Did World of Winx turn out exactly how you thought it would? Not for me. The final product barely matched my predictions. Thank goodness my lame ideas didn’t come true, but I was surprised (and disappointed) by a few things that did (or didn’t) happen.

Here are five of my expectations that weren’t met:

Winx Club 7X04 - Timmy, Brandon, Nex, Sky, and Helia

1. The guys would be in it.

You can’t blame me. They’re in every season, even if they don’t play major roles. I thought they’d have their own side story in World of Winx like in season four.

I also made up a suitor for Musa who’d turn out to be a spy for the Talent Thief. He’d pretend to fall in love with her to get close to the Winx. I named him Cole. Don’t ask me why. 😛

Anyway, I hope the guys show up next season. It felt weird not seeing them around, although at least it gave each Winx more screen time.

2. Ace would be a villain.

I’ve mentioned this before. I thought the reality show would be a front for the Talent Thief’s kidnapping operation. What better way to attract talented kids? Ace and the crew would be in on it. Eventually, he’d eventually figure out the Winx were spying on him, and they’d have to fight him.

So much for that. He was just your typical TV host character. The closest he came to being a villain was in “Dangerous Waters” (1X10), when he was under Smee’s hypnosis. We could learn more about Ace next season (if he’s back), but for now, he doesn’t seem to be tied to Tinker Bell.

3. The talents would be real kids, and the show would feature segments about their lives.

I came up with this soon after Netflix added a description to the show’s page. We were trying to guess why they categorized World of Winx as a reality show and were talking about kids auditioning for it. Guess someone at Netflix (or Rainbow) confused the show within the show for the actual show. 😛

Anyway, I thought each episode would follow a random kid’s life, narrated by the Winx who shared their interest (i.e., Aisha for sports, Musa for music, etc.). Near the end, an enemy would try to steal the kid’s talent, and the Winx would protect them. That sounds boring. I’m glad I was wrong.

4. The enemy organization would be a human crime syndicate.

This was before we found out the Talent Thief was Tinker Bell. I thought World of Winx would be a more typical spy story with the Winx busting into an underground compound to free the kidnapped talents. Could the Talent Thief still have been a magic being? Sure, but I didn’t think she’d be a fairy! (Or a pixie. I still don’t know.)

I also expected more common action scenes like car chases, hand-to-hand combat, and escapes from the enemy’s lair. Instead, Rainbow focused more on the fantasy aspects like Dreamix and World of Dreams. Oh, well.

World of Winx 1X01 -- The Winx Judging Contests

5. The Winx would create the reality show.

I know I just said I thought the Talent Thief would create WOW!, but I had other ideas, too. In one of them, the Winx would create the show to lure the Talent Thief to them. Yes, that’s using the talents as bait. But since the Winx actually did that (poor Naoki), I don’t feel guilty anymore for coming up with this. 😛

That’s my list. What were some of your expectations for World of Winx? Did they come true?

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51 Responses to ““World of Winx” Season 1: Expectation vs. Reality

  1. I pretty much had the same thoughts, Oblivious, but I didn’t think about point 4 since it didn’t cross my mind, nor did point 5 really.

  2. Well, Cole was the demon from Charmed who fell in love with one of the witches he was supposed to kill. So that makes sense! 😉

  3. I don’t know but I kinda wondered if they would make references to past events. Seems WoW might be a AU to the main series (unless Season have them transforming into Dreamix suddenly)

  4. I really, really hope the Specialists don’t appear altogether. Why? Because wherever they go, there’s contrived relationship drama (mostly for Bloom/Sky and Musa/Riven until Riven got booted off the show, so now it’s just Bloom/Sky with a dash of Stella/Brandon for variety). I mean, have you seen how much better the show is without the plot being interrupted every five minutes so that one of the girls can mope about how much her boyfriend doesn’t understand her? The only love interest who was the voice of reason was Nabu, but of course they had to toss him aside and replace him with someone I could have sworn season 2!Aisha would never bother looking at twice. Sorry OP, I know you love Nex, but I honestly still can’t warm up to him. I’m glad Aisha has moved on and found happiness, and I’m glad that for once, the show has a permanent death (even though it does feel like a cop-out to kill off the character we’ve only known for a little more than a season at that point), but the show needs to develop him more if it expects me to like him.

    Same goes for the cutesy pets we get every other season. Sure, I’m not going to lie, Kiko has become such a trademark icon for the show that it felt weird having a show without him, but it saves us a ton of ‘oh we’re having this thirty second segment where the pets are doing something supposedly cute just so we can sell merchandise and appeal to the little kids’ moments, if you know what I mean.

    When you take a step back and look at things in hindsight, it’s kind of amazing how much better Winx Club can be when the creators aren’t forced to pander to the little kids all the time (even though they ARE the show’s target demographic).

    • I actually knew you were gonna say that. I don’t remember where I read it, but I knew you didn’t really miss the guys being there. Yes, they mostly cause “drama” nowadays, but as someone pointed out on Facebook, they could have been helpful here as a second team looking for the talents. I only talked about the suitor I made up for Musa, but I had a lot of other ideas for roles the guys could have played that weren’t just “drama.”

      Since you brought it up, I’ll say one thing about Aisha and Nex. I think a mistake the fanbase makes when it comes to the couples is judging them based on whether they like the guy or not. The biggest reason I love this couple is there’s an actual story here — raw ideas Rainbow can work with.

      For all the fanbase’s love for and obsession with Nabu, his character and his love story with Aisha didn’t offer much to work with story-wise. Rainbow set him up to be this “perfect” guy (the voice of reason all the time, as you said), and they wrote their relationship as being practically “perfect.” Those are storytelling dead ends (no pun intended).

      If it was written like that from the beginning, what if Rainbow did it on purpose? What if Nabu was supposed to be a temporary love interest? I know the fanbase would never accept that possibility because they love him so much, but there are other signs of it going all the way back to season three.

      Maybe by analyzing Nex, you and other fans see him as someone Aisha would never be interested in. But there’s an underlying concept in this relationship that might explain it, and it goes beyond personality. I won’t say anything more than that. The only thing I agree with you on is Rainbow needs to develop his character more, especially since they botched his introduction to the show with the love triangle.

      • Haha, oh gosh, if you manage to remember me saying that somewhere, I must be repeating myself like a broken record all the time lol. Sorry about that.

        Well, to be fair, every single official couple involving a Winx girl is a dead end, storytelling-wise. There’s nothing more to develop about them. They got together, and they’ve had enough ups and downs for it to be either boring or contrived (See: Bloom and Sky’s constant Diaspro drama, Musa and Riven’s constant drama until season 6, or the retconning of Tecna and TImmy’s relationship for the sake of having one token Tecna-centric episode in season 5, or the forced Flora/Helia drama in seasons 5 and 7). Recently they’ve introduced a rather interesting subplot to develop Tecna/Timmy, by having Timmy bond with Tecna’s parents, but other than that, yeah, it doesn’t look like any of the ships are going anywhere, so it’s not just a problem exclusive to Aisha and Nabu.

        Besides, at that point in season 4, Aisha/Nabu was a fairly new relationship. Nabu hasn’t been around long enough for his romance with Aisha to become boring yet, even with all the ‘perfection’, at least in my opinion. So that eliminates the need to write him off to spice up Aisha’s love life. If you used that line of reasoning with Musa/Riven, then yeah, it would have made more sense.

        I think we all hated the love triangle. I don’t care who Aisha chooses, she could have ended up with Roy for all I care, but I would have preferred it if the writers 1) waited until season 6 to introduce a potential love interest for her, or 2) introduce him in season 5, but don’t make them get together or have any hints of romance until season 6. Just… eliminate the stupid love triangle and give her some time to mourn her dead fiance in peace, for god’s sake.

        • Well, to be fair, every single official couple involving a Winx girl is a dead end, storytelling-wise. There’s nothing more to develop about them.

          I disagree. Perhaps with Bloom and Sky, but not the other couples. Flora and Helia, for example, haven’t been developed enough in the right ways. The love triangle in season five was the wrong way. They were too far along as a couple for something like that to get between them.

          But their relationship hasn’t been tested yet. They’re just…cute. That’s it. There’s a lot more that can be done with them to make their love more meaningful.

          You mentioned how Tecna and Timmy have a side plot with her parents. Not all the Winx have met their boyfriends’ families. That’s one possible angle right there. If nothing else, transitioning the couples to settling down together would provide new storytelling potential.

          Besides, at that point in season 4, Aisha/Nabu was a fairly new relationship. Nabu hasn’t been around long enough for his romance with Aisha to become boring yet, even with all the ‘perfection’, at least in my opinion. So that eliminates the need to write him off to spice up Aisha’s love life.

          I think you misunderstood what I meant. I wasn’t talking about the relationship becoming boring. I highly doubt that’s why they killed him off.

          I’m saying they never intended for him to stay. For years, we’ve been assuming he was meant to be her permanent love interest, but Rainbow said, “Never mind” and got rid of him. Or they killed him off just for drama’s sake (or to “spice up her love life” as you said).

          What if that’s not true? What if the writers set up a tragic love story from the beginning? Again, there are signs of it even in season three.

          Aisha and Nex’s relationship is new, too, but the set up is noticeably different from her and Nabu. Of course, the fanbase is only focusing on which guy they like more as a person, but if you compare these two as characters, Nex has more to offer storytelling-wise. This relationship has more potential, but I won’t go into why right now.

          Just… eliminate the stupid love triangle and give her some time to mourn her dead fiance in peace, for god’s sake.

          I hate that the love triangle has damaged Aisha and Nex’s story so much. Honestly, if Rainbow hadn’t introduced Roy, I think everything would have made more sense. I feel like the fanbase is taking that frustration out of Nex, and that’s why they won’t accept him as her boyfriend.

          • You have a point re: the development of the pairings, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s crystal clear by now that Rainbow has no idea how to write relationships that don’t involve unnecessary jealousy. Like Bloom/Sky and the case with Diaspro and Andy, or Musa/Riven with Jason Queen and that random unnamed blonde fairy in season 5, or Flora/Helia and Krystal, or Stella/Brandon with Mitzi and Amentia. It’s getting old. I say we ditch the dudes altogether.

            As for Nabu not being a permanent character, your reasoning would only work if we assume that Rainbow plans the show ahead. Which given what we have seen so far, I have a hard time believing. Their indecision when it comes to which spiky-haired guy Aisha should go with should be enough proof of that, not to mention the fact that Musa/Riven was going pretty alright in season 5 but then suddenly Riven’s rivalry with Sky, which we all thought he’d put behind him in season 1, resurfaced without any reason whatsoever and became the catalyst that caused them to break up in season 6, just to name a few examples. But even if they did, we have no way of knowing it. For all we know, they’re making it up as they go along, and didn’t really decide on killing Nabu until well into planning the second half of season 4. All I’m saying is, it’s all just speculation. And it’s still not a reason why Nex would be a better alternative.

            That being said, I’m curious. What signs do you think pointed to Aisha/Nabu being doomed in season 3? I’m not being sarcastic, this is a genuine question. To me, it felt like Rainbow at least put some thought into it, with Aisha and Nabu both sharing the experiences of a lonely and strict childhood (something I’m sure none of the others could relate to. Sky and Stella were raised as royals, but abandonment issues never came up as one of their problems) and their mutual opposition to their arranged marriage. Though to be fair, the whole stalking thing still bothers me, and it’s one of the signs that this show will never be able to write decent romances to save its life.

          • You have a point re: the development of the pairings, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s crystal clear by now that Rainbow has no idea how to write relationships that don’t involve unnecessary jealousy.

            Three words: Tecna and Timmy.

            As for Nabu not being a permanent character, your reasoning would only work if we assume that Rainbow plans the show ahead. Which given what we have seen so far, I have a hard time believing. Their indecision when it comes to which spiky-haired guy Aisha should go with should be enough proof of that, not to mention the fact that Musa/Riven was going pretty alright in season 5 but then suddenly Riven’s rivalry with Sky, which we all thought he’d put behind him in season 1, resurfaced without any reason whatsoever and became the catalyst that caused them to break up in season 6, just to name a few examples.

            Seasons one and two were made around the same time. After that, I don’t know. Like you said, we can’t know for sure. Although in a recent interview, Mr. Straffi claimed he planned at least four seasons from the start.

            As for Roy and Nex, I disagree about Rainbow not being able to decide who to put Aisha with. Again, it’s about comparing the two guys as characters. The writers put little to no thought into Roy and rushed his supposed relationship with her. But they put a lot of thought into Nex and didn’t rush his relationship with her.

            I think they used Roy as a distraction from Nabu in season five, then carried him over into season six for the love triangle. Unfortunately, he ended up distracting from Nex as well, since people took Roy seriously as a contender for Aisha. But he was always a filler character at most.

            As for Musa and Riven, while his behavior in season six was sudden, the break up wasn’t. It was a long-time coming. Was this the best way for the writers to do it? Maybe not, but I don’t know if “not planning ahead” was the factor here.

            And it’s still not a reason why Nex would be a better alternative.

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you’re suggesting I meant Nex is the “better alternative” because Rainbow meant to kill off Nabu. Is that right? If so, that’s not even close to what I meant, but I’m not ready to explain it yet.

            That being said, I’m curious. What signs do you think pointed to Aisha/Nabu being doomed in season 3? I’m not being sarcastic, this is a genuine question. To me, it felt like Rainbow at least put some thought into it, with Aisha and Nabu both sharing the experiences of a lonely and strict childhood (something I’m sure none of the others could relate to. Sky and Stella were raised as royals, but abandonment issues never came up as one of their problems) and their mutual opposition to their arranged marriage.

            This setup was sweet, but consider what it meant for Nabu’s character. Look at the current lineup of characters. While the guys have similarities to their girlfriends, none of them are exactly the same as them.

            Nabu was the same as Aisha, down to them both having magic powers and — at least in comic canon — being royalty. They even had similar character design elements like long, brown hair. From a romantic standpoint, it sounds like they were “meant to be.” But from a writing standpoint, why did the group need two Aishas?

            Also, some fans don’t remember this, but he got little screen time in season three. On top of that, he and Aisha became a couple in the fewest amount of episodes: about four, three of those in a row. No other couple’s relationship was rushed together like that.

            But the biggest sign I’ve noticed looking back is in the comics. Every new, permanent character Rainbow introduced to the group in seasons 2-4 (specifically Aisha, Helia, and Roxy) was given a grand introduction in the comics. Nabu didn’t get one.

            Even though he was introduced in season three, he only appeared in three comics from that season. (This was back when the guys appeared in almost every comic.) Those appearances were spread out over a year. His debut was only in a flashback where Bloom recapped how he and Aisha met. He didn’t physically appear in the story.

            About a year later, he showed up again in two comics in a row. Then almost two years later, he made his final appearance in the season four comics. He was already dead at that point, so it was another flashback.

            So Nabu only appeared in four comics over three years. No in-universe explanation was given for why he wasn’t there. No one even mentioned him, not even Aisha. Doesn’t that seem suspicious?

            And in case you’re gonna mention Roxy, there were obvious signs of them phasing her out of the comics. She appeared in several comics before Rainbow finally got rid of her near the beginning of the season five canon. Nabu wasn’t “phased out.” He was just never there.

          • Unfortunately, Tecna is also the most unappreciated Winx girl out of them all. Pretty sure the only reason her relationship with Timmy hasn’t been ruined with unnecessary drama/hit with a love triangle yet is because the writers don’t give them enough focus for that to happen. I think they don’t really care about them, or they don’t think anyone cares about Tecna/Timmy enough to be invested in a love triangle involving the two of them. Yes, they got some really nice development with Tecna’s parents, but it took them an entire season of backpedaling and retconning their relationship for Rainbow to actually realize that there was another, better way to develop them. So even if the other pairings were to be developed in the right direction, it could probably take a while. I might be wrong, but until then, color me skeptical.

            Well, if they used Roy as a distraction for Nabu, that was a bad way to go about doing it. I’m not a Nabu/Aisha stan despite what you’ve seen here, but I would have liked a character death to be treated with respect, and that means Aisha should have gotten more time on her own to grieve, considering her fiance had just violently died in front of her a few months prior. Okay, this was more of a rant directed toward Rainbow, nothing to do with our discussion, ignore that.

            You may be onto something re: Nabu’s scarce comic appearances, I’ll give you that. It might hint that the writers never really thought he was important enough in the grand scheme of things (of course, if you ignore the fact that the comics and the show are considered alternate continuities with supposedly different writing teams working on them). I don’t usually follow the comics, so I obviously didn’t know this. As for him and Aisha being rushed together in season three… yeah, they were. If anything, I thought it was more of an indication of how terribly paced season three was rather than an indication of Nabu’s importance in the story, but YMMV.

          • A love triangle wouldn’t even make sense for Tecna and Timmy. Each couple needs to be developed in a way that fits their relationship. Maybe Rainbow doesn’t have the best track record, but I’m still optimistic. (Not about Bloom and Sky anymore, but about the others.)

            I don’t think the writers felt Nabu was unimportant. I think they had a different purpose for him than what the fanbase thinks his purpose was. Maybe they didn’t want us to get attached to him and Aisha as a couple, but so much for that. I’ve noticed something else interesting about their relationship, but I won’t get into that right now, either.

            I don’t think how rushed it was had to do with season three’s pacing. I think it was intentional. Like I said, no other official couple was rushed together like that. The only other rushed relationship was…Aisha and Roy. Of course, they weren’t a real couple, so there you go.

            As for the comics, I know some of them are written by the writers of the show. Some of Rainbow’s writers write comic book writers on the side for other companies. (Rainbow hires a lot of freelancers.) I own a comic, and it was written by Nicola Venanzetti, who was one of the writers at least of season seven and World of Winx.

          • A love triangle wouldn’t make sense with Flora/Helia either, who were always portrayed as a pair of hopeless romantics secure in their relationship and the calm, rational couple among their friends, but you’d be surprised what Rainbow can shoehorn in when the need for drama calls. And thus the Krystal fiasco was born. Sorry, I know I’m being cynical. You might think I am based on this conversation, but I’m not one of those fans who think Winx Club is going down the gutter, actually. We’ve had our ups and downs, but generally I still think we’re going strong. It’s just that romance has never been this show’s strong suit, even back in the days, and I don’t see it improving anytime soon. I admire your optimism.

            I’m not a mind reader, so I don’t know if the writers intended for the audience to get attached to Aisha/Nabu or not, but the way they were written in season four had me rooting for them (Except the fact that this relationship pretty much reduced Aisha to a lovestruck schoolgirl, always fawning over how great her boyfriend is. Please tell me I’m not the only one who noticed that.). I also know that a lot of love for Nabu stems from the fact that he died, and I’m fairly certain people wouldn’t care about him as much as they do now had he lived. It’s kind of a thing I’ve noticed with deceased characters; people appreciate them more. Those characters are sometimes even glorified, in a way.

          • I didn’t think the love triangle was the right call for Flora and Helia, either. Still, you know I’m also not one of the fans who think Winx Club‘s going downhill. I feel there have always been some problems with it (maybe the love stories could be included), and people overlook those issues now. But in general, the show’s going strong.

            I’m not saying Rainbow didn’t want us to root for Aisha and Nabu; in fact, I think that was part of the setup. If we hadn’t been rooting for them (I was, too), we wouldn’t have been sad when he died. But I agree with you that his death has spawned a lot of this love for him, and the fanbase probably wouldn’t care about him (or that couple) as much if he had lived.

            My point is just that I think Rainbow meant for him to be a temporary love interest. Like I said, there’s something else I’ve noticed about that couple’s story, but I won’t talk about right now. Rainbow may have botched Nex’s introduction to the show, but the setup of their relationship gives this love story more potential. But the writers will have to clean up the mess they made first (the love triangle and not letting Aisha mourn long enough).

          • Even your conversation, since the boys were brought up, became really dramatic 😀 I simply do not like the boys very much except Timmy and while they have been helpful…I don’t know why Winx Club as a show even needed them. But it is a modern fairytale so there was no way they would not be in. I frankly never noticed them much or missed them or saw a point for them. I’m sorry, my opinion really sounds indifferent, but I am being honest. I won’t scream about it, I just felt like I had to confess.

          • I don’t see it as dramatic. We’re just…talking. ‘_’

            You’re not the first person who’s said the boys aren’t needed. Even I though I like them, you’re right. They’re not needed, and World of Winx proved it.

            Still, I’m used to seeing them, and it could have been an opportunity to develop them more (if Rainbow ever intends to). Granted, WoW isn’t canon, so it may not matter.

          • The only thing that bothers me about this conversation is how ridiculously narrow our replies are getting the further we go lol. But yeah, we’re just discussing. It’s kind of nice that even though we disagree, we can still talk about it. I like hearing what other people think, even if I personally don’t see things their way.

  5. I hope there don’t bring back the Specialists. I like the smaller cast size, I think help writing because I don’t think their is enough time in 23 minutes episode to write for 11 plus characters.

  6. I am not too crazy about the Guys but, yeah that’s pretty much all the reasons too, and more, I was really disappointed, I’ve been a Winx fan since the beginning and ive never been disappointed that much since the last year . Too childish, too Cheery, even MLP tops at it on Plot and Vision. I was hoping for a more serious Spy story, like maybe little Marvel, DC etc.

    • I was kind of hoping for the same as well, but at least in my opinion, it didn’t feel as childish as in Seasons 5 and 6 of Winx Club.

  7. i don’t miss the guys but that’s only because could you imagine what they would look like in the fairy couture style? and yes they should have decided between being spies or being fairies from the beginning

  8. Thank GOODNESS no comedic animal companions were included. I personally can’t stand Kiko already and having him inserted into WoW most likely would have ruined a lot of the more serious moments; especially given Kiko’s entire purpose of just being “the cute comic relief.” As for the guys, I’m pretty indifferent on them not being included. There are many positives that came out of it like the Winx being completely independent and, as other people already pointed out, no contrived relationship drama (’cause I swear Sky would be more protective/possessive of Bloom if he found her working with Jim unless Rainbow decided to write Sky as a genuinely mature boyfriend by having him trust Bloom alone with Jim). Only negative I can think of is a pretty personal and pretty petty one and that’s not getting to see Helia and Timmy in action. I know, I know; it’s silly.
    Y’know, that twist with WoW! actually being the Talent Thief’s talent smuggling in disguise would’ve made for a nice twist. Ace’s more demeaning behavior would’ve had more meaning behind it if he were a major or minor antagonist instead of having it look like him being overly petty towards a former co-worker. I’m sure it was an idea that was brought up at some point but I can’t imagine why it was dropped completely. I guess to account for what’s going to go down in the second season.

  9. I don’t think the Specialists appear much in season 7 either. When they did got very little screen time.

  10. Ok, I FINALLY HAVE NETFLIX. My daughter and I just finished watching the entire season of WOW. I AM COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT.

    1) If WOW’s “other dimension” is Neverland, HOW did Rainbow get licensing/permission to use Disney Characters?

    2) Has Ignio Straffi been meeting with Bob Iger (CEO of Disney)??

    3) Is THIS why Winx left the United States? Because it took them several years to work out some kind of deal with Disney?

    4) Will the Winx Club become a Disney thing?


    Ok, I’m getting completely carried away. BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME.

    I need Musa’s detective mojo! I need answers!!

    • This might be a disappointing answer, since everything you and your daughter were talking about sounds exciting. 😅 But Disney doesn’t own the Peter Pan characters. They only own their adaptations of them. The characters themselves are public domain.

      • I knew I was in dreamland… *sigh* Not that I would wish Disney ownership on any art that I love… but it sucks living in the US. …for several reasons…

        • Theory about airings in the US (in a what if game) : Rainbow is Bloom and Viacom is Diaspro. Cartoon Network is Sky and 4kids is Flora (offering a place for network tv only places just so people could see the show). Diaspro wants Sky but Sky wants Bloom so she’ll either take Sky or destroy him. Diaspro’s plot? Bury Bloom where she can’t get enough air to make a fireball (Nick Jr. & forgetting to market the show on purpose because she hates her villainous portrayal) Then she can try to get Sky. Sky refuses and is trying to rescue Bloom but Diaspro keeps interfering with his plans. Perhaps Disney’s Aisha and could aid in a rescue at some point?

  11. Reply to those boxes with you and Lex:
    I only called it dramatic because of the way your replies were appearing and how the boxes were fighting to contain them XD

  12. I agree in you with some points but have a very different opinion in others

    1. The guys would be on it: to be honest me and my friends actually loved the fact that the guys weren’t anywhere to be seen, in the last seasons they’ve been nothing more than forced and poorly written romantic subplots that just hinder the progress of the plot (looking at you Nex), it was cool on s1 and 2 when the relationships were developing but now that they’re honest to goodnes relationships they really don’t have much else to talk about.

    2 Ace would be a Villain: i kind of thought of Ace eventually becoming some kind of Semi-villain, not the main villain but the typical guy trying to unmask the fairies or finding out the WInx’s secrets and why are they so prone to disappear, it was a nice surprise when they basically announced they gave that role to Laurelaine , ehrr Lorelei? which is something i literally didn’t expect, let’s see if they do anything with it or just forget it ever happened, although i hope that plays a aprt on S2.

    3. the talents would be real kids and the winx would be there just to sell the show: Sorry for manipualting your words but that’s basically what i was worried about when they touched the reality show part, well you see when i was a kid there was a similar show based on that idea, it was a talent/contest show using animated characters of a really popular show as the judges and co-hosters, the’d co-host with a really-annoying guy that was like a real life version of Ace ventura and overall the show was just bad , you could tell the animated characters were there just to sell the show, there was no plot either just a contest show, you are right, the diea is really boring.

    4. the enemy organization would be a human crime syndicate: that’s a really interesting idea but do remember that Rai/the show did Mock an idea like that in season 4 where they tried to appear as super-heroines failed and at one point Bloom wanted to act and Flora went and told her that they should leave that to the competent Authorities and just focus on their own mission, showing what to me is more of a real side to a Fairy, yes they’ll protect stuff but they aren’t super heroines they are Magical beings fullfilling their own agendas and missions, which usually involve helping people.

    5 The winx would create the reality show: funny thing i thought at least the first two episodes of the season they’d be finding about that reality show and actually auditioning for being the hostesses in order to be able to be closer to the talents, and that they’d be marked as “the weird girls” by Ace and the other judges/contestants thanks to them being usually stuck in private conversations between then and mentioning “stuff that makes no sense” (things related to magic and their mission).

    6. Cutesy Magical sidekicks that are abandoned: this is just me but everytime i think of love and pet i can’t get a particular image of those magical animals, abandoned, sad, and starving out of my head :(, they actually also had Personal pets in there like Musa’s pepe or Stella’s Coco and Tecna’s duck, they aren’t anywhere to be seen anymore so it just gives the wrong message to everyone, and a really wrong one (don’t follow that example people!; don’t abandon your pets! they have feelings and love you unconditionally!) , i also think that the way they treated the Pixies in Season 7 was rather rude, even if they do hinder story and are basically filler by now the bond is supposed to be love. so i was really glad that there weren’t magical sidekicks, their abscence makes the story smoother and progress a lot faster plus it allowed for a lot of interesting extra subplots developing, like Jim, Evans and Gomez, and Ace/Laurelei? ,

    Overall i loved World of winx. it had a lot of the Original Rai seasons 1-2 Vibe, it was interesting and engaging, advanced the Plot smoothly, Developed a lot of interesting subplots (although imho the gomez and Evans one was ended too abruptly) , Gave girls personalities and individuality back, wasn’t afraid to try something different, and left me waiting eagerly for season 2 !

    • 1. It seems like a lot of fans feel that way about the guys. (I’m not sure why you singled out Nex. I have a hunch, and if I’m right, I don’t think that’s fair. But never mind.) Still, I wanna see them there. The fanbase is assuming everything in this show will be the same as the recent seasons of Winx Club, problems and all. Clearly, Rainbow has already proven that wrong. So who knows if the relationships would be written differently, too.

      2. Her name is Lorelei. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Ace does find out about the Winx in the next season.

      Jumping ahead to 4.

      4. Again, same thing I said in 1. This isn’t Winx Club, so the same “rules” don’t have to apply. Bloom once said in season three that no one on Earth (literally speaking) would believe Stella when she pretended to be sick. What did the Winx do to get out of their talent show obligations in one episode? Pretend to be sick. And Ace believed it. Guess Bloom was wrong.

      Also, the Winx may not have been superheroes in season four, but they kinda are now. Their mission in season four focused on saving one girl: Roxy. They had no reason to get involved in petty, everyday problems like robbery. This time, though, they’re trying to protect all the kids of Earth. They didn’t know if their enemy was magical or non-magical, but I don’t think that would have mattered.

      • I honestly didn’t like ace but absolutely hated Lorelei and her downfall was the most entertaining furthermore tinkerbell has stolen a piece of bloom’s dragonfire
        Honestly you’d think that someone wouldn’t devise to stop people from stealing bloom’s power considering this is the 3rd time it’s happened
        Also tinkerbell’s reason for why did what she did makes her more like a spoiled brat

        • Ace was a pretty basic character, and I guess I just like that character type. I won’t say he wasn’t annoying sometimes, but he was so weird and over the top, I couldn’t help but like him. Lorelei on the other hand… ugh! 😑 One of her lines cracked me up, but other than that, I didn’t like her.

          I don’t think there’s a way to stop someone from stealing another person’s power, even if it is the Dragon Flame. It’s obviously easy to do, and we’ve seen it done to other characters over the years. Bloom just needs to be more careful. I admit, though, that that gimmick has been overused.

      • Well the reason i don’t like Nexx is because it’s like doing a really bad reset on Riven’s Story only this time he’s even more of a jerk, Riven is one of my favorite characters in the show and pretty much the only specialist they bothered with character development, he goes from being the total jerkto the villain’s minion, to an anti-hero to a friend, to a guy with problems balancing his emotional side in with his more tough side in s4 to someone with an actual Drive and ambition of his own, when he starts those training sessions in S6 he actually shows a drive an ambition he no longer wants to “just beat sky” he now strives to become the leader of a specialist squad by his own will, not to just proof he’s better than someone with noble upbringing, yes he’s still focused on beating sky but yo can tell that’s no longer the gist of his character. We’ve already seen that story so Nexx is just really boring and unnecessary, if they really wanted to give Aisha a new boyfriend they could’ve actually made a guy with a new and different personality and not a bad Riven re-run.

        • That’s what I thought. I disagree 100 percent. I’ve already written a few posts about Nex vs. Riven. You’re welcome to read them if you want, but I try to summarize my thoughts.

          I don’t think Nex is supposed to be “the new Riven.” Are there similarities between them? Yes. They’re both competitive and athletic, they’re both rude at times (though Riven was more so), and when they were introduced, they both had a rivalry with another guy (Sky and Roy). But one of the biggest differences between Nex and Riven can be summed up in two words: “outgoing” and “friendly.” That’s how Rainbow described Nex, so it’s how they intended for him to be perceived. Riven was a loner and usually grouchy and unkind.

          Nex is supposed to be a more upbeat, social, and (yes) friendly character. He’s more like Aisha than Riven. She’s competitive and abrasive sometimes, too, but she’s brave, has a kind heart, and loves to have fun.

          Unfortunately, because of his bad first impression and the love triangle in season six, most fans only pay attention to Nex when he does something they don’t approve of. He’s being judged through what’s called by the horn effect (or devil effect), a bias that affects how we treat real people, too. If our first impression of someone is negative, we ignore anything positive about them. We exaggerate their flaws, and we focus on actions and behaviors that support our negative opinion. Thus, Nex has become “more of a jerk than Riven,” even though his list of offenses is much shorter and not as serious.

          Also, you mentioned that Riven had a lot of character development. That’s true. But Nex is a new character. Should we expect him to already be developed as much as a character who was there for six seasons? It’s way too early to compare him to Riven that way.

          Nex’s story has just begun. Because he’s new, Rainbow focused on establishing his relationships with Aisha and the Specialists in seasons six and seven. Season eight might be when they start to develop his character more. If he’s supposed to be friendly, I doubt they’d replay Riven’s story. It wouldn’t (and doesn’t) fit his character.

          I’ve also read the comics and book Nex has been in. In “La Prova di Nex” and La Leggenda di Erakylon, I think Rainbow did a better job of portraying his character the way they mean for it to be. Unfortunately, those stories aren’t canon. Clearly, the writers need to bring the Nex from those stories into the show.

          Sorry for the long comment, but I feel the same way about Nex as many fans do about Riven. I see lots of potential in him and in his relationship with Aisha. I’m tired of him being treated as worthless because of weak comparisons to previous characters.

      • Well i hope you’re right, i personally think that there are a lot of more ways to adress a relationship with a guy that starts as a “problematic suitor” than him just being a jerk at the start, if anything a love story i’d like for any of their suitors would be a guy who’s the opposite to the winx outside of the Good vs Evil line, someone who’d be basically laid back, maybe even clownish and didn’t care or mind about taking anything seriously making him an unreliable wild card, then he meets Aisha who shows him that taking things seriously is not bad and he starts by taking her seriously, wanting to be with her and discovering the world with her, until he becomes someone more responsible and reliable, i don’t know i just feel that someone who starts with more of a rumplenstinskin-like personality would be a better suitor for Aisha and tell a story we’ve yet to see in the show even if the character annoys the fans at first, because let’s be honest Riven’s/Nexxs(how he’s currently portrayed in the show) problem boyfriend story is something we’ve already seen in many other shows that it just loses its charm over the years, oh and we’re due for a clever/witty-type specialist.

        • I disagree again. The show hasn’t portrayed Nex as a “problem boyfriend/suitor” the whole time. I think that’s the “horn/devil effect” talking again. Most fans only seem to remember Nex’s negative moments. Because of that, they judge him as a problematic character, even though he hasn’t caused much trouble for Aisha or the rest of the group.

          I’ve paid close attention to Aisha and Nex (who are my favorite couple now). The “problem suitor” thing only lasted for his first few appearances at the beginning of season six. After that, those two started getting along well. They both love sports, they’re both fearless and determined, and they have excellent teamwork. They encourage and praise each other, too.

          Currently in the show, they’re still getting along well. Their relationship doesn’t feel strained at all. Are they a perfect couple? No, but I like that about them. Nex is arrogant sometimes, but I feel that Aisha humbles him. She’s not afraid to call him out on his behavior, and that may be exactly what he needs. He seems to see her as his equal, so he respects her.

          As for likable things he’s done, again, I think the “horn/devil effect” may have obscured some of them. The love triangle didn’t help, of course, but aside from that, Nex cooperates well with the group. Unlike Riven, he’s never tried to take control or do his own thing. He seems to have some leadership skills, too.

          I’m surprised you haven’t noticed his outgoing side, though. He’s more energetic and wild than Aisha is! I’ve also noticed that he’s never alone in the group. He’s always with someone else, either chatting with them or just standing next to them. Extroverts don’t like being alone. Again, that’s different from Riven, who preferred to be alone.

          I admit Nex hasn’t been developed much yet, but like I said, I think that’s because Rainbow focused on integrating him into the group first. I also admit the beginning of his relationship with Aisha wasn’t really unique (although it was the first love triangle within the main group). But that doesn’t mean they’re not a unique couple. I could go on and on about what makes the setup of their relationship different from the other couples, but I’m saving that for later.

        • The comics may have done a better job of portraying and fleshing out Aisha and Nex’s relationship. “La Prova di Nex” takes place on Andros and shows Nex protecting her, the two of them coming up with a plan to defeat an enemy, praising each other, etc. Bloom and Stella tells Aisha’s father the couple is “fantastic” and seems “made for each other.” Aisha says at one point that Nex really cares about her and is willing to risk his life to prove it.

          Unfortunately again, none of this seems to be obvious in the show.

  13. oh god how do i reply to your last Post OP?, sorry, i’m new in the site, discovered it yesterday and loved it! oh and btw about long posts, those are great!.
    Well my reason for seing Nexx as a Riven re-run is because the show just portrayed him like that for a whole 2 seasons, it might get better in season 8, he did some likable things by the middle to end of season 7 but he wasn’t too social or outgoing during early season 7 and well those two words can describe any of the specialists except maybe for Timmy and Helia which are most of the shy and lost in his imagination poetic types respectively which is also a good argument plot for Helia that Rai hasn’t noticed or haven’t cared on developing with Helia being absorbed by his own thoughts all the time and Flora showing Helia that reality can be great too, the fairy of nature showing her suitor the magic of the world surrounding him sounds as a very interesting romantic subplot, anyways enough rambling about Helia and back to Nexx which for the most part got presented as a ” jerk-type problem suitor” even if it was unintentional he’s been just that during his on-screen time, whichs is a story that tbh has already been told by winx along so many other series and well it just feels like rainbow could’ve used another base for the character, maybe someone that starts being more of a WIld card with a more rumplestinskin-like personality who fullfills his own agenda, is more of a prankster-like persona who helps when he feels like it but usually doesn’t feel like helping until Aisha catches his interest and he progressively becomes a more reliable guy, he could even start as a character who willingly abandoned Magix to go live on earth because it’s just easier for him, then Aisha starts showing him the wonders of Magix, friends and everything and the world he once abandoned catches his eye again from the perspective of Aisha. .

    • Nex did start off playing what was intended to be a joke (gone wrong) by causing Roy to fail in the training because of Aisha being a distraction, so later when Roy slips on his own nex tries to help him during Aisha’s courses. We once had a bit about leading in the girls group. Seeing as how the guys are pretty much male versions of the girls…we can assume that command goes the same way and it’s alluded to in s6 and 7. Here’s the short version of it.
      Bloom & Sky are the overall leaders because they have the charsima for it and decide the objectives and since their insanely stubborn yet can see the big picture no one bothers to challenge them much unless they have a good reason to.
      Aisha & Nex are the most confident after them and if the winx were depowered and Bloom & Sky went awol they would be the most useful and can give out direct orders during combat.
      Tecna & Timmy are the brains who help the former four come up with the best way for the objectives to be accomplished quickly.
      Stella and Brandon can lead but they simply choose not to because they like to goof off.
      Musa could lead but she’s too angry, Riven…there’s no way he’d have won that contest anyways, he lacks the social skills to lead because if you thought Musa was angry…that’s an understatement for Riven.
      Flora & Helia? They’re simply too soft until you mess with them, although they can lead….unless they get some gumption they’re better off not.
      Roxy has also proven she could lead as well, but she’s too scared.
      Daphne & Thoren ? While they probably should be in charge (age and experience) they simply choose not to.

    • I expect it, too, but I’m hoping it will be Bloomix. That would be more interesting to see the big screen. I could also see Mythix as a possibility. I’d love to see a movie based on the Legendarium World concept. There’s so much more Rainbow could have done with it.

      • Why the season 6 forms?
        Do you agree or disagree that trapping the trix in limbo outside of time for all eternity was the only option left that the winx had over than the unthinkable option actually killing the trix?

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