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30 Responses to ““World of Winx” Season 2: FULL Italian Trailer (2:40)

  1. Ok I’ve started watching the second season and it’s becoming more annd more clear WoW is it’s own universe.

  2. Jim/Hook’s voice sounds so menacing in the Italian version…
    Just going off season one, it seems appropriate, but still. Was not prepared.

  3. I find that each Winx having her own nemesis to fight with is super cool !!! Looks like the theory where the female villians are sort of the WinX corrupted by dark magic is sort of correct.

  4. Also, how about reviewing the transformation sequence (or whatever you might call it these days)??

    • Also did anyone else cringe when Tecna and Flora were first seen performing onstage and then appeared scouting the area? At first, I thought, “Oh, smart move! The girls onstage are holograms!” And then I realized, “Nope, just a glaring blooper!”

    • If their is Winx season 8 is pushed back again. Along with Regal Academy (is that still goimg?)

      • I believe a second season of Regal Academy is planned, but there aren’t any new episodes right now.

          • Yeah, Rainbow will probably focus on Winx Club and Regal Academy now (maybe Maggie & Bianca, too). And those aren’t the only shows they’re working on, so it’s a lot of work. World of Winx may be put on the back burner for now. After all, Rainbow already held up their end of the deal: they made two seasons.

          • At least WOW gives us something to watch in the meantime between seasons. Maybe that’s what they’ll do. WOW fills the weird gap between seasons as a content thing even if it’s AU.

  5. If only the transformation song and sequence were as epic as this trailer….

    What do yall think of the transformation sequence and song?

    • Visually, the sequence really is a treat to watch. The effects are so stunning, especially the part where Musa gets her wings and those revolving windows. And I’m already addicted to the song. It’s very catchy.
      But then again, I’m starting to grow tired of these modelling sequences and also, there just isn’t enough Tecna!!! Everyone else, even Musa, get a decent amount of scenes while she just gets two way too brief scenes. Do they hate her or what? Why this glaring difference in treatment?

  6. Okay, so I just finished the season… and without spoiling the ending. Does the final minute of the season confirm season 3 and possibly 4?

    Also, can I just say that WoW has been amazing thus far. They might have used the same writers, but this has been much better than season 5, 6 and 7. I hope the creative team is able to keep up with this quality for the actual show as well.

    • Nothing has been confirmed yet. They were just setting up for the possibility. The writers were aiming at a different audience for seasons 5-7. That’s all. And World of Winx has problems, too, especially season two. I actually noticed some of the same problems from seasons 5-7.

      • I agree that season 2 had some problems indeed. In my opinion, for example, the nemesis plot could have been executed a lot better and I was actually quite sad that Vertigo was defeated after one episode, but what kind of problems did you notice?

        Also, the fact that the last 3 season have a different demographic in mind isn’t a good argument, in my opinion. For example, the last 3 seasons (especially 5 and 6, I haven’t been able to finish 7 yet) had really bad pacing once they passed the 13 episode mark, where the writers were struggling to find interesting plot points for most of the episodes to only cram the finale’s in 1 episode at the very end.

        • I’m not saying having a different demographic explains all the problems. Obviously, pacing is an issue that has nothing to do with demographic. But I thought the pacing in World of Winx season two was bad, too, especially in the first three or four episodes. The scenes didn’t flow together well. Rainbow just jumped from one event to another.

          Also, most of the pop star scenes felt like filler. I know Rainbow used them to introduce Venomya and her plot to ruin the Winx’s popularity, but the Winx were already popular from being on WOW! Rainbow could have had her spying on them and maybe interfering with their mission to find Matt instead. That would have made her feel more like a part of the story, but still kept her in the background until the big reveal. Who cares about bad concert reviews? Oh, the horror.

        • At first i thought that vertigo’s destruction was underwhelming but now i think that its more entertaining since bloom was taking back what tinkerbell stole from her

  7. Sometimes I wished the Winx used their magic more often and wisely… Just watching them run away from enemies made me kind of disappointed… I also find it weird that they don’t really do convergence spells more often… I thought attending Alfea college meant they were better than this…

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