Winx Club is serious business. Just ask the contestants on The Apprentice Italia.

Never heard of this show? Here’s a little background. It’s basically a souped-up job interview. The candidates pass challenges for the chance to work for a famous businessperson, like Donald Trump. Each week, at least one contestant is “fired” until there’s a winner.

The challenges usually come from other well-known companies. Like Rainbow. 😀

Last episode, the two teams of contestants brainstormed concepts for new Winx Club fashion lines and each designed three looks for them. Team one’s concept was “romantic rock” — or “Rockmantix.” 🙂 The other team came up with a Japan-inspired theme: “My Fairy Tokyo.”

Here are some pictures from the episode! And click here to see the teams’ outfits!

Which line do you like the most?

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Licensing Italia: “Rainbow ospita i candidati di The Apprentice per una sfida fashion”

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13 Responses to “Winx Fashion Challenge on The Apprentice

  1. I’m digging them both, but “Rockmantix” is my favorite 😛

    I really like that pink one…

    ugh why can’t I be a girl so I can wear this stuff?!

    • Who says you need to be a girl to wear it? 🙂 You can always modify outfits to fit your needs and tastes too. Take Bloom’s first outfit. Don’t like the midriff? Lengthen the shirt. Don’t like how high the heels are? Just flatten them. If you use your imagination, you can have an outfit just like the Winx’s and it won’t necessarily have to be just for girls or boys.

  2. “Rockmantix” seems the more creative and original of the 2. The name is indicative of the Winx theme and I like word smashups when they sound good. This one does. Also they were creative enough to come up with cool back and front shots and included wings in their designs. Really impressive and well thought out.

  3. So… are the clothes designs for the Winx to wear in the show, or for real girls to wear?

    It’s really cool that Rainbow is important enough to do this, it shows that our show is going strong!

  4. I love Japanese-inspired things so My Fairy Tokyo was beautiful. However, I think Rockmantix fit the Winx theme a lot better. So… for me Rockmantix wins. 🙂

  5. Both My Fairy Tokyo and Rockmantix look awesomely nice, though I prefer the latter cuz it’s more in line with the Winx Club style.

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