Nice overhead view of Gardenia

If you were reading Michael Grant’s scoops on Michael’s Winx Club, you may have seen this coming. A new MMO game called “Winx Adventure” will hit the Winx Club site next week! (What’s with Rainbow and the word “adventure” lately?) Similar to the old game, it takes place in Gardenia but allows you to explore more areas from season four, like Love & Pet and Frutti Music Bar. The graphics seem better, too, if the previews tell us anything.

Hold on...Saladin wasn't even in this season!

The game goes into closed beta on August 4th. “Closed beta” just means only those who register before the test period will be able to play. To join the beta, click on the link in the “Winx Adventure Close[d] Beta!” article, and in the dialog box, click “Apply Now.” (You must be logged in.) That’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation email. Then log into from August 4th to August 10th to try the game!

One note: according to the FAQ’s, all game data will be wiped after the beta. Don’t let that stop you, though! Test away! That’s what this phase is for!

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19 Responses to ““Winx Adventure”: A New Online Experience!

  1. That sounds coooooooool!!!!!!!!!! However I had a login for the website, but I forgot it and I did write it on paper; but my dad recycled it. So does anyone know how to retrieve it?
    Also yeah why is Saladin in that picture?

    • Do you remember anything password/username/email address? =)

      In case you remember your email address: try to find the activation email.

      You can also fill in your username & password in the log in part to find out what email address you used! ^^

      • Thank You! I forgot all about the email address part; I was panicking and all that so yeah I found it now so thank you a million:)

  2. Sounds cool. I won’t be able to try it until I get back from my holidays tough:( And what is Saladin doing there?

  3. If I saw a guy dressed like Saladin, I’d think there was a costume party of something…

  4. This is WONDERFUL!!!! I’m sooooooooooo excited! I’m one of the lucky ppl who will have the chance to experience Winx Adventure Beta, and…. I just can’t wait!!!!! Btw, in the informations about WAB (Winx Adventure Beta 😉 ) they said that we would have the chance to meet the teachers. This is just a game, not the 4th season. 😉

    • You are sooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!! I was a little late and now the Winx Adventure Beta sign up thing is closed. However I do hope you have fun!

  5. i signed up but i couldn’t play the game cuz my crappy PC won’t load it n blue error screen appears every time i run the game! 😡
    XO 🙁

  6. sounds really nice. but one problem. how do i sign in?? do i do it form the website or go to another website??

  7. this is very good game
    i like bloom in this game
    i also like roxy in this game
    sky is also cute in this game
    i like nabu in this game
    please now give winx club adventure game

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