Credit goes to WinxClubRUS and my affiliate Michael’s Winx Club for this news!

KidsClick is a new daily kids’ TV block that airs on stations like The CW, MyNetworkTV, and This TV. Winx Club will join the block on Monday, Oct. 9 at 8 a.m. EST. Judging by the description on the website, this might be the RAI dub. (I doubt it’ll be the 4Kids dub.) It’s also unclear what season they’ll start with and how many they’ll show.

But this is good news! It looks like Rainbow’s still trying to keep Winx Club in the U.S. We’ll see where this leads!


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34 Responses to ““Winx Club” Returns to U.S. TV on KidsClick

  1. They might do there own dub of the show, I hope. 4kids had great voice actors and made the wind club feel real with giving them all different personalities, there different speech patterns and everything made me believe they were all from different planets

    • Theirs to many dubs already. As it stands DuArt/3beep holds the dubbing right and they use alot of the 4kids voice telants.

      I much rather have nick actors though. Molly was the best Bloom voice actor, Grandia was the best voice for diaspro and I can’t picture Daphne without her voice she had

      • @Dragon
        @Will N
        with Season 3 i have 1 major Complaint
        Bloom’s Enchantix
        What was the point of the Incomplete Enchantix when all the Writers had to do they had to do to solve the problem that they created that was either Bloom sacrifice herself for someone from Domino who was off-world when the planet was destroyed or make Maia the chef elder of Pyros be from Domino and Bloom sacrifices herself to save her

        • Maybe because of one or more of these reasons:

          Enchantix had to be acquired through great sacrifice, that would be fit for an ultimate fairy transformation and final level (that unlocks other side transformations). Making it so that the girls can save just anyone was too bland – they could have just saved someone randomly and all of them would have gained Enchantix on the same day. Having the girls gain it by saving someone from their planet makes it more noble, as well as links them with their roots. Maybe the writers came up with the idea but then only later were like “well ooos, what do we do with Bloom?”.

          I think though this reason is more likely – the writers and creators already had the first movie in mind, they already knew that they were going to have Bloom restore Domino. So with that in mind, they just had Bloom gain an incomplete Enchantix just so they would not throw themselves into a plot hole and just so Bloom would not remain a Winx/Charmix level for the whole season. Then, she gained her complete Enchantix in the movie by restoring her whole planet.

  2. It seems like that the 2000s are making a comeback. I like the look of this. While I admit I prefer certain seasons of the show (seasons 2 – 4), I hope this will give future Winx Club fans more awareness of the show’s story.

    I’m not entirely sure, but as long as Winx Club is available for people to watch, it’s going to attract mostly young people considering the tone of the show, and they might be entirely new to the series.

    The description does hint that it might start at an older season, since the Trix haven’t been prominent enemies in Season 7 and in the Netflix spin-off – people who have watched this show at this stage will be unaware of their role in the story.

  3. First off. When I saw this report and that our girls were were coming back and a possible RAI dub, my heart took off at warp speed for Alfea and I am now standing at the gates waiting for school to open for the year! The fact that this season might be an RAI dub (And I hope the other seven are as well.) just makes things even better! I have seen season one and two in the RAI dub and it TOTALY changes the landscape of the story line and I think for the better!

    Second. On the merch. Rainbow owns Witty Toys and they make the dolls AND they picked up all the line from Jakks Toys. So, they won the whole shooting match (As far as I can find out.) on the toy line. What they do from this point is up to them. BUT! We can all hope and trust in Magick that they will start shipping to the USA soon!

    All in all. I am VERY HAPPY and my heart is bruning very brightly that our girls are coming back and I can not wait to see what they get up to this time and join them in the adventure! I also can not wait for new Winx Music as well.

    • Well…this is just syndication. 🙁 They’re not gonna redub the show; they’re just gonna air what currently exists. I don’t know what the game plan is, but they might show the RAI dub of seasons 1-4. I’m just guessing because Aisha is called “Layla” in this description. Seasons 5-7 were only dubbed by Nick and DuArt, but we don’t even know yet if KidsClick will air them.

      As for the toys, that’s really up in the air. I know what I’m hoping for, though. But if all else fails, I’d definitely take the Witty Toys dolls.

  4. I really hope someone at DuArt decided to redub the first two seasons (if Rainbow allowed access) if they’re going to air the RAI because the voice acting is really unemotional in the RAI dub (aside from Jennifer Seguin that is) otherwise I think Rainbow would just have them rebroadcast the Nickelodeon and DuArt dubs as it’s unnecessary to go back over.

  5. Also based on that description…sounds like they’d be starting with season 2. That would be alright if they decide to do a full seasons until season 8 thing. Season 1 is too high strung at the moment with witchy types.

      • Afrogate permanently stained Miss Magix due to a misinterpeted visual and pretty much the entire focus about Bloom learning new things was thrown in the garbage all because of one visual and “witchy types” started discrediting the entire season based on that visual. If they try to start with season 1 the “witchy types” will cry foul about oh look the “black” girl is always picked on. It’s best to start with season 2 or 3 just to be safe.

    Me: CRAP
    Me: *searches TV to see if I have any of these channels*
    Me: *goes to KidsClick website to see if they can help me and discovers that they actually air one of my OTHER favorite shows*
    Me: *doesn’t have one of those channels*
    Me: And my soul is dead

    Regardless, I am very very very very very very very very very very very very V E R Y happy that Winx is coming back to the United States after so much hiatus and mistreatment by Nick. Maybe this programming block will actually treat the show well and advertise it properly! I just won’t be able to see if they are, though. And I also might not get to see season eight because I can’t find the stupid thing…*sigh* The website says it’s on in my area, but I can’t find it on the TV guide. I’ll keep looking, though.

    Also, let us all give credit to Rainbow’s liscenser people Earthbound, because they probably had a big hand in finding a network for Winx to air on.

    • I’m glad it’s going to be network for a weekday block…if they have CW it would be the ideal place given CW is currently known for superheroes.

    • KidsClick isn’t a TV channel, it is a TV block. If you look at some of the local channels on your TV, you might see some of the KidsClick shows on ne of them (they’re commonly on the CW, but also on my network and fox channels.) Also, I’m guessing your other favorite show is Miraculous Ladybug?

  7. Does anyone know if kidsblock is one hulu or any other online tv service? cause I can only watch tv on that.

  8. I honestly think they will be broadcasting the 4Kids dub. Some of the KidsClick channels are on Fox in some cities, and they already have the broadcast rights to the 4Kids dub of Sonic X. So, unless we have a miracle where they air the Nickelodeon or RAI dub, they’re most likely going to air the 4Kids dub.

  9. My twin granddaughters was elated to hear The Winks were coming back on. They were deflated to find out the time slot doesn’t allow kids that are school age tune in. The lineup should take in to consideration younger viewers don’t go to school, and can watch beyond 8:00.

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