First, let me say “Happy Birthday” to Musa and to the “papa” of the Winx, Mr. Straffi! 🙂

Now to the topic.

Onyrix sure has gotten a mixed reaction from the fanbase! The biggest point of controversy is the color schemes. Musa’s in her signature red, but everyone else is wearing something dramatically different. Stella in blue? Tecna in dark green? Bloom in raspberry pink?

Here’s my theory. If just a couple of the girls were in unusual colors, I’d think Rainbow was just trying something new or balancing the overall visual of the group. But all the Winx except one in a different color? That’s never happened before. The scope makes me think something else is going on.

Could this switch up have something to do with the plot? I still think Onyrix is a dark transformation — maybe a corrupted form of Dreamix. Or since this season will be darker — at least, it looks that way from Michael’s pictures — Rainbow felt the usual, brighter colors would clash with the mood.

I don’t know. I’m just speculating like everyone else. The trailer may clear this up, and if it doesn’t, maybe the season itself will.


What about the outfits themselves?

I’ll start by saying I’m one of the fans who likes Onyrix. I think the open-leg pants — the feature that stands out the most — are weird, but elegant. Not wild about the high heels, but no other shoe would look right with this style.

Of course, I like some of the Winx’s looks more than others. Here’s my ranking, from least favorite to favorite.

6. Stella: Someone overdid it with the flowers around her neck. They look like they’re choking her. 😕 Also, they don’t match the ones around her waist. It’s off-putting. And I admit it: I don’t like this color on her, and I hate her wings and her hair. Bottom line: her whole look is a miss for me.

5. Tecna: Um…I like the side braid. I’m glad Rainbow’s coming up with new ways to style her hair without lengthening it too much. Other than that, I don’t care for this look, either. The mismatched flowers again, the unpleasant shade of green — this isn’t working for me.

4. Flora: I like her wings more than Tecna’s, but both of their outfits look plain to me. At least all the flowers match on Flora, and this shade of green doesn’t look horrendous on her. Why purple heels, though? 😕

3. Bloom: When I started writing this post, Bloom was in last place. But the more I examined her outfit and compared it to the others, the more I started to like it. I don’t love it, though. I don’t like the wings, the silhouette of the outfit, or her hairstyle. But I like the overall composition better than Stella, Tecna, and Flora’s. Color-wise, it feels more cohesive to me.

2. Musa: I love this outfit! A lot of fans have said she looks like a goddess, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m adding this to my favorite transformations list for her. The only thing I don’t like: her wings. I like them more than her Dreamix wings, but they’re still weirdly-shaped.

1. Aisha: Aisha wins because I like her wings and hairstyle more than Musa’s. I love it when Rainbow puts braids in her hair. Also, out of all the girls, her color scheme is the most appealing to me. I guess I prefer cool and pastel colors.

That’s my ranking. How about yours?

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30 Responses to ““World of Winx” Season 2: My Thoughts About Onyrix

  1. I have mixed feelings about Onyrix.
    As far as outfits go, Musa’s is my fave. The dark red gives her a bit of tomboy in her appearance, like in Winx S1-2, and it’s gorgeous too.
    I love Bloom’s outfit too, cuz pink is my fave colour, but I think it would look better on Flora or Stella.
    I love the deep green of Flora’s but I think she & Tecna would look better if they switched.
    As for Aisha’s I have mixed feelings. I love the shade of purple and she looks awesome but I think flowers of a different colour would be better.
    Stella’s outfit – I love the shade of blue and she looks good in it, but I’m having trouble reconciling to the fact that it’s her colour for this transformation.

    As for hair, Bloom’s, Flora’s & Musa’s are my faves. They look amazing in those hairstyles.
    Aisha’s hair… Don’t love it. I’m not sure why but it just looks odd to me. Same with Tecna’s hair. Maybe the side braid will look better once I see Onyrix in action, but I don’t really care for how thick it is. I feel like skinny braids (like in Bloom’s Enchantix & Believix) would look better.
    I like Stella’s bangs design but not so much her ponytail. Seen it too often.

    As for Wings, Flora’s are my fave, followed by Aisha. Can’t comment on Tecna’s wings cuz I can’t see them very well, but I like the colour scheme. Same with Stella’s wings. I don’t like Musa’s wings or Bloom’s (which is odd for me cuz normally Bloom’s transformation has wings that go in my top 3). Musa’s has a weird shape & Bloom’s wing colour clashes with her outfit – I think it would be better for more blue & less purple

    That’s just my opinion. Will probably change later once trailers come out & I can see the transformation better.

  2. For me, Stella and Tecna are probably tied for last place. I like Tecna’ s hair, but not her outfit. I like Stella’ s outfit, but not her hair.

    Next on my ranking comes Bloom. I still don’t like Bloom being in pink because it just clashes really badly for me, but like you said, overall it’s more composed and elegant.

    After that, I pick Aisha. There’s nothing that stands out as bad, and her hair and wings are FABULOUS. (Cue the High School Musical song!) She just doesn’t stand out to me as much as my next two.

    Speaking of the next two, Flora and Musa are both tied for first. I like them both a lot, buy they both have little quirks that keep me from choosing one. I think I’ll be able to make a judgement if we ever get a picture that shows Flora’ s hair well.

    About your corrupted Dreamix theory: in the pictures we’ve seen, the Winx don’t look evil (except in that one picture of Stella where she looked mad). Otherwise, I would completely agree.

    I like Onyrix so far. I still want to hear how the name is pronounced so my brain can stop saying it in weird ways, but the aesthetics are very otherworldly and genuinely fairy-like.


    • Did anyone else notice that, besides Tinkerbell, there are exactly six new female villians, all faries? Maybe the transformation is attached to Neverland, and to save it and be able to come and go as they please, the have to have this. But, if Neverland is corrupted like the spirit said, then they have to be careful not to become corrupted themselves, being attached to it? Like, they each get corrupted and have to overcome their negative sides? Like for Stella, vanity, for Tecna, pride…. Ect. What do you think?

  3. If I had to rank them, I’ll have Tecna in last place (Mainly because that greyish lime green DOES NOT fit her in the slightest and her wings look like her Mythix ones with more textures, since I like the patterns in her dress and love her hair), Bloom in fourth(Outfit plain, but beautiful hair and wings; a more magenta or fushcia tone in her dress would look better), Flora in third (I like her dress and hair, but her wings are too similar to her Dreamix ones to feel unique, and that blue-green looks good on her but doesn’t fit her powers), Aisha (her wings look weird, her hair reminds me too much of both Harmonix and for some reason popcorn, and her dress feels plain) and Stella (Love her dress and wings, but as much as I love her in this blue, a more skyblue or navy hue would fit her powers more, and her hair looks plain to me) in second, and Musa in first (only complaint is her REALLY NOTICEABLE red lipstick, it’s distracting)

    As for the bigger picture of “THIS AREN’T THEIR COLORS NOR REPRESENT THEIR POWERS”, WOW doesn’t seem to care much about the girls’ established powers or the names of said powers. I mean, Aisha has not used Morphix ONCE in the entire series so far, and Bloom’s seems to simply be a Fire fairy with a power boost from the Dragon’s Flame than THE Fairy of the Dragon’s Flame. Similarly, Musa seems more focused on the concept of plain Sound rather than the concept of Music, and Stella is more based on Light itself (and only light) rather than the Sun(altough this is mainly because none of her powers seem to be able to burn like her powers in the main show). Tecna, and Flora don’t seem too changed, but their powers are the easiest to keep the same.

    As for OP’s theory, I think that Onyrix is the TRUE form of Dreamix, and that DREAMIX was the corrupted form, although this is mainly because Onyrix looks more…official? real? than Dreamix did in terms of a transformation loosely “based” on the concept of dreams, and because the resemble the Spirit more.

    • The water Layla uses is still pinkish/purplish (there would be no reason to make it so) and she also morphs shapes out of it like a fist. Granted, a pure water user could do that too but the fact that one of her elemental glows is pink as well, makes me think she still has ties to Morphix.

      • Reminds me of her 4kids power “magic shapes and shifting tides”, because she could morph water molecules into any shape.

    • I’ve always thought that WoW made it a point to simplify the lore so as not to make it confusing for casual viewers. The show streams on Netflix, that means it has a higher chance of attracting people who have no previous knowledge of Winx, and seemingly has no connection, continuity-wise, with the main show. Having Aisha use Morphix would probably draw the “What on Earth is Morphix?” reaction (it would be even worse with Bloom’s Dragon Flame, what with the complicated mythology behind it that took 2 whole seasons to explore in its entirety), and the 13-episode format seasons don’t allow for much time to get the viewers acquainted with 7 seasons worth of mythology, so they chose to keep it simple.

      • Personally, I like it that Aisha doesn’t use Morphix in this show. She’s not the Fairy of Morphix, after all. According to her season two profile, her ultimate goal has always been to be able to control all liquids. Basically, her element is water. She’s had some water-related spells, but we hadn’t seen her control water until season seven (and now World of Winx.) I think of Morphix as a training liquid that helped her understand the properties and states of water (and other liquids) until she could learn to control the real thing.

  4. i just want to know which is the proper spelliing of it i’ve seen both oniryx and onyrix, also is roxy is going to get it this time

    • It’s Onyrix. Michael confirmed it, and besides, I’d trust him before other sources since he was at the Expo talking to Rainbow’s representatives. Is Roxy gonna get this form? I don’t know, but I doubt it. 🙁 I’ve already seen a nice fanmade version. The fans waste no time. 😛

      • Correction to question
        Which member of the Winx club would fit each of the 7 deadly sins
        1. Gluttony
        2. Lust
        3. Pride
        4. Sorrow
        5. Wrath
        6. Envy
        7. Sloth

        • This is random but I think the order is
          1. Stella
          2. Bloom
          3. Tecna
          4. Aisha
          5. Musa
          6. Flora
          7. Roxy (funny how any list almost always has her at 7! She must have 7 as a calling card number.) Now for the opposite of the 7 virtues
          Wisdom- Tecna
          Love- Stella
          Courage- Aisha
          Healing- Flora

          • You know what I started thinking about here? The crests in Digimon Adventure. 😛 Hmmm…what would the Winx’s crests be? I’ll have to think about that. A couple of them are obvious (Courage for Aisha, Knowledge for Tecna), but I’m not sure about the others.

            For non-Digimon fans: the crests are Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Sincerity (or Purity), Reliability (or Honesty), Hope, Light, and Kindness. Light for Stella sounds like another obvious one, but if you know Digimon lore…it’s not that obvious. 😛

        • Since Aisha & Tecna are obviously courage and knowledge, the other five would be
          Bloom…hope…given the fact that blue is associated with hope and she’s essentially Supergirl who is an ambassador of hope in the dcu. Just don’t give her sapphire colored jewelry to make constructs (it’d just be a toy to her anyways).
          Light…it sounds like Stella, but in actuality it’s Flora because light is associated with peace a lot and who’s the peace keeper? Flora.
          Roxy is honesty…she’s not afraid to call it as she sees it (and that’s why she’s a Winx!)
          Sincerity would be Stella, she might goof off occasionally but when push comes to shove…she’ll fight with all her might till the end.
          Kindness is Daphne’s department.
          That leaves Musa with love due to to her confusing actions and red outfit.

        • Bloom is either Courage or Hope, Tecna is Knowledge (Though I also see her as being Friendship as well), Flora is Kindness or Reliability/Honesty, Musa is Love, Aisha is Courage or Friendship. Stella seems trickier but she’s the EMBODIMENT of Sincerity/Purity. If we count Roxy too, she is either Sincerity/Purity or Hope, though considering her role in S4, she might as well be Light.

  5. I think what bothers me most about Onyrix, other than the unusual color schemes, is how similar some of their colors are. There’s Flora and Tecna, who are both in green (granted, different shades of green, but this has never happened before, at least according to my memory). Then there’s Stella and Aisha’s frankly quite similar colors. Aisha has worn purple before, in Tynix, but the other person wearing a cold color (Bloom) was wearing an aquamarine shade of blue instead of dark blue, which looks a little too close to purple for comfort.

    Like you, when I first saw this transformation, I ranked Bloom in last place because the pink clashed horribly with her hair, I wasn’t particularly a fan of the Butterflix-esque wings, and her outfit seemed too plain. But between the Netflix promo and other pics Michael released, I like it a lot more now. The plain outfit doesn’t even bother me anymore. Sometimes, less is more.

    I will refrain from ranking them until we see the outfits in action and get better angles (some girls are posed in very awkward looking poses in this photo), but Musa, Aisha and Bloom are in my top three spots, while Tecna, Flora and Stella are bottom three. I feel like the only one who doesn’t like blue on Stella. She wouldn’t be Stella to me if she weren’t wearing something orange or yellow. Like Bloom’s blue, its absence doesn’t feel right. The flowers are tacky, too. The only ones I think fit well with the rest of the outfits are Bloom’s and Musa’s. Flora’s green is honestly unflattering, and I’m not a fan of Tecna’s side braid, but I guess like you, I can appreciate that they’re still inventing new hairstyles for her without feeling the need to lengthen it.

    Lastly, I still hate that the colors of some of their shoes don’t match their outfits. It’s not very noticeable on some of them, but Tecna’s and Flora’s shoes just stick out in the whole ensemble like sore thumbs. Why couldn’t they have the shoes match the outfits?

  6. You may be right about the difference in Musa’s outfit being a plot point. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but in season one, Blooms outfits were basically slightly different from the rest of the girls because she was a lone wolf for a while. Her main outfit had black instead of blue or purple, her spy outfit had color outline on the pants instead of full color block like the girls, and her dreamux had the least amount of Vail. Maybe this is good, because maybe this means Musa will play an important role in season two like Blooms role in season 1. 😎

  7. I really don’t care for Tecna in that grassy green…looks too Flora-ish. Now if there’s a reason for it fine, but otherwise the sidebraid’s the only good thing about it.
    Bloom? Good design, poor suit color…that still hair clashes.
    Stella looks like Queen Luna this
    Flora in turquoise? It’s odd but at least it’s not as random as Bloom wearing pink primarily.
    Musa wins the prize for being too stubborn to give up red. Hooray! Elegant style prize was won too!
    Aisha however takes the cake because now my favorite fairy has worn my favorite color twice as her primary in a transformation. The violet really suits her.

  8. I love the Onyrix transformation. At first I have thought Stella looked gorgeous in the blue outfit until you made me look at the flowers. 😞 So here is my list (it might change after watching the series though)
    6. Flora -Just not feeling it. Her hair could use a reboot seriously.
    5. Stella- She looks good in the blue color but the flowers messed it up.
    4. Musa- She looks gorgeous but not one of my favorite.
    3. Tecna- I love her design maybe it’s the hair. She’s so cute.
    2. Bloom- I love her in pink. She looks beautiful.
    1. Aisha- Simply gorgeous. I love her hair and the wavy leg pattern of her pants.

  9. I don’t think Onirix is a corrupted form of looks more elegant to me. I guess Onirix is just an upgraded version of Dreamix.
    As for the Winx’s outfits, I really like the change in their colour schemes😅 The only things that I don’t like are Tecna’s green dress and Flora’s purple heels..but otherwise this season’s gonna be awesome!

  10. To be honest,I’m one of the few fans who adore Onyrix.Comparing it to Dreamix,they look more like godnesses.😻The hairstyles are more elegant and the dresses are beautiful.❤Now let’s come to my own ranking.
    6.Tecna.I love her outfit and the wings,but the hairstyle doesn’t suit her like that at all.Maybe it was just a bad moment to take the screenshot.
    I like the colours,though.
    5.Stella.I love her hairstyle and the dress concept,but blue?Stella’s the fairy of the Shining Sun.😕Maybe they want to focus on her “second” power:the moon.Well,in the German dub,she’s the fairy of the Sun and the Moon.
    4.Flora.I love the fact that she wears a green dress.A dark one,though,but it doesn’t matter.Her hairstyle is just gorgeous.💜
    3.Aisha.Seeing Aisha wearing my favourite colour-purple-is wonderful.💜It suits her really good.Just as the outfit,her hair is gorgeous!The wings are my favourites.💙
    2.Musa.The hairstyle is more than great.Just as the dress,I adore her wings!😍Hers are my second favourites.She looks like a godness.😻
    1.Bloom.Comparing her hairstyle to the one she had in Dreamix,this one suits her way better.Even though I was used seeing her with blue and red clothes,I think pink suits her,too.Her wings are not my favourites,but they suit her.😊

  11. I like the concept of the wings, even if the faded hues and layering seems similar to Harmonix and Mythix. But the use of sheer fabric or translucent parts if I am seeing it right, is too much. I wish it could have been ombre bits instead, otherwise this sheer fabric just seems to get in the way for me. It seems like the season’s more wintery than the last one, considering the screenshots for their spy outfits and now this transformation’s sleeves. I’m hoping it will be a Mythix kind of deal, not permanent. Dreamix was still better, or rather this one could be better by having them wearing tights under those split pants…otherwise it looks like they got torn, and with those long and tight sleeves, feel awkward on the legs, though i do like how they flow. I am not against the colors, I had a feeling they’d put Bloom in pink if they could make her wings entirely pink in butterflix, I’ve always wanted Stella to get some blue after seeing how she transformed in it in Believix and Aisha’s been seen in purple in her Sirenix so nothing too new there. Flora has the color of amazon leaves. The colors are an OK. I still like Dreamix better, even if it does feel too modern. As for the screencaps of the transformation, looks like they’re transforming in a disco…I don’t have high hopes. I just think they’ll show the wings forming properly this time.

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