World of Winx.

Yeah, I know. “About time, OP!” It’s only been about a month and a half since it premiered!

Sorry, guys. If you need an explanation, see my post from a couple weeks ago. Also — and I hate to play this card again — I’m a college student. The semester just ended last week. I’m finally free again — at least for about a month and a half.

Enough excuses. Let’s get started. What did I think of WoW season one?

I liked it. I didn’t love it, but it kept me hooked (pun intended) long enough to binge-watch all 13 episodes from 3-9 a.m. the day it premiered. I’ve never done that before with any show. (I regret nothing.)

What kept me from loving it? One thing was knowing it’s not canon. Boy, does it show! I’m not sure it fits into the main timeline at all!

The Winx are friends with Roxy (or at least Bloom is), but she’s not being hunted by The Wizards of the Black Circle? And she still works at the Frutti Music Bar? But she knows she’s a fairy, she’s good with her magic, and she can already transform? (She said something like, “If only we had our wings,” in one episode.)

And in episode one, Tecna said the Winx had already been on Earth for months. Where’s Love & Pet? Where’s their band? And no one knows they’re fairies, but Earth has magic again?

Why is the room spinning?

I guess it doesn’t matter. WoW‘s a spinoff, so it doesn’t have to follow Winx Club‘s timeline. The most it can be is an alternate season five, but even that’s stretching it a bit. In the end, it’s just a nice, little distraction for older fans. It’s not worth fussing over.

If we’re gonna pick it apart, we’d have to do it to PopPixie, too. Pixies have transformations, The Tree of Life has yet another function it doesn’t have the main show, Digit and Zing are boys — forget it.


Something else I didn’t like about about WoW was the spy elements clashed with the fantasy elements. It’s like the show didn’t know if it wanted to be a spy drama or a fantasy story. Each one was fine on its own, but together they felt like two different shows.

I think the Dreamix transformation was the first problem. After the Winx got it, the spy stuff felt unnecessary. For example, they weren’t using their gadgets to figure out which kids they had to save. Their Dreamix powers told them!

Why would the Winx need spy tech anyway? Tecna’s The Fairy of Technology! Her magic would have been just as effective as those gadgets. Remember that spell she used in the last episode to scan the forest? That was way better than the thermal scanner on the Winxmobile.

I know part of the plot was they were hiding their magic, but…why? It was never clearly explained. At one point, Bloom said people would recognize them, but why would that have been a problem? It’s no weirder than finding out they’re spies, and they’re climbing walls and jumping roofs in catsuits!

It might sound like I didn’t like the spy gimmick, but that’s not true. I did. The outfits. The gadgets. The car. They were all cool.


But the Winx are fairies — mysterious, winged, otherworldly creatures. I don’t wanna see them act like humans. I wanna see them act like fairies, and the spy story got in the way of that.

Worse, when they did act like fairies, it wasn’t as interesting. That was another part of the clash between these stories. The spy scenes were more thrilling than the Dreamix scenes, so sometimes when the spy scenes turned to Dreamix scenes, the transition felt awkward.

I guess I just wish Rainbow had stuck with one story or the other. Have the Winx act like spies and not use magic, or have them act like fairies and ditch the spy gimmick. In fact, I think the Peter Pan elements would have been more interesting if WoW had been a strict fantasy show.

Here’s my alternate version:

Magic has returned to Earth, and now it’s in the wrong hands. Faragonda sends the Winx to Earth to investigate a string of kidnappings, which she thinks are the work of magic forces. The girls join a talent show called WOW! as scouts while secretly using their magic to track down the kidnapper.

Meanwhile, detectives Gomez and Evans are solving the case the old-fashioned way. (Maybe they could have had the spy gadgets.) They keep bumping into the Winx, so they suspect they’re involved somehow. It’s hard for the Winx to hide the truth from them, so they end up teaming up, which leads to them revealing they’re fairies.

Those are just random thoughts. In fact, having this be almost a “science vs. magic” story instead might have been more interesting.

Another complaint I have about this show? Roxy was in it.


Yeah, I bet you’re shocked. You know I love Roxy. In fact, while I was watching the first time, I was thrilled when she showed up. Seeing her in that spy suit chasing Jim and the detectives with Bloom? Oh, yeah! You go, girl!

But after I got some distance from the show, I thought about what’s been happening with her lately. Roxy was supposed to be the seventh Winx. That’s not an opinion or wishful thinking. It’s the truth. She was first introduced and advertised as a Winx.

Then in season five, she got demoted to recurring side character. I’ve written tons of posts about how Rainbow’s been keeping her in the spotlight, perhaps saving her spot in the club until a later season. But after how they treated her in Winx season seven, I’m starting to think they’re playing games with us.

They know a lot of fans love her. Why else would they hype her role in season seven on YouTube? But look what really happened. She hung out with the Winx in a few episodes and got a few new outfits, but she was still just a side character. Her role wasn’t that important.

Rainbow did the same thing with her here. They gave her a new outfit and a few scenes here and there. That’s it. No Dreamix form. No role in the final battle.

Wait, wait. She’s in the ending theme! That’s important, right?



What I’m saying is Rainbow’s using Roxy as fanservice now. (No, I don’t mean that type of fanservice.) They’re shoehorning her into everything just because they know she’s popular. Is she necessary? No —  not if she’s never gonna become a Winx.

I’d rather Rainbow left her out than treat her like this. Let her graduate and move on with her life. Don’t use her as a bait to lure us into watching the show.

This post is getting long, so I’ll stop here for now. Stay tuned for part II!

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52 Responses to ““World of Winx” Season 1: General Thoughts, Pt. I

  1. i’ve watched bits and pieces but the whole fairy couture thing throws me off, they constantly look angry even when they’re suppose to be happy and wasn’t the fairy couture style a winner in a design contest? are they going to make the dolls of them in fairy couture or normal style? that is the question

    • i just saw this in 2017 haha i don,t think there using roxy for fan service because she always have a important role only they don,t work it out and i think it is because they are lazy to draw the transform of roxy and also because they want that bloom is the most beautiful of the six or seven and if they give roxy dreamix than she will be so pretty and the fans will love her and then bloom is not that important anymore why you all ask now roxy will be more beautiful when they transform so everyone wants to see her more then because everyone likes it they have to give her a lead role or something important and they have to give a new story line because roxy must come in the scene so they can,t to that because how will it match with the winx like stella,aisha,musa,tecna,flora you know it will be to much and the transform scene will be to long so they cant make her in winx club self but they can give maybe more scene like she could help them undercover like be the watch or something like that you know they also can do is that the winx give there spot away to new students like in a new season maybe season 10 so there is 10 seasons and that roxy will be the lead role instead of bloom with here own group and that she develop more powers and that kind of stuff but do you want that????? i love the spy scenes they are cool only i hoped to see more of the fairy scene and i hoped they would make it more with fantasy and that in episode 1 that it maybe would start in alfea or at least in the magical dimension or just a begin story and not that they are caching somebody as spy,s so i was a littel disapointed but its okay i also think that they should give dreamix more powers and not that you can get dreams my opinion!!!>.< and that they should give the dreamix parts more scene and that they should make the scenes more interesting and littel scary what do you think??? i also hope that they woul bring back the old musa,tecna,flora,aisha,stella,bloom in there crcts,

  2. I also think all the Wink are all form earth in this show. Stella say she took American history while telling jokes in one episode.

    • Yeah, that joke was a little odd. But in the first episode, Tecna said, “We’ve been on Earth for months,” which implies they’re not from Earth. Maybe Stella was just trying to seem like a regular girl.

      • That the biggest problem I have with the show, we got almost no backstory . It feel like we begin in middle season.

  3. I’m going to be honest, there is nothing that the writers can do with Roxy at this point that will please everyone. Obviously she can’t be a Winx anymore – her opportunity passed by forever the moment Rainbow decided to demote her to an extra after season 4 (also 7 main characters is just way too many), so the only two options are either hang around with guest appearances here and there, or drop her completely, the way they did to Mirta. There will always be someone complaining regardless of whichever route they take her. If she hangs around, people will be dissatisfied that she’s just there but not as a Winx, or as you said, used as bait to lure the fans into watching the show, but if she drops off the face of the earth, they’ll complain that the show does nothing but discard characters once they’ve served their purpose and/or the novelty has worn off.

    Personally, I don’t mind that Roxy stays a recurring character that occasionally interacts with the Winx but doesn’t join. Not everyone on the show needs to be part of their clique, and I have a feeling Roxy wouldn’t have the same dynamic with the Winx as the Winx do with each other (if that makes sense) because she only started being a fairy at a time when the Winx have already become powerful saviors of the Magic Dimension. The gap in experiences here would be too big. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if they wanted a 7th fairy, season 3 was the last season to make it happen. Anything beyond that wouldn’t be the same.

    I disagree that she was used as a tool to attract viewers, though. Going by your logic (Rainbow knows she’s popular so they hype her up for season 7 to get people watching), why didn’t Roxy appear in any kind of promotional material before the premiere? She wasn’t in the trailer, she wasn’t even in the opening credits, everyone only found out she was going to be on the show halfway through watching episode 1. How is that baiting? Baiting would require them to at least let us know of her presence. It can’t be baiting if no one even knows she was going to be there.

    The only thing I really dislike about Roxy’s treatment is that the writers keep using the “no, this mission is too dangerous, we can’t involve you in it” excuse to leave her out of everything. That line of reasoning worked in season 4 when she was an inexperienced fairy, but it’s been years since then, surely she must have gotten stronger? She’s capable enough to lead a bunch of minor Alfea fairies in battle against the Trix, but she’s not strong enough to join the Winx on their missions? What a bunch of nonsense. Bloom pulled that excuse again in World of Winx, and at this point, it’s just getting old.

    (I’m about 99.9% certain that the reason why Roxy is always excluded in battles is because the animators are too lazy to animate her fairy form, let alone design a new one for her.)

    • I think when Bloom’s using that line it’s a Flora vs Miele argument but for a slightly different reason. Bloom knows Roxy’s capable but she doesn’t want Roxy to get involved in their dangerous lives the way Miele and Mirta got dragged into it. Bloom’s even pulled it on Daphne (who is the Aisha to Roxy’s Bloom in that minor fairy battle) too something tells me that while Bloom would have no issues with Roxy and Daphne joining them…she doesn’t want to lose them again after basically 20 years of Daphne being “dead” and Roxy almost dying during s4. The only way to fix this in the main timeline would be for all four of the Winx Associates to say something to the effect of “Bloom once you’ve been dragged into the life of a Winx…it sticks, so stop the bs.”

      • That explanation sort of makes sense, yeah. But still, doing dangerous things is kind of what fairies do. If what the Winx went through is standard procedure for fairies in general, Miele and Roxy are already bound to protecting the Magic Dimension for the rest of their lives anyway, and no amount of sheltering from Bloom or Flora will change that. I understand the sentiment behind it, but expecting younger fairies to sit out missions that would give them valuable experience for what would later essentially be their day job sounds pretty unreasonable. I really hope you’re right, and someone sits Bloom down and tells her she needs to stop.

        • It almost seemed like Roxy was going to in the finale of s7 but some writer said “Only Aisha, Tecna or Stella are allowed to force Bloom to change her mind, so no.” Not even Bloom’s own sister’s allowed to do it, weird. I think the way we saw Roxy and Daphne rush right to Bloom’s side in 7×25&26 it was almost as if Daphne and Roxy were trying to do the “let’s get back at our sister routine” sorta like Roxy was thinking “Bloom what if I tag team with Daphne then can i come along?” by saying “We’ll come with you.” Apparently Daphne was aware that it wasn’t going to work given the “No” from Bloom but let Roxy try it…leave it to Daphne to be everyone’s big sister! Oy…at least Flora will let Miele tag along now, Bloom needs to let Roxy and Daphne come along now. I mean sure it’s a nice sentiment but come on that’s like when Batgirl and Batwoman first started operating with Batman and Robin…Batman accepted Robin as a partner with no problems but…Batwoman and Batgirl he had issues with for pretty much the same reasons (aside from Batwoman later crushing on him because he couldn’t handle the fact that a girl could do what he could do, Robin had less issues with Batgirl but it was still sorta hesitant). This seems like something that Roxy needs to do in season 8 with Daphne, Mirta and Miele. All four need to go directly to Bloom ON SCREEN and sit down with her for a talk concerning the overprotectiveness. Possible conversation goes like this
          Daphne: Sis, i really don’t like having to do this but…
          Mirta: How come only Miele’s allowed to tag along when we’ve helped you just as much as she has?
          Miele: That’s actually a very good question, i’d really like it if we could have all our friends together on missions, we’re clearly stronger as ten than as six or seven.
          Roxy: Why Bloom? I thought you said i was a Winx but why aren’t you letting me join on missions?
          Bloom: The reason why Miele was allowed is because she did what I could not do during that whole selina double cross incident. She saved Flora. I can’t risk losing any of you that way. I simply choose to say that while you are Winx, don’t ever think that you’re not, i’m keeping you in the advisor position because I don’t want to lose the other three of you again like the times that i either did or came close to it.
          Roxy: We appreciate the sentiment Bloom, but this sounds like another one of your doubtful moments. We’ll be fine, once you get drafted into the superhero life it sticks.
          Bloom (thinking): She’s right (speaks): That’s why we need all of you, i don’t like it when someone gets my goat but I need it, stick around from now on.

    • I’ve had Lex’s sentiment for a while. There has been a feeling for a while now among fans that as the season progress the Winx are losing their uniqueness. They’re all becoming the same character. Musa isn’t the tomboy anymore for instance. And so what difference does it make if there are 6 or 10 of them if they’re all the same.

      My feeling is that the writers just don’t have enough for the current cast to do. I got that feeling in season 5 when they tried to split up the team but still had them doing the same thing. Why send 3 of them to search for something in the waters and then have the other 3 tag along in a simulation? The current 6 winx seem to be too much for them

      • You know what? I’ve never agreed with the idea that the Winx aren’t unique and individual anymore, and they all act the same. Funny thing is Rainbow doesn’t agree with it, either. They really seem to think they’re still masking them individuals, and I do, too.

        Something you just said made me realize what’s going on. “Musa isn’t the tomboy anymore for instance.” Was being “the tomboy” or “the musician” the only thing that made her unique?

        It sounds like the fanbase wants the Winx to each have a specific label — i.e., Musa’s the tomboy or musician, Bloom’s the artist, Aisha’s the athlete, etc. That’s a lazy version of individuality. It’s more like compartmentalization.

        Plus, it doesn’t account for how members of a group tend to rub off on each other. If you’ve been with someone as long as the Winx have been together, you do start acting like each other — or at least adopt some of each other’s beliefs and behaviors. It happens with friends, family members, couples, etc. Why are expecting it not to happen to the Winx?

        • Don’t get me wrong. I personally haven’t bought into it… yet. Tho I am concerned about it. Just because I haven’t seen bloom do any art doesn’t mean I think all 6 of them are artist now. The other thing they like to bring up is the new forms all look the same with different colors. The forms do have some personal touches but honestly it makes sense. After season 4 they kinda stopped unlocking forms of inner strength. The new forms are all gifted to them from a central source. Sirenix the quest, bloomix from bloom…etc.

          But I do stand by my feeling that the writer don’t know what they want to do with the characters. That they can’t come up with a bunch of things and send them off in subgroups. That or they are taking the s1 rai ending song too seriously. “we’re the girls of the winx club. we all do the same thing together…”

          But I don’t want to get too negative. I’ll move on to the more positive part II of your reaction.

          • Lol, to be fair, nowhere did it say “we all do the same thing together” in the RAI ending song for season 1. The closest thing that comes to that is “we’re all tied to the same fate together” (awkward English, but you gotta admit, there’s something strangely charming about the opening and ending songs of season one, sung with a heavy Italian accent). I get your point though.

          • lol, those are the lyrics? i guess the italian accent was heavier than i thought. but i love those old RAI songs

  4. I am so over Winx since Wow, but can’t get out of your blog, saw it on Facebook and just opened it, don’t know why. And I didn’t like it that much, Don’t know why but I was hoping much of a detective and spy thing, not lame old dreaming, if they got a Winx mobile couldn’t they have made it more like Batman or something, something serious, it would have been cool, not saying that much fight but just the Spy stuff they needed to enhance it.

  5. Wow. That was so much criticism in one post (In a good way though).
    Hope part II would be a little more positive.
    I don’t agree with the clash between fantasy and spy that you say is. This show can never be only spy. It wouldn’t be Winx anymore. Rainbow could never make them spy for the whole season and let them transform in the finale. That would be very non-Winx and to be honest, boring. We’ll all miss the fluttering of winx and use of magic. The only way the spy aspect could be infused in the show would be alongside their fairy life. I think Rainbow really wanted to include the spy thing. That’s why it was included in places where sometimes it wasn’t needed. But the spy thing was kinda necessary too. At this point in the show, they’ve got to do stuff other shows are doing too to keep up. There are a lot of undercover shows especially animes where heroes hide their identities. I liked it. I think it was something different and something the Winx haven’t done before.

    • Don’t worry. The second part is more positive. 🙂

      I guess you’re right that it would have been boring if it had just been a spy story. Like I said, they’re fairies. I wanna see them act like fairies. What I meant was more what you said about the spy stuff being included in places it wasn’t needed. It just felt out of place sometimes, and I wondered why they couldn’t just use their magic.

      Here’s an example: when they fought the Crocodile Man in the sewers. No one could see them, the WOW! cameras weren’t there, and Naoki already knew they’re fairies. Why couldn’t they have used magic then? The fight scene was cool without it, but it didn’t make sense.

      They also went ahead and used magic in the open at times when they could have gotten caught. Usually, it was at night, but there still could have been people around. I guess more than anything, it was inconsistent.

  6. I liked Wow’s first season. I was only afraid it will be too dark or too edgy (crator trying to won older audiences hearts too much) and about animation style. Happily, it was just a good adventure show with more complex plot that new Winx seasons. I think spin-off (or changing main characters/club or any different more drastic change) is what Winx show/brand needs now. And it’s easier to not compare it with story estabilished in first 3 seasons and movie etc.
    For animation – there was quite a lot of mistakes and weird looking shots and characters moved more mechanical, more linke puppets than in season 7 that looked pretty impressive. But those flaws were easy to overlook. 🙂
    What I didn’t like:
    – no introduction to universe, rules etc. Show would be hard to follow for people who never watched Winx and started from spin-off. For Winx fans, there was also a lot of mysteries – how different is WoW’s universe from regular Winx? What is canon and what isn’t? How old are our heroines? Why magic on Earth is unknown again, but Roxy is supporting character? Whats with boyfriends of Winx? Any introduction, any information would be nice
    – Flora’s character in episode 4 was very different from rest of the series
    – Musa didn’t have much character and spotlight in comparision of rest of Winx
    – I was dissapointed in the end (?) of Evans and Gomez storyline – they became friends with Winx and accepted magic a bit too eaily? I really liked them as characters
    – (I’m conflicded about this one) Peter Pan references was a bit unnecesarry, villians could be as well orginal characters…

    But I enjoyed a show a lot! 🙂 Not perfect, but it was pleasant to watch and I’m curious about season 2!

    • Err,I don’t understand what you mean by Flora having a different character from the rest of the series. I mean,if you mean leading a mission,she has done it at least once in the past seasons.

      • I have nothing against Flora leading a mission (she is my fave in WoW), but I feel like she acted differently than in rest of episodes – was less calm, less “listen to your heart” delicate type and more of a warrior. I would like to see Flora with her character presented in rest of episodes while leading a mission. 🙂
        It just my fells.

        • I see your point though… In episode 4, the way she leads a mission seems to be more of (I would say…maybe Bloom’s character) instead of hers. My personal opinion would be I am basically okay with it as along as she is the one leading the mission. In fact,it is the main reason why episode 4 is one of my favorite episode of WoW.

  7. *is the only person in the room who doesn’t have Netflix*
    *looks around for something to contribute to the conversation*
    *sees the Roxy part*
    *deep breath*

    I didn’t really see Roxy as bait for older viewers, but now that I think about it…yeah. I feel like Rainbow wants to do something with Roxy, but they don’t know what to do, so they just throw her in without thinking it through. Honestly, at this point I would’ve preferred what happened to Mirta in the first three seasons – guest appearances that are somewhat related to the plot, like when Valtor did that illusion with Lucy and…did Mirta do anything halfway significant in season two? I honestly don’t remember. Anyway, I really think that Rainbow needs to let Roxy go, because even if she does do something significant in season eight or one of the movies, it’ll be too late to really enjoy it.

    • Mirta’s biggest role in the series is during season 2 by helping the Winx to understand dark magic and learn something about those who they don’t always see clearly with. Now with Roxy…i think they want both her and Daphne in the group but are to scared to do it because new might percieve them the way some fans already do as lesser versions Bloom and Aisha respectively, whereas that actually wouldn’t be such a bad idea seeing as how that’s Rainbow’s angle with the heroes thing. If you have characters who have similar powers to the core group but act as the watchmen’s watchmen then you have a good dynamic…you could even make Mirta and Miele checks for Tecna and Flora too. That would really help out quite a bit, even Stella’s friend Nova and Princess Galatea could serve as checks to Stella and Musa. It would support the “Winx=JL of their world” implications since s4 too if they did fans and critics would cry foul because “oh noes Bloom and Flora have their sisters in the team talk about unfair!”

  8. I loved Wow. And I agree with a lot of what you said.

    1) Continuity. Well I grow headcanons like weeds so here’s mine. After season 7 the Winx went to Earth for the summer and discovered this mess. At the same time Roxy’s parents went to spend some time in Tir Na Nog and made her manager of the Frutti Music Bar as practice for being queen of Earth someday. Magic has returned to Earth but it needs to grow slowly and naturally (either in some mystical sense or in people’s awareness) so the girls need to keep it on the down low. So Tecna presented them all with awesome gadgets from Zenith– this last idea was a scene I was hoping to see and disappointed when the source of the gadgets wasn’t revealed. As to why they’re on a reality show, when they seem to spend so much time dodging the cameras… uh, that’s harder to headcanon! Maybe Stella got a job offer and being Stella jumped at it and the rest thought it would be more useful than it was? ^^; Anyway. Your headcanon may vary. Yay headcanon!

    1.5) The reality show was what really bugged my suspension of disbelief. The girls spend all their time trying to get away from the cameras and screwing with Ace, the show doesn’t seem to be helping them at all so why are they on it? And how does the show even work, how would you judge between the talentedness of a singer and a fashion designer? I don’t get it! Ok, I haven’t watched all the episodes, maybe we see the finals of the reality show and it makes perfect sense how they judge, but somehow I doubt that.

    2) Fairies and Spies. Soooo with you on this one, OP. I would bet money that someone at Rainbow had a great idea for an AU spinoff with no transformations where they used gadgets and their wits, then sometime after that someone said, “Wait, with no transformation there’ll be no fairy dolls! We’d lose all that merchandising money!” and so Dreamix was added. I really like Dreamix, and I really like the running around in catsuits and talking spy lingo, but the two elements don’t fit well in the same story. In fact WoW is a really weird mixture: spies, Winx fairies, reality TV, and Peter Pan. Sometimes they work together well and sometimes they just make no sense.

    3) Sorry OP, I actually really like Roxy in this role. I agree that she was gypped out of her proper destiny as a Winx, but since she was it’s nice to see her as a mature fairy living a life that isn’t ‘professional adventurer and permanent student’ like the Winx. She’s very cool and collected in most of her scenes and that makes her seem more mature than the Winx, which amuses me for some reason. I agree 100% that the animators should give her a transformation though. Even if it isn’t Dreamix, she should have a transformation appropriate to whatever adventures she’s having herself.

    • I like your headcanons regarding the continuity. Instead of outright dismissing the show as an alternate universe (it probably is anyway but for the sake of argument let’s pretend it’s not), why don’t we play a game and try to fit the show somewhere in the timeline? Imagine the possibilities people would come up with! That would be fun.

      • I say that WOW takes place about 10 years after the final season of the classic series. The reason we haven’t seen the guys yet or even had Bloom or Stella mention them is simply because the guys decided that the girls can handle themselves and would rather avoid a spat with his queen who is obligated to running around the universe with their friends to protect it because they aren’t just guardian fairies they are THE GUARDIAN FAIRIES. If it’s true, wise move Sky, well played.

        • I thought eventually The Specialists would end up marrying The Winx, so if WoW is to take place 10 years from the last season it is likely that some of them are already married, and therefore some of them should appear or at least being mentioned as the Winx’s spouses/couples. Also, what if WoW takes place much more time after that [say 100 or 200 years], but The Winx [and Roxy] seem pretty much the same because they are fairies and don’t age, or do it very slowly? That would explain why The Specialists [who are practically humans] aren’t there, and neither are any other human known from previous seasons [say Mike, Vanessa or Mitzi.]

          • Hmmm… You are right, I didn’t think of him. Or maybe he became a sort of “magic animal” [not like the ones in S7] like Kiko is supposed to be. Heh, nevermind, I’m just diggressing.

          • Given how much Roxy loves that dog, she probably enchanted him with a spell that prolongs his life, or stops his aging altogether. Yeah, now I’m just reaching.

            This headcanon could make sense, though. It could explain the hovering drones, at least. I don’t think those are commercially produced to be used on a normal reality show yet.

          • Because Artu is a fairy hound only since Morgana is now a loving mother instead of a goddess of death Artu became a much less deathy kind of magic dog. 🙂 …which is just something I thought of just now, but if Morgana were related to her darker otherworldly namesake that opens up lots of fun possibilities for fanfics.

          • are the specialist humans? saladin the red fountain headmaster is a wizard or something and has been around as many centuries as faragonda. and in S1 it wasn’t the red fountain school of specialist. it was the red fountain school of magicians. I mean if headcannons then I’d throw in that magician is a graduate level course. you graduate as a specialist and then reapply to become a magician like nabu

          • Whatever the guys are, they can’t possibly be human. I don’t know about the magician thing, but you’re right. They were referred to as “magicians” and even “wizards” in season one (and season two, I think). Plus, we know at least one of the Specialists is related to a wizard: Helia. He’s Saladin’s grandson (or nephew), so there’s magic in his family.

          • I didn’t mean human but non-magical beings, except for Helia, and even he has shown only a small glimpse of magic.

          • The guys weapons are apparently magitech. That’s probably why they aren’t alfea blocked. My hc about it is “specialists do use magic but they don’t necessarily shoot beams of light like paladins can. Rather they’re techno magic based like Timmy is. That is to say the guys weapons are made out of magic, just combined with a piece of metal or titanium that timmy figured out how to make work when salain handed them shards.

          • In S1 it was stated that pretty much everything in Magix worked with magic or technomagic, but still having magical gadgets doesn’t make them magical beings.

  9. I think WOW’s alternative title was Once Upon A Winx because even that show about how the fairytale world works sometimes makes no sense either. Although OUAT you expect it not to make sense because Fantasy straight up doesn’t often make sense. Probably would have been better to go full spy for s 1. Then show us dreamix in season 2 there was literally no build up to dreamix and Bloom spoke as if she already knew the requirement for the unnamed level which stella just called dreamix. Really now? While it feels like the first four seasons remotely they didn’t need unessecary squick added.

  10. I don’t know how to feel yet with the animated Fairy Couture Style, the animation looks weird and stiff sometimes and is not very smooth, I still can’t get used to it. Also, I felt the story kinda slow sometimes, and very repetitive with those endangered talented kids, not no mention the inconsistencies like, why did The Winx have to hide their magic but The Shaman had no problem with using it in front of everyone and nobody seem to be surprised?

    Other than that I liked it. I really liked the new powers and the effects, as well as the outfits, both the spy-suit and the Dreamix one, though quite frankly I was expecting more from the transformation. I find the story quite interesting, especially the plot twist involving Jim [the two of them], but so far I don’t see any reason for the introduction of the Peter Pan elements, I hope it gets clearer in S2. Roxy’s role doesn’t bother me, actually I really enjoyed her participation and that she got a spy-suit, especially considering that not even The Specialists were there. Gosh I even liked Lorelei… kind of.

    One more thing I don’t understand is, why did Stella name the transformation? Does that mean they don’t have any “own name” or that no one has earned it before them?

    I don’t have any problem with it not fitting any season, I mean, isn’t it pretty much the definition of “spin-off”? I think WoW is its own timeline and maybe even its own universe.

    • I’m guessing that no one has earned Dreamix before. Wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened, as evidenced by Bloomix (which Faragonda named). They seemed surprised when they first gained Dreamix, so it was likely unintentional, as opposed to all the other transformations, which were earned because the Winx were specifically doing things to earn them.

      It’s always been a personal headcanon of mine that fairies have an unlimited number of transformations/fairy forms, which are triggered by doing specific things (i.e. sacrificing yourself, making people believe in fairies, completing the Sirenix quest, helping people realize their dreams) or using specific objects (i.e. Mythix wands or Tynix bracelets). Since there’s an infinite number of them, no one has managed to unlock all the transformations out there, and every now and then fairies discover a new one, and as a reward, they get to name the transformation (Which is what happened here with Dreamix). The rest is standard procedure: the transformation and how to acquire it are logged into that Fairy Book from season 4, so future generations would know where to begin in case they need that transformation’s power.

  11. Roxy’s being in the ending credits is not really that important because Evans, Gomez, Ace and even the judges are there too and the judges are really minor characters.

  12. Well, it was still superior to seasons 5-7. The retconning and plot holes are acceptable here, considering it IS a spin-off. Fairly sure they don’t know what canon is in the main show anymore.

    The writers don’t know what to do with Roxy, and frankly, they probably couldn’t handle 7 main characters… They can barely handle giving the spotlight to Tecna and Musa every once in a while. WOW did a better job at this, too, giving a storyline for each girl to match a “talent” and whatnot.

  13. I think you kind of summed up my feelings towards Roxy’s appearance in WoW. At first, I was excited because it could’ve possibly meant that Roxy could officially become a Winx girl in the spin-off series. I actually wanted to see how she’d fair in fights without Dreamix. She’s also holding down the fort at the Frutti Music Bar so if that doesn’t show that the girl is responsible and dependable, I don’t know what will. But, in the end, that was it. She only ever got screen-time around Bloom, who has been impressively written in WoW compared to the main series post-S4, so I’m not complaining, and when her only important “superstar moment” was when she helped Bloom chase down Jim. I know they couldn’t force her into getting her Dreamix, especially since it would end up slowing down the Winx in their mission since they acquired Dreamix in the first episode, but man, they really didn’t have to tease her like that.

    All and all, I still liked it though. The fairy spy elements probably could’ve been done better like them just using their magic in secret (especially after gaining Dreamix) instead of still relying on their gadgets. The Winx Watches and Winxmobile are probably the only things that needed to stay since the Watches were communicators and the Winxmobile was their way of getting around. Though, another complaint I had was with some of the spells. Bloom’s fire just pops onto things. I thought her heatwave was cool in Episode 3 but most of the time, her fire spells just pop onto things. Then there’s Stella, who seems to use her magic more for controlling things that emit light than actual light. It was cool for a while and then it kinda just left me wondering why she just doesn’t use the light itself. These are minor things though, as the Winx have been using their powers in really creative ways: Flora using the plants to find/speak to things, Musa being able to hear sounds that were once there, Stella’s ability to see into the past(or just make darn good guesses) like in Ep. 2, Aisha’s WATER FISTS; they’ve been great.

    One thing I’m hoping for is that the Winx DON’T gain another transformation with WoW’s second season. I feel like we’ve barely seen Dreamix even though it’s been around for 12/13 episodes and I think that now that the girls KNOW their threat (or at least they think they do), we could see a lot more cool Dreamix spells.

  14. I actually don’t mind the whole spy-theme combine with the fairy magic theme. Yes, I will admit that it did felt a little bit awkward, especially when they were transitioning to their Dreamix forms. By the way, I thought Dreamix was a big let down…to me, it felt as if their new powers weren’t as strong as Enchantix! Doesn’t their powers/useful seem as strong as Enchantix or any other canon transformations or is it just me? Seriously, you’re going up against a crocodile man, a suspicious guy in a yellow hoodie, and some shadow creatures and you got your butts kicked?

    I do love seeing Roxy getting some screen time here. At least we still get to see her officially in the Winx Couture style. But yes, I’m tired of Rainbow using her as fan-service device for the Roxy-fans.

    Other than those, I actually love this spin-off! I thought it was fun!

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