Original: The Trix
Cinelume: The Trix

THE TRIX are three Cloud Tower student witches who oppose the Winx Club. It’s believed they’re direct descendants of the Ancestresses, the first witch coven. They’ve appeared in every season of Winx Club, except the fourth, and are constant threats in the comics.

BONUS NOTE: Are the Trix sisters? They call each other “sister” in the Cinelume and Nick dubs, but it’s unclear if they’re truly related or are just using “witch lingo.”

12 Responses to “Senior Witches (Trix)

  1. the trix where cute stuff only icey and the girl in the purple oh sisters where being watched lol but i love the winx

  2. “Are the Trix sisters?” That is such a good question! At first I thought they were, but I have an actual answer. They’re not. In season 3 when Flora got her Enchantix, she uses fairy dust on the black willow, who then grabs the Trix and throws them in the water. As the water (the black willow’s tears) can turn back time they come out as kids, but their reactions to each other tell me that they have never seen each other as kids, which makes it very unlikely that they’re actually sisters.

    • It’s also possible that they were just shocked to seem themselves turned into kids though. They may not have even realized that the water could do that to them , only knowing that the Winx wanted it and so they didn’t want them to have it. Again though even if they do know what each other looked like when they were younger seeing them like that would be a pretty big shock.

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