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It’s official! World of Winx will premiere Friday, Nov. 4! Today, Netflix uploaded a video on their YouTube channel showing off their November arrivals, and WoW was third in the lineup!

What do you think?



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31 Responses to ““World of Winx” Dreamix Teaser Starring Bloom, Stella, and Tecna (0:04)

  1. i wonder if we’ll actually get to see the whole transformation of all of them or just blooms like with tynix

  2. It looks beautiful, but it looks like it’s going to be similar to the Tynix transformation sequence. Darn it.

    Then again, it is only four seconds long, so I guess it is hard to tell.

        • I don’t think they will. I think it’s only for the spinoff. Technically, this isn’t Winx Club. Rainbow considers it a separate franchise with a different target audience. They call Winx Club the “classic series.” So this animation style is meant to distinguish the two shows from each other.

        • Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind if they ended up using this animation in the main show (they probably won’t, but for the sake of argument, let’s just assume there’s a possibility they will). I was skeptical before, but look how gorgeous it is!

  3. YAY! I wonder what the flowers mean? Maybe it’s just a visual device to show them looking “dream-like” or something.

  4. That looks awesome. Also i know why the sequence is so tynixy it’s because they want to be able to tell more story. The old nearly 2 minutes sequences eat up too much time in what’s supposed to be a superhero/fantasy show. The rapid 5-10 seconds per girl allows at least another minute of story time for a 22 minute show where 10 minutes are commercials which we hate (but hey even the networks got make bill payments, why i’m glad that we don’t have to worry about that on netflix they’re commercial free!). If the transformation is shortened down then viewers get more story time.

    • It’s kind of weird, because back in the Harmonix-Sirenix days, everyone was complaining that the transformation sequences were too long, but then season 7 rolled around and now everyone’s new complaint is that they’re too short.

      Can’t please everyone, I suppose.

      (Personally, my only problem with Butterflix was the cheesy dance scene, and my only problem with Tynix was the lack of focus on everyone that isn’t Bloom, particularly Tecna and Aisha, who each got only one scene.)

      • My problem with butterflix isn’t the dance per se but rather how the execution of it was handled. That’s a step dance right? Each level has some kind of dance style to it. Use the dancing effectively by having the girls dancing motions being added to their regular parts (aside from Bloom since she’s got that full sequence although i’d like to see more flames on her butterflies or at least a silhouette like Enchantix and Believix.) Then the sequence would be more correct.

  5. Oh my god guys. I love it. I love the art style, the colors. Look at the detail in Tecna’s eyes. Amazing.

    This is why I honestly can’t take anyone who says the quality of Winx animation has gone downhill from the season 1-4 era. I honestly can’t. People need to distinguish animation quality and animation style, they’re two different things. The animation style of season 5 and beyond (and WoW) is indeed different, and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially those who loved the old style, but the quality has definitely gone up.

    Yeah, this looks like it’s going to be another Tynix-esque sequence but tbh, as long as everyone gets equal screentime this time around (Tynix was only awful in the sense that the only one who got more than 2 scenes was Bloom), I’m fine with it.

    • Personally, I like animation in seasons 4 and 7 the most. Season 4 is the best from hand-drawn 2D seasons and season 7 almost escaped “puppetery” of seasons 5 and 6 despite being animated in Flash.
      I like animation in season 1-3 more than in seasons 5 and 6, because I’m not a big fan of Flash.

      • Rainbow’s getting better with the Flash animation. It started in season four (only a couple episodes), but it was awful. Seasons five and six were better, but I agree about the “puppetery” problem. Season seven was much better.

        • Ah, season 4 were the days when Rainbow first tried out Flash animation on the first few episodes. It did not go well. The animation in the Nick specials was awful, too. Season 5 was also kind of bad, but yeah, you guys are right, it’s gradually getting better in seasons 6 and 7.

          … Does anyone else feel like the anatomy of the girls in season 4 were all out of whack in some episodes? It’s like they were drawn by completely different artists with no consistent style. It’s hard to explain, but it’s how I’ve always felt about it.

          • I think so. Personally, I think season four had the worst quality of the whole series. It felt like they rushed everything. They made a ton of major mistakes, the Winx’s faces looked weird (what was with their noses?), the anatomy was wonky sometimes, etc.

            And yes, it was inconsistent. You had the “Flash” style in a couple episodes, the hand-drawn style that looked different each time, and the random art shift in the episode where Nabu died. It was all over the place.

  6. Wow… Five seconds and I’m already hyped…
    It’s… so… pretty… *_*
    The only problem with it is that it should be longer!

  7. Actually Rainbow used after effects for animation, so it’s technically not flash. And I agree, the animation has improved so much <3 And especially it helps them draw more details.

  8. OMG, this has got me so excited. I LOVE the tynix song so much that I won’t even mind if they use a remixed version for Dreamix. What I love the most about this video is how Stella is clearly not dressed completely yet and is just wearing her undershirt; it’s been sooooooooooo long that since the Winx used to dress up step by step.
    Although, I do wish they had more power-specific effects going on.

    • Maybe season 8 will bring the power specifics back, I mean Roxy’s the only one who still has her butterflies! At least up to Mythix we had power effects that were unique or in the case of Bloomix streams of energy and for harmonix the girls revealed their “tails” uniquely, if they want similar transition effects go the harmonix route. Bloom rose up from a wave, Aisha blossomed from a flower, Musa had hers in a whirlpool, Tecna’s was going every which way like rapids, Flora’s grew up like coral and Stella’s shot across and fell like a water fall/shooting star. That’s how you do the unique but similar idea.

  9. Awesome! I hope Netflix will upload the trailer soon and won’t block it in Viet Nam. 😀

  10. Slighty off topic but on the subject of guys in WOW using a s4 style structure would probably be for the best don’t bring the boys in too quickly on the mission, let the others get adjusted first. Also I feel that this mission is right up Bloom’s ally anytime kids are on screen she goes right into the “in order to understand a kid you must be like a kid” mode. Not that she has to take spotlight (because poster suggests that we’ll have Tecna & Flora as highly important rather than the traditional ones behind Bloom) but she could be The “Daphne” for this series just so as not to have so much “Bloom Bloom Bloom” problems.

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