Baltor Pictures, Images and Photos Original: Valtor
Cinelume: Valtor

VALTOR is a dark sorceror who escaped, with The Trix’s help, from the Omega Dimension. He was with the Ancestresses when they destroyed Bloom’s home planet, Domino. His true form is a dragon-like demon.

8 Responses to “Baltor (Valtor)

    • A small spark of the Dragon Flame fell into the darkness and mix with the darkness itself. The Ancestral Witches molded that mixture into Valtor. Yup, you’re correct 😀

  1. No way!!! he’s so disgusting! I’m just a little concerned about everything being focused on ONE character and not the rest. Can’t wait for The Sirenix!:D when will season 5 play in South Africa?

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