aisha_logo1Aisha, the princess of Andros, met the Winx during their second year at Alfea. As the Fairy of Waves, she can control water and other liquids, including a magic “glue” called Morphix that she can mold into any shape. Dancing and sports are her passions. She’s the most physically fit member of the Winx Club.

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Musings & Rants

World of Winx. Yeah, I know. “About time, OP!” It’s only been about a month and a half since it premiered! Sorry, guys. If you need an explanation, see my post from a couple weeks ago. Also — and I hate to play this card again — I’m a college student. The semester just ended last […]

Internet News

Remember those mysterious Baby Winx pictures? They linked to the Winx’s profile pages on I guessed Rainbow was about to make new moodboards, and it looks like I was right. In fact, they might be about to revamp the whole design of the pages. Here are the Winx’s new information cards. They might not be […]


Credit goes to WinxClubRUS for this news! Niki Romijn, the Dutch voice of Bloom, shared this picture while recording for World of Winx. This is the first time we’ve seen Flora, Aisha, and Tecna in what might be the new “trendy” outfits for this series. The colors look dull to me. That might be because this […]