The reveal of Dreamix surprised a lot of fans. Aren’t the Winx gonna be spies this time? Why do they need a new transformation? What happened to hiding their magic?

The end result wasn’t as confusing as we thought. I still think the spy mission clashed with the fantasy elements of the story. (See “General Thoughts, Pt. I.”) But the Winx are fairies, now and always. They had to have wings. (Yes, not all fairies have wings, but you know what I mean.)

So, what is Dreamix? The answer’s right in the song: “Makes your dreams come true! That’s the magic of Dreamix!” That’s easy to remember.

Too bad it’s not true.

The Winx never used it to make someone’s dream come true. In fact, Dreamix didn’t have much to do with figurative dreams (aspirations), except:

  • The Winx gained it when Annabelle’s dream came true. (They needed to get it at the same time this time. Rainbow had to save time for the story.)
  • It could detect when someone was about to reach their dream — and was being hunted by the Talent Thief.

The second half of the second bullet was plot convenience. It’s not like the talents were the only people in the world about to make their dreams come true. We can try to justify it, though. If the Dreamix power came from The World of Dreams, which was under Tinker Bell’s control, maybe an opposing force was guiding the Winx to her targets. Makes sense, right?

Speaking of The World of Dreams, it’s the reason the song lyrics don’t match reality. The World of Dreams was connected to literal dreams — what we see when we’re asleep. You even needed magic dust that made you sleepy to get there (unless you were from there already).

Rainbow was trying to fuse figurative and literal dreams into one idea, but how they did it didn’t work for me. Dreamix did help the Winx make people’s dreams come true, but only indirectly. It just led them to people who needed to be nudged in the right direction.

A better way to explain what I mean is to compare Dreamix to Believix. The Winx got Believix when Roxy believed in fairies, but it kept living up its name after that. They used it to make more people believe in magic and “cure” their weaknesses like distrust or lack of confidence, which sometimes kept them from believing.

Did the Winx need Believix? Not really. They made Roxy believe without it, after all. It helped by affecting their feelings, like Faragonda said. (I guess it helped them be more persuasive. 😛 )

What did Dreamix do? It gave them visions of people with dreams. That’s it. They couldn’t use it to make them more confident or give them the tools they needed to succeed. Also, while the Believix power grew as more people believed in magic, the Dreamix power didn’t grow as more dreams came true.

I guess the song should say: “Makes you see people who have dreams, so you can find them and help them make their dreams come true! That’s the magic of Dreamix!” But that wouldn’t have fit the melody. 😛

The Spells

The Winx’s new spells had nothing to do with dreams at all. With Believix, they had special spells that reached into people’s hearts so they’d believe. The Dreamix spells were just more powerful manifestations of their power sources. They didn’t even have names!

World of Winx - Musa using her soundwaves

That said, they were still cool to see. I loved Aisha’s water fist (yay, no Morphix!) and when she trapped the monster pirates in a geyser in “Dangerous Waters” (1X10). Musa using sound waves to simulate footsteps was my favorite, and Stella maxing out the lights on the Eiffel Tower was something I didn’t know I wanted to see.

Sadly, the other Winx got their typical stuff. Flora got more vines. (I liked the Venus Flytrap thing she used in the last episode, though.) Tecna got another scanner and another geometric shield. I don’t even remember Bloom’s Dreamix spells, which is a bad sign. 😛 But I loved seeing her melt glass and ice and heat surfaces with her regular magic.

The Outfits

Finally, let’s talk about the new looks.

This is another fashion line à la Sirenix, Bloomix, and Tynix: leggings, big wings, sashes, etc. Some fans have said it looks more “mature” than a form like Butterflix. I agree, but it’s still not what I picture fairies to wear.

I know the Winx are supposed to be “modern fairies,” which means mixing modern fashion with old-school fantasy. That’s how this franchise has always been. I just think Dreamix, Sirenix, Bloomix, etc. are too modern, and the fantasy feel isn’t strong enough.

Before you blame Winx seasons 4-7, I feel the same way about Charmix (or “Magic Winx”). It was cute, but except maybe Flora, the Winx looked more like magical girls with fairy wings than actual fairies. I loved Enchantix looked because it looked more elegant and otherworldly. The barefoot sandals fit the look better than high heels would have.

Even though the Winx don’t look much like fairies to me in Dreamix, I’ve still grown to like most of their looks. My ranking has changed since watching the show. Here it is now from least favorite to favorite:

  • Musa: This is the only look I hate. The color scheme, the hair, the wings — everything. Ugh. Sorry, Musa. 🙁
  • Bloom: I like her color scheme and wings more than Musa’s, but I wish she were wearing a belt or something.
  • Tecna: I had to nitpick to rank the other four. Tecna’s fourth because I don’t like her wings as much as the others’. I like her outfit overall.
  • Stella & Aisha: I gave up on choosing third and second. I like Stella and Aisha’s looks equally, but they both have things that keep me from loving them. With Aisha, it’s her wings. I don’t hate the shape of them, but I don’t love it, either. I’m not sure what I don’t like about Stella. It might be the wings, too — either the colors or the ragged edges.
  • Flora: I fell in love with her look during the show, especially her wings. One reason was the scene in the transformation sequence where her wings open up. That’s my favorite part. 🙂 The other reason was a minor detail I noticed: her wings are the most translucent. I liked that more than the more opaque wings the Winx have had in several transformations. Her outfit’s pretty, too. Honestly, I like Aisha’s more, but I think Flora’s wings match her outfit better.


Final Thoughts

To me, Dreamix feels like the Charmix of World of Winx. That’s fine, but it doesn’t stand out among the many forms in this franchise. I hope we’ll see more interesting uses of it next season.

Or maybe the Winx will get another transformation. Who knows?

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