Credit to and Do You Believix? blog on Tumblr for sharing this first.

Witty Toys showed off some season seven toys at the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Among them was the Bloom Butterflix doll. (Yes, you read that right: Butterflix. That’s the official name. I can almost let this one go. At least, it’s better than Butterflyix.)


According to License! Global Magazine, Witty will release twenty new doll collections in 60 countries this year.

By the way, today officially marks the eleventh anniversary of Winx Club! Happy Birthday, Winx! 😀



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17 Responses to “Witty Toys Bloom Butterflix Doll Revealed


    I like what I am seeing here in this doll and I wish “Witty” had a way of selling them on a mass scale here in the USA! Perhaps after “Jakks” has finished with the line, “Witty” can move in and fill the gap? I HOPE THEY DO!

  2. Butterflix…what? That thing makes me think of pancakes and food, not fairy form, not to mention it doesn’t really have much to do with animals >_<

  3. I wished Witty Toys would release their Winx Club dolls here in North America! Looking at their Mythix and Butterflix designs, I want them in my toy collection! I supposed Butterflix sounds a little bit better than Butterflyix…but not much. I still think it should have been Sylphix.

  4. She looks gorgeous! I love how they gave her a lot of detail and finally new shoe molds!! Can’t wait to see the others, escpacilly Tecna! Hopefully they gave her longer hair ^_^

  5. That’s still a little clunky but does sound better than with the y. Now they have to do the common phrase that goes with butterfly, butterfly flutterby. There’s also another joke they can do now that the transformation is butterflies, just have them grab a book while making the rainbow with their powers. Especially since the importance of reading’s the underlying theme for season 6. On the upside we know that it’s sandal straps on ballet flats, much more elegant than ankleboots with lace for shoes, or the illusion of ballet flats on tights like we had with Sirenix.

    • There’s also another joke they can do now that the transformation is butterflies, just have them grab a book while making the rainbow with their powers.

      I just want you to know I got a good laugh out of this. 😛 Ah, childhood. I miss you.

      • I was wondering if anyone else would get that. Yes, I miss my childhood too, glad I could give someone a laugh today. I wonder if that butterfly had any fairy magic though since it took the kids reading to whatever they were reading about.

  6. Wait, back up. BUTTERFLIX? As in bUUUUUUTer-FLYIIIIIIIIX?! what kind of yummy butteryness name is that? Even if it’s ridiculous, Butterflyix is better.

    • I think it works better without the y. Y do I say that? (See what I did there?) When it’s pronounced in Italian it would be a double e instead of a long and short I lumped together like how it would be said in English because vowel sounds are different (ah, ā, ē Oh, oo instead of ā ē ī o ū) Dropping the y allows for easier pronunciation for non-english regions. Also Butterflix is easier to say with a straight face, I can’t even say Butterflyix without laughing whereas the removal of the y rolls off the tongue a bit easier.

  7. Butterflix? That name makes me think of breakfast waffles!!! >.< *Sigh, I suppose I'll have to hear the Winx use it before I start judging it. :/

  8. Butterflix?wait what?*jaw drop+stunned a little while*I just go to the fridge a while to take some butter to eat (Am I very weird?) then I read this…
    Well,*back to normal* I actually think that this name is so much better than Butterflyix, but not Flutterix. The doll was beautiful, wish there will be more. I hope for the transformation will be more special and have this 5 things: good song, great spell, beautiful transformation and dresses, and how to earn it.

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  10. When are they being released? I’m being told fall and the 17th of June 2015! SOMEONE TELL ME!!!!

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