The reveal of Dreamix surprised a lot of fans. Aren’t the Winx gonna be spies this time? Why do they need a new transformation? What happened to hiding their magic?

The end result wasn’t as confusing as we thought. I still think the spy mission clashed with the fantasy elements of the story. (See “General Thoughts, Pt. I.”) But the Winx are fairies, now and always. They had to have wings. (Yes, not all fairies have wings, but you know what I mean.)

So, what is Dreamix? The answer’s right in the song: “Makes your dreams come true! That’s the magic of Dreamix!” That’s easy to remember.

Too bad it’s not true.

The Winx never used it to make someone’s dream come true. In fact, Dreamix didn’t have much to do with figurative dreams (aspirations), except:

  • The Winx gained it when Annabelle’s dream came true. (They needed to get it at the same time this time. Rainbow had to save time for the story.)
  • It could detect when someone was about to reach their dream — and was being hunted by the Talent Thief.

The second half of the second bullet was plot convenience. It’s not like the talents were the only people in the world about to make their dreams come true. We can try to justify it, though. If the Dreamix power came from The World of Dreams, which was under Tinker Bell’s control, maybe an opposing force was guiding the Winx to her targets. Makes sense, right?

Speaking of The World of Dreams, it’s the reason the song lyrics don’t match reality. The World of Dreams was connected to literal dreams — what we see when we’re asleep. You even needed magic dust that made you sleepy to get there (unless you were from there already).

Rainbow was trying to fuse figurative and literal dreams into one idea, but how they did it didn’t work for me. Dreamix did help the Winx make people’s dreams come true, but only indirectly. It just led them to people who needed to be nudged in the right direction.

A better way to explain what I mean is to compare Dreamix to Believix. The Winx got Believix when Roxy believed in fairies, but it kept living up its name after that. They used it to make more people believe in magic and “cure” their weaknesses like distrust or lack of confidence, which sometimes kept them from believing.

Did the Winx need Believix? Not really. They made Roxy believe without it, after all. It helped by affecting their feelings, like Faragonda said. (I guess it helped them be more persuasive. 😛 )

What did Dreamix do? It gave them visions of people with dreams. That’s it. They couldn’t use it to make them more confident or give them the tools they needed to succeed. Also, while the Believix power grew as more people believed in magic, the Dreamix power didn’t grow as more dreams came true.

I guess the song should say: “Makes you see people who have dreams, so you can find them and help them make their dreams come true! That’s the magic of Dreamix!” But that wouldn’t have fit the melody. 😛

The Spells

The Winx’s new spells had nothing to do with dreams at all. With Believix, they had special spells that reached into people’s hearts so they’d believe. The Dreamix spells were just more powerful manifestations of their power sources. They didn’t even have names!

World of Winx - Musa using her soundwaves

That said, they were still cool to see. I loved Aisha’s water fist (yay, no Morphix!) and when she trapped the monster pirates in a geyser in “Dangerous Waters” (1X10). Musa using sound waves to simulate footsteps was my favorite, and Stella maxing out the lights on the Eiffel Tower was something I didn’t know I wanted to see.

Sadly, the other Winx got their typical stuff. Flora got more vines. (I liked the Venus Flytrap thing she used in the last episode, though.) Tecna got another scanner and another geometric shield. I don’t even remember Bloom’s Dreamix spells, which is a bad sign. 😛 But I loved seeing her melt glass and ice and heat surfaces with her regular magic.

The Outfits

Finally, let’s talk about the new looks.

This is another fashion line à la Sirenix, Bloomix, and Tynix: leggings, big wings, sashes, etc. Some fans have said it looks more “mature” than a form like Butterflix. I agree, but it’s still not what I picture fairies to wear.

I know the Winx are supposed to be “modern fairies,” which means mixing modern fashion with old-school fantasy. That’s how this franchise has always been. I just think Dreamix, Sirenix, Bloomix, etc. are too modern, and the fantasy feel isn’t strong enough.

Before you blame Winx seasons 4-7, I feel the same way about Charmix (or “Magic Winx”). It was cute, but except maybe Flora, the Winx looked more like magical girls with fairy wings than actual fairies. I loved Enchantix looked because it looked more elegant and otherworldly. The barefoot sandals fit the look better than high heels would have.

Even though the Winx don’t look much like fairies to me in Dreamix, I’ve still grown to like most of their looks. My ranking has changed since watching the show. Here it is now from least favorite to favorite:

  • Musa: This is the only look I hate. The color scheme, the hair, the wings — everything. Ugh. Sorry, Musa. 🙁
  • Bloom: I like her color scheme and wings more than Musa’s, but I wish she were wearing a belt or something.
  • Tecna: I had to nitpick to rank the other four. Tecna’s fourth because I don’t like her wings as much as the others’. I like her outfit overall.
  • Stella & Aisha: I gave up on choosing third and second. I like Stella and Aisha’s looks equally, but they both have things that keep me from loving them. With Aisha, it’s her wings. I don’t hate the shape of them, but I don’t love it, either. I’m not sure what I don’t like about Stella. It might be the wings, too — either the colors or the ragged edges.
  • Flora: I fell in love with her look during the show, especially her wings. One reason was the scene in the transformation sequence where her wings open up. That’s my favorite part. 🙂 The other reason was a minor detail I noticed: her wings are the most translucent. I liked that more than the more opaque wings the Winx have had in several transformations. Her outfit’s pretty, too. Honestly, I like Aisha’s more, but I think Flora’s wings match her outfit better.


Final Thoughts

To me, Dreamix feels like the Charmix of World of Winx. That’s fine, but it doesn’t stand out among the many forms in this franchise. I hope we’ll see more interesting uses of it next season.

Or maybe the Winx will get another transformation. Who knows?

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29 Responses to ““World of Winx” Season 1: Dreamix

  1. Wait a minute… I thought Charmix was exactly the same as “Magic Winx,” except that everyone got an accessory. Have I been wrong about this the whole time?

  2. Dreamix is definitely another bloomix/tynix/sirenix thing but i’m pretty sure that we need another “out there” level. The most fairy like have levels been stated to be Enchantix (classical) Harmonix (sorta like a modern classical take) and Bloomix (winged knights). Dreamix is basically a bloomix/tynix fusion and anything is better than Butterflix.
    Overall I like Aisha’s best and it was cool to see actual water constructs from her. No morphix which while it was stated to be water…it’s more like gelatin.

    • I loved your caption for Bloomix being winged knights 😀 Had to say it. And I love the leggings in all these transformations. I just can’t stand how short the Enchantix, Believix and Harmonix skirts are (that train makes it feel like wedding dress line) and they’ve made some terrible animation errors with them. The midriff show also made them no prettier, in my opinion in the first two.
      All in all, no matter how many times they use the legging-boot-together scheme, I don’t see it getting old. They’ve done it pretty creatively so far!

  3. I honestly wish that Dreamix did more dream-related things. I mean, I loved the look and definitely the spells (though Flora could’ve conjured up more than vines, c’mon), but as you pointed out, the actual DREAM aspect of Dreamix seemed nonexistent.
    Although, one Winx girl whose powers always confused me were Stella’s. She never just conjured up any balls or rays of light (other than her nameless shield of light later) which made it seem like she could only use her powers if there was some sort of light source present, like a stage light or lamp. It just seemed kind of odd given that she’s the Fairy of the Shining Sun. Bloom’s was also a weird case but in a good way. Like, she could sap the strength of her enemies and make it easier for the Winx to get some hits in. It was pretty cool given that the Dragon’s Flame is essentially the source of all magical life.
    I think your explanation of the Dreamix Vision was probably what they were going for; the Winx only saw specific youths in their visions because Tinker Bell was ultimately targeting them. If the Winx’s Dreamix Vision truly activated every time a person was about to make their dreams come true, the six fairies would be facing major sensory overload given how many people there are on Earth.
    One major thing I want is for Dreamix to last through the second season. I mean, I’m not gonna throw a fit as it’s pretty much expected for the Winx to gain a new Fairy Form every season, but I still feel like we haven’t seen what Dreamix can really accomplish.

    • I’m fairly confident that the Winx will still be using Dreamix in season two. One, because as you said, I feel like Dreamix hasn’t truly been utilized to its full potential (possibly due to the fact that the plot has to juggle between the talent show subplot and the World of Dreams subplot, plus the whole hiding magic thing) and considering how much effort probably goes into designing these fairy forms, I find it unlikely that the writers would toss Dreamix away after we barely got to know it. Two, because everytime the Winx gain a new transformation, it’s for a new story arc. If the Neverland story arc had been wrapped up neatly in a bow at the end of season one, then yeah, I’d probably be worried that Dreamix’s time is up, but we still have another 13 episodes to go, and that means Dreamix is still relevant and needed.

      • Well Stella did name it, and she’s not the brightest torch in the cave even for being a fairy of light. ;-P

          • Indeed! I really liked that, that for once the name didn’t appear as if the Winx had read the spoilers just like we did. Also the Winx seemed surprised to have a new transformation, and to have to look down at their clothes to see what they looked like. I really love WoW for all those little moments when it seems like someone gave some thought to things like this.

          • “Winx read the spoilers like we did” lol! Maybe Bloom’s always been aware of being a cartoon? If wow and the early days of the main show are any indication (there’s been a few times where Bloom looks at the “camera” in s1 and s3) That might explain why the fans can’t stand her…She’s part-Warner or as we know them an Animaniac! “Those are her facts!”

          • Like I said in one of my previous comments, the reason the Winx don’t seem surprised everytime they earn a new transformation is because they were expecting it, and they were working specifically to earn it (the one exception being Butterflix, they never set out to earn it, it just… happened), They knew the names because they weren’t the first to earn them (Again, Bloomix was the exception but then Faragonda went ahead and named it. Dreamix went unnamed for a few episodes because there was no obligatory, “Magic Winx, (transformation name)!” chant in order to transform, so technically they could do without the name). I’m guessing this time they were surprised because they weren’t expecting to earn a new transformation, and it was initially not named because the Winx were the first ones to have them?

            This got complicated, sorry. It sounded a lot more eloquent in my head.

          • Nah, it makes sense. I was thinking of Butterflix when I wrote that, you’re right all the other transformations the girls knew what they were working towards. But they still wouldn’t have known exactly what they’d look like.

            Now I’m imagining a book that lists all known transformations, with sketches, exists in the Alfea library and first-year fairies go look at it and make lists of which transformations they want to try get, the same way a kid in our world might plan to be a veterinarian who runs a riding stable and has a successful singing and acting career* when she grows up, and then later when they grow up and settle into their fairy path they look back and laugh nostalgically at their list.

            *possibly this was my life plan at some point. Now that I’m grown up I just want to own a bookstore/cafe with kittens available to adopt and be a bestselling author. Much more realistic. 😉

          • Nothing stated that Tecba wouldn’t give “secret tours” for that library . She’s the only one without a room after all..and that would fit. All it takes is her enchantix brooch to unlock the mirror m. Even Tecna has to have a,sneaky side to her That really seems like something for the “advancedh class.

  4. I actually quite like the way the Winx use their spells in WoW. Limiting a magic user’s abilities to an existing source instead of having them conjure up magic at random makes for a lot more creativity in battles. You’re probably familiar with the complaint that battles in Winx Club are boring because they’re mostly people taking turns shooting light beams at each other, and that’s kind of true. In WoW, the fact that the girls often have to utilize elements in their surroundings to power their magic spices things up quite a bit. Like the way Stella makes use of stage lights, Aisha draws water from a lake, and that one time Bloom has to lure the Crocodile Man to a park so Flora can work her Nature magic. Wouldn’t that be more interesting than just shooting energy beams around? I also like it that the spells were not named. I don’t know about you, but in addition to Winx battles feeling like fancy light shows, they also feel like shouting matches, with the way the girls feel the need to yell the name of whatever spell they’re using whenever they use it. This way, I can finally focus on the action instead of cringing over how terrible Haven Paschall sounds when she screams stuff like, “Flaming Attack!!!”.

    I’m content with Dreamix’s powers not having to do with making anyone’s dreams come true as in granting them the necessary qualities to do so, because that would feel like the only reason that person is succeeding is because they had an unfair advantage in the form of magical assistance, and that’s just… iffy. It’s like telling kids that you can’t make your dreams come true unless you have a band of six colorful fairies using their magic to help you. You get what I mean? I liked that the talents were talented to begin with, and all the Winx did was guide them in the right direction.

    As for Dreamix… I love it, especially the wings. Musa’s Dreamix still looks the worst to me. I feel like the designers just gave up when they got to her. Her one sleeve jumpsuit looks awkward, The way the jeweled net thing hangs loosely on her torso instead of being form-fitting like with Bloom, Aisha, and Tecna makes the whole look tacky. Her wings look like The fact that her wings and outfit colors clash certainly doesn’t help. Other than that, I like everyone else’s. I still wish Tecna’s was purple instead of green, but this shade of green works better on her than the lime green she got for her Tynix. Glad to see pink on Flora again. Stella’s outfit looks great, if a little tacky with all the ribbons wrapped around it, but loses points for the wings’ shape. Overall, not my fave transformation, but it’s up there.

  5. What did you think of the transformation sequence. I was at first confused by it until I got that it was suppose to be like waking up from sleep and then some random catwalking. they are transforming into fairies for a fight. all transformations from the main series are energizing. this was not…it was groggy.

  6. I didn’t quite get how Musa simulated those footsteps. Was she sort of listening into the past?
    I personally didn’t like Stella manipulating other light sources because it seems as is she is the fairy of transistors or something. But yes, it does give her abilities some variation.
    I loved Bloom using fire for once for what it does: it burns and melts! Also, her slowing down enemies with her fire aura sort of thing didn’t make a lot of sense (it would have if she had ice powers) but I still liked it. I like to think that she drains their energy that way similar to how her Fire Catcher spell works.
    Sadly, Tecna just made shields. Not a single offensive spell. But again, I still prefer it over shooting random beams.

  7. I think Aisha’s Dreamix outfit was my favorite. The bright sashes gave it a flair that I liked.

    And yeah, it probably would have been better if they’d stuck to either the figurative or literal dreams instead of both. I didn’t really think about it, but the Dreamix powers were a bit confusing.

  8. Because I still don’t have Netflix *mutters about her six million other first-world problems* I can’t talk about the literal vs. figurative dreams argument. I can say, however, that the Dreamix song does tend to get stuck in my head, and I like the transformation sequence. It’s very ethereal and fairy-like to me. I like the transformation sequences in “Winx” just as much as anybody. and I understand that “Winx” tends to be a mashup of classic and modern fairies. But still, do fairies really need to float around in space while special effects cover them? But my heart’s really not in this rant, because I like seeing the animations in the sequences. Especially Bloomix; I feel like Rainbow was really thinking creatively with all the transitions.

    Just glancing at Dreamix, no one really stands out to me as looking particularly bad. Stella’s stands out to me because I have mixed feelings – I both like the sash things and hate them. Flora’s stands out to me because it just looks really…Flora: elegant and feminine, but also ready to kick your butt if you make one wrong move.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks Musa’s Dreamix actually looks really nice? It does to me, that is my opinion and I am a fan of that shade of pink and the circular wings. And does anyone have any idea why WOW turned Tecna’s hair totally purple? Oddly enough, her outfit had no purple in it.
    I hated no one’s wings though Stella’s ragged edges and Tecna’s pointed leaf shape got to me too.
    I have a question, if Roxy had Dreamix, which color would look the best on her?
    One more comment…Stella and Flora used to have the longest hair in the group, in and out of transformations. Until Sirenix gave Musa floor length hair and after that she began getting the longest. In Dreamix, Bloom suddenly has the longest hair of them all. Before, I’d been noticing they kept her behind Stella. Or maybe that is just my opinion.

  10. Don’t worry about whose Dreamix you like best. My fave is Bloom, and most people I’ve seen talk about Dreamix place hers at the bottom of their list because it looks “too plain”. Different strokes for different folks.

    As for Tecna’s hair color, I think it has to do with WoW’s different, slightly muted color palette. Like the way Aisha’s hair looks almost pink instead of the usual brown we see on the main show. Stella’s hair also has this duller yellow color instead of the golden shade on the main show. But then again it doesn’t quite explain why Roxy’s hair color stays the same, so I guess… artistic choices? Purple looks good on Tecna, though. I certainly don’t mind.

    The hair length thing… You’re right, Bloom’s hair was waist-length in season 1 but grew to be as long as Stella’s and Flora’s from season 2 onwards. From then on I think everyone’s hair (except Tecna’s, for obvious reasons) were at the same length, which is around knee-length or so (I don’t recall anyone having floor-length hair except Bloom in Dreamix form). Bloom’s Dreamix hair is noticeably longer than everyone else’s, you’re right about that. I’ve always liked that popular fandom headcanon that the longer a fairy’s hair is, the more powerful she is (let’s just ignore the implication this headcanon has on Tecna, shall we). If we go by that headcanon, it could symbolize the fact that Bloom is the most powerful in Dreamix form (see also: that time Dark!Tinkerbell wiped the floor with the other five Winx girls by just using a fraction of Bloom’s power). It could make sense.

      • No, I got your point. Your comment looked like a reply to mine from the first sentence. Look at Sirenix though, Musa really stands out in it, not just the hair style but the length! Not to say she doesn’t look amazing 😀 Thanks for explaining WoW’s color palette.
        I never even heard of that headcannon, let alone believed in it. In fact, no offense to anyone but those long majestic hair with the way-too-short Believix skirts looked ridiculous to me. It made sense in Harmonix and in SOME Enchantix and the other forms but in Believix I was just thinking…do you want princess-vibe or supergirl-vibe, make up your mind…! Sorry, I know that was a bit off-topic.
        About this…there’s a lot to be said about Rainbow hyping Bloom’s power from Season 1 and 24/7 afterwards…but villains have their own power and Dark!Tinkerbell (Whose wings I find very odd) ‘s power was added to by Bloom’s. The Winx have usually had to work together to beat enemies anyway and not only did the enemy take something from one of them but they were also missing a teammate. Plus, we don’t know how much power she took from Bloom but Bloom herself wasn’t able to break out of that orb. But there’s no point in justifying this, Rainbow loves to rub it in that their favorite is the best in every manner. Again sorry for sounding cynical.
        Finally though, FINALLY, Tecna got a full set of wings, front and hind! The closest she ever got to that was in Believix, but her hind wings were just frames… 😀 Aisha and Musa’s powers were really well used 😀

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