Winx Lovix (Episode Twenty-Two)

Well, no disagreement here. This one’s called Lovix. Since this transformation is designed for a snowy environment, there is thankfully more cloth this time. I know some of you weren’t pleased with the suspiciously skimpy “Sophix.” (Now what does love have to do with the bitter cold? I don’t know.) Even though I don’t like these random transformations, I have to admit it: these outfits are adorable. I’d wear them. :)

Here’s the video, uploaded by DreamingFaerie. Enjoy!

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  1. You are not posting the video from balintlayla? It seems the winx girls copying some of their Believix transformation move (well, not ALL the girls….), i does not like the music so much….

    The transformation sequence should be called Coldix, something that connnected to bitter cold/winter, or Snowinx!

  2. ItsThePowerOfBelievix

    Even though it’s less skimpy, it’s still pretty skimpy, why do the designers constantly give them cropped tops and mini-skirts?, I think it is a bit weird too look at :/ Is this what teens wear in Italy? (cropped tops & mini skirts)

    I feel like we have one last new random transformation coming our way, that is along with Believix, Zoomix, Tracix, Speedix, Sofix and Lovix, I bet they probably wont even use these after season four! It’s kind of annoying. Is there going to be a big marketing plan where they sell even more toys,or is this just a story the writers thought of whilst drunk? 😀

  3. @ Prattler_ It said the love can warm a cold heart and melt away the cold. So maybe that why roxy smiled after seeing the winx in their new trasformation. I don’t know it’s just a guess.

  4. Musa & Riven 4ever

    well they did get those hearts that seemed like they were made of ice …

  5. i really love them and snowinx would have been a cool name for it

  6. On scene 0:01, Bloom have pair of socks, isn’t?

    On 0:05 – 0:06, her left socks was gone, she just have her right socks.

    On 0:08, her left and right socks was appeared again.
    Is that some kind of Oops? I hope everyone notice that too.

  7. Take a look and this pic:
    And does Flora use her mermaid pose on scene 0:39?

  8. By the way, it’s my b’day today….

  9. Happy Birthday, Clarissa!!! :)

  10. Maybe they picked it from the term Winter Rose, cuz it s WINTER environment, & ROSES are associated with LOVE.
    Therefore: Lovix

  11. Hey guys! I’m still # 1 Roxy Fan & Future Fairy, just with a name that actually CONNECTS to my site. I’m still in love with winx, though.

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