Let’s take a brief break from the letter campaign and talk about something I’ve wanted to for a while: Witty Toys. What is this company, and what does it do? I’ve done some research, and here’s how I understand it. (Those of you who know about the toy industry — you know who you are 😉 — can feel free to correct me or add details.)

Formerly known as Rainbow Toys and Rainbow Witty Toys, Witty makes Winx toys (mainly dolls) for fans worldwide — except in North America, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. The company was founded in Holland in 2009, the year season four premiered in Italy. Rainbow actually owns it; it’s part of their group, which is a family of companies with one “parent” that pays the bills.

What about the other companies we hear about so often like Simba, Smoby (part of the same group as Simba), and Giochi Preziosi? I’m sure you’ve noticed their dolls don’t just look like Witty’s — they are Witty’s. Why? 

These companies are distributors; they have the rights to sell Witty’s toys as their own. Witty handles the manufacturing, and each distributor handles the complicated parts — shipping, customs, etc. — of getting the merchandise on store shelves in their country. Here are a few of the distributors you may never have heard of: Cotiplas (Brazil), Bizak (Spain), and OFY (Serbia).

Giochi Preziosi (Italy) is a special example since they made Winx toys until season four. Remember the dolls with big heads and eyes? (I’ve always thought they looked funny.) Those were theirs. Check out the Michael’s Winx Club Toy and Merchandise page (dolls) for a trip down memory lane.

What about these Witty-JAKKS hybrids we’ve been seeing lately — JAKKS heads, Witty bodies, JAKKS wings, Witty boxes? I’m not sure. My guess: these two are working together to keep production costs down, especially since JAKKS’s dolls aren’t selling as well here in America. (I hope that changes. 🙁 )

QUESTION: In your opinion, which company makes (or made) the best Winx dolls?

Chron: “How Product Distributors Work”
eHow: “How Does Wholesale Distribution Work?”
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Animation Magazine: “Rainbow’s ‘Winx Club’ Unveils New Licensing Plans”

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16 Responses to “Witty Toys

  1. Jakks dolls aren’t selling well here in Canada because they’re too expensive. The Believix and Harminix dolls are all about 25$ before taxes up here. The Concert and Every day collections are the only ones that have had sales on them.

    I like the detail better on the Witty dolls, but I don’t like that they use the same boots on all the fairy dolls up to the Harmonix ones. I still think Mattel made the best dolls.

    • Yes, but inexpensive dolls often use horribly unethical creation methods. I’d buy dolls for $50 a piece if I knew a poor little child in a third-world country was safe and not forced into labor.

      Nothing against your point of view, though. I just am trying to be more of an activist in my life.

      • Jakks dolls are made in China. You can get cheaper dolls made in the US or Canada than half of what is made in China.

        I’ve seen (poorly made) 10$ sets made in the USA up here in Canada.

        • For goodness’s sake, somebody needs to tell businesses that. I swear the only reason we make everything in China is because they think it’s cheaper. And if that isn’t the case, then why aren’t they manufacturing it in America then? I’ll never understand some people…

          • It’s the almighty dollar where businesses are concerned. It costs the CEO of the company less to produce a product in China, Malaysia, ect ect because they don’t have to pay the workers the same amount they’d pay an American or Canadian worker (especially a Canadian- our minimum wage is set to increase to 15$ an hour by 2015)

            You just have to be a more savvy consumer where buying merchandise is concerned.

            As for myself, I stay the heck away from any company that doesn’t support their worker’s rights.

  2. This was an awesome post! People have been trying to tell me Simba made all the dolls at first but a few months ago I gathered enough evidence to prove that Witty has been the official producer all along and all of the other logos and companies that showed up on boxes were distributors.

    (I recently saw on eBay a Roxy Believix doll from the original 2009 release and on the back of her box was both the Simba and Witty Toy’s logos. I don’t think Simba distributes anymore but I could be wrong.)

    One of the distributors that shows up on a lot of boxes is SMOBY.

    The Giochi Logo has appeared on a few of the newer dolls like the huge Enchantix dolls and the Harmonix Bloom Styling Head. (You can see the logos if you look close enough.)



    I personally think the official released products will have the heads that the Witty dolls are supposed to but I guess we’ll have too see.

    On my YouTube Channel I’m going to try to do some major reviewing and promoting for the Fall 2013 Winx Club lines because Jakks needs the boost bad.

    • Simba and Smoby are both in the Simba-Dickie Group, a German family of companies. It could be that Simba has allowed Smoby to take over in some countries.

      I guess Giochi Preziosi may still be making some dolls. The big heads and painted-on gloves are definitely their styles. 😛 (Not a big fan of their dolls, but these Enchantix dolls are kinda pretty. 🙂 )

      • I actually love Giochi’s dolls! The Enchantix were just amazing, but I liked the big ones too!
        A lot of fans think they looked really weird but I thought that they were always really unique, different, and their faces looked like the faces from the show. haha!

        Also, Giochi gave us all three of the Trix, which is something that hasn’t happened since until Jakks! Giochi also produced so many outfits from the show its crazy!

        I hope the Fall 2013 Jakks releases excite fans and help to introduce new people to Winx.

  3. Mattel would have to be the best doll creator, they have he tons of experience with making Barbie dolls and the Winx dolls just look so beautiful! I like Jakks dolls too though, btw is Musa And Tecna Harmonix out yet?

      • Do you know anything about the Daphne doll that was supposed to be released on the 30th of May for the San Diego Comic Con?

        I called the Toys r Us customer service centre here in Canada and the lady said that Jakks never sent the dolls to their warehouse on time.

  4. I like Mattel dolls. They made them so good and detailed. I want one sooo badly!! but my dad’s credit card got delayed and can’t use it anymore. I wish someone on ebay or here gaved me one. I’ll do anything for one. I seen Giochi preziosi winx enchantix are not that bad. they r pretty. SMOBY winx dolls look exactly like Simab or Giochi. I forgot. but I can tell JAKKS r trying their best to make thier dolls more detailed. I noticed when the season 5 everyday collection came out, they didn’t look like from tv, they look like their 3d art work.

    • I have a shedload of Mattel dolls back at my parents’ and I love them. My friend in AB gave me the Enchantix ones since they never came out in my part of NY and my friend in QC sent me the Flora and Layla disco dolls, a Flora school doll, a Flora shopping doll and a Singsational Flora that plays French music instead of English (Quebec is the only province in Canada that speaks primarily French so they get a lot of the Winx stuff from France) The Flora Singsational doll is still in the box.

      I managed to find a Mattel Flora beach doll at the Food Bank and I’ve seen Mattel Winx dolls in thrift stores as well, so you just have to keep looking.

  5. And 2day i got flora season 3 everyday by JAKKS. Even though her shirt sleeves,necklace(it’s pink not green like it is), and earrings r not accurate, She is still a pretty doll.
    (p.s. The earrings r really pretty and fit her. this is my opinion ok)

    • I have hardly any Jakks dolls because they’re so expensive here in Canada (I also don’t work, if I still lived in the US I’d probably have all the collections, plus the bags which I haven’t seen up here in Canada) I have the Tecna concert collection doll that my husband got me for my birthday, the Flora Harmonix Mini, Flora Believix mini, and the Tecna Believix mini. I have the Musa Harmonix and Concert minis, but they’re really for a friend of mine. The same friend who bought me the Enchantix dolls just because she could.

      My daughter has a few of them including Love and Pet Bloom, but she doesn’t take very good care of her dolls. 🙁

  6. I love the mattel dolls to bits and wish they still made them, actually I have the full 2004 magic winx collection but anyway, the one doll brand I love more than any other (even mattel’s) is….. *drumroll please!*


    yes. you heard me, jakks. I honestly think im the only person in the world that loves them this much but I do. if you want to ask me why, just reply to this comment 😉

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