“Are you crazy, OP? I don’t wanna love Nex! I hate him! He’s ________!” Insert your own reasons: “He’s rude! He’s like Riven! He’s boring!” Etc., etc.

Here’s another way to look at it. You do wanna love Nex, but those reasons are the barriers to your love. If they weren’t there, why couldn’t you love him?

This quote explains it well: “Hatred is a disguised form of love. You can only hate someone whom you really wish to love, because if you were totally indifferent to that person, you could not even get up enough energy to hate him.”

Both love and hate are forms of caring about someone — i.e., being invested in them. They both take a lot of time and energy. If you didn’t care about that person, you wouldn’t waste your time on them. You only spend it on people who matter to you in some way.

Why does Nex matter to the fandom? Because he’s dating Aisha. If you love her, you wanna share her happiness. You wanna cheer for her and look forward to her future as much as she does.

It’s hard to do that if you hate the person she might spend her future with. That’s why you wish you could love him. If only he wasn’t…insert that list of reasons again.

If we were talking about a real person, chances are you’d never get your wish. People can change, of course, but you can tell when it’s unlikely they will. But a fictional character can always change. It all depends on how his story unfolds. Those annoying traits that keep you from loving him could be gone by the end of next season.

There’s a lot we don’t know about Nex yet. Where is he from? What’s his family life like? What’s his social status? Why did he become a Paladin instead of a Specialist? Heck, what is a Paladin?

I bet Rainbow won’t answer all of these questions, but even a couple answers could change how we interpret his character. Nex is a work-in-progress. That’s what character development is all about.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few reasons the fandom hates him — and how Rainbow can make those reasons disappear.

1. Nex is a jerk. (Variations: He’s mean/a bad person/etc.; He’s like Riven.)

This is easy to fix. Rainbow just needs to show his kindness more. Some fans felt the writers did that in season seven, but others dismissed it as a lame attempt to pretend he’s nice.

I’ve said this a million times: Rainbow didn’t mean for Nex to seem like a jerk. They gave him flaws, of course, but they weren’t supposed to be the entirety of his character. If he’s supposed to be a mean, grouchy guy, why did they call him “friendly” and “nice?” Yes, those are both words they’ve used to describe him.

The “nicer” Nex from season seven was in season six, too. He’s also in the book The Legend of Eraklyon and in the Winx comics. Bottom line: what the fandom thinks of Nex doesn’t match Rainbow’s depictions of him.

How can they clean up this mess and show his real character? Here are a few ways:

  • Keep showing him being kind.

  • Give him a character arc where he admits to his flaws and tries to change himself.

  • Tell us his back story to give context for his behavior.

  • Have him “save the cat” a few times.

I’ll explain the last one. “Save the cat,” a term coined by the late author Blake Synder, is when a character does a good deed that shows the audience he’s a good person or he’s redeemable. The cliché is saving a cat that’s stuck in a tree, but it can be anything good. A true “save the cat” scene should happen not long after the character is introduced.

Nex actually had a “save the cat” scene. In “Bloomix Power” (6X04), he threw himself in front of a basilisk to save Roy and Aisha, but he ended up getting turned to stone. In fact, I think everything Nex did at the Lynphea College was meant to be him saving a whole litter of cats!

Why didn’t the fandom care? Maybe it wasn’t memorable enough. The basilisk scene only lasted a few seconds, and it didn’t feel like a serious moment. I also think the love triangle got in the way. We weren’t really trying to get to know Nex because we thought he might be a temporary character. Instead, we cherry-picked traits to weigh against Roy’s so we could choose a side.

It’s too late for Nex to have another “save the cat” scene, but Rainbow should still have him do a few significant good deeds.

2. Nex is weird/strange. (Variations: Nex is a freak.)

Oh, a compliment! 😛

“Weird” just means different than what we’re used to. Just like with real people, being different isn’t a bad thing. The last thing this show needs is a bunch of characters who act the same, right? 😉

If Nex is “weird,” that means he stands out in the group. Good! Of course, since the fandom isn’t used to him, we need to see more of him being his “weird” self. After a while, it’ll feel normal to us. A back story could help here, too, because it might help explain his “weirdness.”

I’ve heard the opposite complaint, too: “Nex is boring. There’s nothing interesting about him.” That’s easy to fix, too. Remember how I said we don’t know much about him? Something as simple as what realm he’s from could make him more interesting. (Or Rainbow could just make him weirder. 😛 )

3. Nex isn’t right for Aisha. (Variations: Aisha and Nex are a bad couple.)

I’ll ignore the bias around this issue and focus on Aisha and Nex. How can Rainbow make them feel like a “better” couple? Based on what I’ve seen in this fandom, “better” just means “cuter.” They want plenty of sweet moments they can tweet, share, like, and scream, “Awwwwwwwwwww!” at over and over again. It’s part of what I mentioned earlier: sharing the characters’ happiness. (Literally.)

Again, that’s easy to fix. Season eight is the perfect time for Rainbow to amp up the romance between these two. They’ll have been a couple for more than a year, so we’d expect them to have deeper feelings for each other by then. Love grows, after all. 🙂

By the end of season seven, they already seemed closer. They were more affectionate towards each other, and Nex’s goodbye in ep. 25 — “I’ll come and see you soon, Aisha” — was setting up another date, so they clearly like spending time with each other. The Italian dub was more obvious: “I’ll come back and meet with you soon, Aisha” (my translation).

I’m sure Rainbow will develop Aisha and Nex’s relationship more in season eight. But I don’t wanna see just plain old, classic romance. That’s empty and cliché. I wanna see a test that forces them to confront their differences and learn to accept them — even appreciate them. That’s what separates true love from infatuation.

Final Thoughts

Notice all these “deal-breakers” about Nex that the fandom brings up a lot are easy to fix. None of them is set in stone. Like I said, Nex is a work-in-progress, not a finished product. He’s like a clay sculpture — Rainbow’s still molding and shaping him.

Here’s my point. Nex isn’t the kind of guy we expected, and you may hate him right now. But if you’re willing to be patient and open, you might start to love him one day.

Don’t believe me? It’s happened with many characters before him, even the most popular ones in this show. A single episode — even a single scene — can change everything.

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68 Responses to “Why The Fandom Wants To Love Nex

  1. i wonder if nex and brandon aren’t in the same position as squire to eraklyon royalty or do the paladins come from another planet? sure thoren is sky’s cousin but that doesn’t mean they’re from the same realm. also i won’t be too surprised in season 8 they start looking for either a new boyfriend for musa or they go on a mission to save riven cause though he’s a jerk he is still their friend and a part of red fountain

    • I don’t think Paladins come from another planet. They’re just a different kind of warrior than the Specialists. We’ve seen others besides them, too, like templars.

      Sky’s flashback in “Vortex of Flames” suggested Thoren’s from Eraklyon. But like you said, he still might not be. We really don’t know much about, either, but I don’t think Rainbow plans to develop him further. Now that he’s married to Daphne, I’m not sure what else they would do with him unless it had more to do with Domino.

      I’m not sure what I think about Musa getting a new boyfriend. Half of me wants her to because I’d love to see her in a healthy relationship. But the other half of me wants her to stay single because I don’t wanna see the fandom’s reaction to her new love. It’d be the reaction to Orlando + the reaction to Nabu’s death x 100. 😑

      • honestly what is the fandom’s problem with season 5?
        while it had some clunkers of episodes and a awful but sometimes funny villain for his overeaction
        i found it to be an enjoyable season

  2. I never really hated Nex. I can understand why some of the fandom do. He had some small bad actions but can also be fun. Haha I found it funny how Layla (in the dutch version they still used that name for season 6) reacted to him the first time and he was like; wow, what a woman. Yeah never saw much evil in him.

      • is it actually true that 4kids created a adaptional displacement in the winx fandom?
        also me as new fan doesn’t see bloom as a mary sue so why do some see her as one?

        • I think the fans who see Bloom as a Mary Sue are the ones who have watched the series from the beginning. The show has focused on her forever, so they’re sick of her now. The weird thing is a lot of those fans also prefer the first three seasons — which were all about her. 😅 A lot of things in this fandom make no sense. They contradict themselves a lot.

          • Haha that just sounds like the RWBY fandom too, haha I guess all fandoms have some funny people. I did really love the first three season, what a lot of discoveries Bloom went through. Was though, but when her parents and Domino were back again she could finally feel complete and then came season 4 with the wizards looking for Bloom and I was like what, another enemy from the past? How? Later I understood that they were looking for Roxy ofcourse but I was a bit surprised because there were already so much things related to Bloom in the first three seasons and wondered how they were going to stretch her pas out even more. I love it that those first seasons were mostly about Bloom. She has always been my favourite fairy <3 Yeah haha this fandom has really funny contradicts. My favourite seasons are 3 and 6 with lovely Enchantix and Bloomix. Especially season 6 and Bloomix.

          • well my favourite season is season 6 as well and seasons 3 and 7 are my joint 2nd favourite seasons and i really like the Bloomix and even Tynix

          • I also hate (or try to love xD) Bloom from season 5, 6 and 7 and love the first 3(4) seasons, that are focused only in her.
            The reason is… the first 3 seasons were focused entirely in the Winx, too. Bloom’s leading role wasn’t forced in anyway. We were finding out her story, but we were also having character development and screentime on the other Winx. Bloom wasn’t bossy, and actually listened to a lot of ideas given by the Winx. If they saved someone, that someone was going to hug the winx that did it, not Bloom that for example just stared.

            In season 5-7, the Winx basically stare and Bloom does everything and gives literally all the ideas. It makes me sad how they are forcing her leading too much.

            Also, she should be leading until she found out about her parents, the Winx Club accepted her as a “leader” when she asked for help to find her parents. That is over, she should be just an “ideas giver” in battles as any other Winx, instead…. “Attack him!”; “Flora, Musa, do that!”

            I love Bloom, but I hate Bloom xD

          • Let me point out one thing. Yes, the other Winx got character development in seasons 1-4, but not nearly as much as Bloom. Flora’s back story was (and still is) a mystery. We just met her parents in seasons six and seven. Tecna’s parents were also unknown until season six, and we still don’t know much about her background. The others got more development.

            It’s not her leadership I hear people complain about the most. It’s the fact she does get the most character and relationship development. That’s been going on for the whole series.

          • I’m not even sure if you would call it character development. Bloom has grown immensely in power but personality-wise they made her so perfect since Season 4 that there is no room for development. We are supposed to believe she has temper issues but the recent seasons have no such instance where her temper got the better of her. She has just become this role model for little girls and barely does anything wrong. Did you notice how the rest of the girls get to be ‘weird’ some times but Bloom never gets to be so. She is just so plain and perfect.

  3. Like Sandy said, I do think it’s pretty likely that season 8 will have some Musa love stuff. Rainbow isn’t very in touch with the fandom, so the decisions they make are purely for them and not for the giant squids of anger. (Giant squid of anger is a phrase I use to describe illogically angry people on the internet. Don’t ask.) And we’ve seen with Flora (for whatever reason) and Aisha (kind of) that Rainbow likes to put one-season gaps in before the girls meet their new significant other. We’ll just have to brace ourselves for the vitriol and ride above it.

    As for the topic at hand, I wish Rainbow would do like ALL OF THESE THINGS. In my brain’s interpretation of Nex, he has this side to his personality where he is just the biggest dork. If this could become reality, I would be beyond words. I also think a good backstory might help explain the negative sides of his personality a bit (just brainstorming: maybe he has a not-so-fantastic family life where his parents/guardians don’t pay attention to him, and he sees that being a joker gets him noticed by other people, so now he jokes around a lot because he doesn’t want to be ignored again?), but considering how little we know about Brandon and Timmy, who have been around since season one, I don’t think it’s very likely.

    • Giant squids of anger? Ha, I love it! 😂 If Musa gets a new boyfriend, we’re gonna see giant squids with pitchforks! Oh, boy! Not looking forward to that riot! 😣

      Yeah, I wonder why Rainbow didn’t give Flora a boyfriend right away. There was no reason not to — at least as far as we can tell. Maybe they just didn’t want all the Winx to have love interests in the first season. As for Aisha, they’ve always skipped a season with her (since Roy doesn’t count).

      I agree with everything you said about Nex. I also think he’s hiding a dorkier, more sensitive of himself. He wants everyone to think he’s Mr. Tough Guy, but he’s actually insecure about himself. Your back story idea is one that I’ve considered, too: he wants attention because he doesn’t get enough of it at home. For some reason, I imagine him having a bad relationship with his father, but I’m not sure why.

      I hope Rainbow does tell us more about Nex. But you’re right: we know so little about most of the other guys left in the show, even though they’ve been around forever. Maybe Rainbow will surprise us and start developing all of them more.

      • Giant Squids with pitchforks? I think that’s still too nice if musa gets a new love it’ll be a community shutdown for three months on the Internet, even if I want a healthy musaxwhoever relationship. That said let’s learn more about Nex.

  4. Now to hope that Rainbow can put off contrived Bloom/Sky drama for just ONE SEASON.
    I’d love for any of the couples to get some meaningful development (Flora/Helia; I’m looking at you two) and we all know that the seasonal quote for Bloom and Sky has gotten grating faster than Sonic can run.

    • Flora and Helia definitely need more development, too. Aisha and Nex need it more because they’re new, but there’s no excuse for Florelia to be stagnant. But we all know Rainbow’s gonna give the bulk of the attention to Bloom and Sky. 🙄 I’m so tired of them. I used to like them, but now they bore the heck out of me. 😒

      • Season 5 kinda opened up with an interesting point with having Flora’s insecurities rapidly eat away at her and I felt like her jealousy towards Krystal was justified; it’s just that Helia, the romantic mediator who can’t lie without said lies eating away at his conscious, doesn’t do anything to talk to Flora when she’s obviously distressed. We coulda got a really nice and heartwarming scene of Helia assuring Flora that he only has eyes for her, even if her insecurities tell her otherwise. They had Krystal talk to Flora but why not Helia?? Instead, we get that lame dance scene where their relationship stresses just melt away with one small dance, eugh.
        The worst thing is that Rainbow CAN develop couples even while meeting their seasonal quote for contrived Bloom/Sky drama. They’ve done it before so what’s stopping them now? Not only is it boring, it’s just frustrating. They’re supposed to be “the golden couple” and were the only two that were actively engaged until Brandon popped the question to Stella, which was also a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it scene until S7 confirmed it! Bloom and Sky fighting every year or month or so just makes them look dysfunctional and that’s EVEN WORSE since they’re engaged unlike a certain couple in the past.

          • Not really. They could just not fight and I doubt it’d be such a game-changer to NOT include Diaspro into a season solely for drama that no one wants.
            Diaspro should’ve moved on but instead, she spirals further into villainy like Sky would still take her back. Seasons 2 and 4 did fine without her; the former even painted her in a more sympathetic light. Though, both seasons also had “replacements” to fill Diaspro’s usual role with S2 having Avalon thanks to Bloom’s small crush on him and S4 had Andy, Bloom’s ex.
            Though, if you mean Flora/Helia, they just need more focus on their relationship to make it look more realistic ’cause believe me, you can make a realistic relationship out of two shy romantics.

          • Now that you mention it, every season has had a character who caused Bloom/Sky jealousy drama, hasn’t it? There was Disapro in seasons 1, 3, 5, and 6; Avalon in season 2; Andy in season 4; and — the craziest of all — Elas in season 7! I never realized it was that bad. No wonder people are starting to say Bloom and Sky have as much trust issues as Musa and Riven did. 😕

          • That’s why it’s so tiring! It’s like Rainbow feels like they need to show newer viewers that Bloom and Sky are such an alpha couple that they have to “overcome obstacles” to strengthen their love or something. Heck, I know some people who only watched about 1 or 2 seasons of Winx Club simply because it was on and they didn’t like how shoehorned the drama felt. As much as I like to ignore Sky’s “bout” with Elas, it’s still sad that, instead of thinking that her Fairy Animal just might be a bit pushy, Bloom almost immediately suspects Sky of being jealous. Even in a childish sense, that’s a bad sign; it’s like she just expects him to be jealous of anyone so long as they’re male and are around her.
            These aren’t even necessary either. S7 was doing as fine as it could without Sky being jealous or Bloom being insecure until that point. In fact, a lot of their tension isn’t necessary even to stir up interest. The only situations I could see being necessary would be Seasons 1 to 4.
            S1 was the start of their relationship (Sky being outed but not punished for cheated),
            S2 actually had quite a lot with Erendor and Samara’s opinions on Bloom/Sky’s broken engagement, Diaspro’s confession and Bloom could’ve confused her trust in Avalon to uncover her past as a crush which can happen more often than some realize,
            S3 had Diaspro yet again but since Valtor was basically going out of his way to torment Bloom inside and out simply for being the surviving offspring of the two people responsible for his defeat, it makes sense from that perspective,
            and lastly, S4 would’ve had Sky and Bloom clashing over their pride had it not been for Rainbow shoving Andy into the picture simply to prolong their drama.
            S5 was ludicrous in how Sky just immediately begins getting insecure of his relationship with Bloom over losing a pendant (and later his memories but he couldn’t have stopped that one), not to mention Diaspro suddenly being shoved back into the picture after being banished for treason. S6 shouldn’t have had Diaspro at all since she disappears right after that episode and S7 had, well, what I mentioned earlier; his squabble with a unicorn.

          • A couple jealousy moments early on, and I’d call it “overcoming obstacles.” After that, you’ve just got trust issues. Bloom and Sky have been together for about six or seven years and are engaged. There’s no excuse for this kind of behavior at this point. It’d be interesting if Rainbow acknowledged that and had them deal with it once and for all.

  5. I think alot of the problem people had with Nex was
    1. Body language in his first appearance, when he acted like those tough guy teenage boys some of us naturally avoid.
    2. Because they thought she was meant to be with Roy and Nex was the antagonist/meant to be their obstacle to happiness ie. diaspro.

    To me, he’s alot like riven. I know what your thinking, but hear me out. I only mean that in the way that he comes off hard to like initially, but you warm up to him in time. That’s the way I grew to like Riven. But if you think about it, that’s all that the other boys (minus Thoren) have on him. So please people, give the new guy a break. 🙂 Thanks for your posts OP. At first I didn’t like him because of his tough guy act, but reading through all your posts I’ve noticed alot of good qualities he has that were really blocked by the love triangle. Rainbow really did the fans a disservice with that.

  6. When you mentioned she might spend the rest of her life with him, it got me to remember something: How long are they going to be alive? Has this been gone over?

    It seems that magical beings like fairies, witches, wizards, and others live for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, maintaining their youth for much of it. And this isn’t just a random thing or if they’re powerful, they all seem to. Not only that, if power is an issue, the winx are incredibly powerful and continue to grow stronger. Plus they all carry the dragon flame within them now, not that it’s necessary in the first place.

    I’m convinced the winx are still going to be kicking 500 years from now, or even 1,000. How about the guys though? Will they be around that long? And is this why even though half of the winx are royalty, they get to go around doing their own thing? Daphne is going to be Queen of Domino, but she’s a teacher. They probably have a system that says they can’t rule forever, so when they step down they have their own passions to go back to, like teaching.


    • The Specialists and Paladins may not have magic powers, but they’re also not regular humans. If they were, they wouldn’t be able to get around Magix in the first place, since there are barriers that keep non-magic beings out. So they’re special.

      That probably means their lifespans aren’t the same as humans, either. We’ve seen a couple possible examples of this: Hagen and King Oritel. They’re not wizards, but they look like they’ve lived longer than humans.

      This is probably true for the Specialists and Paladins, too. It could be because of the magic around them. Not to mention, many of them probably have magic beings in their bloodlines.

          • 80 years. However the poteal limit to human life span sits somewhere around 150 with advance technology excluding genetic engineering.

            If magic doubles the life span we are looking at 300 centuries which is a reasonable age limit for Specialist, paladins and magical yet non magically active human beings.

            Now magically active ones might have even longer likely nearing a thousand years in extreme cases but relying more of level of magical power. By this train of thought Bloom would likely outlive everyone.

        • Correction they are not normal humans.

          They still are humans but ones with magic which tends to increase ones life span.

      • i think helia has a bit of magic but decided to go with the physical force so that when nabu came they wouldn’t have two wizards or maybe he just likes magic as a hobby. they mention the girls hobbies but not the boys, what do they like to do to kick back after a battle?

        • I think Helia’s magic is just underdeveloped because he became a Specialist. If he were to train up, he could easily become a wizard. Saladin could even teach him! Does Helia want to be a wizard? That would be great from Rainbow to explore.

          As for Nabu, I’m starting to think Rainbow made him a wizard because the group didn’t need one. Thus, he was expendable. When the Specialists need magic, they call the Winx. Why would they need a wizard if they already have six magic users as companions? So Nabu didn’t fit in with the Specialists because he was a magic user, but he didn’t fit in with the Winx because he wasn’t a fairy.

          • She was able to survive it because it’s a fantasy show and not as hardcore sci-fi as some would like to believe?

            Besides, she was involved in the spell too, not only Flitter, and she also turned into that speedforce-like energy so that forces do not matter.

            But anyway it’s not a sci-fi show

          • @Myuza

            Its a Science Fantasy show with lining more to fantasy however it still using a sci-fi setting and aspects to a huge degree.

            Fantasy settings don’t have spaceships, advance technology like phones that work across dimensions, robots, hard light weapons, laser blasters, orZenith… literally the whole culture is more of a sci-fi world.

          • i wonder what Tecna would have felt as the speed she was going at increased?
            also how was she able to breathe when the speed was increasing?

          • @Myuza

            Again Space travel, spaceships, advance technology, hover bikes, hover cars,phones that work across dimensions, holograms, robots, alien planets and different star systems.

            I’m sorry those are sci-fi elements not fantasy elements and what do you know they are everywhere. Even the swords and weapons of red fountain are more sci-fiy then fantasy based.

            A fantasy series never has any technology more advance then steam and hey what do you know these are technology far more advance then in urban fantasy, which is set in a modern settting. The only other setting is Science Fantasy which get this is more advance then our own time yet can be heavy on the use of magic.

            Seriously you are dismissing the fact the technology that we see is pretty much sci-fi.

          • I’ve seen an anime that has sci-fi elements but still seems more like a fantasy show. It’s called Knight’s & Magic. It’s about a robot otaku who gets reborn into a medieval world where knights pilot giant, magical mecha. The magic and fantasy elements seem stronger than the robot element. Granted, I’ve only watched the first episode. 😅

          • @OP
            Exactly. It depends on what the focus is upon. I played a game called Chrono Trigger where everybody uses medieval weapons but one character uses guns and invents high-tech stuff like telepods, gate keys and napalm bombs. It’s still described as a fantasy game.

            Otherwise woe be to any show which uses mobile phones because it will then become science fantasy.

          • The mere presence of technology does not make a show science fantasy. Winx Club merely chose not to have a medieval setting as most fantasies have. It has advanced technology but the focus is not on technology. Whenever they discuss technology it’s just technobabble made to look like something very technical is being said, there are no scientific concepts or ideas used. The focus is only and only fantasy.

            So Winx Club is very much a fantasy show. If you try describing it as science fantasy anywhere else, people will wonder if you are even a viewer of the show.

          • @OP

            Fantasy has several subgenres. High, Low, Dark Urban, and Science.

            High and Low both are set in the same kind of medieval settings. The difference is high fantasy is something like Lord of the Rings, where good and evil are more notable and magic is either common or liked. Low is basically the more cynical of the setting morality is grey or outright terrible and magic is feared or dying.

            Dark fantasy is self explainitary. Its basically horror fantasy.

            Urban fantasy is taking fantasy elements and putting it in a modern setting. Harry Potter is a Urban Fantasy series.

            Science Fantasy is a mix of sci-fi and Fantasy genres. Depending on which one is dominate you can get something that’s more sci-fi or something that’s more fantasy. Magic technology is a good sign its a science fantasy setting, that and spaceships with some form of magic.

          • Harry Potter is not Urban Fantasy. It’s High Fantasy. Urban Fantasy would be something like World of Winx if you exclude the Neverland sections.

  7. ‘S4 would’ve had Sky and Bloom clashing over their pride had it not been for Rainbow shoving Andy into the picture simply to prolong their drama’
    i can see why Andy was added because we didn’t know if Bloom had dated anyone before Sky and she did

    • But with what we see of her life before she was a fairy, it’s implied that she may have been an outcast for whatever reason. I can buy her having an ex-boyfriend in Andy and later a best friend in Selina but I highly doubt that Rainbow brought Andy into the picture because they suspected that the fans wanted to know if Bloom had any exes. I’m still under the assumption that they added Andy (and his friends) just to prolong the drama between Bloom and Sky and ultimately drum up drama between other couples if it fit.
      I just don’t buy that Andy was put there because the fanbase wanted to know of Bloom’s lovelife before Alfea.

  8. not buying the work in progress thing, i’m sorry but by the end of Riven’s second season he had undergone the most changes that any character in the series had gone, he started as the loner “Misunderstood” jerk, went to be a flat out bad guy’s minion, tried to redeem himself, went into a more Apathetic state then started to open up to Sky first by having a competitive yet healthy Rrivalry and then opened up to Musa if Nexx was the whole work in progress thing the changes wouldn’t have felt so artificial, yes, Nex’s change of will in season 7 feels super artificial, it feels like he’s doing it just to please Aisha,now i don’t say Nexx is Riven but he’s a very similar kind of problematic boyfriend, it doesn’t matter how rainbow describes him if they don’t depict him like that in the show, h**l, Stella of all people was described as calm and collected in her original depiction and if i recall correctly she’s the one that gets pissed the easilier, even Helia had a way better chance at an story than Nexx has, a dettached Pacifist drop out that had given up on fighting and that eventually discovered he’d have to stand to protect what and who he loves sounds far more interesting, there’s more than one way to make a problematic boyfriend trope and as i said while Nexx is not Riven he’s using way more elements of that depiction that he should, i’ll add that even in season 6 Riven was more likable than Nexx because it was easy to understand that Riven was willing to give up everything to achieve his life-long dream of being recognized by becoming the leader of a specialist squad, a Dream he had clearly stated in the show since season 2, during the reconstruction of Fonte Rossa and throughout all that season.
    As for Nexx saves the cat scene in Lynphea….that’s something that’s almost impossible to do with a specialsit or Paladin since their job is to protect people wether they like them or not, that’s more of a Lawful behaviour of following a code than a good behaviour.

    • i’m sorry but by the end of Riven’s second season he had undergone the most changes that any character in the series had gone, he started as the loner “Misunderstood” jerk, went to be a flat out bad guy’s minion, tried to redeem himself, went into a more Apathetic state then started to open up to Sky first by having a competitive yet healthy Rrivalry and then opened up to Musa

      If Nex isn’t Riven, why are you judging him the same way and expecting the same kind of story? Riven wasn’t just a “misunderstood jerk.” He was a minor antagonist in season one. He’s the only guy who has ever willfully betrayed the group and helped their enemies. His transformation and growth needed to be clear and extreme to prove he could be trusted again.

      Nex hasn’t done anything nearly as bad as what Riven did. He was also never an antagonist, so he’s not even the same kind of character. Nex is just rough around the edges. He doesn’t need to atone for his sins; he just needs to mature a bit, and Aisha can help him do that.

      if Nexx was the whole work in progress thing the changes wouldn’t have felt so artificial, yes, Nex’s change of will in season 7 feels super artificial, it feels like he’s doing it just to please Aisha

      That’s a cynical way of looking at it. Aisha has a good influence on him. Because of her, he tries to control himself. It’s not just that he wants to please her — it’s because he respects her. Maybe she’s exactly what he needs.

      I think you see it as “artificial” because it didn’t happen in some kind of grand fashion (like with Riven). Nex just started behaving himself better. Of course, there’s also the problem that the fandom thinks he’s much worse than he’s supposed to be.

      now i don’t say Nexx is Riven but he’s a very similar kind of problematic boyfriend

      No, he’s not. At all. I’m not sure where this idea is coming from. Nex has a much better relationship with Aisha than Riven had with Musa. Nex encourages and praises her, respects her, and works well with her as a team. Have they fought before? Yes, only once so far.

      How often did Musa and Riven fight? I’ve lost count. They were constantly at each other’s throats. Their relationship wasn’t just “problematic;” it was dysfunctional. Not to mention, Riven was emotionally unavailable for her most of the time, and he went so far as to insult her dreams.

      Nex is a much better boyfriend than Riven was. I know you’ll disagree with me because you loved Riven, but the evidence is clear.

      it doesn’t matter how rainbow describes him if they don’t depict him like that in the show

      But Rainbow did depict him like that. Most of the fandom didn’t see him that way, but he acted exactly as they described him — including the “friendly” part.

      there’s more than one way to make a problematic boyfriend trope and as i said while Nexx is not Riven he’s using way more elements of that depiction that he should

      Again, I don’t know where this idea is coming from. Nex is not a “problematic boyfriend” at all. The comparison to Riven’s relationship with Musa makes no sense. They’re not even close to similar.

      i’ll add that even in season 6 Riven was more likable than Nexx because it was easy to understand that Riven was willing to give up everything to achieve his life-long dream of being recognized by becoming the leader of a specialist squad, a Dream he had clearly stated in the show since season 2, during the reconstruction of Fonte Rossa and throughout all that season

      The fandom already had an emotional connection to Riven, so of course, they’d see him as more likable. This was the end of his story, not the beginning. But if both guys had been introduced in season six, I think the fandom’s feelings would have been different. Nostalgia is definitely playing a role in who they prefer.

      As for Nexx saves the cat scene in Lynphea….that’s something that’s almost impossible to do with a specialsit or Paladin since their job is to protect people wether they like them or not, that’s more of a Lawful behaviour of following a code than a good behaviour.

      Anyone else could have saved Roy. Why would Rainbow specifically have Nex do it if not to redeem him? This is just thinking like a storyteller. If you wanted to show that a character wasn’t as bad as he seemed earlier, why not have him save his rival? (He saved him twice, in fact.)

      Also, if you’re gonna dismiss or discredit anything good Nex does, how will you know if he’s grown as a character or not? Nothing he did would matter to you.

    • I’ve written a lot of posts about Nex and what I think Rainbow intends for his character. He’s not supposed to be a “bad Riven re-run,” as you once said. Everything about him follows a theme built into his relationship with Aisha, but the fandom didn’t notice it because Rainbow worked it in so naturally.

      What the fandom noticed instead were loose similarities between him and Riven, so they started seeing him as “Riven’s replacement.” I thought this idea had died after season seven, but I guess not. Hopefully, season eight will finish it off.

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