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78 Responses to ““World of Winx” Season 2: FULL ENGLISH Trailer (2:40)

  1. Well, took long enough. I was wondering if the trailer was ever going to come out.

    Have you watched Season 2 yet, I was wondering if you could rank the Nemesis in the blog by power, look and how they were defeated.

      • Best winx Nemesis has to be virus because she could be a major threat to the universe If she got loose since she can possess technology and people

          • Final thoughts in WoW season 2
            what I liked
            I feel the Animation was very well done
            the Animated location were well done
            the Idea of the Winx have a nemesis is a very interesting idea and was handled well and my Favorite one had to be virus since she could hack people which is interesting and honestly scary because she could do a lot of damage
            now onto the Onirix fairy form
            I liked the transformation sequence and was very good in animation and the song was nice and the fight scenes were good
            Tinkerbell’s Redemption was handled Well
            and No Ace appearances
            the pacing was okay and the info dump and the world of dreams and Tinkerbell in episode 1 was good

            The Criticisms
            firstly I am a little annoyed that we were never told what peter pan did to betray Tinkerbell
            I honestly hate that critic who is worse than ace who was annoying but at least was entertaining
            now out of all the Winx’s nemesis I feel vertigo was the weakest and just another rehash of something that we’ve seen before
            now I hate Jim hook because he a worser villain than Tritanus was
            h**l the Winx’s nemesis are better villains than Jim but even worse he got to be king of the world of nightmares
            next the how the winx got the new fairy form could have been better and I didn’t like the explanation of how Dreamix was replaced

            Overall thoughts
            I totally enjoyed season 2 of world of Winx and even episode 12 wasn’t as good the finale made up for it and I hope we get a season 3 of World Of Winx and I can’t help but notice that Tecna having to fight her possessed friends is something similar to what I did in my Winx Club Ancientix 2: The Rise Of The Ancestral Fairies fanfic

          • I think Jim’s villain role had layers that were impressive.
            And I just don’t like how Onyrix couldn’t be used on Earth.
            Otherwise agree with everything you said.

  2. As soon as I knew that Season 2 was going to be on Netflix on the 16th of June, I was at my computer on the 15th at midnight (I am in the CDT zone in the USA.) and it did not show up on Netflix at midnight. I learned from Netflix that I had to wait till midnight PDT in California for it to show up and that made it 2:00 AM in Wisconsin.

    Needless to say, I waited till 2:00 AM and as soon as it showed up, I was in heaven! The magick was back and I was watching non stop and loving it. But! I was crying too because (Spoiler Alert.) as I learned that the Dark Queen was in fact TINKERBELL and the dream world was in fact, NEVERLAND, I was devastated! I have always been a fan of Tink and to see her being evil and hurting over her loss of Master Peter, it hit me right in my heart where she and Master Peter live. Also, I was so lucky in 1966 to get to meet and spend time with Mr. Walt Disney (He told my two friends and I to call him “Uncle Walt and to Stop growing up right now.” All these years latter, I’m still following those orders.)

    When I first saw him, the song “When You Wish Upon A Star” was playing and a light was blinking on the wall over his right shoulder that I took for Tink. I knew that Uncle Walt was a great fan of Tink as well and used her all the time in his TV shows. So when I think of Tink, I think of Uncle Walt and vise verse a. To me, the two of them go hand in hand! So, seeing her hurting made me think that Uncle Walt was hurting as well and I started crying. That man was and still is one of my personal heroes and I don’t like to see or think of him hurting.

    By the time Tink was able to come back to herself and be the very good fairy I know she is, I was laughing and crying at the same time and just yelling “YES” over and over and “MY TINK IS BACK!” While Matt and the girls were looking for the sword of Peter Pan I was on the edge of my seat and hollering at Matt “YOU ARE THE PAN!” “Find that sword and be The Pan!” When they did find it and it reacted to Matt, I relaxed because I knew that it was going to workout for the best and Matt was going to be able to save Tink and take Hook down!

    I now know that Matt and Tink will be happy together for a very long time in Neverland and that Hook will never darken Neverland again. But. But! And then again BUT! This is Neverland we are talking about here, ANYTHING can happen there! And who knows? I know the way to Neverland, I just need a little help getting there. Perhaps Tink will come and help me get there one of these days?

    All in all, I loved the second season of “WOW” and eagerly await season three. Let us hope that it does not take as long to come out this time!

    Lady Donna Royce

      • Well, Rainbow left it wide open for a Season 3 by having Baba Yaga showing herself to Bloom and in efect, telling her that Witches and Fairies can not live in the same world and that the fight was on. So, if that does not holler Season 3, I do not know what does.

        Also, I knew she was trouble from the start and was the one making all the trouble for the girls every place they went. I just did not know who she was till the end.

          • OH! I agree with you Prattler. But it would be rather stupid to leave season 2 ending like that and NOT run with a season 3. If Rainbow and Netflix were ending the entire thing, why leave it hanging like that? I would have ended it with the girls going back to Alfea for a new mission elsewhere.

            Also, I do wonder about why it was such a shock to people to learn that the girls are fairies when Baba Yaga outed them as such? In season 4, the girls ended up coming out as fairies to bring magick back to Earth and it was splattered all over the news and you can bet it was NOT just the local news. Did humans forget about it that ruddy fast? I for one, would not forget something like that!

          • Hey Prattler,
            I don’t know about that. In my experience, many spinoffs acknowledge their root show and even make nods to the root show off and on. So I would have to say that in this spinoff, Fairagonda sent the girls out on the first mission and that one went in the direction of this one and that it may take several ones such as this before the girls head back to Alfea.

            If I had to hazard a guess here, I would say that this is taking place just before and between season 7 and the upcoming season 8 and with Roxy still being in school, she would not be involved in full missions with the girls. That being said, the touring Pop Band idea is a great cover seeing as we all know that the girls do have a great band and should have caught on by this time! The only way that I can see that this could work and NOT be involved in anyway with the main story arc is if this an A.U. arc.

          • Actually you can disprove And its season 7 post as well… The earth knows about magic. The Winx are known as fairies and actually had a band going on before this mess.

          • @ Lady Donna Royce well…not every timeline knew about it. Or at least not about fairy magic. Witch magic however…that might be another story in season 3. Especially since it’s the Mother Witch of all witches we’re talking about. Venomia was a perfect codename…i wonder if Baba Yaga was who Selina might have become had she stayed a witch…the name is very snake-like and Selina has snake magic (or is it had now?)…eew…poisonous.

    • I already have decided it’s AU…and it appears that in this timeline Aisha & Roxy were present for all 4 original season dates but each took on a more behind the scenes role during that time with Aisha deciding to be more open after the first year. Roxy’s not ready yet…so behind the scenes she stays.

      • Actually its even AU to the original seasons. Stella appears to be from earth and the metaphysics of this universe doesn’t match up.

        Seriously season 4 never happened cause no one knows magic.

        The Tree of Life is suppost to be rooted in Magix and Pixies are born from it but in this isn’t in the world of dreams.

        • I never said that those seasons happened in this timeline i just said that Roxy & Aisha would have been present during those dates…also wouldn’t at least Bloom’s or Aisha’s backstory at least have to happen (but not necessarily in the same way) in order for a universe to work? Even in AU’s there’s several constants. Someone’s backstory is changed in date but not otherwise.

          • @Will N

            Actually the few constants that could exist are ignored or not brought up. Force example fairies can’t use dark magic nore does what happen to tinker bell naturally happen.

            The Dragon Flame is nevver brought up. The Wizards of the Black Circle, Earth Fairies are never brought up. In fact their are no earth witches as the tree of life (the one in Winx Club not WoW) did not pic up on any. Keep in mind that was the earth brance.

            Also Let’s not forget that even altering events its pretty clear Allfea likely doesn’t exist and Zenithian technology is hacked by primitive eart technology. Zenith technology is centuries ahead of earth, for Dragons sake the phones work across dimensions ours barely work would a sttle in orbit.

            Adding on WoW rementions the bad as just happening… yet if Roxy isn’t hunted by the wizards that puts the timeline devienges centuries in the past. But if the earth fairy still rule the planet it shouldn’t be a primtive backwater. In fact the terrible stuff like war intoloance and chaos was due to the earth fairies dweedling so Magic should be know.

            No Dragon Flame as magics source means that this whole show devigouses from before time began… seriously to consider it connected to the main series in anyway is laughable.

            @Nora Ackergirl

        • Stella can’t be from Earth because in season 1, Tecna said they had been a year (or was it month?) on planet Earth. Yes, there have been some cover-story references suggesting they spent their childhood here but those were in front of the in-show public. There was a very clever ambiguity in that flashback. Stella did use to wear pigtails as a kid, we know that from Season 3. Those could just be Solarian children, they didn’t clear that so it wouldn’t confuse more viewers.
          At least it looked that way to me.

          • Yes do that to the Princess of the planet… not a smart move. Seriously the series makes no sense even with bits of Winx Club.

            For one the Tree of Life is suppost to be rooted in Magix and guarded by the Pixies who are born from it. On its branches is all the magicall beings currently alive in the universe. Earth’s branch had only one by season 4. One a single earth fairy. No witches on earth it it seems. Like Pop pixie its clear this Tree of Life shares no connection with its Winx Club counterpart.

            Next is the fact the Dragon Flame, is the source of magic (with the exceptions of the Water Stars) and not dreams which means the two series are running counter to each other metaphysics.

            Next is the fact that Tecna’s technology which is zenithian is hacked by earth tech. Heres the thing, your phones cann work all they way across dimensions. Their pay phones can hack into our telecommunications while ours can’t even access theirs. Note these is not a example at how far behhind them earth is. To hack a completer hundreds of your ahead of you with what’s basically considered primtive garbage speaks voolumes at how diiscounted this is from the Winx seriies proper.

            Oh and here the thing. Thhe Earth fairies ruled the world before the Wizards started capturing them. I this series nevver had them its very clear eath development would be seriously altered

          • Well yes, I have to agree doing that to the princess of the planet would not be a smart move. Actually I agree with all of it.

  3. I’m sorry to review it so soon but I can’t wait…

    Well, it seems like this season threw most of the achievements on Earth from season 1 out of the window. Onirix (10 episodes in) seems to really be like Mythix like i said before except it robbed the Winx of their original Dreamix. It seems to do barely anything more than Dreamix except work EXCLUSIVELY to take them to the World of Dreams, it came out of nowhere all of a sudden and I’m not even sure if they mentioned why their Dreamix power ‘evolved’. I don’t want to sound too negative but there’s suddenly a new transformation sequence for their spy outfits even though those seem like the perfect time to transform into fairies. Whenever they fall off rooftops, either someone just happens to arrive back on time or they fall on tree branches, meaning they don’t even seem able to use their wings (though Rainbow tends to forget many possibilities for scene convenience). I wanted to watch fairies in action like the other seasons, instead there are girls who can jump like ninjas or ‘warriors’ as Aisha calls them, basically unarmed, throwing on their even-more-conspicuous spy outfits (though they look better than before) and now we have the Spirit of Neverland acting like an alert system. The one monster they could have fought on Earth happened to be a Hologram and even without knowing that, this one they were planning to fight in their spy outfits. All those long and stretched out chases too. This makes it seem like Onirix is indeed something exclusively for Neverland. Either that or common sense from season 1 just vanished.
    In other things, the Onirix outfits look horribly impractical in the Alligator Man episode, And apparently split pants are the native fashion of Neverland seeing as Tinkerbell has them too now. The WinX moving from Talent Scouts to popstars “touring the world for years” which just seems like a fancy line, did not transition well in my opinion, like it’s a throwback to season 4. Aside from Annabelle, WOW was scrapped. Never existed. And the repeated concert scenes…quite pointless. At least there was a point in making them Talent Scouts. It was actually a great idea. The concert and rockstars premise seems to do nothing but interfere with their mission. They just need to get new cover stories repeatedly. The performances, an excuse to sell songs, make more outfits and generally annoying. I actually sympathized with that critic (though she looked like a real witch). By the way, aside from Stella’s upgrade, what does Onirix even do?
    The transformation, I suppose it surpasses Dreamix in that there was actually something shown fully formed, like their wings. But I liked the art in Dreamix’s opening sequence.
    These are all my pains. The plot was good, fast paced and had an interesting conspiracy within a conspiracy twist and the Winx having to change sides. Matt’s development was good. The nemesis, especially Musa’s, Tecna’s and Flora’s are frankly the scariest characters I’ve seen in this show. Their designs were awesome. Flora’s powers were too. Aisha was my favorite character. Musa’s voice actor had improved. And the rest is mostly positive, including animation.

      • Agreed. Also her look was almost the creepiest. I’m torn between hers and Musa’s because Musa’s held that fan up on her face and she just looked so classy with that despite being a voiceless monster. 😀 I loved her design.

    • “now we have the Spirit of Neverland acting like an alert system. ” This made me laugh, because it’s true. Seriously, for the first time in my life watching Winx, I started to wonder if fairies ever get paid to save the world, considering they have to deal with nonsense like the Spirit of the World of Dreams (god, why not just ‘Neverland’? Why so many ‘of’s? Such a mouthful.) randomly summoning them to Neverland in the middle of something important.

  4. “Winx, get ready to fight”
    Since they’re on Earth, turn tail and run means to fight.

  5. OMG😱 The second season of Wow is so dark and mature! I mean look at Bloom’s Nemesis!! Wait..imagine Bloom in Butterflix vs her Nemesis in Wow😅😂😂

      • Yup! I’m just on episode 2 of season 2 and I literally freaked out when I heard Vertigo screaming 😅 even though I’m a 14 year old guy😑😂

        • The way she suddenly appears all “in-your-face” or rather in-Bloom’s-face in that dream XD I was admitting out loud “Nice Rainbow, she IS scary with the clown make up.” And I’m 20 but I just hate clowns. 😀

  6. Since most seem to be using this post to give their overall opinion on WOW S2, might as well do it myself.

    Let’s start with the negatives, to get them over with:
    *I have to assume S2 is AT LEAST half a year after S1 because them suddenly being rock/popstars (AGAIN) with worldwide popularity THAT FAST does not make sense otherwise.
    *Isn’t it kind of creepy that Tinkerbell was in love with both Peter Pan AND his son? I’m not the only one with that feeling, right?
    *Also, I felt Matt was underdeveloped, but that’s probably because the 13-episode format doesn’t allow for much of that.
    *As much as I loved Venomya’s design and reveal as Baba Yaga, she was kind of flat as a character.
    *I also feel they could have done MORE with Peter and Wendy than what we got, especially since Jim HAD a point in Peter only caring about himself and being willing to leave everything behind despite the consequences of his actions and the feelings of those around him.

    As for the positives:
    *THE NEMESIS WERE GREAT. Their designs are right up my alley, and the concept of twisting both the girls’ powers and insecurities is interesting as heck. I do agree that Vertigo and Banshee were the weakest in terms of concepts, but they were the first created so it makes some sense. Obscura and Virus were probably my favorites.
    *As much as Onyrix feels like a rehashed Mythix, it still was an enjoyable form for me and not suffering Mythix’s plot holes helps in some way.
    *As for the girls, how the Nemesis affected them was beautiful and well-written as well. Bloom’s paranoia, Tecna’s and Aisha’s reactions and SPECIALLY Stella’s breakdown (THEY REMEMBERED THAT MY GIRL HAS SOMETHING OTHER THAN SARCASM AND ENERGY, I’M SO HAPPY) were the high points for me.
    *I hope S3 gets confirmed if only for finally getting to know SOMETHING about Earth Witches, even if this is an alternate continuity and what its said here doesn’t apply to the main series.
    *WOW! not beign a thing anymore is one of the things that doesn’t bother me much. The girls only joined to save the kidnapped people, and had no other reason to remain on the show.
    *On that note, I’m happy that they finally finished Anabelle’s arc with her starting her career and took advantage of the fact that Sophie was ALSO a student in Matt’s school, even if it was only for her to chat with Stella for a few scenes.
    *The girls teaming up with all the monsters they defeated last season and having to cooperate is another thing I really liked, as well as the constant side-switching.

    As for the animation, it kept the same quality as S1 so no complaints here. I would say something about the voice acting, but since I didn’t watch it in English I can’t say anything.

    I CAN say something about the latin american dub, though: maybe it’s me being weirded out by not being Ivette García, since she was one of the two remaining original voices, but I don’t like Stella’s new voice that much. She DOES have the pitch to be a really good Stella and nails her reactions, but she’s not quite there yet.

    • Because of her “kid playing hero” mentality. The only weakness she has is her despising of being a princess..or her confidence being busted. It’s the same reason people hate Superman and prefer batman. Clark (Bloom) is an optimist and Bruce (Tecna) is a realist.

      • Anyway despite that Tecna always proven wrong, Bloom, Stella or even Flora are usually always right.

        • Tecna has not always been wrong. Off the top of my head, in Season 1 of the original series she was right about not letting Bloom open the book in Cloud Tower. She was also right in Season 2 about Avalon being evil (although for the wrong reasons). Then she was right about being skeptical for letting Selina go along with them into thr greenhouse.

    • Also I think you should visits the official site… I saw a comment of your on youtube with Aisha and Musa as besties.

      It’s suppose to be Flora as Aisha’s bestie, and Tecns as’s Musa’s.

      • I explained it each time. In season 2,and 3 Aisha and Musa are closer and Flora and Tecna have been closer since the beginning. Flora & Aisha and Musa & Tecna is a relatively new thing. That’s only been a thing since season 4. In season 1 Musa was hanging around Bloom & Stella mostly or she was alone. The only thing Musa had in common with Tecna was being ignored or Tecna’s roommate. Also that worst match episode in season 2…Flora & Aisha don’t mix that well. This one thing that you cannot really say which is correct as the pairings shift each season (right now it’s going by command order as of season 6) but generally they go back to what we have seen in season 1 2 & 3 Bloom & Stella Flora & Tecna Musa & Aisha at the end of the day.

          • Maybe but it’s kinda odd with the power match ups…it feels expected…save for Bloom and Stella (since this is where we start)…the relationships for bffs worked better by closeness to Bloom in my opinion since it felt more natural than power matchups (and i thought it was just coincidence on the power match up with Bloom & Stella) and that was how the split up in the season 2 finale went.

          • @Will N

            Well it is official according to Rainbow. It actually makes sense as Musa and Tecna have spent the most time together out of any of the Winx.

          • @TOP

            Adding on each of their frienships strangely can be traced in deciding order of when they appear.

            The Dragon Flame is first to appear and after creation stars started to form.

            Water begat nature as we knew it within its currents.

            Finally both Technology and Music are created by those who can understand it and express themselves.

        • That’s exactly what I think. In fact, in my opinion Musa didn’t even share being ignored with Tecna in Season 1. When I first started watching Winx, I thought Bloom, Stella and Musa were the main ones and Flora and Tecna were relatively minor ones. It helped that the latter two appeared last in the RAI ending credits song and didn’t even have any proper backstories while the other three did. Also, Flora didn’t get a boyfriend at all while there was nothing remarkable going on between Tecna and Timmy.
          Anyway, I liked the old pairings way better than the new ones. In fact, I don’t remember Flora and Layla sharing a BFF moment at all.

          • I think we’re just assuming Rainbow changed the best friend pairings. Maybe we just jumped to the conclusion that Aisha and Musa were best friends. Aisha had to be worked into the group, so she had moments with all the Winx (except Tecna). Ultimately, though, does it matter? All the Winx are best friends. I wish Rainbow hadn’t even paired them up.

          • Me too. The six of them should have been equally close to each other. It feels odd the way it is.
            I do believe Layla was closer to Musa in Season 2 though. They have a lot of moments and the biggest among them was Layla only mentioning Musa being in trouble when she was trapped before earning her Charmix.

          • @ OP Yeah that’s ridiculous to have the pairings, season 4’s website blunder. I liked it better when they didn’t mention it. @ Myuza…agreed everyone’s equally close…even Roxy and Daphne have to be sidelined for now, their stories and relationships are intertwined with the main six.

      • @ Dragon I have visited the site many times, it’s just many of us prefer the pairings in the “closest to Bloom” order (Stella-Aisha-Musa-Flora-Tecna) than the power match up and back in those days before season 4 they never mentioned curiosities that did the matchups. However at the end of the day…every Winx has five (should be seven) best friends. It doesn’t matter what the listing is and in some of the book listings it shows Stella & Tecna for Bloom Musa & Flora for Aisha. That was a way to keep those of us who preferred Musa or Flora as Aisha’s bestie happy, and we saw hints of worst matches learning to grow with Bloom & Tecna while still staying true to Bloom & Stella.

  7. Things I like outweighed things I didn’t like, so I’m going to talk about things I didn’t like for the sake of brevity, otherwise this comment would stretch out forever.

    I hated the popstar subplot. Just when I thought we were forever rid of the Winx band after season 5, it’s back. A lot of people complained about the talent scout subplot interfering with the mission in season 1, but at least that one seemed to serve a purpose and thus, was a necessary evil. This popstar business did absolutely nothing for the mission other than hinder it, and it’s such a stupid way to replace the “oh no, we have to somehow find a way to balance the mission with our cover” plot point now that the talent show is no longer in the picture. I am, however, really, really excited for the possible plot in season 3, now that the world knows the Winx are fairies and there’s an impending war between fairies and witches looming over the horizon. I just hope the whole ‘we’re fairies!’ subplot won’t be resolved with everyone quickly accepting them. There’s a lot of potential for conflict there. Other franchises have executed the whole ‘humans are afraid of magic and magical creatures’ plot device really well, I hope Winx goes in the same route.

    The Matt/Tinkerbell ship is the epitome of unnecessary romance. It’s funny, because for all the talk that WoW has such better writing than the main show (which I still agree with), the writers still can’t write romance to save their lives. Oh no we only have 13 episodes so we have to skip over all the development between our main pairing and chalk it up to ‘love at first sight’. and ‘I saw you in the stars’. I swear, that moment when Jim saved Bloom and she finally opened up to him about her name could have been the start of a more believable romance, and they weren’t even romantically involved. Also, Tinkerbell having a thing for Peter Pan and then his son? Yikes on so many levels.

    Also (x2), Tinkerbell’s backstory and redemption was just so disappointing. Basically she was friendzoned and Peter left her so she unleashed a nightmare upon her subjects for however long it took for Peter to grow into an adult, father a child, and for that child to grow into an adult? Really? And then she’s redeemed because she gets together with Peter’s son. Well, woman can’t have Peter, so his son is the next best thing, right? It’s just… so bad, on so many levels. I have officially added ‘no romance pls’ in my wishlist for that hypothetical season 3.

    • as long as no-one tries to commit genocide again
      seriously i saw jim’s betrayal coming a mile away and ep 12 had season 5 music but it was a clunker

  8. Gonna just spill my thoughts on the second season so obvious spoilers are obvious.

    > The story. Oh my god, the story. It ABSOLUTELY blew my expectations out of the water. I thought we were actually going to see the WOW finals play out but apparently that all happens off-screen and good thing too, because the story was phenomenal. It felt like a true Winx epic as it took such a dark turn!
    > Creative usages of their powers. Season 1 started this off and while I was skeptical at first (what with light being everywhere but Stella only ever used her light powers if light fixtures were around), it’s definitely better here. The Winx can’t pull things out of nowhere just because to get them out of a fight. Stella also uses her light powers AWAY from light fixtures similarly to how she does in the main series so I guess that bothered me less, but the Onyrix spells and powers were amazing. I loved how Musa could use her magic to hone in on sounds and follow their sources; I love how Tecna could turn her eyes into hypersensitive cameras; you get the idea.
    > The War on Neverland. Okay, this is an obvious one. Once the war started up, it didn’t just stop in one episode nor did it overstay its welcome. It felt like everything was at stake and everyone didn’t immediately forgive Tinkerbell when she surrendered out of “true love.” I greatly enjoyed how everyone who fought alongside Jim sided with him because they all shared the experience of being forced to work for the Queen or suffer. They wanted to take back their home and bring it back to its former glory, and I’m glad that that didn’t just fly out the window all because Tinkerbell waltzed outside and said sorry.
    > Character development. Mainly for the Winx. As everyone’s been saying, the Nemeses were fantastic. Yes, they were the obvious evil counterparts who could only be evil but, honestly, they were just amazing. I love how they were created with the Winx’s weaknesses and fears in mind and forced them to face their flaws. My favorites among them have got to be Vertigo (her powers are interesting and though I’m a bit disappointed with how she utilized them, she could’ve easily been much more dangerous if she wasn’t so cocky), Obscura (mainly because it showed that Stella isn’t just there to be the jokester who can never be seriously sad. Stella reliving her childhood bullying had me ready to jump in and hug her) and Virus (oh come on, just watch her episode. She HAD to be killed by physically being slain. She could hack MINDS).
    Matt was also a treat to watch, even when he was a braggart with a head full of air. He was such a doofy energetic guy who reminds me a lot of Stella! Personally, their similarities make them cuter together in a sibling-like friendship if that’s ever possible.
    > The Climax. It was an actual climax, guys. There were huge stakes, it filled the entire episode, and wasn’t neatly solved in a matter of seconds. An absolute treat to watch and it’s possibly one of my favorite episodes of the WoW series, like, dang.
    > Interesting Concepts. Neverland as a whole, its parallel world, the World of Nightmares, the oncoming war for Earth between the Winx and the witches of Earth most likely headed by Baba Yaga foreshadowed at the end of the season; I’d seriously love to see how all of them play out. As OP said, the inclusion of the oncoming Fairy/Witch War was a clever way to leave the ending open and with how Rainbow handled the Winx/Earth Fairy War in Season 4, I’m PUMPED.

    > Tinkerbell’s motives and redemption. I feel like Lex worded it best, it was handled poorly. The writers still are not so great when it comes to writing romance and Tinkerbell’s character, while great, felt downplayed when we learned of her true motives. Peter Pan “betrays” her by leaving without a word with his friends to most likely grow up, as we can see with Matt so, for having her heartbroken, she turns her land/kingdom into one of perpetual darkness and forces its inhabitants to either serve her or suffer like her. Really? That just sounds like she threw a giant tantrum that lasted for DECADES because Peter had enough time to father a son and leave, while Matt grows into, I’m guessing, his early to mid or maybe late 20s. And how is she redeemed? By falling in love with the son of a man she was obsessing over for DECADES. That detail never ceases to bug me. “I couldn’t marry the man I loved so I guess his son will do.” Talk about yikes.
    > The Pop Star Subplot. I’m certain I’m not the only one who didn’t like the idea. I even ranted about this to WorldofWinx on Tumblr. I guess it’s a plus that it wasn’t as derivative or pandery as it is in Winx Club but really? You guys decide to be pop stars after struggling to hide your magic as talent scouts? Aisha clearly hated this part of their job in the last season and the Winx were clearly stressed, so why would they risk a job that is literally 90% publicity when they have a life-altering secret to keep?? I’ll cut them some slack. Maybe they thought they were done with the World of Dreams and wanted to live out a ream of their own, but why not just cancel or postpone their world tour? They could travel the world while on hiatus anyway and, even better, they could do it quietly without having to constantly disguise themselves (maybe, paparazzi are relentless and then there’s Venomya). It just seemed like an even WORSE situation than when they were talent scouts. Though, I can safely say that I don’t miss anything about WOW… okay, except for Jason Griffith’s voice acting; he’s great.
    > The cliffhanger. This is more so because I’m fearing that WoW may not get a third season. It’d be terribly unsatisfying if it never gets greenlit but this is mainly a fear of mine. It has nothing to do with the story itself and I liked how Venomya was made into an actual threat by the finale. She was given motives that made it so her constant sabotage was understandable, rather than her just being a petty critic.
    > Prophecies. Honestly, I felt like WoW didn’t need it. Matt could’ve easily been considered as Neverland’s Hero just by being Peter Pan’s son who returned almost like it was in his father’s place. He seems to have his father’s magic and can wield his father’s sword, so why couldn’t he be a hero without the prophecy? I’m probably just whining pointlessly but it felt like once Matt stepped in with the sword, everyone expected him to solve all their problems. This isn’t just for World of Winx, this is a major problem that all stories that incorporate prophecies face: making the characters wait for a super special person to solve all their problems.

    • “Tinkerbell’s character, while great, felt downplayed when we learned of her true motives.” I feel like adding more to this and elaborating on my original point because this is exactly how I felt. In the season 1 finale, Tinkerbell dropped hints here and there that she was “betrayed” and “abandoned” and her dreams were “taken away from her”. At the time, I had assumed that her betrayal had something to do with her losing her fairy powers. Maybe Peter was somehow inexplicably linked to the soul of Neverland and contributed to its source of power and hers by extension, and him leaving (and ceasing to believe in Neverland) weakened her to the point where she lost her fairy powers (which in Peter Pan lore was fueled by belief). Assuming she and Peter were close friends, it would have been easy to understand that she would have felt betrayed, as she lost her identity over something that she perceived to be a selfish action that he committed, i.e. prioritizing himself and growing up. Had the story been executed that way, Tinkerbell would have come off less as a scorned woman who threw a tantrum for decades over an unrequited crush and more as a bitter fairy who lost her identity, the one thing she treasured most about herself, all because she put her trust in the wrong person.

      Or, if they absolutely HAD to include romance somehow, maybe by falling in love with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell’s powers became unwittingly bound to him, and when he left, she lost everything. It would be more of a, “I gave you everything and you left anyway, thus dooming me for eternity” kind of thing. Anything would have been better than what we got. I don’t want to get all feminist on everyone, but Tinkerbell’s storyline has to be one of the most anti-feminist and superficial the franchise has produced ever. That an unsuccessful crush is enough for a woman to force everyone around her to suffer for decades, that Love Redeems Everything and Everyone™.

      I wanted Tinkerbell to save herself in the end. I wanted her to realize that one guy not loving her wasn’t the end of the world, that she still had her subjects who adored her and were loyal to her all along. To realize that she was being stupid, punishing the people who cared about her the most over someone who didn’t. Instead she was placated because she got a Peter replacement. Not to be cynical, but all I could think about was, ‘what if someday Matt decides to leave her, too?’. ‘I saw you in the stars’ isn’t exactly the most stable foundation for a relationship. What if someday he got tired of eternal youth and broke up with her? What then? If she was willing to unleash h**l over someone who didn’t even love her romantically, what would she be capable of over someone who told her he loved her? I feel like the root of Tinkerbell’s problem was never resolved. She never grew as a person, or changed her perspectives, she simply found another person who gave her the love she craved but never got from Peter. And thus, Matt felt like a temporary band-aid. That’s what bothers me the most about this plot point.

      • This is exactly what I meant when I said that her character felt downplayed. She became a tyrant out of getting her heartbroken and it’s very much implied that Peter didn’t love Tinkerbell the way she loved him, so he could’ve never return them the way she wanted him to.
        Her character only gets downplayed even more with the entirety of her redemption, I.E: becoming Matt’s damsel in distress. I mean, yeah, she gave up her powers so there was no way she could defend herself and the only reason she got so attached to Matt initially was because he showered her with compliments and looked so close to Peter, the man she was still in love with.
        She doesn’t learn anything, like you said. She goes from being in love to having her heartbroken to making everyone around her suffer her ironfisted tyranny back to being in love. She doesn’t will herself back into being loving fairy queen she once was; she only does so because Matt rescues her and didn’t die, which poses the biggest problem about this whole thing: their relationship.
        Tinkerbell is most likely still projecting Peter onto Matt, especially now that she knows he’s his son and she had no qualms just throwing herself at him. As for Matt, he’s kind of flighty and indecisive. Yeah, he just liberated a world from its tyrannical ruler, won over the girl of his dreams and is going to become an immortal king. But this is Matt we’re talking about. I didn’t sense any bit of drastic maturity from the guy; I always felt like he buckled down and stopped tossing out jokes because of the situation at hand, so who’s to say that he isn’t still the flighty doof with thousands of big ideas that he never really sets out to achieve? He could get bored of immortality, as people would and leave Neverland. The only difference is that, unlike Peter, Matt would most likely TELL Tinkerbell of his leave instead of just ditching her. Even then, what will Tinkerbell do? What if Peter actually DID try to tell her of his leave and she got all possessive on him so he fled? She’s an emotionally vulnerable and unstable time bomb. Unless she somehow realizes that she can’t keep everyone she loves trapped in one place, this whole thing might just happen again.
        Tinkerbell doesn’t learn anything, doesn’t grow, is given a temporary solution and is basically back where she started before Peter’s leave.

      • Isn’t it obvious that it’s Jane? Most stories have Peter with Jane and it would make sense Jane + Matt equals JM Barrie.

    • Anyway, about the whole falling in love with your lover’s son business, I found it really cringeworthy too. But it’s the source material where this apparently draws inspiration from; Peter Pan keeps falling in love with successive daughters of the Darling family.
      And in my opinion, basing this series on Peter Pan’s lore was an incredibly stupid idea in the first place. Not only because it makes the story seem unoriginal but also because it heavily clashes with the urbanized setting of this series.

      • I still wish Rainbow had stuck with either a fantasy story or a spy story. One of the things I didn’t like about this season was how few scenes there were of them as fairies. All of a sudden, they couldn’t transform on Earth. It made no sense. If Rainbow wanted the Winx to be spies in this show, they should have let them be spies. Trying to blend spies with fairies just didn’t work.

        • I completely agree. They should have just stuck to one theme instead of going back and forth between both. I found it really annoying too, the Winx randomly becoming unable to transform on Earth (I am still not sure if they were unable to do so or if they never bothered to). Throughout the season, they kept falling to their apparent doom until they grabbed hold of something or someone saved them. I was practically shouting at Musa to transform while she was battling Banshee; then when Bloom and Stella said they were coming, I thought the writers were just stalling her so that they could do a group transformation. But no, she kept waltzing around the cathedral rooftop.
          But as you once said, Winx wouldn’t be Winx without a transformation. In my opinion, they could have made the villain a human with advanced technology at their disposal, maybe even a flight suit and an army of robots so that the Winx would still need to transform to fight them. Or if not a human, someone a lot less fantastical at the very least, if you get what I mean.

      • Did Peter Pan really fall in love with generations of the Darling girls, though? I’m fairly sure the Peter-Wendy romance was an invention of Peter Pan adaptations, as I do not recall catching hints of it in the original novel. At best you could make a case that it was a childish crush on Wendy’s part, but no more than that. I know Peter ends up taking Wendy’s daughter Jane and later her granddaughter Margaret to Neverland, but I don’t think there was ever a hint of romance between him and any of the girls.

        • Actually, the play preceded the novel and as such was not an adaptation. And it does feature the Peter-Wendy romance.
          But I still worded it wrong, it was the girls who had romantic feelings for Peter, not him.

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