t mind that Aisha chose Nex over Roy, but the feeling of bitterness in how Nickbow treated this whole Roy/Aisha/Nex thing is still too fresh. First they punked us about the imaginary love triangle for Flora, now Aisha..who’s next?
    [13 episodes of season 7 later] Rainbow, I love you but I also hate you so much right now…why?! Why did you do it?!

    • I don’t know how I got that screenshot. I was trying to capture something else, and it just…happened. I thought it looked like he was mad, so I used it here. 😛

      Anyway, I feel like a lot of the sentiment about Roy and Nex is because season six is still fresh in some fans’ minds (especially American fans since it hasn’t ended it yet 😕 ). I’ll talk more about that in Nex’s post. But yeah, I agree the season six love triangle wasn’t handle well.

      Now about the season five love triangle…are you saying you wanted that go differently? Like there should have been more drama? Please tell. I’m curious now! 😛

      • so far as i know the only one that hasn’t had a “love triangle” is tecna and timmy. bloom, sky & diaspro. flora, helia & krystal. aisha, roy & nex. musa, riven & jason queen. stella, brandon & mitzi.

      • All I’m saying is that there was a lot of potential wasted in season five, from making Tritannus into a great villain to giving Flora a taste of real, romantic problems. Because the love triangle was all in her head, I had to ask, “What’s the point of trying to give her drama if there wasn’t really one to begin with?!” If you take Krystal out of season five, I doubt there would be any real changes to the plot, even the Sky-lost-his-memory part (another wasted potential). At least the heat between Bloom and Diaspro over Sky was existing in season five! True, it really wasn’t done as well as I would have hoped, but at least it was still there. Nickbow made us think that Flora was going to have a romantic trouble at last by introducing Krystal. After all, she was pretty much the only one who hasn’t experience a fight with Helia. They were just too perfect for each other and were too perfectly happy. Time to finally give them some drama by introducing Krystal! But nope! They snatched it away and punked us by showing us that it was all in Flora’s head. Are you kidding me?! And liked you said, they punked us in season give by implying Roy to be Aisha’s new boyfriend before they added in Nex. In season season seven, I think we got punked again with something else… Grrr…

        • Season five was a mess. Period. 😕

          To be honest, I was mad at Flora and Helia because it was such a simple situation to solve. If Helia had done what he did in ep. 25 a lot sooner — explain he only has eyes for her — there would have been no love triangle. I love these two, but sometimes they’re too timid with each other. You’re right that they’re too perfect. I think some real drama would be good for them (and no fighting over plants this time).

          • True, it doesn’t have to be a big drama as long as it’s well done. Season five did no such thing. I think they were trying to make up for it in season six, but again it wasn’t well done because they were arguing over plants.

  7. Im glad you wrote/explained this I never thought Roy was a minor character until now so it’s nice to see a new outlook so I’m not that mad about him leaving. Also am I the only one who likes nex? Usually I’m against all the couples except helia/flora and Stella/Brandon but I actually like nexisha. The girls don’t need men to keep them happy but I like relationships that compliment each other. I’ve seen the new episodes and I’m sorta glad nex is with Aisha. Guess we can finally add him to the winx boy club. Lol I’m imagining if they had there own transformation it will be called helix, Brandonix, skyix, timix and nexix

  8. I never really thought that Roy has a real “personality”. To me he just seemed like “the nice guy”. I just didnt think he fit as a specialist

      • Oh sorry. I mean like to me he seemed like a very minor character. And I thought that it didnt look like he was super good friends with the other specialsts

  9. I agree with you! Although, I didn’t care about Roy, yes (in general, I did not care much about everything after 4th season), but I think it would be nice if he had got a small cameo in seaon 7 or later ones. Something like Roxy in seasons 5 and 6 or older Miele in season 6.

    • Sorry for mistake.
      *Although, I didn’t care about Roy, yes, I think it would be nice if had got a small cameo in season 7 or later ones.

  10. I’ve been thinking about that “controversial” line Morgana says in 4×24 after Nabu’s death “Until his awakening, I give you my word”. I don’t know if other have jumped to this conclusion too, but I have, recently. Nabu was dead. He wouldn’t wake up for an eternity. So Morgana’s response was just like she was saying “We will always take care of him, in eternity.” After all, he was a fallen warlock for the Fairy Realm of Tir Nan Og, so …
    And another thing … did Aisha turn Nabu into a flower or was that flower she was holding just the symbol of his death and the lost chance of resurrecting him? I wonder …

    • I thought the flower was just a symbol of his death, too, since Ogron used the Gift of Life meant for him to revive it. But now, thanks to some readers’ comments, I think it contains his soul. The flower essentially became his new body (so Nabu’s a flower now). Aisha then turned his real body into flowers and scattered them into Tir Na N’Og. That might be what the Earth Fairies are taking care of.

  11. I think you’re going way too deep into this xD
    I think roy was supposed to be her boyfriend but the writers just changed plans

    • I could be wrong, but I think this was the plan all along. Don’t forget seasons five and six were created around the same time with a lot of the same people involved. Plus, a lot about Nex’s character — his personality, interests, appearance, and even name — feels very much on purpose. Roy’s character feels a bit less thought out.

  12. I’m at least glad she didn’t end up with Roy. Roy was waaaaaay too generic, like some background character. As soon as Nex showed up I felt like he had character. And to be honest, in terms of real chemistry, I don’t think Aisha and Roy had it. It was too “nice” and not enough “real.”

  13. Aisha is easily the worst character in the show IMO. Also keke palmer’s voice is grating and obnoxious. Good riddance.

    • I’m hearing more people say that lately. What’s so terrible about her? She’s one of the strongest Winx, she’s very brave, she’s overcome adversity many times. I think she’s a great character. She’s not my favorite Winx, but I prefer her over Bloom. At least Aisha doesn’t hog the spotlight and get transformations named after her. 😕

      • Aisha is my favorite but I can see why people get annoyed by her. She’s too “real” for a fantasy show! That alone makes her qualified to get attention than anyone else besides Bloom, not to mention she’s the best leader/substitute leader for being like Bloom but with a realistic approach to actions. if i had to choose between the four we got I’ll gladly take her over Bloom the way nick’s treating Bloom yech!

    • Keke Palmer was trying to imitate Vashti Mompoint/Christina Rodriguez’s voice for Aisha, just a little sweeter. I will say that Alysha Desloyrieux is also trying to do this and she’s better at it anyway, just a bit gruff.

    • What? Aisha is awesome, she is not my favorite Winx either but she is the (physically) strongest of the Winx and one of the best without powers. At first I didn’t like her because I felt that she got way too much attention but it’s definitely better than Bloom having all of the attention.

  14. Honestly I never cared about Roy X Aisha, not even in S05 when I thought they were a couple, I just feel Roy as one more background character, Nex at least has a personality and I think he fits Aisha well.

    Now, speaking of Aisha X Someone, I was wondering what would have happened if Nabu hadn’t died. I mean, he was a wizard, and so were The Wizards of the Black Circle, who have been alive since, as far as we know, the times of King Arthur.

    Are wizards immortals? certainly no, since Nabu and (at least) Duman died, but, are they infinitely long-lived? If so, what if Aisha and Nabu had stayed together? Would Aisha have aged and eventually died while Nabu kept young and alive? Or maybe fairies are long-lived too, I mean, Faragonda turned 100 in S06, but again, if they are immortal/long-lived, what will happen to their relationships with the Specialists? They are humans, and therefore they’re mortals. Yeah, I know it is totally off-topic but I didn’t know were else to post it, maybe there should be a facebook group or something :p

    • I’ve actually thought about that, too. I don’t think the Specialists (or Paladins) are human, but I’m not sure what they are. They may be non-magical, but they come from magic worlds. Perhaps the exposure to magic could prolong their lifespan. (Just a thought.)

      Also, they may have magical beings in their bloodlines. We know Helia may have wizard blood in him. He’s Saladin’s nephew, and we’ve seen he might have a bit of magic power. Remember when he brought the origami swans to life in season five? (He did that more than once.)

      • You are right, the Specialist and Paladins are not humans, but I think they’re not immortal either, maybe Helia lives more than the other but I still think he’ll eventually age and die, actually Saladin looks old. Faragonda looks old too, by the way, and she’s only 100 [taking into account what other immortal fictional characters look like when they’re about 100], so I don’t think fairies are immortal either, you can argue that Morgana and the other terrestrial fairies were imprisoned during centuries and they look young, but I think time goes differently in the dimension they were caught.

  15. Hey look i know many of you hated roy but why?? Is the big question i love roy because he is like Nabu. Roy reminds me of him i really wanted him to date Aisha

    • Roy’s basic character was like Nabu’s, almost as though Rainbow got lazy and made a clone of him. (That’s one reason a lot of fans didn’t like him.) He had dark skin and blue eyes, he was nice, he could use a little magic (but he wasn’t a wizard), and he was from Andros. Aside from that, everything about him was different. If anything, he was Nabu without everything that made Nabu interesting.

      Another fan wrote about the differences between them, too (see their post here), so I’ll just list a few:

      • Nabu never got jealous when Aisha hung out with other guys. Roy got jealous the instant he saw a guy talking to her, and she wasn’t even his girlfriend. And he stayed jealous (and became aggressive and confrontational) all throughout season six, even after she’d obviously chosen Nex. That suggests Roy is possessive. Aisha’s a very independent girl, and if they had become a couple, that could have been a big issue in their relationship. (Think Musa and Riven.)
      • Nabu stood out partially because he wasn’t a Specialist. Roy blended in with the group because he was a Specialist. This wouldn’t be a problem except for one thing: Nabu had a unique personality, but Roy didn’t. In fact, his personality changed based on what was needed for each scene. Sometimes he was too timid to even talk to Aisha, then suddenly he was brave. Sometimes he was humble, then suddenly he was vain. Rainbow didn’t give him a well-defined personality because he was a temporary character.
      • Aisha needed a guy who could keep up with her mentally and physically. Nabu could (and so can Nex), but Roy couldn’t. He even seemed intimidated by her. If they had become a couple, I think she would have dominated their relationship. Roy wouldn’t have had the guts to question or confront her, so he would have quietly gone along with everything she wanted just to please her. And because he’s not as energetic and enthusiastic, he wouldn’t have been a good companion for her. (This is a girl who likes climbing mountains, for crying out loud.) They wouldn’t have been happy together for very long.

      Like I said, another fan listed some other differences between Roy and Nabu. But this is how I feel. Roy’s better off as Aisha’s friend instead of boyfriend. He couldn’t handle a girl like her. He needs someone gentler and less wild.

    • Also, why does Aisha need another Nabu? Would we really wanna see the same thing over again? If Rainbow had given her another Nabu, why not just…bring back Nabu? Seems pointless to give her a guy who’s exactly like him (according to you anyway).

      Roy was different from him, but not in a way that still complemented Aisha’s character. Nabu was compatible with her as her equal opposite (“opposites attract”), and Nex is compatible with her because they’re so alike. Roy wasn’t compatible with her at all, in my opinion.

  16. I see your points and i get it but you say that Roy got jealous everytime aisha is with another man but Nabu never did that was a big difference between the two but does it not show how much feelings roy had for Aisha i mean you show love in different ways right maybe it was his way of showing it and i know that roy was more of another Nabu but does it not come to you that Nabu made her happy if Nabu did make her happy so could Roy don’t you think

    • I’m not denying that Roy liked her, but that doesn’t mean he was right for her. Not every guy who likes a girl is a good match for her. He could have made her happy, but he couldn’t have fulfilled what she needs and wants in a guy. That’s the difference.

      Aisha’s not looking for a guy to make her happy. She wants a companion — someone who thinks like her and enjoys the same things she does. Nabu and Nex are both like that, but Roy wasn’t.

    • And getting jealous all the time isn’t an admirable trait. In fact, isn’t that what Nabu scolded Riven for? It might have showed that Roy loved her, but it also showed a lack of trust and — as I said — a possessive personality. It could have ruined their relationship.

  17. I get it then one thing never add up to me is how did aisha and Nex started dating and i remember that Aisha did not want anything to do with Nex how did their story came to be

    • Coincidentally, it was like what happened with her and Nabu. I think the fanbase has forgotten she didn’t like him at first, either. After she found out he had been stalking her, she wanted nothing to do with him. But once she got to know him and found out they had a lot in common, she fell in love with him.

      It was the same with her and Nex. At first, she didn’t like him because of his arrogance and forwardness. But around episode 11, she started spending more time with him. They realized they have the same interests and personality, and they started growing closer. When Icy attacked him in episode 24, Aisha was afraid he would be killed. That’s when she realized she was in love with him. Nex was falling in love with her gradually from the moment he met her.

      The funny thing is there was an article that came out at the end of 2013 that spoiled all of this. It was detailed in Nex’s character description. But I guess very few fans read it.

    • I don’t know what you mean by “making the new season just like the last season.” But Nex is a Paladin like Sky’s cousin Thoren. This is something else a lot of fans don’t remember, but we first encountered the term “Paladin” back in season two. The first Paladin we ever met was Professor Avalon.

    • Yes, he does. He’s just a Paladin instead of a Specialist, but they still treat him like he’s part of the group. I guess Rainbow decided not all the Winx’s boyfriends have to be Specialists.

      But honestly, I’m not sure what the difference is between Paladins and Specialists. They both wear armor, ride Windriders, and wield weapons. Nex isn’t very different from the other guys. He just looks different.

    • Well if you count the flashback in 7×04 Riven is in it otherwise forget it. Also no way. Nex=Aisha as a dude. Another thing Winx members line up with fairytales. Aisha’s is “Water of Life” by the brothers grimm. Ever read that story? Her morphix is said water and she’s the princess who is named life and had 3 suitors one of which took the safest yet most challenging path and didn’t pull any tricks or take the easy way out to get her. Nex is like the wise suitor known as Prince Joseph who was looking for something to save his dad but fell prone to his brothers foolishness by accident, Aisha is princess Ally in that story and unlike Roy or Nabu he’s actually been upfront with her. Nabu pulled a trick to help her and Roy took the easy way out by pretending to be what she wanted when he probably isn’t that at all. Nex on the other hand observed what she liked and has become it because when you like someone you change for them not force them to change for you. (A sporty sparring partner who starts off cold but warms up when someone proves they can meet her expectations is apparently what she likes.) Even Nex himself was aware of it to the point of lampshading it “she likes who she likes!” Then we’ve actually seen him be the only person besides Bloom or Tecna to actually keep up with Aisha in physical competition.

      • Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it quite like that before. I think you’re right about Roy. It felt like he was pretending to like what she liked, especially during the windsurfing race in “Mystery of Calavera.” Something about the way he talked and acted in that episode didn’t feel genuine. I don’t think he was enjoying the race as much as Aisha was, but he pretended to in order to score points with her.

        Nex was trying to score points with her, too, of course, but I feel like he did it in a more authentic way. He really is a competitive person and enjoys a challenge, and when he realized Aisha’s that way, too, he knew how to get her attention. All he had to do was be himself! What he changed about himself was his negative behavior in the first couple episodes.

        Basically, both Roy and Nex knew what Aisha wanted. But Roy couldn’t be that for her without being “fake.” For Nex, it was natural.

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