The World of Winx trailer debuted at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last month. No, I don’t know when we’ll get to see it, but my affiliate Michael from Michael’s Winx Club gave us a sneak peek. He posted some screenshots on his news page. I’m not gonna repost them here — except the Stella Dreamix pic he gave me — so visit his site to see them!

Michael also shared some new info about the show. Here are my thoughts on what we’ve seen and learned.


We thought it was just Fairy Couture in motion. But judging from the screenshots, it looks like a hybrid of Winx Club‘s style and Fairy Couture — but closer to the second. I like it except for one problem: all the Winx have the same face! I know some fans have complained about this in Winx Club, but the only time it was this bad was in season four. Even their noses are the same! (What happened to Flora’s cute pixie nose? ☹ )

Is this enough to ruin the show for me? No. It could be worse. All the main characters could have the same face — even the guys. Like in Digimon Adventure tri. Ugh. 😑

I can put up with this.


Way to keep a secret, Rainbow. Nothing I’d read about the show even hinted at a new transformation. That’s usually their main selling point. Maybe Dreamix won’t be as important to the story as past transformations have been.

As soon as I read the name, I gasped. Do you remember a post I wrote called “Create a Fifth Season Transformation” — back before season five premiered? (Of course you don’t. That was seven years ago. Just humor me. 😛 ) My made-up transformation was called — drumroll, please — Dreamix. I mentioned it again in one of my “Ask OP” posts.

“Oh my gosh! Rainbow stole my idea!” 😡

Yeah, right. 😜 No, I don’t think that. Anyone could come up with that name. (Lots of non-Winx stuff pops up when you Google it.) Besides, we’re running out of decent-sounding “-ix” names. At least Dreamix sounds better than Butterflix and Tynix! (I hate Tynix more.)

Rainbow’s concept is different than mine, too. With my Dreamix, the Winx use dream dust — an alternate form of fairy dust — to enter people’s dreams. They can also use convergence to create dreams and visions. It sounds like their Dreamix is about figurative dreams: goals and aspirations. I hope real dreams play a part in this, too.

imageLet’s talk about the outfits. They look like a cross between Sirenix (which I hate) and Bloomix (which I love). Since WoW is geared toward a slightly older audience and mimics Fairy Couture, I get why Rainbow went the “high fashion” route. Older fans tend to prefer those kinds of transformations over cutesy, sparkly ones.

What about the wings? They’re okay, but they’re not at all my favorites. These may not be the final versions, though. Remember what the Sirenix and Bloomix wings looked like in the trailers vs. the show? We’ll see if any changes were made when the show premieres.

Here’s how I’d rank these new looks from least favorite to favorite:
6. Bloom: I like her wings (though they look too much like her Bloomix wings), but what happened to her outfit? 😕 It’s so plain! To me, this is her worst form ever.

5. Musa: Her outfit’s way more interesting than Bloom’s, but those boring wings ruin the look. What shape are they supposed to be? I hope they look better in flight.

4. Tecna: She looks okay, but I think the remaining three look better. I like her wings, though.

3. Flora: Finally! A pretty fairy form for my favorite Winx! This almost makes up for Mythix, Butterflix, and Tynix. I’m not crazy about the wings, but the rest looks good.

2. Aisha: She was almost #1 on the list, but I don’t like her wings as much as Stella’s. I love her outfit, though. It’s my favorite. 😊

1. Stella: I love almost everything about her look. I’m not sure how I feel about the bands across her torso, but they’re better than nothing at all. (Right, Bloom?)


Since Rainbow kept emphasizing the spy story, I was worried WoW wouldn’t have any fantasy elements. I didn’t just think there’d be no transformation. I thought we’d see a new kind of villain, too. Instead of sorcerers and witches, the Winx would be up against something like a crime syndicate kidnapping kids for experiments. Maybe the villain would be a mafia boss. 😛


As cool as that might have been, it wouldn’t have felt like Winx Club. So when I read the full synopsis, I was relieved. The Winx are looking for “a mysterious and magical island. This island is the mythical Neverland, ruled by a cruel queen, who once was a little fairy called Tinker Bell. Without her Peter Pan, grown-up and far away, the little fairy is grown-up as well now and is ready for her revenge, capturing the special guys of the whole world in order to create her own new court of Lost Boys…”

Neverland? Tinker Bell? Lost Boys? Now that’s more like it!

But who comes to mind when you hear the name “Tinker Bell?” The blonde pixie in a green dress who makes Disney’s logo appear. Rainbow wants to use a Disney character? Can they legally do that? According to my research, they can.

Disney didn’t create Tinker Bell. The story of Peter Pan was written by Scottish author J.M. Barrie. In 1929, he gave the rights to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. To put on a play or make a movie that tells the original story, you need a license from the hospital. But if you just wanna use the characters, you don’t need permission. They’re public domain.

I think this counts as just using the characters. Even if I’m wrong, it’s nothing to worry about. Rainbow knows what they’re doing.

Putting Tinker Bell in the Winx universe raises a few questions. Is she an Earth fairy? If so, was she around when the Wizards of the Black Circle attacked? Or is she from the Legendarium World, since Peter Pan’s a fictional story? (Or is it?)

Maybe we shouldn’t ask yet. This is a spinoff. It may not even fit in the Winx Club timeline.

I wanna explore what we already know. Why did Peter Pan leave her? Will he appear in the show? Are the Lost Boys her henchmen — like “Jim,” who we saw in the storyboards — or are they the kids she’s capturing?

And how does Dreamix come into this? Here’s my theory. Tinker Bell and The Lost Boys convince the kids to give up on their dreams. “Your dreams won’t matter when you grow up,” they might say. The Winx use Dreamix to help them believe in their dreams again and make them come true.


  • Will the guys be in it? An idea I came up with: what if Tinker Bell tempts them to become Lost Boys? How would the Winx respond to having to fight their own boyfriends?
  • What other characters will be in it? Roxy? Faragonda? The Pixies (please, no)? If Roxy appears, we know she won’t be a main character. She hasn’t even been mentioned so far. Sigh. 🙁
  • Will the whole series take place on Earth, or will part of it take place in the Magic Dimension?
  • Is the Tinker Bell story just for season one, or will it extend into season two (or beyond, if the series gets renewed)?
  • Will there be merchandise? Rainbow has said they wanna make WoW a separate franchise from Winx Club. I hope that happens! I want new dolls. Badly.


What are your thoughts on what we’ve learned? What do you hope to see in the show? Talk about it in the comments!

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40 Responses to ““World of Winx”: My Thoughts On The Latest Revelations

  1. I think it’s gonna be more successful in the USA than Winx itself was, during its Nick run.
    It has everything to grab the older kids’ attention 🙂

  2. Wow! (I see why they picked the title!) That is actually a really cool concept, tying the Wind story to a famous fairytale gone horribly wrong. When I first heard about the whole “Winx go to Earth to look for talented kids” plot, I was kind of confused, but this makes sense! I honestly thought the talent thief would be some random guy. The whole Earth fairies issue seems to keep coming up, because Eldora and Selina were never captured by the Wizards, and apparently, neither was Tinker Bell. Either Rainbow doesn’t want to revisit that plot point, or it’s possible that they weren’t originally from Earth, like how Bloom grew up on Earth but is from Domino. If they were Earth fairies, then that would mean Roxy wasn’t the last fairy on Earth, just the youngest of the four remaining. Yeah, I’m looking too far into this.

    • Eldora says in ep. 6X14 that she doesn’t “hail from these parts” — i.e., she’s not from Earth. Selina’s the only potential plot hole. Maybe she wasn’t born as a fairy — she just had magic potential. If she became a witch around the time Bloom found out she’s a fairy (which is possible), then Roxy was the only fairy left when the Winx first went to Earth.

      • Wasn’t it made indirectly clear that even in the Magic Dimension people are not born as specifically witches or fairies? They’re just born with magical abilities and potential, but they choose the path they run own on, and if they don’t like, it seemed that they could change it – e.g. Mirta and that fairy-turned-witch. The only explanation we were not given was until which stage they are able to change their path, for example, maybe a Charmix (I mean the upgrade, not the transformation. I still hate Nick for skipping so much for those specials and ripping Charmix’s original meaning and plot) fairy could still change to a witch, but for an Enchantix it would be the end of the road, considering they are full-fledged fairies at that point.

        It’s just that, maybe, becoming a fairy or a witch is also influenced by somebody’s background – a princess of a realm/planet is much more likely and possibly encouraged to become a fairy rather than a witch. (theory: maybe princesses also somehow have it running in their bloodline, why not?) It was mentioned several times that a fairy’s attributes are kindness, loyalty, selflessness, etc., whereas a witch is exactly the opposite – they are proud, lonewolves, and gather their magic from negative thoughts and feelings. Somebody with a more tragic background or a lot of built-up anger is probably more likely to become a witch. But only because the show has never mentioned a princess being a witch, it doesn’t mean that there are not any in the Magic Dimension.

      • Here’s what I think: It’s canon that it doesn’t matter whether one grows up to be a fairy or a witch, their powers don’t manifest until they’re old enough, probably around 16 if Bloom is anything to go by. It’s why the wizards weren’t able to catch Roxy, she was too young for her powers to be detected by their fairy-hunting radar.

        Considering all this, and the fact that magical girls can basically switch between being a fairy or a witch as long as they’re not Enchantix level yet, it’s entirely possible that even though Eldora was prepping Selina to be a fairy, when she came of age, she elected to be a witch instead (you know, thanks to the whole Acheron promising her greater power than Eldora could offer and all). So that still leaves Roxy as the last Earth fairy. And since the wizards of the Black Circle only specifically targeted Earth fairies (as opposed to, say, all magical creatures), Selina was able to live her life in peace and undetected.

  3. 1. Dreamix is a good idea and sounds the least horrible so far out of the recent names. Tynix wasn’t as awful as Butterflix, I think we needed another Ing-ix level, the show(s) work(s) better when we have an Ing to base a season around. Without an -Ing pun you we really don’t get the full context of what the levels are supposed to be about even with Faragonda’s exposition dump at the beginning of the season. (Ie Believix was all about believing in yourself and convincing others over the age of 13 about magical existence because as we know those under 13 clearly knew about it the whole time, they just “grow up” after 13 according to Musa) 2. Tinkerbell as the villian is going to be a really interesting thing to see. My question here is What on Earth made Peter Pan want to grow up? Jane is possible and i know Disney and Fox both toyed with the idea of “Peter Pan grows up” (Hook and Ages of Pan respectively) but something just seems really wrong about Peter Pan growing up. “I want always to be a boy who never grows up and has fun” were his words in the book so what made him grow up? (Tink’s witchiness could be one reason, Jane or Wendy could be another) As for our six girls maybe they work for Peter himself? It seems to me that if Tink has her “rotten organization” Peter should have one too that balances her out. This would effectively make the Winx the first “Lost girls” in a really long time (as Wendy and Jane were the first lost girls). I do want to see Roxy at some point in the show (i mean this is her territory, Earth so why not have her?) and the guys should come to but no more.

  4. Sounds really good
    I’m hoping the trix are in it
    But from what I’ve heard
    The boys nor the trix were in the trailer

  5. I saw an episode list of season 1, and judging from the names of the episode (I can’t remember them) it looks like the winx will discover Tinkerbell in ep 13 (last) of season 1, then they will fight her or confront her in the next season. I think the name was like ‘fairy queen’ or ‘secret island’ or some thing. I’ll search for it.

  6. I actually didn’t notice it at first, but now that I look at it you are absolutely right about the art style. I can live with it, though. One thing I noticed is that they seem to be following Musa’s facial build – slight curvature in the eye shape, round nose (although Musa’s original nose has a little more angle to it), chin ends with a triangle point. I wonder why they chose to mimic her face. (Or maybe they didn’t choose to and this was an accident.)

    Believe it or not, I have read that “Season Five Transformation” post and read about your version of Dreamix. Overall it’s a pretty good transformation, but my favorites are Stella and Flora. I really like everyone’s hairstyles and most of the wings.

    About what summerautumn said about Peter growing up: what if Tink was the one to grow up? Her witchiness and pessimistic attitude is what drove Peter away. I do like the idea of Peter sending the Winx out to do this, but I doubt that’s what will happen. I think they’ll be trying to stop the Talent Thief (without knowing who she is) throughout season one. Then in season two, they will dig into her backstory a little and meet Peter, and the Winx and Peter together will stop her.

    I am excited for this! Come on, Rainbow!

    • They can still meet Peter in s1. Think about this… Dennis Darling (as a way to hide his true name of Peter Pan, because if anyone knew he was the boy who never grew up that actually grew up, aside from Wendy,Michael,John and his original lost boys it would be horrible for Neverland due to the fact that “Peter Pan is neverland and neverland is Peter Pan” and the rest of the world’s feelings about death would be bleak, Peter is a way to help kids not be so scared of it) is aware that his former fairy is out trying to ruin the lives of children, although he’s an adult now, at heart he’s the 9-10 year old (the age that most boys start paying attention to girls) we know. With this he’s determined to still be the ultimate childhood defender that he always was. Dennis decides to audition several groups of adults that are children at heart for a children’s tv show and to protect the children that Tink and her lost boys are looking for. The Winx then come in and come up with the brilliant idea that “if Mr. Darling wants a children’s show…Why not have it be about kids doing whatever it is they do?” Thus coming up with a talent show and what “Peter” is looking for. With that information, Mr. Darling closes the audition and declares the Winx the winners, after this when in private he discloses his id to the Winx (and us) and informs them of Dreamix in order to keep dreams of children safe and encourage them to come true.

  7. 1) Even I noticed the girls were getting more similar. On a tangent, check out this video my brother showed me: it’s about poses in animation and how the pose should show the character’s personality. Maybe the good folks at Rainbow need to watch this video…

    2) Dreamix is pretty! It looks from the one picture like each girl has a bodysuit with a scarf wrapped around it, plus dangly beads. I can’t wait to see the official art for a better look. My only complaint is that Tecna and Aisha seem to be trading colors– Aisha had the lavender Tynix and now Tec has a neon green Dreamix. Don’t know why the color drift bugs me, but it does!

    3) I think I’ll call her Tinx, to make it clear the different versions of Tinker Bell! 😀

    My second thought after “what a weird villain choice” was “So is Tinx the same kind of fairy as the Winx, or what? Is she an Earth fairy? Is she a pixie?” That could work; Peter being her bonded person and when he leaves she gets so mad she goes and finds some wild magic and tries to turn human so she can force him to stay with her but since she’s got a bad motive the wild magic warps her into the evil form we know today. That’s a decent explanation. Of course this being Rainbow I bet we never find out what kind of creature Tinx is or what happened with her and Peter. Now I need to read Peter Pan to see what canon they’d be starting with. Did you guys know, Peter Pan was the first use of “fairy dust”? Apparently kids were trying to fly so they added the idea that you couldn’t fly without fairy dust to the play so no kids would be dumb and jump off the roof! And that’s how the whole idea of fairy dust was invented. Ok so I read that on wiki when I was researching fairy dust so I’m not totally sure it’s true, but it’s a fun story.

    Also, if Tinx is collecting new Lost Boys does that mean all the talented kids will be boys? O_o I’d be really shocked if Rainbow went that route but I guess they might. I’m hoping the first talented kid they pick on will be Mitzi’s cute sister with teh talent for growing magical plants!

    More generally about the plot, I like Dreamix but it leaves me with a big question: what makes WoW be WoW instead of just being Winx season 8? If WoW had been a spy girls story with no magic that would’ve made sense but if they’re still going to transform, what will make it different? Maybe they’ll have different backstories or something, or this will show a new first meeting for the girls..? We’ll have to wait to find out! I like what WoW is shaping up to be but I must admit it would’ve been fun to try a magicless version, maybe with an alternate Faragonda as the spy boss recruiting them from their schools on Earth to attend the top secret Winx Spy Academy or something.

    • 1) I don’t agree with this one. Yes, Rainbow does this sometimes in promotional material, but it doesn’t reflect how the whole series is.

      I think people are exaggerating when they say the Winx have become the same. Honestly, we should have expected them to adopt some of each other’s traits and behavior, especially since they’ve been together for so long. That’s natural — it happens with groups of people in real life, too. (That’s why they tell you to choose your friends wisely, because they’ll rub off on you.) But they’ve still kept a lot of their individual traits, too.

      3) I hope we do find out Tinker Bell’s story. But if we don’t, it’s not a big deal. Not every character has to have a fully-developed back story. If they decide to just make her “The Big Bad,” fine. We’re not gonna see her after this anyway.

      Maybe I’m naïve, but I do expect Rainbow to tell us a little more about her. What type of creature is she? She’s a fairy. I don’t think they’ll dive into that. But what happened between her and Peter? I expect them to tell us that.

      4) What separates this from Winx season eight? One, Rainbow’s pitching this to an older audience. Two, the episodes are being written for “binge watching.” They’re catering specifically to Netflix viewers (although it’ll air on TV in some countries).

  8. Okay just thoughts on Dreamix:
    Why do all the girls have blue wings except Stella and Flora? O_o (at least that what it looks like in the pictures). I still do like the wings design though.
    Techna’s Deamix is like like a downgrade version of her Bloomix. XD.
    The transformation outfits itself looks decent enough but I feels a little too simple? Might just be my own personal taste.
    I wonder what the transformation song is going to sound like (assuming Dreamix will get one?)

    • The only picture we’ve got so far is pretty low quality, and may not necessarily represent the colors accurately, but the way I see it, Musa and Bloom are the only ones with blue wings (Musa’s wings are a darker blue than Bloom’s though). Tecna’s and Aisha’s wings aren’t blue. Tecna’s wings are green and purple, while Aisha’s are purple and turquoise (at least it looks turquoise to me in that picture. It’s a much lighter shade of blue than Bloom’s, and kind of green-ish). Still think Musa’s wings should have been a different color, hers was the only pair that weren’t colored in her signature color(s).

      We’ll hopefully get to see the whole thing in high quality soon. God, I’m so tired of waiting.

  9. So…. There going to be a lot of plot holes and continuity snarls… Should we declear this like Magical Adventure and call it non canon now or wait a bit?

    • We don’t know if there will be continuity snarls yet. But this is a spinoff, so it doesn’t have to be considered canon. It’s like PopPixie.

      Still, it’s too soon to call it. I think we should wait and see.

      • Honestly I have a bit lower of a expantations for this all things considered given the later seasons but eh.

        • Technically, this isn’t Winx Club. I think people are treating it like Winx season eight, and that’s why they’re tempted to judge it the same way. But it’s a different series. I’m trying to look at it as a clean slate.

  10. I’m thinking I want to watch WoW right now! I kind of hoped the Disney fairies would somehow tie into Winx someday, like the crossover episodes Disney & Nick sometimes do, and it seems I got my wish 😊

  11. The plot sounds great, and I’m itching to see the trailer (Come onnnn, Rainbow). At first, when I heard about finding talented kids and running reality shows and catching talent thieves, I admit I was slightly wary that this show would be my cup of tea, but now it sounds pretty amazing. Kind of a dark spin on a well-known children’s fairytale. It’s going to be interesting to watch.

    Dreamix looks wonderful. Like I said before, it doesn’t look quite as elaborate as Bloomix, but that’s fine to me. Simplicity is great too, especially in a spy show (or as spy-ish as Winx can get). Not sure how I feel about the tacky ribbons on Stella’s, Flora’s and Aisha’s outfits, but we shall see when we get a decent quality image. Or the trailer. (Come onnnn, Rainbow)

    Musa’s is probably my least favorite. Her wings look weird, like they were designed last and the designers couldn’t quite come up with one more different wing shape anymore, so they just went wild with them. The patterns also make them look like they’re made of cracked glass. I appreciate the creativity, I guess, but aesthetically, not my cup of tea.

    Tecna looks amazing. So does Aisha, even with the weird ribbons that quite frankly remind me of a bikini. This was Flora’s first decent transformation in a while, so I’ll let my gripe with the tacky ribbons slide. Stella looks great, even if the transformation reminds me a bit too much of her Bloomix. Bloom’s… I feel like her top has more details, which would help the whole outfit look less plain but the screenshot’s quality is too low to see anything. The undeniable similarity to her Sirenix was not appreciated, but I do like her hairstyle and wings.

    Side note: I like the way their tights/pants/whatever look, especially Aisha’s and Bloom’s.

  12. WoW haven’t even come out and it is already an emotional roller coaster, to me at least. I love Dreamix, I don’t love the name but you’re right, it is better than “Tyinix” and “Butterflix”, and it is definitely better than “Bloomix”, my ranking is the same as yours, but with Aisha in the first place and Stella in second.

    As for the story, I have mixed feelings about some things, especially the villain, but it is an interesting twist to Peter Pan story. I also have so many questions about Tinker Bell’s origin, I think if WoW takes place after S6 it is quite likely she comes from the Legendarium World, unless they don’t consider the main series’ canon at all.

  13. I really like that you decided to cover that topic!

    First of all – I still think the art style in this series is couture, but with different colouring style. Not that much of mix with normal Winx style, but with more flat colouring typical for almost any 2D animation. It looks quite good, I would like to see it in motion. From screenshots, I agree with you about Winx faces losing its individuality. I’m also not sure about expression of characters on this screen:
    I like the name Dreamix, it sounds good and I’m suprides Rainbow did not use it earlier. I also like clothes – they look mature and fit this series themes. I love watercolour-like wings.
    I’m not sure about Tinkerbell as a villian and mixing Peter Pan’s story with Winx. Winx was always about it’s own mythology and season 6 and Legendarion did not fit for me. I love idea separately from Winx – book Tinker Bell was a bit of bad girl and her evolution as a villian makes sense. I wish there used this concept in Regal Academy (and make it a better show than it seems). Who knows, maybe it is cancelled Regal Academy’s plot?
    I would like Winx having to hide they are faries because Tinker Bell is a fairy… and is evil. Maybe people think now all faries are bad?

    • Now that’s an excellent reason to hide fairy facts. This concept was hinted in s4, if it is canon, then the incident with Mitzi, Darma and Sally would be a very good reason as to why it’s not a good idea to say too much about fairies and magic. I see WOW as being a side story to s4 more than anything else, after all it was Tecna’s idea to try the superhero in disguise thing and asking Roxy for research followed by Bloom agreeing with it.

      • I still doubt it’ll be connected to season four. I think the Winx are hiding their powers so they won’t attract the Talent Thief/Tinker Bell’s attention, not because people are scared of fairies. It sounds like they’re trying to find Neverland and sneak in.

  14. Aisha / Layla is starting to look more european every season. Her dark skin is now light brown and her very dark brown afro hair is now wavey and purple..

    • Don’t focus too much on the colors. Michael recorded the trailer on his phone pointed at a TV, so the colors may not look right. We won’t know until Rainbow uploads the trailer themselves.

  15. The animation style looks beautiful, better than the season 5+ style, but Aisha looks very whitewashed. I hope they fix that.

    • I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. I think the overall colors in World of Winx are desaturated, so that the show doesn’t look as “cartoony.” (Bright colors look more kiddy.) That has more of an effect on someone with darker skin, so Aisha looks lighter. It’s just the art style. If they went back and “fixed” it, she’d stand out too much.

    • Smee has been confirmed, and apparently he’s voiced by Kirk Thornton. I’m not sure about Captain Hook, but in one of the pictures Michael shared, Tecna was attacking what looked like a hook. It could have been the captain swiping at her or something. 🙂 I can’t imagine Rainbow wouldn’t include him in the story, especially if Smee’s in it.

  16. I noticed this too. There’s no excuse for it either smh. People always use that “art style blah blah” when people whitewash characters.

  17. I haven’t seen it yet. It’s out on Netflix but I’m waiting for it to appear on you tube. Judging by the trailer it looks like roxy may be a key character. However I do know dreams are powerful.

    With dreams they could either encourage you to take a chance and fight for the dream you believe in or they can turn into nightmares. In fact there is a legend about nightmares in Italy no less.

    It goes like this:( as much as I remember)

    Once upon the lands of fairs before the war a lost girl fell into a pool of dust. But at the same time a baby cried. But as an outcast she flew away and was never seen again. Some believe this girl sent the hunters. The wings protect the dreams of flight. Without them hope is lost.

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