If there were a Japanese dub of Winx Club, what would the characters’ names look like? What about the realms? The magic spells? Well, I did some research and experimenting, and here’s what I found. Mite kudasai. =P

Beautiful fairies, brave fighters, wise teachers, cruel witches—the colorful characters that bring the Winx Club series to life!

Characters need somewhere to be, don’t they? How would you write the names of the schools, cities, and realms of Winx Club?

Fairy transformations, powerful spells, and magical creatures! Come take a flight into fantasy!

More coming soon…

**IMAGE CREDIT: Uploaded by kaydeesalih on Flickr.com. Click link (name) to see the rest of this person’s album.**

Tangorin: a cool Japanese dictionary; tango (単語) means “word”
Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC: another cool Japanese dictionary
Wikipedia (for words like “leprechaun” that didn’t show up on Tangorin or WWWJDIC or that I couldn’t figure out myself)

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  1. Maybe Japan is not that interested in Winxclub because they already have Salior Moon over there which has some similarities to Winxclub.

    • Actually Sailor Moon is a great comparison beascue there are several parallels between the two shows. Both had main characters who grew up raised by normal humans that weren’t their real (or original) parents. Both discovered their powers after or while rescuing someone who knew about magic (Bloom saved Stella, and Usagi saved Luna even though that was only from a couple of boys messing with her). Both main characters turned out to be princesses with magic a step above the rest. Both had (at least in the beginning) 4 friends. These friends included a glamorous blonde (Stella and Venus), a know it all techie (Tecna and Mercury), a spiritual and reliable friend with unique capabilities (Flora with her herbs and knowledge of nature’s powers, and Mars with her spell tags and occasional vision of the future given to her by looking into a fire at her temple), and lastly a tomboy (Musa, even though she lost that role to Layla, and Jupiter). Both main characters were given a power that protected within them (The Dragon Fire and The Silver Millenium Moon Crystal). Both also struggle with their powers, practically tripping over them, until the end when they’re able to unleash a personal strength and ultimately win. These two shows followed a very similar formula. Personally, I like Sailor Moon better, but to be fair it was directed at a young adult audience in Japan. P.S. I completely agree that they need to do mroe developement on the other characters. Bloom, Stella, and Layla have had the most, but we’ve never really seen Tecna and Musa’s homes. Flora and Tecna also have no background story. I mean, Stella is a princess with divorced parents, Layla is a princess who grew up isolated and insecure, and Musa lost her mother and grew up raised by a man who not only had his dreams crushed, but tried to cruch her’s so that she wouldn’t be hurt like he was later on. What do we know about Flora? We know she has a sister, and that she well that’s it. What do we know about Tecna? Even less. In fact, she was robbed of screen time in season 3. Granted, that made for an interesting plot and there’s isn’t really anything wrong with the way they did it, but you see the point.P.S.S. I won’t a Mirta episode. just saying

  2. It’d be cool if they’d make pop culture references in Japanese. And broke the fourth wall.

    Paul! Ready my jet. LET’S GO TO ITALY!
    You wanna come Tanama?

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