No, I’m not done talking about World of Winx. I’m just taking a break from it.

I’ve had this idea for a Winx Club/Regal Academy crossover for months. It practically writes itself since these shows are so alike. Rose’s story even starts out like Bloom’s: a teenage girl from Earth learns she’s from a magic family and enrolls in a magic school in a magic realm. (What do they teach? Magic! What else? 😛 )

Winx Club already has a framework to bring these shows together: season six. Here’s how it could work.

The Magic Dimension and the Fairy Tale Land exist side by side, unaware of each other. When Acheron made the Legendarium, he unknowingly built a door to the Fairy Tale Land (which he called “The Legendarium World”). You know how the doors Rose and Travis use to get to school look like books? It’s the same idea. Their keys work the same way as the Legendarium Key — the Winx could unlock the Legendarium if they wanted to — and the Legendarium Gate is like the portal at Regal Academy.

Even the Mythix wands fit into this. Everyone at Regal Academy has a wand, right? If fairies came from the Legendarium World (a.k.a. The Fairy Tale Land), it makes sense they’d have wands, too (even if the school didn’t exist yet). The magic inside them is known in the Magic Dimension as “Mythix energy.”

That’s everything we need. Now the Winx just have to meet Rose somehow. Some fans have said her hometown looks like Gardenia, so why not just say it is? Everything magical happens there, anyway. 😛 Even if it’s not, the Winx go to Earth so often, it wouldn’t be too cheesy for them to bump into her one day.

I think this would be a fun crossover. 🙂 Rainbow could use the CG Winx models from Mystery of the Abyss, or they could make 2D versions of the Regal Academy characters. Or they could do both like in seasons five and six. (Please, no. Not again. 😕 )

Either way, I’d love to see how these casts of characters interact with each other. Rose would probably get along best with Bloom and Stella — Bloom because of their back stories, and Stella because they could talk shoes and fashion together. Astoria would probably latch onto Tecna, since they’re the brains of the groups.

Joy? I don’t know. I’m thinking Flora. And the boys could take some lessons from the Specialists and Paladins.

What do you think of a Winx Club/Regal Academy crossover? Would you watch it?

By the way, Zap2It and TV Guide say the next episode of Regal Academy, “The Legendary IronFan” (1X14), premieres tomorrow at 7 a.m. EST on Nick. Don’t miss it! 😉

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9 Responses to ““Winx Club” X “Regal Academy”

  1. Awesome idea i have an idea about how to connect all of Rainbow’s magic/fantasy shows as well. Bloom,Andy, Mitzi and Selina were all oart of a “kids who like fantasy” club when they were about 6. Other members were Zeke (Monster Allergy) Elena, Rose, Travis and Lok (Huntik) they all live in Gardenia (because it’s a magi-magnet) but go to different schools within the area (multiple districts like any other town, Monster Allergy is in the “weird urban” part of town, Winx/Regal Academy is downtown,Huntik is the “wrong side of the tracks” part.) until after school where they meet in the forest of flowers and start fantasizing about fairies, legends, monsters and other magical creatures. When they reach a particular age their fantasy becomes real leading to Bibursi, Fairytale Land, Legendarium World and Magic Dimension. Unfortunately Mitzi lost interest when Zeke & Elena went to monsterville and became ah…Mitzi. Andy was possibly aware of Bloom’s secret because after Selina went off with Eldora…he could sense something special in Bloom, but called their relationship off to protect her. Thus he pretends not to have a clue about magic especially since Rose & Travis and Lok all left by the point of season 1 leaving Bloom and Andy the only ones left. Andy then goes on to become Bloom’s confidant on Earth when she needs a friend that isn’t her parents. Making him the “Flora” of Bloom’s old crew, this leads to Andy’s line of “more than friends” in season 4. Sky doesn’t get that he didn’t necessarily mean old flame. While that’s true Andy actually meant “brother” with that statement because sure, Bloom and Andy did date, but they were more like siblings than lovebird couples. The rest is history until the childhood friends meet again via teleskates, power gems, and magic wands. And then they have even crazier adventures with new friends and old ones.

    • Sounds like a great idea. I feel like that Winx Club gets too much attention sometimes; this can hurt Rainbow if Winx Club were to not succeed.

  2. While I’m not exactly a fan of Regal Academy (I don’t hate it, but . . .), I suppose the idea DOES have merit and it could work, I guess.

  3. For some reason, all of the computers at my house decided that they weren’t going to work for the past week or so, which means I haven’t been online for a while. Be expecting a flurry of comments, OP.

    Also, thank you for the Regal Academy airing update! I missed the first few minutes, but I managed to record most of it. I was wondering where that show had gone! It was probably because the show on right after it went on hiatus, and that messed up their airing schedule. Or maybe it was just to provide suspense, since we’re halfway through the season.

    I like the idea of a “Winx/RA” crossover, but I’m not a hundred percent sure it would be executed well. Too many characters, types of magic, and such. I like the idea of the Legendarium World being connected to/actually Fairy Tale Land, though.

    On a side note…I have become much more obsessed with this show than I anticipated, to the point where I was unconsciously shipping Rose and Travis without realizing it. I was literally screaming at my television during episode thirteen, what with the whole ball scene and Travis getting royally screwed in basically every episode. Rainbow’s falling into the “give-everyone-one-episode-where-we-acknowledge-that-they-have-feelings-beyond-plot-contrivances-and-their-character-archetype” trap again, and Travis seems to be getting the brunt of it. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for male characters who like art and other “feminine” stuff like that. Either way, I am much more invested in this show than I thought I would be, which I guess means Rainbow is doing their job right!

  4. An awesome idea except I’l not sure I want to see two Stella types in 1 show. That’s a little more than I can take personally and Rose often reminds me of Stella a little too much.

  5. I think Regal Academy would become a successful show before we get a crossover. I surprise they nerve used an episode of the Winx Club for a backdoor pilot for a new show.

  6. I wasn’t into the Regal Academy style of CGI animation art first, but it’s slowly growing on me…or I’m just getting used to it. But yes, if there was a crossover, I would definitely watch it!

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