Dreamix dolls - Stella and Flora

Credit goes to WinxClubRUS for sharing this news first!

The Nuremberg Toy Fair began today, and Witty Toys will be showing off new dolls based on World of Winx. According to ToyNews, those dolls will be the Dreamix collection, which will feature all six Winx, and a light-up Action-Spy doll that comes with a “special roleplay glove.”

ToyNews also reported the latest dolls Witty Toys launched (Tynix) were “the best-selling fashion doll[s] in Italy in November, based on revenue.” Go, Winx!

(Heads up: I’m gonna take another short break from talking about World of Winx, unless there’s big news.)

UPDATE: Animation Digital Digest posted a high-quality image of the Flora Dreamix doll. (Credit to WinxClubRUS again for finding it first.)

Flora Dreamix Doll


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16 Responses to ““World of Winx” Dolls Debut At The Nuremberg Toy Fair *UPDATE*

  1. They look really pretty! I’m so glad they didn’t go the Bloomix way and have them shoe-less. Shame, I really liked the Bloomix line except for the fact that they don’t wear shoes.

    • Was it the Witty line that didn’t have shoes? I have a few Jakks Pacific Bloomix dolls and they have boots! I think Jakks Pacific was the only line available in the USA…?

      • Well, of course I was talking about the Witty dolls. That’s why I said I was glad this line included shoes, because they were also made by Witty, who’s set that awful precedence of sacrificing doll shoes, making them look cheap. And yeah, Jakks dolls were released in the US, while Witty releases dolls in mostly European countries, but I’ve seen them in some Asian stores too.

  2. very nice but i live in canada and i’ll never get to see them and i hope the dolls are posable, for a minute i freaked out and thought flora was missing a leg and then realized it’s bent behind her

  3. Weird to see Stella & Flora without Bloom in a doll preview before the line’s released, it’s usually the other way around or all 3 of them at once before revealing the full 6. That said i do like the way these dolls look. Too bad Witty doesn’t have a US branch, i’m sure everyone would like these dolls for collective or play purposes.

    • It’s both weird and somwhat unsettling. Bloom the best and I really want one but they cost so much to ship over to the sates T_T

  4. these are so gorgeous! I would love to have them in my collection. But alas, I’m running out of rooms and it cost so much money on ebay because they’re only available for European audiences. It’s a shame that they don’t sell the Mythix, Butterflix, Tynix, or even these gorgeous Dreamix dolls here in the States. If they do, I would have bought them all!

  5. Sorry for an irrelevant comment but I wanted to say something about the Tracix wings and the Room of Faraway reflections usefulness. Every time the Tracix wings have been used, correct me if I am wrong, the Winx were either in the place where it happened or they had an object connected to it. The Room required nothing of the sort and let them see the memories of decades ago of a whole other, restricted dimension.

    • They followed magic trails with the tracix wings. They were sort of a tracking device. Technically…they could’ve done this with Daphne’s magic to figure out without needing another dimension because anytime that Daphne uses her magic Bloom could retroactively use her Daphne-telepathy to figure out what Daphne knows about it instead of what’s basically watching magic archive tv, and Tecna could suggest such. It’s just that the other dimension was made to save Tecna or Bloom from using their brains and let the artists draw simple things for once.

    • tracix was used to deal with things on earth and the room of faraway reflection dealt with things in the magical dimension

      • Doesn’t mean that they couldn’t use tracix in the magix dimension. The Faraway reflections room isn’t all that cool. It’s basically magic tv. Bloom and Tecna both could have done something with the Daphne-link. Especially since Bloom was using the Daphne link regularly in seasons 5 and 6. Tecna could have suggested asking Daphne for more details as to why she didn’t want Bloom and the others going after Sirenix, or Bloom could have thought of it herself. The Faraway reflections room is a cheap way out of the much cooler Daphne flashback or using Tracix+Bloom’s TelepaDaphne power could’ve been used in a combo to scan what happened to Daphne through Daphne directly. As has been stated before…it felt like hardly anyone was allowed to have a brain in season 5 and when they were allowed to have one…Tritanus punished them for it.

  6. I’m sorry about all these times that I’m gone for months and then come back and post sixteen hundred comments at once. The main computer that I used to use for everything (including Internet browsing) has decided that it is just going to freeze and stop working at random times, and the other computer at my house is the “work” computer, so I don’t get to use it much. To save time and stress, I’m not going to post a comment on every single thing from now on, but I will try to be on here more often.

    I don’t know how I feel about these dolls. Half of me loves them, and half of me thinks the streamers or whatever they are look ridiculous. Either way, I’d be happy to buy them…if they were sold in the U.S. *grumbles under breath for ten minutes*

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