Winx Club‘s move from 4Kids TV to Nickelodeon has caused a lot of confusion. Many fans thought 4Kids’s American version was the original, and they’re accusing Nick of “ruining” the show with unnecessary “changes.”

The truth: Winx Club is an ITALIAN show created by Iginio Straffi and his company Rainbow S.r.l. To appeal to an American audience, 4Kids made numerous changes — new music, scene edits, name changes, etc. — but the series never became as popular here as it is outside the United States.

In 2010, Mr. Straffi ended his contact with 4Kids and partnered with Nickelodeon. He and Nick undid most of 4Kids’s changes, bringing the show closer to its original form.


  • Besides 4Kids and Nick’s dubs, there was a third English dub done by the Canadian company Cinelume. This dub, sometimes called “RAI English,” aired at the same time as 4Kids’s — but was more faithful to the original. It also ended when Nick acquired the rights.
  • 4Kids called season three “the series finale” because it was the last season they had licensed from Rainbow. However, season four has already aired a couple years earlier outside the United States. It finally aired in America on Nick in 2012. (Nick did not co-produce the fourth season.)

This “guide” lists some of the changes 4Kids made. Click on the categories below.


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  1. Nickelodeon does not OWN the show, as such. Winx Club is still a product of the Rainbow S.P.A. company, and they can revoke Nick’s rights to air the show at any time as well. Nick and Rainbow might have entered into a partnership and Nick might be co-producing the coming seasons, but that does NOT mean that Nick owns the show. Rainbow can cancel their partnership at any time. Rainbow still owns the show, full and proper, and they have the authority to give Cinelume the rights to keep dubbing the show.
    I highly doubt Cinelume’s rights will be revoked. As I recall, Cinelume’s version is among the most shown versions of Winx Club in the world.

    • That was just a word error. My mistake. I meant “the rights to the show,” not the show itself.

      As for the Cinelume version, Nickelodeon has the TV rights in several countries, including Canada and Australia, which might make having the Cinelume version useless. As it is, Australia used to get the 4Kids dub until they lost the rights. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was just one English dub from now on.

      • As far as I know, Nick doesn’t own the broadcasting rights in Singapore, which is where the Cinelume dub was mostly broadcast, I think. I really hope they do seasons 5 and 6 in Cinelume.

        Anyways, this is a nice little guide. It does peeve me off looking on Nick’s Winx forum and seeing everyone complaining that they’re changing so much when, in reality, all that’s changed are the voices, the animation and a few lines.

    • Sure the version wasn’t the original, but what really matters is that the Rainbow version SUCKS! First of all the theme song. Could you get any lamer? Not to mention what they have done with the actual show itself. I went on Netflix expecting to watch some of my favorite episodes from my childhood and see all of these, yes, POINTLESS and ANNOYING changes. If they are trying to promote it to America’s children at ALL, they need to change it back. Or at least fix their them song! Complaints about how the personalities and settings changed from the “original” version have no basis. Yes they were changed, but it promoted better to kids today then the previous personalities and settings. Besides its incredbily sad to see awesome Saturday morning cartoons turn to crap under “new development.” Examples: Winx Club (obviously), Ninja Turtles, Yu-Gi-Oh, Teen TItan, Scooby-Doo, Boomerang, and countless others! PLEASE STOP YOU ARE RUINING EVERY GOOD CARTOON YOU RUN INTO. Go fix some of your crap shows like Adventure Time and the Regular show. You’re killing me!

      • It’s perfectly fine if you like the 4Kids version more. But actually…the Rainbow version is the original version. Rainbow created Winx Club. The dub you saw on Netflix was based exactly on how they intended the show to be. 4Kids was the one that changed everything. But if you like the changes more, that’s okay, like I said.

        • I would be okay with it if the voices were the same as 4kids. Nick’s dubs drives me crazy, because everyone sounds the same! 4kids’ dubs are nostalgic and diverse. So all in all Nick keeps to roots but chose annoying voices that sound the same. 4kids ripped apart the raw episodes of Winx, but better voice actors. The dialogue both broadcasters picked were basically the same, so I want 4kids’ voice actors, is that too much to ask? 🙁

          • Some of the 4Kids voice actors have returned in the dub of season seven, but none of them have reprised their roles. For example, Stormy’s voice actress is voicing Roxy, and Tecna’s season three voice actress is voicing Stella. It’s weird, but it’s a bit like having them back. 😛

  2. If you need any assistance, with this let me know. I’m kind of curious if there’s still a Welsh dub. I know they did at least the 1st season in Wales and Musa’s name had to be changed to Martha since Musa sounds like Mws which means stale or stinking.

    I liked some of the 4Kids voices better than the Cinelume ones. For one thing the English Cinelume Sky sounded like a young Michael Jackson and Bloom was too whiney. Of course I don’t care for either character so maybe that’s just bias on my part. Princess Amentia (called Queen Amentia in the 4Kids adaption even though she had 2 very alive parents) sounded too much like a 2 pack a day smoker.

    I’m on the fence as to who had the better lines. Who can forget the “stop your witching’ line from 4Kids Icy and Darcy asking someone to tell her when they got to Alfea because her feet were killing her when she had the map? Of course Cinelume’s Stella had a great one in Riven’s Betrayal when she asked Bloom if she’d combed her hair with an egg beater. And Diaspro telling the Patchamen that she ‘Wasn’t afraid of their justice because she was rich?

    Of course most fans could’ve probably done without the Wangsterfication of Musa. Yikes! I know I could’ve. I was beyond relieved when I found the original version of Winx Club and only looked back for a few interesting lines. And the fact that I prefer Whisperian Crystals to Vaccuums.

  3. One thing is for sure: 4kids was never the original version. And i’m learning alot about 4kids doing alot of changes from the original version but Iginio Straiff should realize that he still was making money because of 4kids. I understand if their version was not what he thought it should be but he should know that he is losing a lot of fans and ratings for giving the rights to Nick and making ’em do a very fast version of the show. It’s not even all that interesting to me anymore. it’s not the same winx club I was soo deep in when I was like 9 or 10.

    • Yeah except 4Kids was breeching their contract with RAI and Straffi. So he wasn’t making as much money as he could’ve or should’ve made with them. Plus 4Kids was going bankrupt by breaking contracts with companies and making edits they weren’t supposed to do.

    • 4kids breach their contracts and underpaid on the royalities (Big surprise their this was the company that keep trying to screw over the owners eventually leading to their bankruptacy, serves them right). Furthermore he didn’t sell the rights to the series. The rights are still owned by Rainbow which is why the series continues with a eight season. If he had sold the rights you would get something akined to a TMNT reboot but that never happened.

      As for the 5th and 6th seasons they where more Rainbow’s fault bringing in completely new writers for them. Even the one hour speciials where made by them in order to get new fans in place.

  4. You know what I think? I think they could have just worked with 4kids if that was the case. Honestly, Nick isn’t the right company to make the Winx CLUB interesting . if i change the channel onto it , i just get sooo mad. Nope ! I’m gonna watch Canada’s version .

    • 4kids was bankrupt and discredited as a dubber. It had already breached the contracts on Winx Club before hand as well as did so with most of its Anime licences and their attempt to completely screw over the owners of Yugioh was the final nail in the growing distrust and the day of celebration for Anime fans at soon 4kids found itself without and rights and completely discredited on the corporate scene. There own greed did them in.

  5. Very nice blog
    I hope Nick and Straffi are able to reintroduce the Winx to the USA, because fans have missed out on A LOT, as 4Kids was pretty much losing rights to their imports. It is bothersome how a series is known international and praised, yet the USA and at times Canada, miss out or get left behind.

    As someone else stated and as some others have also. I LOVED 4Kids voice actresses for Winx (as well as their other dubs), the voices were very distinctive and you can just listen to an episode without even watching it. People can rage on 4Kids for edits and unnecessary changes, but their voice actors are tops -in my opinion, and they put a lot of work into the characters they voice. Another thing about 4Kids, they seemed to be the only company willing to give female intended shows a chance, while other companies and networks just literally unisex a show or disregarded their female viewership.

    Good luck with your guide ‘The Oblivious Prattler’, I am looking forward to it, as I am not that huge on following Winx Club, but I love the artwork and continuation of magical girl series outside of Japan.

    • i agree with you but i did not have crush on timmy lol i think that they should continue on 4kids because everything sound more clear and they are losing alot of money on nick

      • $kids was done. By this time it had violated its agreements one to many times, underpaided on the royalties and finally… it attempted to completely tare apart its own contact and sell yugioh without paying. By this time it had completely alienated itself in a smug greed fulled haze. No one trusted them every one they worked with hated them and in the span of a few months they lost everything and where forced into bankruptcy.

  6. I started watching Winx Club with the 4Kids version first without knowing there were other versions. Once I started to into the series, I started to look into it more and found out that it originally came from Italy. I haven’t seen the original Italian version, but I have seen the Cinelume, 4Kids, and Nickelodeon version.

    I have to say that I cannot stand the 4Kids version now. If anyone has seen Sailor Moon back in the day when it was being dubbed in English, its the same situation with the 4Kids Version of Winx Club. 4Kids was on the verge of butchering Winx Club, the way that Sailor Moon was butchered when I was a child. There are scenes that are skipped and changed. The script had changes to it that sometimes didn’t coincide with what the scene was showing. Some of the voice actors were horrible. Musa and Techna had the most annoying voices ever, Techna sounded like she was trying to fake a British accent, it was horrible.

    The Nickelodeon and Cinelume versions seemed more natural with their scenes and voices. They’re probably as close to the original version as can be.

  7. they should keep thw winx for 4kids and get rid of nicks winx club they changed layla to aishia and in my opinnion rai engish is the origanl version in canada but 4 kids winx club is the original version for the united states

    • Aisha was her real name in the original Italian script. Forthermore 4kids contact with the Winx was frozen by Iginio and Rainbow and by then it didn’t matter 4kids was bankrupt having made a enemy of the Anime fandom and the companies who licences they relied on to survive.

  8. 1. her name changed because that is what it is in the original italian version
    2. i agree i dislike the nick version, rainbow should give publishing writes back to 4kids
    3. does anyone know where i can find all the scripts for winx club episodes (the wikia bdoes not have them all)
    4. neither does the website

    • 4kids was bankrupt after attempting to violate their agreements in their greed causing all their licences to be yanked by their owners (which to be honest they wanted to do so already), and Nick gave a 30% invest into Rainbow S.r.I. which meant they had first rights on airing the series by defualt.

    • @justin

      Also all that Nick is accused of duing… was more of Rainbow doing. Nick only provided a voice cast annd animation the scripts for the seasons where Rainbow doing.

  9. I know all about this.First i saw nick’s version,then i looked winx club up online and i found out everything about it.[literally]and also my name is namira and winx club 4kids is horrable and nick and rai are alot ALOT alike ecsept for the script.

  10. I grew up with 4Kids, and the voices were excellent. Even though they changed and edited a lot of things, they made the show into their own. Straffi should have given 4Kids another chance…4Kids made the Winx seem magical, but now it seems so dull…Boring…

    • I personally think 4Kids focused more on the teenage life side of the show than the magic. That’s why I prefer the RAI English and Nick versions. I feel more of the magic and fantasy from them. But that’s just me.

      • I agree with you! And all the things that they made the characters say… OMG, seriously, I don’t know a single teen who talks like that. It’s just embarrassing.
        Not to mention everyone on the 4Kids version was constantly strategizing out loud while fighting, and I’m sitting here going “THIS ISN’T FIRE EMBLEM! JUST BLAST THE DANG MONSTER WITH YOUR MAGIC AND MOVE ON!”

    • I agree.
      I first come across winx club a few years ago, on pop, (they showed the 4 kids dub,) and I wasn’t too sure at first, but I decided to give it a chance, I’m so glad I did! But when pop stopped showing it, I watched it on youtube, which was when I saw the RAI dub, so I thought the 4kids dub was english (like me) and RAI was american, (that was before Nick’s.) and so made sure to specify which one I wanted, over the next few years, and after looking it up quite a few times, I learned the full story; and now I can’t watch anything later than “Secret of the Lost Kingdom”. I don’t think it’s even the same show anymore (and I don’t just mean a different dub.)

      • Even if it’s cringey at times…at least the voice actors were enthusiastic about what they were doing. In the Rai English dub the only one who actually was enthusiastic was Jennifer Seguin. No one not even Perla from the Italian original played Stella better than Jennifer. The Rai dub has lousy voicing, Nick and DuArt are ok, but DuArt needs more improvement…which wow gives.

          • Haven Paschal is doing that thing that you didn’t care for originally about Rebecca Soler being Stella but now it’s more Caren Manuel- esque which is a good thing. That weird fusion thing. It’s a cross between Liza Jacqueline and Angela Gallupo. It’s closer to Angela now (and Angela is cited as best Bloom followed by Liza) but with that sass that Liza brought. DuArt still needs work or since they have plenty of 4kids va’s on deck…Lisa Ortiz could go back to being Musa again…just without the constant hip-hop speak…it’s kinda weird hearing Musa literally talking to herself as Cherie in season 7. Especially since Cherie is a mini-Musa.

          • @OP yes, Lisa Ortiz was also Icy, but DuArt has Bella Hudson (Daphne) as Icy and of course Faragonda…would’ve been irony if Liza were playing Icy in season 7…but now I do associate Romi with Musa more myself. As for Daphne’s few lines this season…I heard Kerri Williams’ Flora voice within her Daphne one. Seems fitting since Flora is kinda like a junior version of Daphne in personality…as long as she’s not a hippie….after all Bloom & Flora spend more time together than any other Winx…maybe the roommates as best friends idea of some fans wasn’t that far off (and that would put Stella with Aisha now that the winx are in teacher dorms and season 4 said that Aisha & Stella were roomies in love & pet)…especially since their names have that gardening joke when they’re together. Sure it’s rare to see it, but Bloom and Flora do make a good team, just wish Selina would’ve fully learned…”Don’t ever mess with Bloom” from either Stella or Flora…particularly Flora being really ticked off about using Bloom to attempt murder.

    • @Saffron

      Also why work with a coompany that fought with you already? Or one that no longer exists because of their greed. By 2009 4kids violation of the contact with yugiohs owners arose and it was the end for them. They went to court and tied to take everything every last ounce of money from its actual owners One year later everyone pulled their agreements with this company effectively ensuring its death. A death they brought on themselves.

  11. Winx Club was always magical, bright and the music really spicing it up…But that was 4Kids..Now it’s so annoying to listen to you just wanna tear your ears off..They should be picking their voice actors carefully so the voice actually FITS the character and their personality…I’ve never seen a show in my whole life that has been neglected like this…Spongebob is better!!

    • Personally I think the voices fit the characters just fine. Except for Flora. I would’ve rather heard a softer voice coming from her, but some people like her new voice so… I’m not complaining.

  12. I Personally, really hate the season 4’s new theme song, new names, and i especially hate the voice changes. I wish they would remake that season, the exact same thing but change the voices back to the original.. and same goes for the names and theme song. I LOVED winx when i was little, and still do. when i see the changes I want to scream. AAARRRGGGG!!! and when they make seasons 5&6 i don’t know if i want to be watching it as long as it’s all changed!

  13. I just have to say, thank you sosososo much for clearing this all up for me! When I was really getting into watching the “Rai English” episode of Winx Club on Youtube last year, I started to become extremely confused when I saw links to the “4kids” version. And once Nickelodeon came out with an entirely NEW version, everything started blowing my mind at once. Being an American teenager, I guess it’s odd that I didn’t grow up watching the 4kids version of Winx Club, but for those who did I can easily understand where you are coming from. I too am still greatly attached to tv series that I watched as a youngster. And I am sure that the same will happen for Nickelodeon’s rising Winx Club fan base.

    With all that said, I just wanted to express my own bias opinion on the various versions of Winx Club. Personally, I enjoyed watching the Canadian version much more than I did the 4kids. To me, the consistent quality and plot line progression of the Canadian/”Rai English” version was more polished and captivating versus the 4kids version, which I viewed as lacking in scene choice and voice choice just to name a few. Now for Nickelodeon’s newest version of Winx Club, I have to say that although I don’t prefer it to the Canadian version, I also don’t mind it. Nickelodeon, being an extremely influential entertainment power in the USA, is initially a top choice for Iginio Straffi if he wishes to expose his creation (as most producers are forced to do to uphold recognition and profit in the entertainment industry). For this, I do not blame him. Therefore, I strongly see this as a positive opportunity ahead for the Winx Club name, and I can’t help but to support it. I have watched a few of Nick’s new Winx Club episodes, and truthfully, I don’t find them that bad. Especially since both Rainbow and Nickelodeon will be partnering to produce the upcoming seasons 5 and 6, I am happy on hearing that Winx Club will revive its origins and hopefully bring its viewers the Winx Club experience that they hope for. That is all a Winx Club fan could ask for right?

    Lastly, I have to exaggerate that if I were to see ANY version of the Winx Club continue, I would really like it to be the Canadian version for the reasons that I stated before and my overall attachment to it. Thanks for hearing my two cents on the matter. (: I will always adore Winx!

  14. I loves nicks version. I don’t care what others say. My whole school watches this show. So thanks to nick, I get to watch winxclub! Why? Because I am only 10 years old. 10!!! Nick helped me and my friends to actually now WinxClub. Nick produced it to give the next generation a chance to see it. Like because do you see the other crap nick puts on there TV? Sponge bob, icarly(it’s not really crap, I love this show and victorious!) err fanboy and chum chum, TOTTAL crap! But I don’t trust nick. Do you know how short there series are? They end up ending in 60 episodes. I hope nick keeps there word!
    I thought nicks voices were better! (Stella’s is the best) and keke Palmer ROCKS IT! But only me and my “fairy” friends think nicks dub Is better.

  15. I just saw winx on netflix recently and decided to watch it for nostalgic kicks. I realized that the voices were different and went to find out why. Turns out winx has more season like we always wanted, but under new management. I cant like the new nick version. I grew up with the old 4kids and the voices were so much better. The new voices sound like my brother when he’s reading shakespeare- dull and totally uninterested. Also, the new transformations are really annoying. The transformations always took too long, but the music is grating. Also, the fact that they edited the plot bugs me. If you want to continue the plot- great, even light changes to the script are fine. Whole entire plot changes? Not so much.

    • Actually, 4Kids made their own edits to the plot as well, most of them being dialogue changes. If you look up Spiderbraids, she does un-biased comparisons between both the 4Kids and the Rai/Cinelume dubs.

      Rai/Cinelume’s dub had its quirks, such as the occasional accent slip or ad-lib. I also really don’t care for the voice they chose for Layla/Aisha.

      As for Nick, at first the voices were good and their dub was okay (though I still dislike their “tv movies” as they were basically just abridged specials that were an excuse to skip to seasons 3 and 4…they should have dubbed seasons 1 and 2 as well.) However by season 5, they took too much liberty with their “co-production” and started making a lot of character changes (Bloom being whiny, Stella being selfish, Flora being a crybaby, Musa being snarky, Tecna being too quiet, and Aisha becoming too girly.) They also changed the friendships (Aisha’s “best friend” is now Flora, a position that previously was taken by Musa,) show a lot less of Musa and Tecna, and seem to have shoved Roxy into the background for the most part.

      So yeah…all the dubs had their own plot changes. Let’s hope that whoever gets the rights to season 7 does okay. Blegh…I hate transition periods.

      • @Bunny

        Also season 5&6 problems where more of Rainbows see they brought in a new writing team with no real experience writing of the girls. Oh and Rainbow jkeeping them on long term considering they where apart of season 7 and World of Winx, as well as season 8.

  16. Winx Club is Amazing and Magical! My favorite is by far the 4Kids version! The voice actors are simply extrordinary and so natural that it allows me to emerse myself in what they are saying and not have their annoying voices ringing in my head. The others sound unnatural and i couldn’t imagine them speaking like that. It doesn’t suit either their looks or personality. I grew up with the 4Kids version and still watch it now at every chance i can. It was my childhood and everytime i watch the episodes i feel like a little kid again! Also the Trix (yes, they are called that in the 4Kids version as well despite what you may think) are so cool and i can really imagine them as real people who are selfish and cruel but just happen to be witches! My favorite is Darcy because she seemed to think of things other than Evil as proven by the fact that she totally had a crush on Riven!!! True, after a while she was just using him but i still think that the crush was genuine, at least at the beginning! Plus her powers are awesome (well, so are the others but who wouldnt like to have them plus they would be the most usefull in a normal situation seeing as she can read minds and sense peoples presense also that teleportation thing is Amazing!!!!) And who could forget Kiko and Pepe (i think its pronounced Peppy) they are so adorable and they make me laugh at their antics and just general bubblyness and i really admire Pepe’s determanation and loyalty to Icy despite her being super mean to him!!!! My favorite out of the Girls would probably be either Bloom (obviously) or Musa. Out of the boys i will stay loyal to my childhood cruch… Timmy! I felt he was really nice and sweet whilst the others were tall, dashing daring, strong and bold Timmy was quite shy and not so good at the heroics but to me that just made him even more adorable! He had brain and wit which the others kind-of lacked and was brave without realising it. He would do anything for his friends and they all love him to bits even if he is that little bit different!!! Well, thats just about everything. Oh, wait one more thing…
    Thats all. Have a Nice Day!
    LOL xxx

    • This guide was not meant to diss the 4Kids dub. It was made around the time Nickelodeon first acquired the rights to explain changes that were being made so that older fans could watch the new seasons without confusion. When 4Kids obtained the rights to a series, they tended to have their own way of doing things, as is the case with several other series they had the rights to. They also never dubbed season 4, as that season was made during the first license change period.

      I found things I liked about all three dubs. With 4Kids, I liked some of the voices, Cinelume I liked how close it was to the original Italian version, and Nick I liked the music. I’ve also met Lisa Ortiz (Musa’s 4Kids VA) and she is a total sweetheart!

      I really wish Nick had taken the time to actually dub seasons 1 and 2 instead of just skipping ahead to season 3. Then there wouldn’t be so many confused fans. I also wish that they had given the series as much attention as 4Kids did, such as a nicer timeslot, making silly preview clips, and including the characters in commercials. That’s one of the things I liked about the 4Kids era. :/

      Now we are entering another “transition era” which means there will probably be another dub and with it more changes. Such is the process of a long-running series.

  17. Cinelume dub use to be on Cartoon Network at most English speaking countries and other language dubs were mostly on Cartoon Network but countries outside of USA the dub for them were unchanged and same as the original

  18. I was introduced to winx club by watching it on tv. it was the 4kids version and I loved the voices the characters and changes,, I didn’t actually realize there were other English dubs until I went on the internet and researched and discovered that there was another English dub it was apparently called rai – English?? O_o
    anyway they never aired that dub where I am so I never really got to watch that rai English dub… 4KIDS IS THE ORIGINAL. GOODBYE

    • Actually, the original is the Italian version. All the shows owned by 4Kids were made by other companies and then dubbed by them, as 4Kids was a dubbing company (they still technically exist but they don’t make dubs anymore.)

      As for why there is a “Winx Club guide for 4Kids fans,” it’s not to diss their dub (I actually like their VAs who play Musa and Layla.) It’s to make transition into the new seasons easier so the fans aren’t confused.

    • 4kids made nothing and their dub is is actually the second dub. RAI is the first.

      Seriously read the credits? If you did you would have realized like with everything they where just dubbing this series.

  19. Ugh I hate 4Kids dub (except Flora, I love her no matter which dub it is, though I perfer her Nick voice.) But OMG 4Kids is obnoxious! I hate how they changed everything.

  20. I totally understand that 4kids changed a lot of things and wasnt the original. When I complain about the Nick version its because they did the fast summed up version of the first seasons. Then its about how boring the later seasons were compared to the original seasons. But the thing that really bugged me and made me stop watching the show was the graphics switches and voice choices. The voices grate on my nerves and the 3D sort of graphics thing kind of drove me nuts. You started making the show a certain way then you should stick to it. Feel free to make the movies that way as they are technically seperate from the show but keep the show style the way it was.

    As for the 4kids changes, a lot of them made sense. Such as “Winx” having an origin makes more sense, if you got winx from wings explain that in the show, its too unique of a term to be unexplained. Also if winx is magic that makes all the fairy forms names ending in ix make more sense.

    • Actually no it doesn’t. That logic is flawed in thinking. Witches don’tv call their magic Trix after all.

      Winx as something Bloom just made up makes the fact it’d turned into the definition of the modern fairy more heartwarming given they just stopped the Trix.

  21. You know it’s been years yet the “4kids made Winx” myth still exists and it’s starting to become annoying. It”s been seven years sense it folded and with the internet what it is the fact this still exists is a testament to 4kids deception.

  22. well if i remember correctly the team from nickledeon in their specials fixed quite a lot of animation errors and redid the animation for scratch

    • The 4kids fans will fold whenever we finally catch Carmen Sandiego. Unfortunately the jury is still out on whether or not we will catch her…it’s quite challenging really.

        • Zack & Ivy had twice…but were only successful once….Zack botched it the first time. The second time they actually caught her off guard….but she got away after lockup processing. Unfortunately those cells are only good for two minutes. Somehow 4kids fans folding and getting informed seems about as likely.

          • Zack and Ivy were the main detectives in Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? They were a teenage brother-sister team who worked for the Acme Detective Agency, the main organization that was trying to capture Carmen. The link above is to the theme song. This show’s version of Carmen had black hair and blue eyes, but in most of the other games and shows, she had brown hair and brown eyes.

          • @OP also Earth was the first to actually give Carmen a personality and more flexible origin that became defacto later on. That Netflix series sounds like it might be a prequel…as we’re supposed to answer not just “Where in….” but “Who in?” For once..maybe Rita Moreno Christaine Crawford, Janine Lamana, Brenda Burke and Mari Devon can play different members in Carmen’s past…since they’ve already had their turn as Carmen. Maybe we can finally answer whether or not Avalon’s her dad. They never really said although it was strongly implied she was right…but she’s not going to discuss it ever again because she probably doesn’t want daddy putting her in the clink…because she’s not a villian, she’s just…Carmen and her supossed “kids” Zack & Ivy really don’t think she deserves to be there (but that doesn’t mean they won’t play “Mom’s game”).She has a Good heart (and an impressive stats record for that matter…). Hopefully ratings are the only things she gets away with this time. Furthermore Zack should not have opened his mouth about “Tigress has fire extinguisher boots that can be used to out Carmen…well… Carmen.” If he had kept his mouth shut…they could have held her for more than ten seconds. Or could they? That’s always the real mystery. Finding her? No problem. Catching her? That’s the fun part. If you do, it’s retirement immediately (no point in doing anything detective related after that)…if not…you live to play another day.

          • No, I was faking being hurt. 😅

            Carmen Sandiego is an edutainment video game character from the 80’s and 90’s. She’s a thief who would steal artifacts, landmarks, and even planets, and the players (as detectives) would have to use their knowledge to chase her and capture her. There were also game shows, books, and a cartoon about her. Most of the titles had the format Where in __________ is Carmen Sandiego? (The World, The U.S.A., Time, etc.).

            I was faking being hurt because the Carmen Sandiego franchise was a huge part of my childhood. I learned a lot from those games and shows. A new cartoon is coming to Netflix in 2019, so hopefully it’ll bring in a new generation of fans. 😊

  23. @Fairy-Pony

    Sorry but Dragon is right. Also Dogs are a poor alaogue if you know anything about scientic classification of species. Dogs are not decendanted from the Grey Wolf. They are Grey wolfs.

    Dogs are a subspecies o the Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) and as such are scientifically classified as Canis lupus familiaris. Dogs are not even the only subspecies. Different regions have different subspecies. The Arctic Wolf is Canis lupus arctos, The Mexicain Wolf is Canis lupus baileyi, The main Grey Wolf, The Euroasianian wolf is Canis lupus lupus. Subspecies are not the same as species there genetic variation but not true divide in species.

    Dogs are apart of the wolf species just as Fairies Wizards, Witches are apart of the human species. In fact in real life there where human subspecies that existed and where interbreed with the main human Subspecies that rules today.

    Sorry for this its just nothing happen.\ this is the only place I can comment

  24. I still don’t really care, the 4kids version is what I watched, and I loved it. It’s the best in my opinion. I miss it and wish I could rewatch all of it, it was my childhood and they should have been able to be the ones to keep it going. Winx is what I always looked forward to on weekends and who could forget that theme? I even had at least 2 dolls; Stella and Musa, my favorites. I had the Alfea College playset too. I remember being Flora for Halloween because they didn’t have a Stella costume. I absolutely loved it! When I saw Nick taking it over I remember being upset about it.

    • That’s so long ago now. The creators of the show weren’t happy with the 4Kids version. They felt the show wasn’t getting enough attention, so that’s why they partnered with Nick, a larger broadcaster.

      4Kids doesn’t even exist anymore. Their shady practices with other companies put them under. Now, they’re just a licensing firm called 4Licensing Corporation. No more dubbing.

      • i dread to imagine what season 4-7 would have been like if there had been a 4kids dub but the 4kids dub like every dub of Winx club is not perfect which we can all agree on i hope
        but the 4kids dub had some enjoyable episodes like the halloween episode

        • Season four would have suffered the most. They probably would have softened the romance drama between Musa and Riven, as well as the overall war aspect between the Earth Fairies and the Wizards of the Black Circle. Love & Pet and the Winx Band probably would have played up a lot more. And Nabu probably would be in some kind of a magical coma (like tons of people still think he is 😑) instead of dead, since 4Kids always changed death to sleep (or just avoided mentioning it).

          • It’s been about three years in universe and about nine years in real life. The idea that he’s just sleeping somewhere is absurd. What would even be the point now? Is he gonna rise from the dead and deliver everyone in the Magic Dimension from their sins? 🙄

          • No, Nabu’s not Jesus, but you’d think he was with the way some fans talk about him. Or he was Aisha’s god, not her fiancé. 😑 It doesn’t help that Rainbow named him after a god. (That’s pretty common in this show.)

            I don’t think we’ll ever see the Wrong Righters again. They were just a one-episode homage. In the original, they were called The Patchamen, which was an homage to the Gatchaman anime series.

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